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he Eudora Welty Library is the proud home of the Capital Area Bar Association's (CABA) public law library. In a cooperative effort with the county bar association, the library houses two computers dedicated to use with legal databases. Staff is available to answer general questions patrons may have about how to access the law library in order to answer legal questions.

Law Library Policy

The Capital Area Bar Association (CABA) Law Library is a computer-based research facility, housed at Eudora Welty Library. The primary purpose for its establishment was to provide legal research services. The CABA Law Library is available for public use during the operating hours of the Eudora Welty Library.

Guidelines for Use of Law Library

The CABA Law Library is designated and provided for the use of patrons seeking to do legal research. Library patrons seeking to do legal research shall be given first priority to the facilities. Patrons doing legal research are asked to limit their time on the machines to a reasonable time, particularly when other patrons are waiting. There are legal research materials available on the internet. Internet access is provided in the CABA Law Library. This document is written to provide rules specific to the CABA Law Library. The Jackson/Hinds Library System Internet Policy is also in effect when using the CABA Law Library.

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