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Clarion-Ledger Indexes
 YEAR 2000 A-Z 


A-One Food Market SEE Crime rate, Jackson (2000)

Abandoned infants

6-months old child found in vacant house in Brookhollow subdivision, 1B, 1B; 9/6/00, 9/5/00

ABCs of Safety

Tape for children featuring, Sheriff Malcolm McMillin, 2B, 9/3/00


Operation done by Dr. Phil Blevins featured on Discovery Channel program, 1D, 10/23/00

Aberdeen Police Department

Chief says residency rule hurting police recruitment, 1/25/00, 3B

Abortion SEE ALSO Chandler, Irby Lewis

Abortion, Gulf Coast

Fetuses in storage unit traced to Dr. Joseph Booker, 1/8/00, 1B, 1B; 10/6/00

Abortion, Mississippi

ACLU files suit against state over Medicaid policy, 1A, 3/29/00

Medicaid abortion policy case conference set

12-year old rape victim, 1A, 6/6/00

Study shows Mississippi woman leave state for procedure, 1B, 3/25/00

Abortion, US

Gore vs. Bush on issue, 1H, 6/4/00

Supreme Court strikes down a ban on 'partial-birth' abortions, 1A, 1B, 6/29/00

Abused children

City Council to reconsider denied shelter on North Siwell Rd, 1B, 1B; 11/1/00, 1B; 11/8/00, 10/25/00

Academy Awards

Who will win?, 1E; 3/27/00, 3/24/00, 6D

Willie Fulgear, man who found Oscars, was born in Hazlehurst, 1E, 3/31/00

Access Family Health Clinic

Clinic is lifeline for small town of Tremont

Dr. Geraldine Tan, 3B, 5/20/00

Accreditation SEE School districts


$8.5 Million teacher education improvement project, 3B, 4/7/00


More state seniors than ever taking ACT, 1B, 8/17/00

Murrah High School students take practice ACT on computers, 2B, 12/10/00

Preparation programs in high schools pay off, 1A, 8/22/00

Sign-up deadline nearing, 2B, 10/29/00

Statewide scores by school district, 7A, 8/22/00

Adams County Jail

17-year old man files suit, claiming he was raped, 3B, 4/3/00

Adams, Angela

Mother charged in injury to her small son, 3B, 4B; 7/27/00, 7/6/00, (manslaughter charge); 8/26/00

Adams, Edward

Hearing set for accused slasher-thief who attack a Pearl woman in her apartment, 2B, 10/12/00

Adams, Freddie

Escapee and his girlfriend captured in Batesville, 1/6/00, 1A; 1/8/00, 4B

Escapee has record of arrests, 1/5/00, 1A; 1/8/00, 4B

JPD prisoner slips out of shackles, steals patrol car, flees, 1/2/00, 1A; 1/3/00, 1B, 1B; 1/4/00

Adams, Giovanni

Murrah High School student doing cancer research at UMC, 2B, 2B; 5/21/00, 4/2/00

Adams, Jon SEE Topless bars, Jackson

Adams, Joseph

Toddler in critical condition; mother Angela may be charged, 1B, 1B; 7/8/00, 7/7/00

Adams, Steve

Canton teenager drowns while swimming in Reservoir, 2B, 2B; 5/12/00, 2B; 5/24/00, 5/8/00, 5B; 5/9/00

Drowning victim had no drugs or alcohol in his system, 2B, 7/7/00

Addy Awards SEE Advertising

Aden, Marky

Former newspaper woman and press secretary graduates from medical school, 1B, 5/21/00


Hinds County will rejoin national program, 2B, 3/22/00

Miss Madison County Heather Russell joins effort, 2B, 6/13/00

Adopt-A-School program

Brown Bottling Co a leader, 2B, 7/30/00

Adoption by same-sex couples. SEE Mississippi Legislature (2000)

Adult bookstores

3 Jackson bookstores must reduce sex-oriented stock 50%

Or go to court, 1B, 5/27/00

Adult/child care facility

Residents oppose proposed center off Highway 18 in south Jackson, 1B, 3/25/00

Advanced Health Systems of Jackson

Proposed health plan for state employees, 3B, 4/8/00

Advantage Apartments SEE Langley, Jason

Advantage Job Program

Musgrove's job plan criticized

Incentives could prove ineffective, costly, some say, 1C, 8/16/00

Advantage Mississippi Initiative. SEE ALSO Taxes, Mississippi---Musgrove proposal

Does it offer hope to places like Holmes County?, 1A, 8/27/00

Guide to the plan, 1A, 1H, 2H, 2H; 9/3/00, 8/27/00

Musgrove tours state to tout economic plan, 1C, 8/23/00

Musgrove's economic plan, 1A; 8/8/00, 1A; 8/9/00, 1A; 8/18/00, 1C, 1C; 8/21/00, 8/6/00

Tax incentives vary from county to county, 1C, 8/27/00

Adventure Speedway

Go-cart racing in Raymond, 2B, 11/27/00


Ramey Agency wins 21 ADDY awards, 1C, 3/3/00

Aetna Health Care

SEE Hinds County employees

Affordable Housing Opportunity

First American Bank provides financing for 13 families, 1A; 8/2/00, 1B, 6/27/00

Affordable Housing Opportunity Auction

Walker family of Canton finally gets a home, 1A, 12/25/00

African-American Arts Festival

At Tougaloo College, 2B, 4/6/00

African-American towns

Mississippi municipalities focus of workshop, 5B, 10/20/00

After-school programs

AG Mike Moore says they help parents who can't do it all, 1/26/00, 1B

Agape Fellowship Church

Congregation gets new church, 1E, 3/4/00

Age discrimination

US Supreme Court rules bias evident in case of Roger Reeves of Columbus, 1A, 6/13/00

Ageless Heroes

Elderly Mississippians honored by Blue Cross, 1/24/00, 1B, 1D; 7/11/00


USDA program helps disabled farmers, 3B, 12/4/00


Only slight improvement projected in 2000 crops, 7/5/00, 8C

State's agricultural economy down, 1/18/00, 12C

Agriculture and Forestry Museum

Easter worship and egg hunt, 1B, 1E; 4/23/00, 4/20/00

Escapee from work site captured by police, 4B, 6/20/00

Workshops on gardening in the South, 2B, 4/28/00


Recycled shrimp and crab shells turned into organic plant food

Sold as EcoLogic, 1A, 6/25/00


ACLU wants prisoner advocate Ron Welch off lawsuit, 1A; 6/6/00, 1B, 6/4/00

African-American cultural barriers against AIDS fight, 1B, 5/5/00

Disease began in remote Africa as a simian virus, circa 1931, 6/9/00, 11A

Isolation of prisoners with HIV criticized, 1B, 9/9/00

JSU awarded CDC grant to educate the black community, 1A, 5/11/00

Prisoners: state says its care exceeds demands of 1999 federal court order, 1B, 7/26/00

Risk of disease up in rural South, 1B, 10/2/00

Ron Welch to appeal ruling removing him as lawyer, 1B, 11/16/00

State doing much better in providing access to drugs, 1A, 6/4/00

Ainsworth, John

Flowood man suspected in burglary at Central Freight Lines, 2B, 10/19/00

Air National Guard

Funds OK'd for construction at Rankin County facility, 2B, 5/5/00

Air pollution

Musgrove withholds citations on violation of EPA standards until court ruling, 5B, 7/16/00


Jackson-based Internet company announces partnership with Cisco Systems, 1C, 7/12/00

New company owned by Jai Bhagat, formerly of SkyTel

High-speed wireless Internet service, 1C, 5/18/00

Aircraft accidents, Guatemala

3 Columbus residents killed, 1A, 2/27/00

Aircraft accidents, Hernando

AirNet courier plane crashes into Arkabutla Lake; pilot killed, 2B; 7/20/00, 3B, 7/19/00

AirNet courier: electrical fire behind crash, 3B, 7/29/00

Aircraft accidents, Meridian

May flying homemade helicopter crashes into utility pole

He survives, 3B, 6/5/00

Aircraft accidents, Ocean Springs

Pilot unharmed in crash of small plane, 3/23/00, 3B

Aircraft accidents, Oxford

Instructor and his student killed at Oxford airport, 3B, 6/9/00, 7B; 6/10/00

Airports, Madison County

Madison County authorities seek site for regional airport, 2B, 2B; 10/21/00, 9/8/00

Need for a county facility topic of study, 1/25/00, 2B

Akin-Lynch, Susan

Miss America 1986, Meridian native, has fought substance abuse, depression, 1A, 10/14/00

Alabama Sturgeon SEE Tenn/Tom Waterway

Albright, Robert

15-year old Braxton boy accused in slaying of his mother, 1A, 4/15/00

Alcohol sales, Mississippi

College town bars selling beer to minors, 1A, 9/13/00

Alcorn State University

$270,000 grant to help students buy school supplies, 3B, 7/20/00

Alumnus David Wilson Wilburn gives $100,000 to school, 2/24/00, 3B

Groundbreaking for new honors dorm, 3/16/00, 3B

Alderman, Theodore

Jackson firefighter found guilty of domestic violence, 1B, 2/24/00

Aldermen, Canton

Residency requirement change, 2B, 10/16/00

Alegria. SEE Dockside gambling, Biloxi (Bear Rivage)

Alexander, Margaret Walker

Poetry festival in her name at JSU

Opening of her personal papers, 1F, 7/2/00

Alexander, Norris

Retrial denied Panola County man who killed his mother-in-law in 1993, 3B, 4/29/00

Alfresco dining

If you can avoid the mosquitoes, 1E, 5/12/00

Algebra Project

Actor Danny Glover honors Bob Moses, 1A; 5/5/00, 1B; 5/4/00, 1B; 5/14/00, 3H (Bill Minor), 5/2/00

Actor Danny Glover visits Jackson, 1B, 7/20/00

Founder Bob Moses receives $250,000 Heinz award, 1A, 2/3/00

Alienation of affection

Jury awards $350,000 to Vanessa Bolin, 1B, 4/1/00

All That Jazz

Family Fun Concert at Thalia Mara Hall, 1/30/00, 5G

Allen, Corey

Old Towne sixth-grader is published poet, 2B, 9/3/00

Allen, Mark

Natchez man who killed his father in 1999 found competent to stand trial, 3B, 5/20/00

Allen, Marshan

Jackson boy in critical condition after falling in pool, 1B; 6/1/00, 4B, 4B; 6/4/00, 5/31/00, 5B; 6/6/00

Allen, Michelle

8th-grader at Jackson Academy has stellar resume, 2/6/00, 2B


Alligator killed at Percy Quinn State Park after it ate a dog, 3B; 6/26/00, 5B, 6/8/00

Gator being relocated in Vicksburg swats officer with its tail, 3B, 6/30/00

Allman, Gregg

Benefit show for Peavey Electronics employee Jeff Fountain, 1A, 1E; 8/20/00, 8/11/00

Allstate Insurance

Recognized for its role in adopt-a-school program, 4/14/00, 4B

Allstate Insurance Co

Layoffs at Jackson site begin, 1C, 3/15/00

Target of $250 million lawsuit, 1A, 3/20/00

Alston, Alyce

Jackson native leaves 'Oprah Magazine' to be publisher of 'W,' 1C, 8/11/00

Alston, Alyce SEE ALSO Winfrey, Oprah

Alternative exercises

Plenty of other options besides the conventional workouts, 1D, 3/27/00

Alternative schools

Many children find another way to learn, 1A, 2/13/00

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

At Thalia Mara Hall, 3/5/00, 6B, 10G; 3/8/00

Ambrose, Stephen

Noted writer lives in Bay St. Louis, 1A, 3/11/00

American Chambers Life Insurance Co

Company in liquidation; policy holders in limbo, 1C, 7/20/00

American College Testing (ACT) SEE ACT

American Family Association

Mississippi Gay Lobby says letter about Congressman calls for probe, 1B, 8/5/00

Tupelo organization not happy with CBS miniseries 'Jesus,' 1E, 5/13/00

American Home Products SEE Fen-phen

American Institute of Architects

At Mississippi Chapter's convention design awards announced, 1F, 7/2/00

American Landscapes...

Show at Mississippi Museum of Art, 6/25/00, 12G

American Management Systems Inc. SEE Tax Commission

American Medical Response (AMR)

SEE Emergency medical response

American Realism: A Tradition

Brookhaven show features Andrew Wyeth and Stephen Scott Young, 4/23/00, 8G

American West: Out of the Myth.... SEE Museum of Art

Americans With Disabilities Act

ADA 10-year anniversary celebrated, 1A, 1B; 7/16/00, 1C; 7/14/00, 7/13/00


Hinds County's efforts to recruit members, 2B, 6/12/00

Lt. Gov. Amy Tuck praises graduates, 1B, 7/15/00

AmeriCorps Promise Fellowship Program

Motivating group of volunteers, 4/9/00, 5B


New community in Pontotoc County, 1A, 4/9/00

Amite County High School

Richard Field, founder of Centreville Academy, is graduation speaker, 1A, 5/26/00

Amory School District

Woman who was fired sues district

Claiming fired because of her race, 4B, 8/10/00

Amos Network

Impoverished neighborhoods in Canton area surveyed, 1B; 3/30/00, 2B, 2B; 6/6/00, 3/26/00

Madison County mayors receive good grades in organization's survey, 2B, 10/3/00

Volunteer organization says Musgrove and Tuck must keep promises, 1B, 3/24/00

AmSouth Bank

2nd quarter earnings up; lack of real revenue growth a concern, 1C, 1C; 10/18/00, 7/19/00

500 jobs to be cut in Birmingham and Nashville; none in Jackson, 1C, 6/2/00

Branch in Caledonia is closed, 3B, 7/8/00

Computer system transition completed, 1C, 3/11/00

Decline in 1999 earnings no surprise

DG merger, loan losses, 1/19/00, 1C

DGB/AmSouth merger complete, 1C, 1C; 3/22/00, 3/21/00

Earnings report yields cautious optimism, 1C, 4/19/00

Mistake in 1999 tax return: overpaid Hinds County by $1.4 Million

Wants money back, 1A; 8/22/00, 1B, 8/9/00

Mistake in 1999 taxes...judge to supervisors: make a decision, 1B, 1B; 9/7/00, 1B; 10/25/00, 2B; 8/26/00, 8/25/00

Popcorn stand to reopen in its downtown plaza arcade, 1C, 8/26/00

AmSouth Economic Symposium

At Thalia Mara Hall, 1/11/00, 1C, 1C; 1/13/00


Passenger service to Dallas perhaps, 1C, 1C; 4/5/00, 2/28/00, 3B; 4/23/00, 8C; 2/29/00

Recreating image to attract more travelers, 3B, 7/13/00

Amusement parks

Major park planned for Hernando area, 3B, 6/30/00

Anderson, Gary

Q&A with Dept. of Finance and Administration director, 2B, 9/3/00

Anderson, Jolivette

Reading poetry of WPRM's 'Mississippi Cipher' show, 1E, 6/9/00

Anderson, Walter

His daughter and grandson exhibit their works in Vicksburg, 1E, 3/23/00

His priceless murals in Ocean Springs Community Center way underinsured, 3B; 9/22/00, 5B, 7/17/00

Anderson, Walter O

New trial for former Meridian doctor indicted on 6 counts of fraud, 6/4/00, 6B

Andrew Wyeth: Close Friends

Show at Museum of Art, 1F, 12/3/00

Andrews, Benny

Georgia-born New York artist has show at Southside Gallery in Oxford, 5/7/00, 8G

Andrews, Nan Watkins

Capitol hostess to retire, 3B, 6/18/00

Andy Griffith Show

Churches using TV show in classes, 3B, 11/6/00


Stent-grafts procedure: more patients, less risk, 1D, 2/28/00

Angel Afghan Project

Greenville man James Farmer started program

Cross stitch for children in intensive care, 1F, 9/24/00

Angel Trails

Ridgeland-based nonprofit His Way Home Inc's program for helping youth, 1B, 10/22/00

Anhydrous ammonia SEE Methamphetamine

Animal cruelty

12 dog carcasses discovered in Moss Point man's house, 3B, 3B; 9/21/00, 9/12/00

53 cats removed from filthy house in Gulfport, 3B, 9/9/00

Rankin County personnel given more authority, 2B, 4/5/00

Animal Rescue League

League plans $1.5 Million shelter, 2/23/00, 2B


Subdivision residents plan increase in security

Vandalism incidents, 3B, 7/3/00

Annandale Golf Club

Crew putting 18-hour days to get course in shape, 1B, 11/5/00

Annexation, Clinton

City looking at north, south, west expansions, 2B, 11/20/00

Annexation, Florence

Mayor wants to avoid conflict with Richland, 1/7/00, 2B, 2B; 3/3/00

Richland and Florence officials set meeting, 1/18/00, 2B, 2B; 4/17/00, 2B; 4/22/00, 2B; 11/6/00

Annexation, Grenada

Annexation plan called discriminatory, 3/27/00, 3B

Annexation, Jackson County

Ocean Springs eyeing St. Martin; Latimer residents act, 3B, 4/24/00

Annexation, Madison

City and county draw battle lines over proposed annexation, 2B, 2B; 7/10/00, 6/27/00

Some county residents want city to annex their areas

Better property protection, 3B, 7/4/00

Annexation, Madison County

Land grab: cities scrambling to annex unincorporated areas, 1/10/00, 1A; 6/15/00, 2B

Annexation, Mississippi

Citizens want voice in annexation efforts, 1B, 2/7/00

Annexation, Pearl

City eyeing area north of Old Brandon Rd to Flowood city limits, 1B, 2B; 8/28/00, 8/18/00

Annexation, Richland SEE Annexation, Florence

Annexation, Ridgeland

Battle with Jackson: area facing forced annexation, 1B, 1B; 11/1/00, 1B; 11/3/00, 10/30/00

Court battle: widening of West County Line Rd is focus, 2B, 4/19/00

Dispute with Jackson: views heard, 1B, 1B; 11/22/00, 11/10/00

Highland Colony Pky: Mayor Johnson testifies, 2B, 2B; 4/13/00, 4/12/00

Jackson and Ridgeland in final week of trial, 1B, 11/13/00

Jackson-Ridgeland battle goes to court

Land along Highland Colony Pky, 1A; 4/11/00, 2B, 4/10/00

Jackson/Ridgeland court battle won't resume until Fall, 4/23/00, 7B

Mayor Gene McGee of Ridgeland says town needs to annex for growth, 1B, 11/2/00

Trial: Lawyer questions Jackson growth-rate figures, 2B, 4/14/00


Kessler production at Thalia Mara Hall, 1E; 4/20/00, 4/14/00, 5B

Annie M's Cafe and Catering


Restaurant review, 2/10/00, 4F


3 charged in Vicksburg with theft of antiques, 3B, 9/14/00

AOL/Time Warner

Mississippi native Bob Pittman 'heir apparent' as CEO, 1/12/00, 1A; 1/16/00, 1C

Proposed merger a plus for MCI/Sprint merger chances, 1/11/00, 1A, 1C

Apartments, Jackson

Demand fueling construction, 1C, 3/31/00

Metro-Jackson apartment occupancy, 7/31/00, 10C

Apartments, Madison

Developer Steve Bryan wants court to rehear his case, 2B, 2B; 12/4/00, 7/7/00

Applause Dance Factory

Ballroom dancing classes for senior citizens in Ridgeland, 6/25/00, 22G

Apple Tree Project

Along with State Farm, distributing free school supplies, 6B, 8/22/00


Restaurant review, 2/24/00, 4F

AquaPro Corp

Catfish farming company makes strong rebound, 1C, 7/25/00

Arab-Salahudeen, Nazek

Ridgeland woman helps others adjust to US family life, 1E, 8/15/00

Arcadia Subdivision

Its exemption from Cleary sewage system is challenged, 2B, 10/13/00

Archusa Lake

Lake near Quitman is restored; dam broke in heavy rains in 1998, 3B, 5/23/00

Area Agency on Aging

Expo at Jackson Medical Mall, 1B, 8/27/00

Area codes

Dialing 662 for north Mississippi mandatory after May 1, 1C; 5/3/00, 3B, 3B; 4/27/00, 4/20/00

Arinder, Max

Q&A with PEER Committee director, 2H, 8/13/00

Ark of Safety Ministry


Burglars injured exiting thru small broken window, 2B, 2B; 7/28/00, 6/29/00

Arkansas Delta

State leaders have formed coalition to improve impoverished region, 1/9/00, 1A

Armed Forces Museum

At Camp Shelby, 5B, 12/4/00

Armistead, Rex

Judge likely to throw out his defamation suit against Bill Minor, 1A, 8/12/00

Armstrong, Andy

Retired Newton school teacher is bicycling across America, 1B, 5/16/00

Armstrong, Artie

Renee Elmore's peace bond against Armstrong dismissed, 1/6/00, 1B

Armstrong, Louis

Former City Council member freed after 13 months, 1A, 4/12/00

Armstrong, Louis SEE Roberts, Richard T

Army National Guard

'Guard Blast' open house, 1B, 3/5/00

185th Aviation Group returns from Kuwait, 1B, 8/19/00

College financial aid attractive recruiting point, 1B, 10/7/00

Guard Day at Terry High School, 2B, 4/8/00

Arnold, Lionel

Defendant may plea bargain in 1998 death of Myko Pickett, 1/8/00, 1B, 1B; 1/12/00

Arnold, William

Ex-Pickens police chief and JPD officer murdered at Yazoo County lake, 5B, 7/31/00

Arrington, Clarence

Shaw resident arrested for 1999 murder of Janesha Hall yet to be indicted, 1A, 5/22/00

Arsenal Select Soccer Team

Tryouts in Clinton, 2B, 6/27/00

Arson, Jackson

Fire Dept. laxity: figures too low, some say, 1A, 8/20/00


Companies using art to put clients at ease, set image, 1C, 10/15/00

Holiday art gallery hop in Jackson, 8G, 11/12/00

Art At Work

Junior Auxiliary of Rankin County exposes students to arts, 1/26/00, 2B

Art Therapists as Artists

Show at Nunnery's Gallery, 2/27/00, 12G


Arthritis in children, 1D, 5/22/00

Arthritis Awareness Health Fair

Questions and answers, 1E, 5/5/00

Arts Mean Business

Artists bringing fame, fortune to state, study shows, 1A, 3/14/00

Asbestos, Mississippi

1051 state plaintiffs get $263,000 each from asbestos companies, 1/25/00, 1A; 10/6/00, 1C

Asbridge, Leonard

94-year old is Santa Claus for children at deaf school, 1B, 12/21/00

Asbury Lane Retirement Village

New gated community for seniors in Pearl, 2B, 11/23/00

Asemani, Billy

Fugitive dentist arrested in Virginia, 1A, 10/13/00

Fugitive dentist offers plea deal to prosecutors, 1A; 8/15/00, 1B, 4/21/00

Fugitive dentist takes plea bargain, 1A; 11/28/00, 1B, 11/18/00

Fugitive dentist's property sold at auction, 1B, 2/3/00


Mississippi part of testing of variety of road materials, 3B, 6/9/00

Assaf, Ruby

Girl Scout leader in the 1960s honored by her troop, 1B, 11/15/0

Asset Verification Inc. of Mississippi

Lists people's valuables on CD-ROM, 4/3/00, 8C

Assistant district attorneys

Law group seeks pay raise, 3B, 9/22/00

At Home

New shop in Belhaven neighborhood, 1C, 11/28/00


Clinton Public Schools group to produce 'Grease,' 2B, 6/12/00

Attention Deficit Disorder

Workshop for parents sponsored by Rankin public schools, 2/1/00, 2B

Attic Gallery


Blues-themed exhibit, 1E, 2/10/00

Attorneys general

State AGs band together to fight large corporations, 1A, 3/13/00

Auto World Weekly

New magazine started by William Jeanes of Pass Christian, 1C, 7/15/00

Automated external defibrillator (AED)

Making it easier to save heart attack victims, 1B, 2B; 11/18/00, 3/3/00

Automobile insurance. SEE Mississippi Legislature (2000)---Mandatory...

Automobile tags

Cost of tags rising statewide, 1B, 6/17/00

Hinds County to accept online payments, 1B, 10/5/00

Madison County residents will be able to buy tags online, 2B, 6/9/00

Automobile theft, Jackson

9 arrested in thefts from lots of auto dealers, 1B, 7/12/00

Impound Lot Garage on Michael Avalon St, 1/25/00, 1A

JPD taking steps to reduce theft, 1A, 2/10/00

JPD's Precinct 4 focuses on auto burglary, 1B, 8/28/00

Man given 15 years for stealing car with salesman inside, 5B, 8/19/00

Numbers are down, problem remains, 1A, 4/24/00

Plight of Hal White, 1/19/00, 1B

Autrey, Tyres

Man seeks justice, convinced his mother was murdered 25 years ago by her boyfriend, 1B, 12/29/00

Avants, Ernest

Defense wants charge in 1966 murder dropped, 1B, 1B; 9/2/00, 8/2/00

Suspect held in 1966 slaying of Ben Chester White, 1A; 6/9/00, 1A; 6/10/00, 1B; 6/18/00, 3H, 6/8/00

Suspected killer linked to 2 beatings, 1B, 6/13/00

Avery Property

Christ United Methodist Church completes purchase, 4/9/00, 6B

Ayers suit

3rd round of settlement talks approaching, 6A, 7/24/00

AG Mike Moore says offer is ready, 1B, 11/21/00

Alcorn State University holds fast to dreams, 1A, 7/24/00

All sides to meet in October to hammer out final settlement, 1A, 9/8/00

ASU president Clinton Bristow wants case settled, 4B, 6/2/00

Deal is long way off, Mike Moore says, 1A, 9/27/00

Guarded optimism for settlement of suit, 1B, 12/24/00

How did other states settle similar cases?, 1A, 6/19/00

Is new College Board ready to end case?, 1A, 5/27/00

Jackson State University's goal is 'Big 4' status, 1A, 7/24/00

Judge Biggers halts funds: money not being spent as he ordered, 1A, 1A; 7/11/00, 1A; 7/23/00, 7/8/00

Judge Biggers seeking input from both sides, 3B, 11/15/00

Judge Biggers to step down as chief judge, Northern District of Mississippi, 1B, 8/27/00

Judge criticizes College Board for funding failures, 1A, 3/30/00

Judge issues fund guidelines: black schools must recruit white students, 1A, 6/20/00

Judge waits to see proposals from Alcorn and MVSU, 1B, 8/18/00

Lawmakers scoff at plaintiffs' $1billion offer, 1A, 1A; 9/30/00, 9/29/00

Legal fees continue to mount, 1B, 12/6/00

Meetings planned to respond to plaintiffs' proposals, 10/11/00. 1A

Musgrove optimistic about talks: aims for settlement in Fall, 1A, 6/6/00

Musgrove seeking settlement, 1A; 3/20/00, 1A; 6/6/00, 1B; 5/31/00, 3/4/00, 5B

MVSU 'has gotten very little,' 1A, 7/23/00

Open negotiation meetings to public, critics urge, 1A, 9/20/00

Plaintiff Louis Armstrong "out of the loop" in discussions, 1A, 9/26/00

Plaintiff says settlement offer falls short, 1A, 11/23/00

Salaries of professors is a sticking point, 1A, 12/2/00

School of law at JSU a long shot, 1A; 10/10/00, 1A; 11/7/00, 1B, 10/3/00

Talks will remain behind closed doors, 1A, 6/7/00

Ayrix Technologies

Merges with Big Net Holdings (Mi), 1/6/00, 1C

Azalea Christian Manor

HUD ranks federally-funded complex high, 1B, 8/3/00


Baby boomers

Caught between generations

Many taking care of parents while paying for children's education, 1E, 2/29/00

Back flow (water system device). SEE Water supply, Jackson

Back flow (water system device) SEE Water supply, Mississippi

Back-to-School Day

Legislators visit schools, 1B, 9/14/00

Badenhorst, Antoinette

Award-winning Saltillo potter is native of South Africa, 1B, 7/4/00

Baggett, Alvaline

JPD detective facing charges resigns, 1B, 6/6/00

JPD detective place on leave; alleged misconduct, 1A; 4/21/00, 1B, 1B; 2/20/00, 2/12/00, 6B; 4/20/00

JPD officer enters plea of innocence to bribery charges, 1B; 5/11/00, 4/25/00, 5B

Trial: 2 testify officer sought payoffs, 1B, 9/27/00

Trial: Baggett calls bribe talk a 'game,' 1B, 9/29/00

Trial: former detective discussed payoffs

Ed Peters angry his name has come up, 1B, 9/28/00

Trial: former JPD 'top cop' found guilty of bribery, 1A, 9/30/00

Trial: racial makeup of jury questioned, 1B, 9/26/00

Baker Elementary School

Officially adopted by law firm Baker, Donelson, Bearman & Caldwell, 1B, 8/11/00

Balancing the Coast's Future

Gaming Commission fines Grand Casino for participation, 1C, 7/15/00

Grand Casinos executive quits group

Casinos fined for subterfuge, 1C, 7/21/00

Some question motives of new group

Casino development is issue, 1C, 1C; 6/27/00, 5/21/00

Bald eagles

Making dramatic comeback on Horn Island, 3B, 12/25/00

Balint, Mildred

Richard Green who reported her murder is charged in that murder, 1B, 7/30/00

Woman found slain in her apartment on Ridgewood Rd (Oaks Apts.), 4/17/00, 5B

Ballenger, Vernice

Man convicted in 1993 Leake County slaying given new trial, 3B, 6/23/00

Balloonfest 2000

In Greenwood, 6/15/00, 10F


Flying the friendly skies, 1E, 6/30/00

Ballroom dancing

Senior citizens dance for pleasure, exercise, 5G, 12/17/00


3rd quarter earnings drop, 1C, 10/19/00

Acquiring Pittman, Seay and Turner Insurance Agency, 1C, 1011/00

Announces merger with First United Bancshares (Ark), 1C; 4/22/00, 4/18/00, 8C

Earnings see rise in 2nd quarter 2000, 1C, 7/14/00

Financial services package for small businesses, 1C, 2/5/00

Net income in 1999 sets record: up 54%, 1/19/00, 1C, 1C; 4/14/00

Bank of Edwards SEE Wilson, Keith and Eddie Lee

Bank of Falkner

Failed Tippah County bank reopens, 1C, 10/3/00

Bank robberies, Byram

AmSouth Bank is robbed; one suspect caught, 2B, 2B; 5/3/00, 2B; 5/12/00, 5/2/00

Woman making deposit robbed of $5,000, 2/27/00, 5B

Bank robberies, Canton

Man sought in morning robbery, 5B, 11/12/00

Bank robberies, Clinton

Number 19: 2 men rob AmSouth, 2B, 7/29/00

Bank robberies, Florence

Trustmark suspect still at large, 4/6/00, 4B

Bank robberies, Flowood

AmSouth Bank on Grants Ferry Rd hit, 2B, 5/18/00

Bank robberies, Jackson

2 south Jackson heists; 18 total in city so far this year, 5B, 7/25/00

2 Trustmark branches hit by midday robbers, 1B; 3/23/00, 2B, 3/21/00

AmSouth Bank on North State St, 1B, 7/11/00

AmSouth Bank on North State St robbed, 1B, 4/8/00

AmSouth Bank on Woodrow Wilson robbed, 5B, 7/6/00

AmSouth robbery on US 80 West is 15th in metro area this year

Suspect apprehended, 1A, 7/15/00

BancorpSouth Bank on Lakeland Dr, 1B, 4/12/00

Bike-riding robber of South State St bank in 1999 judged insane, 1B, 4/7/00

Consumer National Bank in downtown Jackson, 1B, 4/25/00

Flora man David Spicer is sought, 1B, 7/28/00

Rash of robberies: 16 so far this year, 1A, 7/19/00

Robbery of Trustmark on Old Canton Rd foiled by retired ABC agent, 1B, 11/17/00

Trustmark Bank on Lakeland, 1B, 10/26/00

Trustmark heist 21st of year: 'This is pathetic,' 5B, 9/20/00

Trustmark on Old Canton Rd: warrant issued for Eddie Dantra Cain, 6B, 6B; 7/27/00, 7/26/00

Union Planters on Terry Rd, 4/14/00, 6B

Bank robberies, Mississippi

Embezzlers hit banks harder than robbers, 1A, 8/18/00

Bank robberies, Pearl

AmSouth branch in US 80 East robbed, 2B, 4/27/00

Bank robberies, Pelahatchie

Citizens Bank robbed; 23rd this year in metro Jackson area, 2B, 11/10/00

Bank robberies, Richland

AmSouth on US 49 hit, 2B, 7/13/00

Bank robberies, Ridgeland

Suspect held in robbery of Merchants & Farmers Bank, 2B, 12/20/00

Union Planters on County Line Rd held up, 2B, 3/1/00

Bank robberies, Ruleville

Police arrest 2 of 3 suspects, 3B, 4/21/00

Bankhead, Robert

Transcripts tying Dwight Brown to supervisor's murder questioned, 1B, 1B; 12/30/00, 12/12/00

Banks, Jackson

Television sets, local art work cater to customers waiting in line, 1/10/00, 6C

Banks, Mississippi

Customer service, online access provide 'round-the-clock convenience, 1C, 4/30/00

Top state banks' leads slipping as others vie for depositors, 1C, 3/3/00

Weiss Ratings Inc. of Florida ranks state banks, 1C, 1C; 5/19/00, 5/13/00

Baptist Medical Center

Sleep Disorders Center, 1D, 12/18/00

Baptist Memorial Hospital-DeSoto

Proposed expansion, 3B, 3B; 7/19/00, 3B; 8/16/00, 7/14/00


SEE Southern Baptist Convention

Baptists SEE Southern Baptist Convention

Barber, Judy and Rims

Couple honored for civil rights advocacy, 1B, 11/29/00

Barbour, Charles

Hinds County supervisor's 1st month tests his mettle, 1B, 2/13/00

Barhanovich, Kenny

Pioneer charter boat captain in Biloxi, 4B, 12/26/00

Barksdale Reading Institute

$100M gift from Jim and Sally Barksdale targets literacy, 1/20/00, 1A, 1A; 1/21/00, 1B

20 target schools named, 1A; 8/23/00, 4B, 7/7/00

3 finalists named for directorship, 1B, 1B; 5/25/00, 1B; 6/22/00, 5/8/00

Claiborne Barksdale named by his brother as director, 1A, 7/6/00

Director looking at early childhood program Parents as Teachers, 3B, 11/7/00

Expansion: early childhood may be included in literacy effort, 1B, 10/24/00

Gift will benefit 20 target schools, 1B, 1B; 5/12/00, 1C; 5/28/00, 3/10/00

May double number of schools funded, 1B, 12/4/00

Meeting set in Jackson, 3/4/00, 3B

Officials puzzled over lack of grant applications, 1B, 1B; 8/23/00, 8/22/00

Oxford last of town-hall Internet talk, 1C, 10/24/000

To be featured in CNN story, 2/24/00, 3B

Barksdale, Jim

Former Netscape CEO speaks at annual MEC luncheon, 5/15/00, 6C

Barksdale, Renee

Former Clinton school teacher killed in car wreck, 2/29/00, 2B

Barnes, Johnny

ex-Mendenhall police officer faces assault charges

Beat Gray Runnels, 3/22/00, 3B

Barnyard Opry

A success story in Brandon, 2B, 8/31/00

Barr, Nevada

Author now living in Clinton

Her novel 'Deep South' reviewed, 3/19/00, 11G

Barrilleaux, Edward

Jackson man, part owner of Medi-Staff, convicted of bankruptcy fraud, 4B, 9/21/00

Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship

3 winners in Mississippi, 3B, 4/6/00

Barthleme, Frederick

Mississippi writer finds beauty in parking lots and at Wal-Mart, 1F, 11/5/00

Barton, Janet Lee

Christian romance writer from Picayune, 3B, 8/15/00


Importation of catfish grown in the Mekong Delta

Worrying state catfish farmers, 1C, 8/22/00


Jackson's Diamond Kats debut against Greenville Bluesmen, 1A, 5/6/00

MSU defeats Notre Dame in NCCA final in Starkville, 1A, 5/29/00

Vintage Base Ball game at Jefferson College, 1E, 11/2/00


Alcorn falls to Louisiana Tech in NCAAs, 1A, 3/19/00

JSU Tigers are SWAC champions, 1A, 1A; 3/17/00, 3/12/00

Lady Bulldogs fall to UAB in NCAA upset, 1A, 3/20/00

Mississippi team slots: 3 in NCAA, 1 in NIT, 1 in WNIT, 1A, 3/13/00

MSU women off to good start in NCAA, 1A, 3/18/00

Racial color line erased at game in Noxubee County game, 1A, 6/24/00

Batson challenge SEE Jury trials

Batte, Clay

Mt. Olive 12-year old creates fishing lures, 3B, 10/2/00

Battle of Raymond

New law will help with construction of Civil War battlefield park, 2B, 5/6/00

Baugh, Flora

Brandon widow spends 1st Valentine's day without husband Henry

'A true love story,' 1F, 2/13/00

Beaches, Gulfport

Bacteria force closing in Tegarten Rd area, 3B, 3B; 7/15/00, 3B; 8/4/00, 7/1/00

Beaches, Jackson County

Project to add 75,000 cubic feet of sand to beaches, 3B, 4/24/00

Beads SEE Power beads

Beagle Bagel

Restaurant review, 4F, 11/9/00

Bean, Brad

Amite County dairyman named state Farmer of the Year, 1C, 4/27/00


15-foot carved wooden bear is Highway 49 attraction in Florence; gift of David Singletary, 1E, 12/28/00

Bear Creek

Survey of flood plains in Madison County, 2/7/00, 2B

Bear Creek Water Association

Madison County supervisors oppose it sewage expansion plan, 2B, 2B; 6/10/00, 2B; 9/20/00, 5/18/00

Beard, Ronnie

Memphis man held on murder charge in Marshall County

Also 4 rape charges, 3B, 4/25/00

Beau Rivage Casino SEE Dockside gambling, Biloxi


Funds sought for botanical gardens, 1B, 2/27/00

Beaver Creek


Flooding plan addressed, 2B, 7/18/00

Beck, Jason

$2 Million verdict against city of Jackson upheld in his 1996 death, 1B, 1B; 7/26/00, 1B; 10/3/00, 7/21/00

Jackson City Council OKs $2.1 Million payoff in student's 1996 death, 1A, 10/4/00

Beckwith, Byron De La

His appeal for release rejected by judge, 1B, 2/26/00

Bed Bath and Beyond

NJ firm to open store in Jackson, 7/10/00, 8C


City of Ridgeland may relax beer ordinance, 2B, 10/19/00

Sale to minors targeted, 1A, 6/9/00

Beer sales. SEE Alcohol sales

Beggerly, Carlisle

Florence High School junior to study in Japan, 2B, 6/4/00

Belhaven College

Enrollment up 15%, 1B, 9/11/00

Sculpture 'The Lady of Belhaven' by Michael McAuley, 5/14/00, 15G

Student art exhibit, 2B, 3/26/00

Bell Avon

Defense contractor agrees to make good on false test results, 1B, 4/18/00

Bell peppers

No matter what color all peppers start out green, 1E, 6/7/00

Bell, David

Bond stands for accused killer of Charity Ishman

of Raymond; mother of his 2 children, 1B, 9/16/00

Bell, Joshua

Violinist performs at Thalia Mara Hall, 2/13/00, 10G

Bellman, Rachel

Joshua Brink and Michael Balle' held in her strangulation death

In Ocean Springs, 3B, 4/28/00

Michael Balle and Joshua Brink admit to rape and strangulation

In Pascagoula, 3B, 6/22/00


24 cables cut on Lynch St and on Hanging Moss Rd, 1B; 7/1/00, 4/27/00, 4B

Cutting 2100 positions at various locations, 1C, 2/5/00

Developing online site for buying and selling telecom products, 1C, 2/25/00

Introduces Internet Call Waiting, 1C, 3/16/00

J. Kelly Allgood to retire as CEO of Mississippi operations, 1C, 3/2/00

Media blitz to highlight its Internet and wireless offerings

Aimed at executives, 1C, 3/9/00

Wireless service assets linked with SBC Communications (TX), 1C, 4/6/00

Belzoni Police Department

Chief disputes story of man shot by Officer Deion Battle, 3B, 8/10/00

Bender, Richard

Veterans Hospital patient gives impromptu gospel concerts, 1B, 7/19/00

Bengal tiger

Malnourished tiger taken from Pearl business owner will be shipped to Oregon, 2B, 12/2/00

Benjamin, W.O.

Funeral services for ex-president of Itawamba Community College, 3B, 4/28/00, 4B

Bennett, Devin

Richland man charged in death of his 9-week-old son, 2B, 2B; 9/7/00, 3B; 8/30/00, 8/27/00

Bennett, Henry

Retired preacher in Byram has a faithful mule named Jim, 1E, 8/10/00

Bennett, Marshall

Q&A with state treasurer, 2H, 6/25/00, 10/29/00

Bentley, Michael SEE Well, Lauren Rabb

Berry, Lula

Black woman married to white man in 1934

Her illustrated diary, 1F, 2/20/00

Best Buy

Store to open in Fall in Ridgeland Court in Jackson, 1C, 1C; 11/8/00, 5/19/00

Betta fish gardens

Yes, that's a fish plant, 1E, 6/2/00

Better Business Bureau of Mississippi

Congo management professor is intern, 1C, 3/22/00

Bettis Brooke Mirrors

Vicksburg company will craft The Forbes Line

(Forbes Magazine family), 1C, 5/4/00

Beverly Drive-in

Hattiesburg theater to reopen for 1 weekend only, 1E, 5/5/00

Bible Belt buckle

Created by Malcolm White, 1E, 8/3/00


Choosing the right Bible for your children, 1E, 9/16/00

Bicycle trails

New trails could link neighborhoods in Ridgeland, 2B, 5/16/00

Big Black River casino. SEE Riverboat gambling, Warren County

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Initiative to match students with mentors gets funding boost, 1B; 11/26/00, 2B, 10/26/00

Mentors sought for children, 1B, 2B; 8/24/00, 5/25/00

Metro organization reopens with new leadership, 2B, 9/27/00

Big K

Pantry Inc, a North Carolina convenience store chain, buys 18 Jackson sites, 1C, 9/19/00

Big River Shipbuilders

Vicksburg barge repair company, 1C, 11/30/00

Big Sunflower River

Dredging plan stirs health debate: DDT legacy, 1A, 1A; 4/30/00, 4/23/00

Dredging project called wasteful by environmental groups, 1A, 1A; 4/17/00, 1A; 10/1/00, 3/3/00

Biggers, Neal

To step down as chief judge, Northern District of Mississippi, 1B, 8/27/00


DeSoto County exploring options along new Mississippi 304, 2/8/00, 3B

Jackson City Council allows taller billboards, 6B, 8/23/00

Billingslea, Arthur

Canton robber says 'Never mind' when clerk aims gun at him, 2/23/00, 2B

Billy Brumfield Shelter

Senior AIDES Program volunteers feed inhabitants, 1B, 11/24/00

Biloxi Shrimp Festival and Blessing of the Fleet

Set for May 6-7, 3/15/00, 3B

Biloxi, Mississippi

City to sue for possession of beach front acreage, 3B, 5/4/00

Parks, schools, street projects increase city's bond debt, 3B, 6/20/00


Fraud in Corinth and Gulfport leads to arrests, 3B, 7/17/00

Gaming Commission denies license to Inner Man Church of the Future, 1C, 2/27/00

Monies a 'real blessing' to charities, 1C, 2/27/00

Tupelo lawyer says he and his son innocent of charges involving defunct bingo parlor, 3B, 10/7/00

Biological warfare

State to get funding to detect, combat public safety threats, 1A; 6/17/00, 1B, 6/12/00

Birmingham church bombing, 1963

Bobby Cherry says he is innocent, 1A, 8/28/00

Cherry now facing sex charges, 1B, 4/27/00

Thomas Blanton and Bobby Cherry face indictment, 1A, 1A; 5/19/00, 5/18/00

Woman says stepfather Bobby Cherry talked about bombing

Sexually abused her, 1B, 4/11/00

Birmingham Museum of Art

Matisse exhibit, 7/23/00, 10G

Birmingham, Ricky

16-year old held for robbery of man in north Jackson parking lot, 5/25/00, 5B

Bishop, Kevin

Former Simpson County JP facing sex offense charge, 6/9/00, 7B

Black bears

Amite County sighting of bear with cub

Proof of reproducing pair, 3B, 4/14/00

Mississippi Black Bear Restoration Task Force, 3/14/00, 3B

Moving from Arkansas into Mississippi Delta, 1B, 12/4/00

Black Family Reunion

At LeFleur's Bluff State Park

Recording artist Eddie Seawood to perform, 1B, 1E; 9/3/00, 8/29/00

Black History Month

Heroes of prisoners at Wilkinson County Correctional Facility, 1A, 2/28/00

History should be all-encompassing, 2/25/00, 2B

Trilogy of programs hosted by 'Clarion-Ledger,' 1/31/00, 1B; 2/17/00, 3B

Black Panther Party

Considering establishing a chapter on Coast, 1B, 7/31/00

Black Panthers

Only African American tank unit in W.W.II, 3B, 11/13/00

Black Rose Theatre

In Brandon, 2B, 8/7/00

Black Spring Break

City of Gulfport make seek damages from promoter, 3B, 4/13/00

Coast anticipates huge crowds, 1A, 1B, 1B; 4/10/00, 4/6/00, 5B; 4/11/00

Fatal shooting of Mitchell Virgil probed, 1B; 6/9/00, 1B; 6/15/00, 3B, 4/15/00

Treasure Bay to sue coliseum for bringing students to Coast, 3B, 4/27/00

Black Springbreak

May return to coast in 2001, 5B, 11/1/00

Black, Carolyn

Special education director leaving state post, 1B, 4/13/00

Blackburn, Richard

Rankin County constable could lose job after stint in Kosovo, 2B, 2B; 10/3/00, 8/14/00

Blackmon, Ed

Legislator joins Tougaloo's Society of Corporate Philanthropists, 1C, 2/26/00

BlackWater Cafe

Chef Vish Bhatt, 1E, 11/29/00

Blackwell, Isisha

No arrest or suspects in 1999 slaying of Canton teenager, 2B, 2B; 10/7/00, 6/12/00

Blain, Tom SEE Bureau of narcotics

Bland, John

Appeals Court upholds his sentence in 1997 drive-by shooting, 3B, 4/19/00

Blanks, Derek

Artist has his 1st solo show at Gallery 119 in Jackson, 8/13/00, 8G

Block grants. SEE Community Development Block Grant

Blood supply. SEE Mississippi Blood Services

Blue Cafe

Restaurant review, 4F, 5/25/00

Blue Cross & Blue Shield SEE Ageless Heroes

Blues (music)

Students from Lambert play 'Big Boss Man' at the White House, 3B, 5/30/00

Blues museum

Support grows for a museum in Leland, 3/28/00, 3B

Board for Community and Junior Colleges

Musgrove must appoint 3 members, 1B; 7/21/00, 3B, 5/20/00

Board of Education

Employee Worth Haynes fired over handling of software contract, 1/21/00, 1B, 1B; 1/22/00

New governor will shape the Board, 1/4/00, 1A

Personnel shifted; Rucker now head of academics, 1B, 10/21/00

Sondra Caillavet and Claude Hartley named to Board, 5B, 7/8/00

State board loses member Cheryl Tidwell, 1B, 6/21/00

Superintendent Richard Thompson holds televised interview, 3B, 4/7/00

Vibrating cell phones and pagers OK'd during meetings, 1B, 4/15/00

Board of Health

Takes strong stand against Balanced Budget Act of 1997; health facilities threatened, 1B, 10/13/00

Board of Supervisors (Hinds County). SEE Taxes, Hinds County

Boating accidents

3 dead at Reservoir: lab tests are key, 1B; 2/29/00, 2/1/00, 2B, 2B; 4/5/00

3 die in accident on Ross Barnett Reservoir, 1/24/00, 1A; 1/25/00, 1A; 1/26/00, 1A; 1/28/00, 3B

Alcohol suspected in accidents involving cousins at Reservoir, 2B, 7/18/00

Collision between 2 watercraft on Gulfport Lake leaves 1 man dead, 3B, 6/1/00

Safety on waterways message is renewed, 1B, 6/4/00

Body Balance for Performance

Physical therapist Sylvia McCandless can improve your golf game, 3G, 5/14/00

Bogue Chitto High School

3 students killed in separate accidents, 1A; 8/26/00, 3B, 8/25/00

Bolivar Medical Center

Province Healthcare acquires Cleveland hospital, 3B, 4/18/00

Bolton-Holifield, Ruthie

Olympic basketballer visits Youth Detention Center, 4B, 10/12/00

Bombs, Italy

Bomb mailed from Mississippi sparks probe

USAF officer injured, 1A; 4/20/00, 1A; 4/29/00, 1B, 4/19/00

Bon Ami

Restaurant review, 4F, 10/26/00

Bond issues, Meridian

Voters reject school bond measure, 3/4/00, 3B, 3B; 5/16/00, 3B; 5/18/00

Bond issues, Poplarville

Voters reject school bond measure, 3/4/00, 3B

Bond issues, Yazoo City

Town approves a school bond issue, 1B, 5/12/00

Bonner, Michael

Assistant DA in Warren County faces Louisiana extortion charges, 1/22/00, 3B

Bonnin, Max

Widower honors wife killed in Amtrak crash

Nondenominational wedding chapel, 1B, 4/23/00

Bonsai Steakhouse

Restaurant review, 4F, 12/28/00

Book of Hope Campaign

Area churches will deliver book door-to-door, 4/22/00, 8D

Booker, Joseph

Suspended doctor reinstated; now at abortion clinic in Jackson, 1B, 10/6/00

Books of the Century

Millennium project by Jackson Friends of the Library, 1/30/00, 10G


Bosnian officials on fact-finding trip to Mississippi, 1B, 12/4/00

Boswell, William

Lauderdale County supervisor indicted on voter fraud, 1B, 8/2/00

Bouder, Steven

Lauderdale County man gets 18-month sentence in 1999 slaying of his wife, 3B, 8/23/00

Bouie River SEE Gulf Sturgeon

Boutin, Branden

2 Saucier residents accused in beating death 2-year old boy, 3B, 4/15/00

Bowdoin College

3 Jackson students win substantial scholarships to Maine school, 2B, 5/7/00

Bowers, Sam

Ku Klux Klan leader says he should be released from jail

Says state Constitution flawed, 1B, 3/1/00

Bowles, Jerry

Fund established to help good Samaritan with medical expenses

Run over at wreck site, 1B, 3/9/00

Man honored at MDOT ceremony for helping crash victim, 1B, 7/22/00


Bowling leagues for fun and fellowship, 6/4/00, 11G

Boyette, Grant SEE Pearl High School

Boykin, Sherlene

Noxubee Justice Court Judge fined for fixing tickets, 3B, 7/21/00

Boyll, Jamie Fowler SEE Slater, Elizabeth

Boys and Girls Clubs

New chapter in Madison County, 1B; 11/22/00, 2B; 9/30/00, 5B, 9/26/00

Pete Rose substitutes for Hank Aaron at Columbus event, 1B, 9/30/00

Boys State, 2000

Close race for governor, 1A, 5/25/00

Delegates quiz state leaders, 3B, 5/24/00

Bradley, Betsy

Q&A with director of the Mississippi Arts Commission, 2H, 12/3/00

Brady, Bruce H

Sculptor/writer dies in Brookhaven at age 65, 2/9/00, 3B; 2/10/00, 4B

Brandon budget, 2001

No tax increase for residents; millage the same, 2B, 9/23/00

Brandon Day

Annual celebration, 2B, 5/6/00

Brandon Educational Scholastic Team

Nonprofit group works to improve city's schools, 2B, 10/29/00

Brandon Elementary School

200 third-graders move from Rouse Elementary School, 2/16/00, 2B

Century City 2000 event, 2B, 4/19/00

Brandon High School

Band wins high honors at Director Choice Alamo Showcase in San Antonio, 2B, 4/18/00

Celebrity golf tourney fundraiser, 2B, 12/6/00

Field house fire may be arson, 2B, 2B; 10/21/00, 2B; 10/25/00, 10/20/00

Brandon Public Schools

Nonprofit academic foundation to improve schools proposed, 2B, 5/17/00

Brandon, Mississippi

Former Public Works director Roger McNeese will not be replaced, 2B, 3/21/00

Officials plan commercial district to bolster sales tax revenues, 2B, 2B; 5/5/00, 5/1/00

Bratton Street Project

Revitalization effort in Stewpot Community neighborhood, 1B, 7/7/00

Breast cancer

Tell A Friend campaign, 1B, 10/11/00

Brentwood Health Management

To open psychiatric facility in vacant Charter Hospital buildings, 1B, 1B; 9/9/00, 9/8/00

Brewer, Kennedy

State high court rejects Noxubee County killer's retrial appeal, 3/24/00, 3B, 3B; 12/23/00


SEE Hal & Mal's

Briarwood Presbyterian Church

Mature Fitness class, 6/18/00, 14G

Brick-Oven Cafe

Restaurant review, 4F, 5/4/00

Bridges. SEE ALSO Mississippi river bridges

Bridges, Madison

Water and sewer line relocation precede construction at I-55/Hwy 463, 1/31/00, 2B

Bridges, Madison County

Repair and replacement list amended, 1/22/00, 2B

Bridges, Mississippi

Increased traffic, aging structures, reckless drivers, 1A, 8/23/00, 8A

Bridges, Mississippi River

2 rival sites: I-69 extension and US Highway 82, 3B, 4/13/00

Delay in construction of new bridge in Greenville area, 1/18/00, 3B

Bridges, Rankin County

Old wooden span on Cooper Road to be replaced, 2B, 7/6/00

Bridges, Ricky

Operator of Flowood water and sewer department under investigation, 2B, 5/12/00

Bridgman, Maggie

82-year old Farish Street resident

Sweeping of street a daily ritual, 1E, 5/4/00

Brister, Willie Mae

May slaying of wealthy Mt. Olive widow still unsolved, 1A, 11/20/00

Broadmoor Baptist Church

Dedicates new building on Highland Colony Parkway, 1/22/00, 1E

Brock, Greg

Univ. of Kentucky professor teachers class via Internet

While on cross-country bicycle trek, 1B, 6/26/00

Brokl, Betty Jane

Biloxi artist creates memorial paintings using deceased's' ashes, 2/15/00, 3B

Brooks, Donny

Ex-Pearl High School shooting suspect now facing embezzlement charges, 2/17/00, 2B

Brooks, Terry Allen

Man convicted of 1998 killing in Leflore County gets new trial, 3B, 6/24/00

Brown, Allen

Kemper County man sentenced for attack on his grandmother, 3B, 8/17/00

Brown, Ben

Bill Minor questioned as witness to slaying of Brown at JSU in 1967, 1A, 6/25/00

Brown, Butch

Mayor of Natchez and his wife grieve for daughter Caroline

Killed in car wreck, 1B, 3/31/00

Brown, Jackie

Walnut man makes muzzle loading rifles by hand, 1E, 6/29/00

Brown, Keith

Ex-JSU police officer sues his supervisor and ex-President Lyons

Rape investigation cover-up?, 2/5/00, 4B

JSU told to reinstate police officer, 1B, 4/11/00

Brown, Kenneth

Convicted murderer's attorney calls for new trial, 4/11/00, 6B

Brown, Larry

His 7th book 'Fay' now in bookstores, 1E, 3/23/00

His novel 'Big Bad Love' to be filmed, 1E, 8/4/00

Brown, Mary

67-year old woman shoots and wounds intruder James Clayton, 1B, 8/9/00

Browne, Jill Conner

Excerpt from 'Sweet Potato Queen's...' read at Washington, DC theater, 1E, 6/16/00

Brownfield Showcase Community

Jackson gets $400,000 to asses contamination

sites, 1A, 10/12/00


$1.3Million OK'd to redevelop abandoned industrial properties, 1A, 12/20/00

Brune, Linda

Former City Council employee's lawsuit claims discrimination, 3/22/00, 4B

Brunner, Scott

Author and PRM commentator, 1/3/00, 1D

Bryan, George W

Sara Lee executive named MSU National Alumnus of 2000, 2/12/00, 3B

Bryan, Jo

87-year old Oxford woman enjoys her work at Baptist Memorial Hospital, 1F, 6/4/00

Bryan, Steve SEE Apartments, Madison

Bryant, Phil

Q&A with State Auditor, 2H, 7/9/00, 10/22/00

Buchanan, Dyrahyl

FBI joins search for missing Hollandale man, 3B, 5/17/00

Buckle for Life Awards

Local officers honored for seat-belt efforts, 1B, 2/17/00

Buddy Ball Tournament

Events in Richland and Florence, 2B, 6/20/00

Budget Inn

Judge orders Highway 80 motel closed; a 'public nuisance,' 2/16/00, 3B

Buehler, Carley

Friends mourn girl, 17, killed in wreck, 1/4/00, 2B, 2B; 1/5/00

Buffington, Crystal

Vicksburg woman found guilty of starving daughter, 3B, 12/8/00

Buford Lake

Fish kill at Quitman County lake is puzzling, 3B, 8/21/00

Building industry SEE Construction industry

Building permits

Increase in issuing of permits boosts Jackson's coffers, 1/8/00, 4B

Bunge Corporation

Vicksburg company laying off workers has tax exemption, 2/12/00, 3B

Bureau of Narcotics

$1 Million budget boost: 30 new agents to be hired, 1A; 8/6/00, 1B, 5/3/00

Agency seeks reversal of funding: wants local agencies to get 80% of proceeds, 1A, 10/25/00

Agency's moral is on the mend, 1B, 8/27/00

Anonymous woman trains as agent, 1B, 10/7/00

Bureau director balks at use of state troopers; agents need special training, 1B, 9/29/00

City of Jackson is targeted as biggest drug threat statewide, 1A, 5/8/00

College scholarship program, 1A, 12/4/00

Director Don Strange says training academy in Pearl is essential, 1A, 7/29/00

Director Tom Blain steps down, 1/7/00, 1A

New director Don Strange reorganizes agency, 1A, 4/22/00

No budget increase from state; will seek federal funding, 1A, 9/9/00

PEER Committee report heavily critical of state drug agency, 1A, 7/25/00

State drug agent shot during raid in Hancock County, 3B, 8/25/00

State's strategy lauded at conference, 1B, 12/18/00

Target drugs at source: intelligence analysts to be hired, 1B, 8/6/00

Burglary, Clinton

3 teenagers arrested, 2B, 8/25/00

Burglary, Jackson

House burglary on Chenault Ave leaves 1 dead, homeowner injured, 1B, 12/21/00

JPD officer kills suspect Cleon Allen at house in south Jackson, 1B, 1B; 6/7/00, 5B; 6/17/00, 6/6/00

Neighbor Jim Fatheree nabs Ricky Brown on Belhaven St, 5/6/00, 5B

Underwear clad deputy nabs man breaking into neighbor's house, 2B, 4/27/00

Burglary, Madison

Clinton man David McGowan arrested in rash of house burglaries, 2B, 4/27/00

Burglary, Madison County

3 charged in burglary of T & J Quickstop, 2B, 8/30/00

6 arrested in burglary ring: Eric White sought in Jackson, 2B, 3/30/00

Resident captures teenage burglar in his home on Greens Crossing Rd, 2B, 4/22/00

Burglary, Picayune

Robbers steal almost everything, including the kitchen sink, 3B, 8/21/00

Burial insurance

Bias in Southeast probed: blacks charged more than whites, 1C, 7/27/00

Buried Treasures Ministry

Prison program for women, 1/30/00, 1B

Burkenroad Reports

Tulane University program for research into small cap companies, 1C, 3/25/00

Burns, J.C.

Q&A with director of Dept. of Economic and Community Development, 2H, 12/24/00

Q&A with MDECD director, 2H, 8/27/00

Burns, J.C. SEE Department of Economic and Community Development

Burnside, R.L.

Blues singer at George Street Grocery, 2/17/00, 10F

Burton, Shawn

'Poster boy' for federal firearms law given 105 months sentence, 1B, 4/26/00

Burton, Tommye Dawson

Woman waging street fight to save her home, neighborhood, 1/17/00, 1B

Burwell family

A long association with Millsaps College, 5/7/00, 5B

Bush, Elbert Wayne

Soldier killed in Vietnam in 1973 finally laid to rest in Kosciusko, 1/16/00, 1A

Bush, George

Elder Bush at MSU to honor Sonny Montgomery, 3B, 11/19/00

Business Etiquette & International Protocol

Sisters in Clinton open consulting business, 2B, 11/14/00

Business improvement districts

600 others besides Capital Center Inc not precleared, 1/22/00, 1A, 1B; 4/20/00

Business park SEE Industrial park

Business startups

New businesses starts off 11% in 1999, 1C, 3/23/00

Business-Industry-Teachers-Exchange Day (BITE)

Students explore careers, 2B, 10/6/00

Butler, Richard

Jackson man arrested at lawyer's office in slaying of Keon Perry, 1B, 10/6/00

Butler, Travis

Child's grandmother and his father feud over funds, 3B, 9/11/00

Custody battle over boy who lived with his mother's corpse, 3B, 3B; 8/3/00, 3B; 11/4/00, 6/1/00

Guardians file malpractice lawsuit against Memphis hospital, 3B, 11/18/00

Memphis boy who hid mother's death back in school, 2/2/00, 2B, 3B; 4/20/00, 3B; 4/22/00, 3B; 4/29/00

Taken away from grandparents, given to woman who found him, 5B, 8/8/00

When children live for days with corpse of parent, 3B, 9/11/00

Byers, Shirley

Supreme Court reprimands and fines former circuit court judge, 1B, 2/18/00, 3B; 6/16/00, 3B; 7/21/00


Booming community eyeing incorporation again, 1B, 12/17/00

Drive for incorporation is intensified, 2B, 2B; 11/30/00, 3/27/00

Byram Junior Auxiliary

Group raising funds for local park, 2B, 10/25/00

Byram Middle School

School is structurally outdated; may be replaced, 2B, 5/15/00

Byram Post Office

New facility, 2B, 3/10/00

Byram swinging bridge

There is talk of fixing up old structure, 1F, 11/19/00

Byrd Scholarships SEE Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Program

Byrd, Angel

Calloway graduate earns Gates Millennium Scholarship to attend medical school, 2B, 7/30/00



2 amputees get microprocessor-controlled hydraulic knees, 1/20/00, 1B

Cable television

US Supreme Court strikes down law shielding children from sex channels, 1A, 5/23/00

Cabot Lodge

Ridgeland motel offers Internet to guests, 1C, 12/1/00

Cackleberry Grocery Club

Owner Steve Scrock raises chickens for friends

State meat inspectors concerned, 3B, 9/9/00

Caesarian births

Baptist Hospital has new tool that may reduce number of C-sections, 1B, 12/8/00

Cal-Maine Foods

Its profits rise, as do egg prices, 1C, 12/29/00

Net loss reported for 3rd quarter, fiscal 2000, 1C, 3/28/00

Calhoun City Police Department

Police Chief Willie Hicks put on leave following shoplifting incident, 5/3/00, 5B

Callaway High School

Art students' 'Doorway to the Future' project, 2B, 12/24/00


Jackson youth in Washington for event, 1E, 9/2/00

Callon Petroleum

Company's natural gas reserves up 101%, 1C, 2/3/00

Earnings for 2nd quarter 2000 triple, 1C, 8/12/00

New discoveries in Gulf of Mexico will boost earnings, analysts say, 1C, 5/10/00

Calvary Baptist Church

Educators and students thank reading tutors, 4/26/00, 5B

Its Job Corp training program, 1E, 11/18/00

Camp Rainbow

Summer camp for cancer patients ages 6-17, 1B, 8/4/00

Camp Shelby

$4.5 Million military museum planned, 1E, 11/16/00

Rep Gene Taylor pushing for future growth, 5B, 9/6/00

Teenager dies after explosion of stolen antitank ammunition, 3B; 6/11/00, 5/29/00, 6B

Camp, Dan

Developer works with Broadmoor and Broadmeadow neighborhoods, 1F, 4/16/00

Campbell, Cornell SEE Carjackings, Jackson

Campbell, Dana

Rankin County School District's parent of the year, 2B, 4/23/00

Campbell, Paul

African-American artist from Jackson, 2/20/00, 8G

Campbell, Will

Civil rights leader was director of religious life at Ole Miss in 1950s; hoped to radicalize school, 3B, 9/26/00

Subject of PBS documentary 'God's Will,' 1E, 8/24/00


Engaged couple Dena Jones and John Howell hope for wedding tradition, 1E, 4/4/00

Canton 'Frogtown' Criterium Bicycle Race

Cyclists race for diabetes cause, 6B, 7/21/00

Canton Convention and Visitors Bureau

Home to film museums: Jo Ann Gordon, director, 2B, 6/17/00

Canton Film Office

Funding for motion picture center in sight, 2B, 10/30/00

Canton Fire Department

Officials refuse to create 2nd assistant fire chief position, 2/17/00, 2B

Station 2 has no air-conditioning, 2B, 7/21/00k

Canton Flea Market

Town braces for buyer fever, 2B, 10/12/00

Yearly sales tax estimated at $156,000, 2B, 10/11/00

Canton Ford Mercury Inc

Ford Motor Co takes over dealership, 1C, 10/10/00

Canton High School

City and county cooperation could lead to road improvement near school, 2B, 8/18/00

Former students return to the school as teachers, 2B, 9/10/00

State superintendent Richard Thompson pays visit on 1st day, 2B, 8/15/00

Student pleads guilty to brawling in school gym, 2B, 11/30/00

Canton Multicultural Center and Museum

Jewell Williams' personal crusade, 2/18/00, 2B, 2B; 7/10/00, 2B; 7/29/00

Canton Multipurpose Complex

Complex is now opened, 2B, 11/15/00

Canton Municipal Utilities

Former manager Eric Dean files suit over his dismissal, 1/13/00, 2B

Canton Police Department

3 officers attend drug seminar on Coast, 2B, 10/18/00

3 officers suspended for 2 days without pay

Excessive force used, 1/20/00, 2B, 2B; 2/3/00

Alderman says Chief Luke Gordon is not certified police officer, 1/10/00, 1B

Chief hopes new policy manual will address discipline issue, 2B, 3/20/00

Community policing plan put into place, 2B, 3/13/00

Force resists precinct in Peace Street Crossing shopping mall, 2B, 5/5/00

NAACP brutality probe nears end, 2B, 12/21/00

NAACP says black suspect beaten by white police officer, 2B, 2B; 11/22/00, 2B; 12/8/00, 11/18/00

New uniforms, 2B, 3/6/00

Seeking better relations with public, 2B, 9/28/00

Sensitivity training set, 1/27/00, 2B

Canton Welcome Center

Artifacts from old Trolio Hotel on display

Center is in Trolio building, 2B, 6/1/00

Canton, Mississippi

Alderman meeting turns unruly

Neighbor complains of loud music at Dr. Truly's house, 2B, 8/16/00

Alderman Robbie Johnson accused of not living in the city, 2B, 10/9/00

Aldermen meeting: free speech gone too far? Aldermen besmirched?, 2B, 8/29/00

Plans for multipurpose community complex await approval, 1/28/00, 2B

Town's Redevelopment Authority preserves its historic buildings, 2B, 5/8/00

Canton/Madison County Multipurpose Complex

Statewide softball tournament, 2B, 4/5/00

Capital Center Inc

Federal review nears completion, 1A, 4/5/00

Jackson City Council will continue to withhold money, 5B, 6/14/00

Supervisors gave $25,000 illegally in 1996

Cost of rift may top $25,000, 1A, 7/20/00

US Justice Dept. preclears business improvement district, 1A, 1A; 6/3/00, 6/2/00

US Justice Dept. says CCI must be precleared by federal government, 1A, 1A; 4/26/00, 4/20/00

Capital Center Inc SEE ALSO Business improvement districts

Capital punishment SEE Death penalty

CapitoLink SEE Mississippi Economic Council

Car insurance. SEE Mississippi Legislature (2000)---Mandatory

Car seats

Rankin County services to make sure children's car seats safe, 2B, 8/2/00

Simply having a car seat not enough to keep babies safe, 1E, 4/11/00

Car tags SEE Automobile tags

Car theft SEE Automobile theft

Car-rider lines

Conjestion in picking up children at schools, 1/13/00, 1E

Carbon monoxide

Symptoms: is it flu or is it poison?, 1D, 12/4/00

Carder, Kenneth

Named bishop of United Methodists in Mississippi, 1A; 9/7/00, 5B, 7/15/00

Carjackings, Jackson

1 suspect charged: December 1999 carjacking of Lexus, 2/29/00, 4B

4 suspects arrested in Canton

Car taken on Ellis Avenue in Jackson, 5B, 6B; 7/19/00, 7/18/00

Campbell accomplice Michael Jefferson given 14-year sentence, 1B, 6/7/00

Cornell Campbell given 13 years in Metrocenter crime in 1999, 1/14/00, 1B

Stolen Jeep Cherokee found submerged in Reservoir, 2B, 6/7/00

Trial of Michael Jefferson, accomplice of Cornell Campbell, 1B, 1B; 3/15/00, 3/14/00

Wayne Brumbleloe testifies in 1999 carjacking on Gallatin St, 5B, 8/22/00

Carjackings, Madison

3 arrested in armed carjacking in Sandalwood subdivision, 2B, 12/22/00

Carjackings, Natchez

Woman escapes carjacking unhurt, 3B, Jackson12/20/00

Carjackings, Vicksburg

California man arrested; bailed out of car going 50 mph, 3B, 5/26/00

Carlisle, Peg

Jackson woman named state's outstanding elementary school teacher of the year, 2B, 12/3/00

Carlisle, Troy

Carlisle found guilty of manslaughter in drowning, 1A, 10/12/00

Drug charges also leveled at man who allegedly let 7-year old girl drown, 3B, 5/13/00

Facing charges under state's 'depraved heart' law

Let 7-year old drown, 3B, 3B;5/13/00, 5/12/00

Given 20-year sentence in 'life jacket' case, 1B, 10/21/00

His murder trial to be moved, 3B, 3B; 8/25/00, 8/19/00

Jury will hear suspect's remarks to police, 3B, 7/21/00

Southaven man charged in drowning death of 7-year old girl

Took life jacket away from her, 3B, 5/12/00

Trial in 'life vest' murder of Dallas Peeples begins, 1B, 1B; 10/11/00, 3B; 10/10/00, 10/7/00

Trial set for September in drowning case, 3B, 6/9/00

Trial: location kept secret by judge, 3B, 9/29/00

Was death of Dallas Peeples, 7, tragic accident or murder?, 3B, 5/22/00

Carnegie Public Library


High tea is served to young women, 3B, 6/14/00

Carr, Hugh

Ex-Brandon principal returns as assistant county superintendent, 1/25/00, 2B

Carrollton Community House

Old log cabin may get a facelift, 1B, 7/24/00


Spring's first treasure, 1E, 3/22/00

Carson, Herman 'Oogie'

Court affirms life in prison term for Barry Goff, 2B, 6/14/00

Cartagena, Wilma

Chilean immigrant allegedly commits suicide in Morton

Had lost her job, 1/21/00, 1B

Carter, Betty Werlein

Former publisher of 'Delta Democrat Times' dies in New Orleans, 3/3/00, 4B

Carter, J.E.

80-year old Clinton contractor honored as "Outstanding Older Worker" in state, 2B, 10/5/00

Carter, Mae Bertha

University of Mississippi exhibit honors civil rights heroine, 1/18/00, 3B

Carter, Mary

Hinds County Public Works director fired, 1B, 4/4/00

Carthage Bank

Hostage situation: LaRue Tierce releases hostages and surrenders, 1B, 8/5/00

Carthage Elementary School

New school ready to open early, 1/17/00, 3B

Carthage Police Department

Tossed bags of dynamite explode on roof of headquarters, 1B, 8/19/00

Carty, Joe and Sherri

Madison couple adopt young Russian girl, 2B, 11/17/00

Case, Benton

Brookhaven man's home is a tribute to Hank Williams, 5B, 6/27/00

Case, Jimmy

Auction of drug dealer's belongings brings $32,596, 2B, 4/18/00

Casey Jones Museum


Hoping anniversary will revive interest in railroad man, 3/13/00, 6B

Casinos classes SEE Colleges and universities


A state law allowing only licensed funeral home directors to sell caskets deemed unconstitutional, 1A, 11/4/00

Cassreino, Terry. SEE Madison County Journal

Castanedo, Stephen

Colorado man took brother's VA benefits

Brother a disabled Gulfport resident, 2/18/00, 3B

Castilla, Carmen

Jackson Municipal CT judge to work for Secretary of State, 5/27/00, 5B

Caston, Charles

Man convicted in 1970 KKK murder dies in prison at age 64, 3/14/00, 3B

Caston, James

Purported Klansman had role in Evers film 'Ghosts of Mississippi,' 1/30/00, 1A

Cat Fanciers Association

Championship Show in Jackson, 1B, 8/20/00

Cat Island

Island purchase nears, 1B, 12/22/00

US House of Representatives OKs $2 Million for purchase, 1B, 6/16/00


Proper sunglasses reduce exposure to sun and likelihood of cataracts, 1D, 8/21/00

Catchings Agency

5 realtors in minority-owned firm qualify for Million Dollar Round Table, 1C, 6/9/00

Catfish industry

Earnings up $11 Million from 1999, 1C, 12/28/00

Farmers want to prevent cormorant nesting near ponds, 1B, 8/13/00

Opposition of its importation of Asian black carp to fight bacteria, 3B, 8/13/00

State catfish production is down, 1C, 2/15/00

Catfish industry SEE ALSO Basa

Catholic Church, Mississippi

Leaders confront problem of priest shortage, 1E, 2/19/00

Catholic School Week

Observed at local schools, 2/2/00, 6B

Catt, Walter

Retired RR man is talented wood craftsman, 1E, 11/9/00

Cedar Hill Farm


Money making events: blackberry picking, pony rides, company picnics, 3B, 6/26/00

Celebrate the Family 2000

Event features Mike Singletary as speaker, 1/12/00, 1B, 1E; 1/14/00

Celebrating the Creative Spirit: Contemporary Southeastern Furniture

Exhibit at Museum of Art, 1E, 11/2/00

Celebration Fellowship Church

Randy Wilson

Blending of faiths: Congregation Beit Lechem meets in church, 1E, 8/26/00


WKIX to identify state's favorite living celebrity

Celebrities must call station, 1B; 5/26/00, 2B, 5/25/00

Celebrity Monopoly Tournament

Fund-raiser for Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, 1E, 4/14/00

Cellular South

Adds 100 towers to its statewide network, 1C, 2/12/00

Company adding 200 new towers statewide, 1C, 10/13/00

Company donates cell phones to Neighborhood Watch groups, 5/31/00, 5B

To expand with ALLTELL deal, 1C, 3/7/00

Cellular telephone towers

Ban on construction in Hinds County challenged by TowerCom, 1B, 10/14/00

Hinds County building ban expires, 1B, 10/24/00

Moratorium on new towers in Hinds County, 1B, 1B; 11/7/00, 9/25/00

Proposal for uniform tower plan is dead in Madison County, 2B, 3/24/00

Proposed tower at Flora given OK, 2B, 9/16/00

Raymond aldermen approve tower, 2/3/00, 2B

Telepak tower in Madison: city to appeal court ruling allowing tower, 2B, 3/10/00

Cellular telephone towers SEE ALSO Communications towers

Cellular telephones

70% usage nationally predicted: a lifeline in busy world, 2I, 3I, 5/7/00, 6I

Safety and convenience for teenagers, 1E, 4/25/00

Those in new area code 662 need to be reprogramed, 1C, 3B; 4/27/00, 4/20/00


Irish celebration in Jackson, 1E, 9/8/00

Census 2000

36,000 households getting another visit, 1B, 7/3/00

Adoption information sought for first time, 2/28/00, 5B

Analyst Don Slabach says state will likely lose Congressional seat, 1A, 5/1/00

Army of people needed for state count, 1/25/00, 1B

Census count: Mississippi moves out of last place...for now, 1A; 4/12/00, 3B, 4/3/00

Census seeking college interns for summer employment, 3/1/00, 3B

Cities want help in ward redistricting by 2001 deadline, 1A, 6/28/00

Complete Count Committee wraps up its work, 5/17/00, 6B

Congressional and legislative redistricting could be tricky, 1/30/00, 3H (Bill Minor)

Congressional seats: Indiana is rallying

Mississippi continues to falter, 1A, 4/2/00

Conservative Lott, liberal Thompson make joint commercial, 1A, 1A; 3/27/00, 3/26/00

Count: numbers could mean difference of millions for Mississippi, 1B, 11/24/00

Don't treat form like junk mail, 1B, 3/13/00

Door-to-door head count begins, 1A; 4/27/00, 1B, 1B; 5/8/00, 4/25/00

Elected officials given census 'tool kits,' 1/17/00, 1B

Excuses undermine count: Congressional seat, federal funds at stake, 3B, 4/17/00

First census results released, 1A, 12/28/00

Forms not reaching everyone; no PO box deliveries hurt small towns, 1A, 4/9/00

Hiring of census workers cuts welfare roles, 1A, 6/4/00

Ignoring the form will cost state money, 1A, 3/26/00

Immigration and Naturalization Service stops enforcement actions, 1B, 3/5/00

Jackson office holds open house at Medical Mall, 1/24/00, 1B

Long form to be phased out, 1B, 4/17/00

Lost Congressional seat: Pickering against Shows?, 3H (Bill Minor), 6/25/00

Mayors in the Jackson area fear Census will shortchange their cities, 1A, 7/19/00

Mississippi is determined to avoid another undercount, 1A, 3/27/00

Mississippi ranks last in returns response, 1A, 1A; 3/31/00, 3/28/00

Mississippi to lose congressional seat, 1A, 7A, 12/29/00

Most black-majority election districts will survive, lawyer says, 5B, 8/6/00

MSU students help create award winning ad campaign, 1B, 2/21/00

Musgrove: It's essential that every Mississippian be counted, 2H, 3/19/00

No judicial review of state's population count slated

Must be right first time, 1/18/00, 1B

Officials declare 'Census Sunday,' 1B, 3/21/00

Officials say many uncounted in Mississippi, 1A, 12/31/00

Once bustling offices prepare for closure, 1B, 9/4/00

Printing snafu, 1B, 3/6/00

Radio broadcast stresses importance of being counted, 3/22/00, 6B

Rankin County seeking workers, 2B, 5/5/00

Rep. Benny Thompson says state may lose House seat, 6H (Bill Minor), 11/5/00

Road Tour 2000, 1B, 4/9/00

Several Mississippi cities included in Census 2000 Road Tour, 1B, 3/20/00

State at 90% with census forms returns, 1B, 6/7/00

State count is on then rise, 1B, 6/3/00

State numbers may mean less federal money, 1B, 12/31/00

State response rate up but still below national average, 1B, 4/20/00

Taking the Census to the churches, 1E, 3/18/00

Trent Lott faulted for criticism of long form, 1A, 3/31/00

Waiting for data could delay municipal elections in 2001, 1A, 3/25/00

Ward 5 residents hear push for complete census count, 1/9/00, 1B

Census, 2000

JSU's Mississippi Urban Research Center supplies census data, 1B, 10/30/00

Centobie, Mario

Case goes to jury in Mobile, 3B; 7/1/00, 3B (found guilty), 6/30/00

On trial in Mobile for shooting of Tuscaloosa police officer, 1B; 6/28/00, 3B, 3B; 6/29/00, 6/26/00

Central Industries

Forest chicken rendering plant pleads guilty to pollution charges; pays $14Million, 1B, 11/3/00

Central Mississippi Correctional Facility

Inmate who attacked and kidnapped female guard given 25 years, 2B, 9/22/00

Storybook project links mothers with their children, 1B, 4/16/00

Central Mississippi Medical Center

Croatian soldier Ivan Topic treated for war wounds, 1B, 4/27/00

North campus SEE ALSO Mississippi Legislature (2000)

North campus: battle moves to Legislature, 1/27/00, 1A; 2/25/00, 6B

North campus: dismisses its legal challenge

Takes fight to Legislature, 1/20/00, 1A

North campus: doors closed, 1/1/00, 1B

North campus: owner HMA exploring options, 1B, 5/28/00

North campus: reopened to accommodate flu patients, 1/7/00, 1B

Central Mississippi Regional Library System

$2.5 Million in bonds to finance Brandon library, 2B, 2B; 9/27/00, 8/2/00

New library in Flowood, 2/9/00, 2B, 2B; 4/26/00

Proposed libraries in Pearl and Brandon, 2B, 7/14/00

Site for new libretto in Brandon chosen, 2/12/00, 2B, 2B; 2/19/00, 2B; 4/25/00

Central Mississippi State Fair

In Kosciusko, 3B, 7/31/00

Central Urban Ministry Center

Congregation finds home in Community Stewpot chapel, 1E, 6/3/00


Mississippi executives reveal their favorite books and movies, 1C, 9/24/00

Chambers, David SEE Organ transplants

Chamblee, Henry

Judge honors wife's wish; no autopsy on traffic accident victim, 2B, 7/20/00

Chance, Christopher

Hired as director of Ridgeland parks dept., 2/22/00, 2B

Chandler, Irby Lewis

Case against paranoid schizophrenic dismissed

Threatened to bomb abortion clinic, 1/20/00, 1B

Chandler, Steve

Attala County man restores 1837 log cabin, 1E, 2/17/00

Chappy's Seafood Restaurant

Long Beach

Restaurant review, 2/17/00, 4F


Decentralized child advocacy charities once run by Sue Hathorn

1st year problems, 1A, 4/8/00

Charter Behavioral Health Systems

Company settles federal fraud suit, 1C, 2/29/00

Local facility to close, 1/28/00, 1B, 1B; 2/1/00, 1B; 2/8/00, 1C; 1/29/00

Charter Hospital

Meridian group drops opposition; hospital will reopen, 1B, 10/19/00

Chaze, Elliot

Late Mississippi writer's cult classic reissued

'Black Wings Has My Angel,' 1F, 3/19/00

ChemFirst Inc

From fertilizer past to high tech present, 1C, 5/24/00

Jackson company working to create niche in microchip process, 1C, 4/1/00

Local company poised for 2000 comeback, 1/26/00, 1C, 1C; 2/11/00, 1C; 4/29/00

Strong economy boosts company's earnings, 1C, 7/28/00


Malnourished children from contaminated Ukraine town visit Madison, 2B, 2B; 6/27/00, 5/15/00

Cherokee Inn

Restaurant review, 4F, 8/10/00

Cherry, Bobby SEE Birmingham church bombing, 1963


Asks state to be allowed to upgrade Pascagoula refinery, 1C, 9/23/00

Chickasaw County Sheriff's Department

Dept. has difficulty meeting payroll for deputies, 2/16/00, 3B, 3B; 2/24/00

Chicken (as food)

The basics of chicken, 1E, 5/17/00

Chicken processing plants SEE Poultry industry

Child abuse

Kelly Mahaffey Kelly, mother of 4, sentenced, 5B, 6/13/00

Prosecutions in baby deaths may be rising, 1B, 7/24/00

Rankin County child severely beaten. 2 brothers arrested, 2B, 11/3/00

SEE ALSO Bennett, Devin

Child care centers

All workers to be fingerprinted and checked against child abuse registry, 1B, 11/2/00

City Council denies permit to Dolline Russell

Multifamily residential district, 1/6/00, 4B

Safety issue raised: many centers operating without license, 1B, 9/21/00

Child molestation SEE Sexually abused children

Child pornography

2 men and 3 woman arrested in Jones County, 5B, 8/15/00

Vicksburg man Wendell Moore charged with Internet offenses, 1/26/00, 6B

Child poverty SEE Poverty

Child support

Collections of delinquent taxes thru tax interceptions exceeds $18M, 3B, 8/26/00

Contract of private collection agency MAXIMUS to expire, 1A; 8/17/00, 1A; 8/25/00, 1B, 1B: 9/9/00, 8/16/00

Hinds County clears case backlog, 1B, 10/5/00

State of Mississippi unable to reach deal with MAXIMUS, 1A; 10/18/00, 1B, 9/1/00

Child welfare, Mississippi

Bill in Congress would cut state's welfare funds by $6.9 Million, 1B, 6/28/00


Baptist Health Systems prepares children for newborn siblings, 1E, 11/21/00

Children of Promise

3 church bishops push health and child care initiative, 1B, 2/15/00

Children's Choir of Mississippi

Holding auditions, 2B, 5/21/00

Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIPS)

DHS extends sign-up hours, 1B, 6/2/00

Enrollment effort falls short, 1B, 1B; 9/12/00, 1B; 12/14/00, 6/13/00

Mississippi Hospital Assoc. joins campaign, 1B, 5/31/00

Musgrove to include schools in program, 1A, 7/26/00

Musgrove's goal is to enroll all those eligible, 1A, 5/10/00

Waiting period dropped; goal is to sign up all qualified children, 1B, 10/10/00

Children's Help Insurance Program (CHIPS)

Billboards urge enrollment, 1B, 10/27/00

Children, Mississippi

Seize the moment: a golden opportunity for state's children

Robert Khayat, writer, 1/9/00, 1H

Study by 2 Washington, DC, groups find state's children at high-risk, 6B, 7/25/00

Surviving the death of a child, 1E, 7/11/00

Chili peppers

Some like it HOT, 1E, 8/2/00

Chimneyville Crafts Festival

Ay Mississippi Trade Mart, 10G, 11/26/00


All things American all the rage in China, 1B, 3/3/00

Rep Ronnie Shows defends his opposition to trade bill, 5/31/00, 5B

Chinese Association for International Understanding

Contingent visits Ridgeland, 2B, 5/10/00

Chinese New Year SEE Year of the Dragon

Chinn, Mark

Jackson attorney practices holistic lawyering, 1C, 8/26/00

CHIPS SEE Children's Health Insurance Program

Chisholm, Charles

Q&A with director of Department of Environmental Quality, 2H, 12/17/00

Chisholm, Joey

Former Tupelo police officer pleads guilty to 3 charges, 1B; 2/6/00, 1B; 7/21/00, 1B; 8/6/00, 2/5/00, 5B

Chlorpyrifos SEE Dursban


Book tells the secrets behind the sweet treats, 1D, 6/26/00

Choctaw Indian Fair

In Neshoba County, 7/13/00, 10F

Choctaw Indians SEE Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians

Choctaw Indians SEE Trail of Tears

Choctaw Maid Farms

CEO Tammy Etheridge pleads guilty in pollution case, 1B, 10/14/00

Chop shops

Police break up 2 operations in Madison County, 1/8/00, 2B, 2B; 1/11/00, 2B; 1/15/00

State high court to hear appeal in 1998 conviction, 3/17/00, 3B

Christ Missionary and Industrial College

Donors keep football program alive, 1A, 1A; 8/14/00, 8/10/00

Christ Missionary and Industrial College High School

Welcomed into Mississippi Private School Association, 1A, 4/2/00

Christian Home No.1 Baptist Church

Rural Warren County church gets electricity, 1/23/00, 1B

Christians in Action Inc

City Council's denial of Center's request to relocate may be illegal, 1B, 9/7/00


A Taste of Mississippi, 1E, 12/21/00

Canton, MS celebrates the season, 8F, 11/23/00

Happy Birthday, Jesus party at Crossland home, 1E, 12/23/00

Hospitals plan special activities for holiday newborns, 1D, 12/25/00

Mississippi-made holiday ornaments, 1E, 12/7/00

Perfect gift: helping others, Salvation Army, etc., 1E, 12/1/00

Restaurateurs Travis and Nancy Usry help Kay Snelson feed city employees working on Xmas, 1A; 12/26/00, 1B, 12/24/00

Salvation Army and other charities set toy drives, 2B, 11/20/00

Seasonal employees in demand, 1C, 11/16/00

State celebrities share thoughts and holiday activities, 1F, 12/24/00

Christmas in April

Cellular South employees fix up Erma Tard's house, 1B, 4/30/00

Christmas parade

Jackson parade set for December 2, 1B, 1B; 12/3/00, 11/16/00

Christmas shopping

Retailers hope for rising sales, 1A, 1C; 12/27/00, 12/22/00

Christmas trees

City of Jackson urges residents to recycle trees, 1B, 12/23/00

Church burglaries (Canton) SEE Crime rate, Canton

Church of God in Christ

Music and Youth Rally, 1/21/00, 1E

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

New temple in Baton Rouge, 1E, 7/15/00

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Growing stronger in Mississippi, 1/15/00, 1E

Church of the Highlands

Building plans put on hold; building site is home to slave cemetery, 2B, 12/19/00

Church's Chicken

Company pulls TV ad showing boy smoking a cigarette, 1B, 5/13/00


People look for different things in choosing their places of worship, 1E, 6/3/00

Churches of Christ (Holiness) USA

Jackson & Terry District Choir's leader Osborne Turner, 1E, 5/20/00

Churches, Madison County

Area experiencing an influx of new churches, 1E, 3/4/00

Cigarette smoking SEE Cold Turkey

Cigarette smoking SEE Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi

Cigarette smoking SEE Tobacco


Stogies going mainstream

Rolling demonstration set for Jackson, 6/11/00, 10G

Cindy's Fish House

Restaurant review, 4F, 6/22/00

Circuit judges, Hinds Count

Capital murder cases now rotated among judges, 1B, 10/5/00

Cirque Eloize

At Thalia Mara Hall, 4/5/00, 6B

Citizens National Bank of Meridian

Suit over name against Citizens Bank of Philadelphia, 1C, 9/13/00

Citizens with Disabilities

March in Jackson to bring attention to Alabama court case, 1B, 10/4/00

City contracts, Jackson

Mayor and City Council at odds over waterline and drainage projects, 1B, 6/19/00

City Council

Biloxi Council forms task force to prepare city for future Springbreak crowds, 3B, 4/27/00

Car wash regulations referred to committee, 3/2/00, 5B

Council expected to vote on AOL-Time Warner merger, 5B, 7B; 8/9/00, 8/8/00

Henry Kirksey wants to add 2 more wards following 2001 redistricting, 1B, 9/12/00

Margaret Barrett to serve as chairperson, 1B, 1B; 7/6/00, 7/5/00

Meeting collapses after argument about working sessions, 1A, 2/23/00

Members and other city officials attend retreat near Raymond, 1B, 10/6/00

Members want training on their laptops, 1B, 8/14/00

Mulling at-large seats, 1B, 9/4/00

Panel votes not to pay bill from Atlanta consultant firm, 1B, 12/16/00

Pay hike OK'd for council and mayor, 1A; 7/7/00, 1B, 7/6/00

Renaming process for bridges and streets needs to be streamlined, 1B, 10/11/00

Stephanie Parker-Weaver is removed from meeting, 1B, 5/10/00

Supports resolution to create a commission on reparations

For descendants of slaves, 1B, 8/12/00

To pay $37,000 to settle lawsuit with Sierra Club, 3/23/00, 5B

Traffic cameras, fines, museum on agenda, 1B; 11/15/00, 5B, 11/14/00

Vote on pay raises delayed, 1/19/00, 1A, 1A; 5/8/00, 1A; 6/6/00, 1A; 6/21/00, 4B, 5B; 4/18/00, 5B; 6/12/00, 6/14/00

City Council (Ward 5 election) SEE Elections, 2000

City employees Jackson

City Council OKs 33% boost in insurance premiums, 1A, 12/21/00

City employees, Clinton

3 workers honored as employees of the year, 2B, 9/26/00

City employees, Jackson

City Council considering insurance proposal, 1B;12/14/00, 1B; 12/20/00, 5B, 5B; 12/13/00, 12/12/00

City of Jackson gives nonresident employees notice to comply, 1A, 1A; 2/12/00, 2/2/00, 2B; 11/30/00

Rising health insurance costs could cause hike in insurance premiums, 1A; 11/28/00, 5B, 9/8/00

City Hall

Jackson building to get duct renovation in Fall

Offices to be relocated to Youth Detention Center, 1B, 5/15/00

Rats are a big problem, 1B, 10/8/00


Website chooses Jackson as one of its auction markets, 1C, 11/17/00

Civil Rights Connection

James Meredith speaks to NY high-schoolers at Tougaloo College, 5B, 6/1/00

Civil rights workers

44 Days That Changed Mississippi (special series), 1A+, 5/7/00–6/18/00

AG Moore warns witnesses to 1964 murders to come clean, 1A, 8/8/00

Investigation of 1964 deaths of Schwerner, Goodman and Chaney reopened, 1A, 1A; 9/10/00, 2/8/00, 15A

Civil War

Center in Corinth seeking federal funding, 3B, 4/5/00

Group seeks help in preserving Hinds County sites of Grant's campaign, 2B, 2B; 7/15/00, 7/8/00

Meridian native and naval hero Charles W Read honored, 1E, 7/13/00

Monument to University Greys dedicated at Gettysburg, 1A, 1E; 5/28/00, 5/25/00

Reenactment of battles of Raymond and Champion Hill, 2B, 8/28/00

Reenactment of the siege of Vicksburg, 1B, 5/29/00

Civil War Mississippi: A Guide

Book review, 4/23/00, 7G

Claiborne County Sheriff's Department

Second Chance at Life Program targets repeat offenders, 1B, 12/14/00

Claiborne, Craig

Influential culinary write, state native, dies at age 79, 1/24/00, 1E, 3B; 2/2/00

Claims (fines)

No claim too small for city of Jackson to pursue, 1B, 11/30/00

Clarion Hotel

Hotel makeover draws praise. Former Ramada Inn Coliseum, 1C, 12/15/00


Diana Kennedy named circulation editor, 1C, 12/14/00

Newspaper expands news, sports coverage, adds pages, 1/17/00, 1A

Shawn McIntosh is named executive editor, 1A, 8/4/00

Clarion-Ledger All-Star Seniors

Metro class of 2000's best, 1A, 2B; 5/9/00, 4/16/00

Clarion-Ledger Literary Luncheon, 3/5/00, 11G

Clark, Eric

Q&A with Secretary of State, 2H, 7/16/00

Clark, Howard

Legendary physician in Morton, 1A, 11/24/00

Clark, Jennifer SEE Jordan, Michael

Clarksdale, Mississippi

1 year after visit by President Clinton, 1A, 7/9/00

Clay County Jail

Conditions for 15-year old robbery suspect called 'unacceptable,' 2/26/00, 3B

Cleary Water, Sewer and Fire District

Rural district in Rankin County wants oversight on septic systems, growth, 2B, 12/26/00

Cleft lip

Tatum Crews of Hattiesburg faces several surgeries, 1B, 11/26/00

Cleveland, Rick

Clarion-Ledger sports columnist is roasted, 1B, 3/5/00

Sports writer publishes book 'It's More Than a Game,' 1/26/00, 1B, 1D

Climbing (sport)

A hit in local gyms, 1/9/00, 18G


Website will post school closing due to bad weather, other emergencies, 2B, 12/25/00

Clinton budget, 2001

City in good financial shape: tax cut and employee raises, 2B, 2B; 9/22/00, 9/19/00

Clinton Community Christian Corp

Seeking tutors and volunteers, 2B, 2B; 9/13/00, 4/17/00

Clinton Community Nature Center

Garden expert Nellie Neal to run Center, 2B, 10/3/00

Summer camp for children, 2B, 5/16/00

Week of events include Price Hall dedication, 2B, 2B; 7/10/00, 2B; 7/14/00, 6/19/00

Clinton Fire Department

Chief Bryan Presson to retire, 2B, 12/4/00

Model house used to show dangers of smoke, 1E, 12/8/00

New $650,000 aerial truck, 2/10/00, 2B

Paramedics save 2 persons in cardiac arrest, 2B, 6/3/00

Retiring firefighter Nickey Lindsey, 1A, 3/16/00

Clinton High School

Singing group Attache's Spring Revue, 2B, 4/30/00

Clinton Junior Auxiliary

Backpack Pals gives school supplies to needy children, 2B, 2B; 8/4/00, 6/30/00

Getting ready for ball, 2B, 8/17/00

Clinton Junior Civic League

To host gala in February to benefit city projects, 2B, 12/26/00

Clinton Junior High School

7 students won't face charges in Xanax pill incident, 2B, 10/15/00

Huskey and Goins named assistant principals, 2B, 6/20/00

New principal to be named in May, 2B, 4/24/00

Clinton Park Elementary School

$1500 donation to police, 1/22/00, 2B

New principal to be named in May, 2B, 4/24/00

Teacher Mary Beth Hanbery wins top award, 2B, 12/18/00

Clinton Parkway Project

Mayor Rosemary Aultman calls construction a milestone event, 1/28/00, 2B

Work is on schedule, 2B, 4/29/00

Clinton Police Department

New city ordinance gives jail time for eluding, disobeying police, 2/10/00, 2B

Clinton Post Office

City eyeing former Wal-Mart site for new post office, 2B, 8/17/00

Clinton Public Library SEE Jackson/Hinds Library System

Clinton Public Schools

5-year strategic plan, 2/12/00, 2B, 2B; 7/16/00, 2B; 7/24/00

Administrative changes at 3 schools, 2B, 5/25/00

Grading system revamped, 2B, 8/6/00

Liaison officers part of Community-Oriented Policing Services Programs, 1/31/00, 2B

No increase in taxes seen by district, 2B, 6/11/00

Prayer Walk for a successful school year, 2B, 2B; 8/10/00, 2B; 8/15/00, 8/7/00

Preliminary safety audit praises district, 2B, 10/2/00

Proposed $28 Million budget, 2B, 2B; 9/30/00, 6/5/00

PTA gearing up for fundraising activities, 2B, 8/29/00

Clinton Public Schools SEE ALSO Attache

Clinton, Mississippi

City OKs funds to demolish old dilapidated house, 2B, 2B; 8/8/00, 8/3/00

City's growth in 1990s 'tremendous,' 2B, 2B; 3/10/00, 3/4/00

Officials updated on sewer and I-20 interchange projects, 2B, 10/18/00

Clowers, Earl SEE Craft, Johnnie

Club Paradise

23 arrested in JPD raid on Jackson club, 1B; 7/1/00, 5B, 6/27/00, 6B; 6/30/00

Twice-raided club is shut down, 1B, 7/28/00

Coahoma County Jail

5 of 6 escapees recaptured, 3B, 6/24/00

Coast Transit Authority

Gulfport bus company facing federal funding cut, 1A, 12/11/00


Films a commercial in Edwards, 2B, 7/26/00


Crack cocaine found in Jackson house; 5 arrested, 5B, 10/4/00

Routine traffic stop in Canton: 2 Tennessee men arrested, 2B, 4/4/00

Texas couple Thomas Doskocil and Liza Marie DeAnda sentenced in Jackson, 3B, 4/1/00

Cochran, Thad

Financial disclosure finds Cochran wealthier than Trent Lott, 5B, 6/15/00

Cock 0f the Walk

Owner violated civil rights: only hired male servers, 1C, 3/17/00

Coe, Adrian

Georgia youth accidentally left behind in Olive Branch

Family moving to California, 3B, 8/31/00

Coggins Disease SEE Equine Infection Disease

Cold (illness). SEE ALSO Pleconaril

Summer colds, 1D, 9/18/00

Cold Turkey

5 young smokers, 1 apartment, no cigarettes, 1B, 1B; 7/31/00, 1B; 8/1/00, 1B; 8/2/00, 5B, 5B' 9/8/00, 7/24/00

Sequel to be aired on 'Question It' Website, 1B, 8/21/00

Week-long Internet show hard on potential quitters, 1B, 1B; 8/4/00, 1B; 8/5/00, 1B; 8/6/00, 8/3/00

Cold Turkey SEE Tobacco

Cole, David

Musgrove's chief-of-staff will return to Itawamba CC in 2001, 1B, 2/11/00

Cole, Janie

Woman convicted of shoplifting to wear shame sign in store she robbed

Judge DeLaughter's order, 2B, 5/8/00

College Access Planning Program (CAPP). SEE Jackson/Hinds Library System

College Board

Board will meet one day per month instead of two, 1A, 6/4/00

Musgrove to fill vacancies so Board can legally meet, 1A; 6/2/00, 1B, 5/10/00, 6B; 5/18/00

Nominees expected to be confirmed, 1B, 12/25/00

Poster and essay contest: 'What I Can Be,' 5/30/00, 5B

College Fair

At Trade Mart in Jackson, 6B, 8/12/00

Colleges and universities

Are dorm fire codes adequate?, 1/30/00, 1A

Bill would waive out-of-state tuition for students living within 50 miles of schools, 1B, 12/12/00

Board mulls state tuition hike, 1A, 4/21/00

Budget crunch: pay raises and equipment purchases eliminated, 1B; 6/14/00, 5/14/00, 6B

Campus visits key to recruiting efforts, 2B, 12/31/00

Casino classes: schools want to offer the classes, 1B, 8/21/00l

College Board wary of funding cuts, 1A; 10/20/00, 1B, 9/22/00

Delta State and MVSU to strengthen relations, 1/22/00, 1B

Despite cuts schools required to do more

Shortfalls could worsen, say lawmakers, 1B, 8/11/00

DUI arrests up on campuses, 1B, 4/19/00

Ed Board to ponder tuition hikes, 1B, 11/15/00

Essays integral part of admissions process, 1B, 4/3/00

Few whites enrolled in historically-black schools, 1A, 4/16/00

Governor Musgrove excludes some university presidents from budget meeting, 1A, 10/20/00

Low salary driving faculty away, 1A, 10/8/00

Millsaps, MUW, Belhaven well ranked in "US News & World Report" findings, 1B, 9/10/00

Mississippi 47th in higher education funding, 1B, 12/21/00

Mississippi's black colleges have received no threatening letters, 1/9/00, 1B, 3B; 1/11/00

Money is key to improve graduation rates to help drive state economy, 1B, 3/26/00

MPACT prepaid tuition plan will include funds for graduate work, too, 3H (Bill Minor), 4/23/00

Musgrove, Lott, Wicker are graduation speakers, 1B; 5/3/00, 2B, 4/24/00

Out-of-state tuition hike likely, 1A, 1B; 2/16/00, 1B; 2/17/00, 2/14/00

Record number of people taking classes this Fall, 1B, 9/2/00

Room and board fees hike seen for Fall 2000, 1B, 4/20/00

Salary hikes to be sought for faculty, 1A, 7/21/00

State schools fare poorly in regional report on education, 5B, 12/9/00

Student financial aid funds at risk, 1/9/00, 1A; 9/26/00, 1A; 9/28/00, 1B, 1B; 8/21/00

Tuition hike multi-year plan, 1A; 8/16/00, 1B; 9/21/00, 5B, 7/25/00

Tuition is raised $100 per year, 1A, 5/19/00

Collier, Rev J. Clint

Activist minister to be honored at weekend gathering, 1E, 8/26/00

Colonial Heights Baptist Church

Buys 46 acres of land in Ridgeland, 2B, 6/2/00

Colton, Johnny James

Trial of serial rapist; attacks occurred 1996, 1B, 1B; 5/24/00, 1B; 5/25/00, 1B; 5/26/00, 5/23/00

Columbus and Greenville Railroad

Upgrade of segment near Indianola, 1C, 10/19/00

Columbus Public Schools

System looks at staff cuts to trim budget, 3B, 4/12/00

Columbus, Mississippi

Downtown featured in photos in French version of 'Marie Claire' magazine, 1/17/00, 1B

Comcast Cable

4 Meridian-area residents indicted in $2 Million conspiracy scheme, 1C, 6/24/00

Comfort, Donald

Pearl druggist facing embezzlement charges, 2B, 11/30/00

Commercial district SEE Brandon, Mississippi

Communications system (Hinds County) SEE Radio system

Communications towers

Hinds County supervisors see towers as possible moneymakers, 2B, 5/24/00

Community centers, Jackson

Some centers in city to get upgraded, 1/9/00, 1B; 4/20/00, 5B

Community colleges

Budgets cut $6.5 Million, 1A, 1B; 9/27/00, 4/30/00

Record enrollments expected this Fall, 1B, 9/18/00

Community Development Block Grant

City of Oxford sues developer who misused funds, 1B; 9/13/00, 3B, 7/22/001A; 8/10/00

Community Organization for Health Awareness

Health message preached in churches, 1B, 3/30/00

Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS)

Some communities may face penalties if funding dies, 1A, 10/23/00

Community Prayer Breakfast


Judge Mary Libby Payne is speaker, 2B, 6/24/00

Community Stewpot

Attorney General donates computers, 1A, 3/15/00

Christmas in July food drive, 1B, 7/18/00

To Luther Ott 'bums' are all God's creatures, 3H (Bill Minor), 5/28/00

Compassionate Friends

Jackson chapter celebrates its 20th anniversary, 1B, 3/24/00

Comprehensive rehabilitation centers

Are the 5 centers adequate for state?, 1B, 4/2/00

Board OKs new regulations for centers in the state, 1B, 7/13/00

Computer and Technology Showcase

At Trade Mart, 1C, 8/31/00

Computer games

Gamesters, once considered nerds, now composed of mainstreamers, 1/7/00, 1E

Computer mapping SEE Geographical Information System

Computer viruses

'Love bug' bites the Internet, 1A; 5/6/00, 1C, 5/5/00

Local computer service companies unaffected by 'NewLove,' 1A, 5/20/00


Experts say college freshman don't need state-of-the-art machines, 1C, 8/13/00

Laptops going to college: required for some students, 1/24/00, 1B

Study shows PC ownership low in Mississippi, 1C, 9/12/00

Computers Inc

Women-owned Delta business expands to Jackson, 8C, 9/25/00

Concert Under the Stars

Gospel concert in New Hebron, 1E, 7/29/00

Concerts SEE Rap concerts


Expensive condo developments on Coast, 3/21/00, 3B

Confederate battle flag

Ban at Ole Miss football games: US Supreme Ct asked to review, 6B, 10/14/00

Biloxi mayor A.J. Holloway removes flag from municipal pole on US 90, 1A, 3/18/00, 3B; 3/26/00

Confederate Veterans' proposed donation of flags to Memorial in Brandon turned down, 2B, 9/21/00

Dispute over flag flying on beach at Gulfport, 3/5/00, 3B, 3B; 3/14/00

Emotions run deep in dispute in several southern states, 1H, 2/20/00

Gulf Coast beach: boycott proposed, 3/16/00, 3B, 3B; 3/20/00, 3B; 5/24/00

Huge flag unfurled along US 49 in McHenry, 3B, 8/21/00

Ole Miss flag ban upheld by court, 1B, 8/19/00

Petition drive for flag continues in Biloxi, 3B, 8/9/00

Picture with flag removed from Water Valley High School annual, 1B, 8/12/00

To be removed from Gulfport beach, 3B, 5/23/00

Winters says referendum on flag issue would divide state, 3B, 8/31/00

Conference on Abusive Drinking at Colleges and Universities

At Ole Miss, 2/17/00, 3B

Congress Street

Downtown Jackson street getting facelift, 1B, 1C; 5/19/00, 3/28/00

Conley, Glen

State high court weighs capital murder charge

1994 drowning of his daughter, 1B, 10/4/00

Connections Plus

Damage from fire at Ridgeland firm put at $2 Million, 4/4/00, 7B

Connell, Stella

Moving back from the Big Apple: literary agent relocates to Oxford, 1E, 8/31/00

Conquering the Wrath of Rage

Actor Willie Aames brings Bibleman to Ridgecrest Baptist Church, 1E, 10.21/00

Conrad Yelvington Distributors

Long Beach plant illegally filled in wetlands, 3/24/00, 3B

Conrad, Pearlean

Mother of man who died in Sunflower County Jail files lawsuit, 1/20/00, 3B

Conservation and Reinstatement Act (CARA)

Federal law would give Mississippi $80 Million for environment, 1B, 5/11/00

Conservation and Reinvestment Act

Federal law needs Lott's clout to pass, 1B, 9/20/00

Construction industry. SEE ALSO Home Builders Association of Mississippi

State lacks uniform residential, commercial and construction codes, 1/7/00, 1C

Construction permits

Jackson City Council to review ordinance, 1B, 8/16/00

Content Mastery Examiners for Educators

Study guide mailed to students instead of test, 1B, 1B; 7/2/00, 6/10/00

Continuing Education Learning Center

Fighting illiteracy since 1987, 1B, 3/27/00

Control Systems Inc

Jackson firm makes computerized systems for water treatment plants, 1C, 6/14/00

Convention center SEE Downtown Convention Center Advisory Committee

Cook, Johnny SEE Geometry

Cook, Kenneth

Jury awards Rankin County man $5 Million in suit against MP&L, 1A, 10/7/00


Cookbooks for Christmas presents, 1E, 12/6/00

Cookery, Mexico

Look into traditional Mexican fare, 1E, 5/3/00

Cooley, Glenn

Clinton man jailed since July 1999 finally indicted by grand jury, 6/8/00, 6B

Coonewah Creek Chalks Bluff Preserve

Lee County, 3B, 7/5/00

Cooper's Well

Historic community well near Raymond, 2B, 7/19/00

Raymond spa's 'magic' waters not forgotten, 1/28/00, 2B

Cooper, Augustus

Jackson man, age 74, held on gun charges, 2B, 6/13/00

Cooper, Billy

Suspect in double murder in Jasper County apprehended in Texas, 3B, 6/2/00


Couple files suit against neighboring chemical dependency center, 2/23/00, 2B

Copiah County Sheriff's Department

4 deputies lost in budget cuts, 1B, 1B; 9/30/00, 3B; 10/19/00, 9/18/00

County can't afford to keep grant-funded deputies on force, 1B, 12/23/00

Cora, Cathy

Jackson native is sous chef trained in France

Working in California, 1E, 5/10/00

Corinth National Cemetery

Volunteers honor veterans, 3B, 5/29/00

Corky's Ribs & BBQ


Restaurant review, 2/3/00, 4F

Memphis mainstay opens eatery in Flowood, 1C, 10/31/00


Battle between fish farmers and the fast-multiplying birds, 1/31/00, 1B

Corn crop

Corn crop looks good this year, 1C, 8/15/00

Cornerstone SEE Jackson Public Schools

Corporal punishment, Mississippi

National study finds highest rate in Mississippi schools, 1/23/00, 1A


Shimmer is the thing today, 1F, 8/27/00


Cotton crop looks good this year, 1C, 1C; 10/21/00, 1C; 12/16/00, 8/15/00

Destructive insects called thrips threaten crop, 3B, 5/27/00

Dry weather hard on this year's crop, 1C, 10/14/00

Rules on crop insurance collections tightened, 1C, 9/10/00

Cotton, Clencie

Holly Springs lawyer is disbarred, 3B, 7/29/00

Couch, Kevin

Former Fordice staffer arrested on indecency charges in Arkansas, 1/27/00, 5B

Counselors SEE School counselors

Counterfeit checks

2 women arrested in Vicksburg on forged check charges at casinos, 2B, 9/2/00

Counterfeit money

Businesses and police on lookout for fake $20 and $50s, 1/1/00, 1B

Jackson counterfeiting rings exposed; 4 men arrested, 1B, 5/17/00

Ridgeland Police Dept. offers free classes for area merchants, 2B, 11/24/00

Country and Gospel Singing Jubilee

In Gore Springs, 3B, 5/13/00

Country Fair

18th annual event in Raymond, 2B, 5/5/00

Country Originals Inc

Jackson-based company doubling distribution center, 1C, 4/11/00

County Line Road

Ridgeland and Jackson wrangle over widening of road, 2B, 10/23/00


Couples must deal with whose career comes first, 1E, 10/24/00

Courier services

Metro Jackson services offer over night, same day or hot drop deliveries, 1C, 4/19/00

Court Counseling Service

Firm monitoring sentences in Rankin and Hinds County courts, 2B, 7/18/00

New Clinton business monitors bail, probation compliance, 1A, 5/29/00

Court Watch Inc

Madison County group urges house arrest for nonviolent criminals, 2B, 3/29/00

Private probation program for misdemeanor offenders, 3B, 9/6/00


City of Jackson scores high in test for manners, hospitality, 1A, 5/26/00

Courthouse Northeast

Body pump workout, 2/27/00, 18G

Courts, Mississippi

New high-tech tools: pointmaker, video cameras, color image printer, 1A, 1B; 2/21/00, 2/13/00

Covenant Bank

New bank in Clarksdale area, 1C, 6/1/00

Covenant Christian High School. SEE Parkway Baptist Church


Sale of its land won't close school, parents told, 2B, 3/16/00

Clinton school thrives in new home, 2B, 11/15/00

Cowboy Billy's Country Store

Lebanon community

Keeping life in the family store, 9/5/00, 12C

CPR in the Schools Program

9 Jackson area students among youngest trainers in nation, 2/20/00, 2B

Crabs (seafood)

Crabmeat recipes, 1E, 6/14/00, 6E

Craft, Johnnie

Killed in head-on collision on Northside Dr

Earl Clowers other driver, 1B, 2/21/00, 7B; 6/22/00

Craftsmen's Guild of Mississippi

Buys land for crafts center on Natchez Trace, 2B, 11/25/00

Members help in furnishing the new Museum of Natural Science, 1/12/00, 1E

Crain, Lou Ann

Hinds County Detention Center inmate

Her son's murder unsolved, 1A, 9/20/00

Crawford, Reatha Mae

Elderly woman's guardian is Dorothy Herrington

Wants to find Crawford's relatives, 2B, 6/29/00

Crawley, Jeffrey

Warren County repeat offender given 18-year sentence, 2B, 8/19/00

Cream pies

Nothing beats the silky taste and texture, 1E, 9/13/00

Crechale's Cafe

Restaurant review, 4F, 10/19/00

Credit card fraud

Memphis couple arrested: buying laptops with fake credit cards, 1B, 3/10/00

Tupelo battling menace, 4B, 7/24/00

Credit cards

Court decision makes it hard for companies to collect debt

On pre-approved cards, 1C, 5/27/00

With good money management, consumers can be debt-free, 1/18/00, 1D


Alternative rock band draws 10,000 fans to Coliseum, 1B, 11/20/00

Creel, Jamie

Freshman legislator from Biloxi fled scene of an accident

Possible DUI charge, 1A; 4/29/00, 1B, 4/28/00

Crime Commission SEE Metropolitan Crime Commission

Crime Lab

Backlog down, but still a problem, 1A, 7/10/00

New director is Ken Winter, 1A, 4/11/00, 5B; 4/12/00

Owed $300,000; pay up or lose services, debtors told, 1A, 8/13/00

Trying to fill 30 job vacancies, 1/3/00, 1A

Crime rate, Canton (2000)

Church burglaries a problem, 2B, 2B; 7/7/00, 7/6/00

Crime rate, Columbus (1998)

CBS show '48 Hours' focuses on the five 1998 unsolved murders, 1B, 6/26/00

Unsolved slayings of 3 haunt city, 1B, 4/16/00

Crime rate, Gulfport (2000)

Vacationers find body floating in Mississippi Sound, 3B, 8/10/00

Crime rate, Jackson (1999)

City's crime rate down 3% in last half of 1999, 1A, 3/4/00

Crime rate statistics for 1998-99, 4/2/00, 11A

Crime rate, Jackson (2000)

1 killed, 1 injured at A-One Food Market on West Capitol St, 3/10/00, 4B, 4B; 4/1/00

2 killed in back-to-back shootings, 5/10/00, 5B

2 killed, 1 injured in shooting on Arbor Vista St, 8B, 11/6/00

3 charged with murder in Saturday gun battle; Audrey Willis slain, 5B, 5B; 7/12/00, 7/9/00

3 shooting deaths end 47 days without homicide, 3/11/00, 5B

3 southwest Jackson businesses robbed, 4/2/00, 5B, 5B; 4/6/00

3 wounded in shoot-out at Catalina Apartments, 1/30/00, 5B

Bail denied Cleveland Collins in slaying of Joe Cage, 2B, 4/8/00

City and Entergy Corp's Light Up Jackson campaign

Brighter street lights, 1B, 9/13/00

City ordinance ups fines for crimes against senior citizens, 5/24/00, 5B

COMSTAT meetings at JPD: crime fighting strategy, 1A, 3/12/00

Homicide number 15: Steven Jones, 29, 5/29/00, 5B, 5B; 5/31/00

Homicide number 25: Eddie Joe Woods, 3B, 5B; 8/26/00, 8/23/00

Homicide number 25: Woods

Frank Melton arranges surrender of Glentex Brown, 1B, 8/31/00

Homicide number 26: clerk Mozell Harris, 7B, 8/25/00

Homicides down in Jackson; up in most major cities, 1A, 6/23/00

JPD chief sites COMSTAT meetings in falling crime rate, 2/5/00, 9A

JPD detective wounded; 3 suspects arrested in extortion plot, 1A, 1A; 7/22/00, 7/21/00

JPD investigate attempted robbery, 2 armed robberies, 5B, 10/5/00

JPD officer wounded...extortion plot

Blood donated for wounded officer, 6B, 7/26/00

Man accosted on Lynch St, told to take off his clothes

He didn't and was shot, 1/30/00, 5B

Precinct 4's visibility in Belhaven area, 1A, 4/2/00, 11A

Rate drops 9%, first half of 2000, 1A, 8/12/00

Ricky Thurman charged in beating death of his father Larry Harville, 1B, 5/26/00

Slaying of Bobby Harris may be retaliation, JPD says, 1B; 3/22/00, 3/12/00, 5B; 6/6/00, 7B

Sylvia Ann Thomas: Jefferson sentenced to Whitfield, never went, 1/7/00, 1A

Sylvia Thomas slain; G Jefferson suspected, 1/3/00, 1B, 1B; 1/5/00, 1B; 1/6/00, 1B; 1/26/00

Crime rate, Jackson County (2000)

Drastic rise in homicide statistics, 1B, 9/18/00

Crime rate, Kosciusko (2000)

Shootings leave 1 person dead, 1 injured, 3 in jail, 5B, 6/23/00, 7B; 6/28/00

Crime rate, Laurel (2000)

Car used by 2 slain teenage girls found burned, 2/29/00, 3B; 3/1/00, 4B, 5B; 3/3/00

Killing of 2 teenage girls: similarities to Alabama case, 1B, 1B; 3/17/00, 3/7/00

Suspect held in double homicide: his estranged wife, another man killed, 3/2/00, 3B

Crime rate, Madison County (2000)

Crime sweep with numerous arrests, sheriff announces, 2B, 3B; 7/6/00, 7/4/00

Sheriff's deputy tells senior citizens to always be alert, 2B, 7/5/00

Crime rate, Mississippi (2000)

Casinos among crime victims, 1A, 10/9/00

Safety tips for holidays, 1B, 11/19/00

Sentencing guidelines: prison time by formula, 1/30/00, 1A

Crime rate, Rankin County (2000)

Grant to be used to target youth crime, 2B, 12/7/00

Crime rate, Ridgeland (2000)

Chief Charles Newell says drop in crime should not bring complacency, 2B, 5/6/00

Property crimes keeping police busy, 2B, 10/30/00

Crime rate, Terry (2000)

2 wounded in exchange of gunfire, 2B, 8/22/00

Small Hinds County town struggles with crime problem, 2B, 5/31/00

Crime rate, Tupelo (2000)

5 held in theft of checks and forgeries, 3B, 8/30/00

Crime rate, US (2000)

States go online with criminal information, 1A, 12/28/00

Crimes Against Children Task Force

Advocacy Center donates funds to pay 2 investigators, 2B, 12/19/00

Crisis center SEE Mentally ill, Hinds County

Cronin, Pat

Q&A with director of Law Enforcement Officers' Training Academy, 2H, 12/10/00

Cronus Research

Jackson-based business infiltrates companies' computer systems to detect weaknesses to hackers, 10C, 11/24/00

Crooked Feather

Ocean Springs statue's fate in question, 3/10/00, 3B

Crop dusters

Wild West days of crop-dusting hold fond memories, 1E, 8/24/00

CrossCreek Tire and Auto Service

New store in Madison, 1C, 7/6/00

Crossgates Methodist Children's Center

Shirley Luper, the 'Creeper Teacher,' 1/30/00, 2B

Crossroads Film Festival

At United Artists Parkway Place, 4/6/00, 10F

Crossroads of Life Church

Health Fair at Byram church, 2B, 7/7/00

Crossroads of the Heart

Traveling art exhibition, 1/22/00, 3B

Cruelty to animals

Tupelo airport workers cleared in death of dog on runway, 3B, 5/22/00

Crumpton, Keith

Former Boy Scout leader arrested on child molestation charges, 1B; 12/9/00, 2B, 12/8/00

Cryogenic Research Systems

Biloxi firms says it's developed revolutionary process" nitrogen for air-conditioning, 1C, 12/6/00

Crystal Springs Middle School

Fire damages classroom, 5/3/00, 5B


$4.4 Million testing contract OK'd, 1A, 6/17/00

Standardized tests to be given to all students in grades 3-8, 1B, 1B; 6/26/00, 1B; 9/10/00, 5/1/00

State wide results, 6A–7A, 8/1/00

Students' test results to be delayed, 1B, 1B; 6/29/00, 1B; 7/16/00, 6/16/00

Test scores reveal deficiencies in math, 1A, 8/1/00

Testing firm did not provide enough test booklets, 1B, 5/19/00

Testing system may be delayed, 1B, 11/2/00


Students taking standardized test may be allowed to use calculators, 1/16/00, 1B

Culley Old Christian Union Cemetery

Madison County graveyard restored and rededicated, 2B, 11/10/00

Culley, Willie

Plea change may lessen sentence for alleged Jackson drug kingpin, 1/20/00, 1B

Culp, Elliot

Accused killer's lawyer says blood was taken from him illegally, 1A, 5/25/00

AG Mike Moore wants his bond revoked, 1A, 1A; 6/7/00, 1B; 6/9/00, 1B; 6/17/00, 6/3/00

Alleged killer back in jail in Holmes County, 1A, 7/6/00

Bond stands for Culp: murder suspect remains free, 1A, 6/16/00

Coalition for Justice criticizes AG and media for case coverage, 6/23/00, 7B

Gag order issued in slaying case, 1B, 5/27/00

Grand jury indicts Culp and Lowe in death of Texas teenager

Rape of girlfriend, 1A, 1A; 3/22/00, 3/21/00

He and another held in beatings of 2 Texas runaways, 1B, 1B; 3/2/00, 1B; 3/4/00, 3/1/00, 3B; 3/3/00

His lawyer Chokwe Lumumba files 36 motions, 1B, 9/16/00

His lawyer says trial will not be moved, 3B, 5/24/00

Inflammatory road signs target Culp, 1B, 5/23/00

Prosecution and defense accuse each other of wrongdoing, 1A, 9/21/00

Slaying suspect out on $350,000 bond, 1A, 1B; 5/20/00, 4/15/00

Slaying suspect's bail plea is rejected, 1A, 3/28/00

Suspect pleads innocent in killing of Texas runaway, 1B, 4/20/00

Cumbaa Enterprises

Florida firm contracted to haul away 'white goods' in Hinds County

Not doing the job, 1B, 6/12/00

Cupit, Michael

Brookhaven attorney told to relinquish claims to Mary Lou Reed's estate, 1B, 3/29/00

Curfews, Flora

80 sign petition for strict curfew on Halloween Night, 2B, 3/24/00

Curfews, Jackson

City Council to consider daytime curfew, 1A; 4/12/00, 1B, 4/6/00, 5B; 5/16/00, 6B; 5/18/00, 6B; 5/24/00

Parents face fines if daytime curfew violated

Students must be in school, 1A, 10/3/00

Curfews, Natchez

Daytime curfew did little to lessen truancy, officials say, 5B, 6/1/00

Curfews, Ridgeland

Police chief supports measure, 2B, 9/10/00

Curtis, Jobe N

Madison man pleads guilty in drug case, 2B, 9/29/00

Cutrer Mansion

Historic Clarksdale home saved from wrecker's ball, 1B, 7/10/00


Delta native Dr.James Rosser a global pioneer, 1A, 7/16/00, 15A

Cystic fibrosis

Coping and living with incurable disease

Tyler Blount of Clinton, 1D, 4/10/00


Dabney, Moses

His conviction, life sentence upheld in death of Eddie O'Neal Wilson, 6B, 7/19/00

Dale McGee castle

Raymond home adorned with 100,000 Christmas lights, 2B, 12/13/00

Dale, George

Q&A with Insurance Commissioner, 2H, 7/30/00

Dale, George SEE Frankel, Martin

Dale, Sebe

Chancery Judge in Columbus wins Distinguished Jurist Award, 3/14/00, 3B

Dallas, David

Former caretaker honors Sen. John Stennis with one-man show

A Gentleman from Mississippi, 1E, 9/7/00


Inspections drowning state; lack of funding compromising safety, MDOT says, 1A, 6/26/00

DanceFest 2000

At Belhaven College in Jackson, 6/8/00, 9F

Davidson's Corner Market


Restaurant review, 4F, 8/17/00

Davis Planetarium

Africa: The Serengeti

Large-format cinema presentation, 8/31/00, 8F

Mississippi Science Network's space camera will be sold, 1E, 6/22/00

New $350,000 film projector, 1B, 6/9/00

Volunteers upset with new city policy, 1B, 2/9/00

Davis Road

Dangerous curve in south Hinds County road resurfaced, 2B, 11/4/00

Davis, Frank

Claiborne County sheriff to head state organization, 1B, 6/10/00

Davis, Obreisha

Newton County teenager has successful cornea transplant operation, 6B, 7/5/00

Davis, Shane

Court upholds his 1998 conviction for fondling his stepson, 3B, 5/18/00

Day care

2 centers in Jackson give parents a chance to watch children on Internet, 1E, 3/28/00


Daytime homeless shelter holds service to remember those who have died on the street, 1B, 12/22/00

Daybreak Homeless Shelter

Job counseling, other services available, 1B, 9/5/00


Fish-consumption advisories for Delta waterways

Lingering DDT contamination, 1A, 8/2/00

De La Luz, Abel

Texas roofing contractor arrested in Pearl: illegal alien workers, 3/18/00, 5B

Deaf. SEE Fairview Reading Program

Dear sisters

9 siblings turn holidays into family occasions, 1E, 2/15/00


Many are unprepared for life's last chapter, 1D, 9/4/00

Death penalty. SEE ALSO Office of Capital Post-Conviction Counsel

Future executions at Parchman 'inevitable,' superintendent says, 1A, 5/30/00

Mississippi now uses lethal injection method, 1H, 12/10/00

Oxford attorney heads office that will pursue death penalty appeals

Jack Williams, 5B, 8/10/00


Mississippi lost high-profile citizens in 2000, 5B, 12/30/00

Deaton Bee Farm

In Walls, 3B, 7/31/00

Decatur Police Department

Pioneering chief Lisa Creel resigns, 3B, 7/10/00


4 Vicksburg men sentenced to federal prison for killing and transporting deer; selling venison, 3B, 10/12/00

Deer season

Opening of gun season for deer means profits for local hunting supply stores, 1A, 11/17/00

Dees, Donald

Sentencing delayed in Internet sex charges case against Pascagoula man, 3/31/00, 3B

Deja Vu

Restaurant review, 4F, 5/11/00

DeLaughter, Bobby

Judge becomes witness against defendant Kenneth Thomas

Makes point about perjury, 1B, 8/5/00

New Hinds County judge enjoys his new job, 2B, 4/3/00

Dell Computer Corp

Possible building of manufacturing plant in Jackson, 1C, 6/10/00

Deloach, Marc

SEE Christine Schultz

Delphi Automotive Systems

Clinton company's partnership with JSU, 1C, 5/5/00

Delta (region)

Easing embargo against Cuba could aid Delta's economy, 1A, 1C; 6/1/00, 5/25/00

Musgrove says Delta deserves help, 3B, 5/31/00

Poverty in area linked to federal water policies, 1A, 3/28/00

Delta Academy

Program for African American girls at Hardy Middle School, 1/23/00, 1B

Delta and Pine Land Co

CEO Roger Malkin resigns, 1C, 10/5/000

Ex-CEO Roger Malkin dies, 10C, 11/24/00

Monsanto merger failure: D&PL files suit, 1/19/00, 1C, 1C; 7/22/00

USDA to study production of 'killer seeds,' 1C, 3/30/00

Delta Blues Foundation Fund

Award earmarked for music preservation, 1E, 3/16/00

Delta Blues Museum

Bringing blues to the schools, 1E, 4/20/00

Delta Democrat Times

New editor is Donald Adderton, 2B, 4/11/00

Delta Foundation

Greenville nonprofit will not return $1.23 Million in federal funds, 1B, 4/24/00

Told to repay $1.43Million in HUD grants

Money improperly spent, 1B, 3/24/00

Delta Missions Ministries

Teenage volunteers from church in Connecticut, 1A, 3/18/00

Delta Pine and Land Co

Biggest stock gain in nearly a year, 1C, 1C; 3/23/00, 3/7/00

Delta Regional Authority

Clinton administration and state leaders support agency, 1B; 4/11/00, 1B; 10/12/00, 3B, 4/10/00

Cochran is suspicious of President Clinton's plan, 1B, 3/15/00

Delta Research and Extension Center


MSU site shut down over unauthorized wetlands destruction, 1B, 7/27/00

Delta State University

Center for Community Development gets YES youth grant, 1B, 8/21/00

President David Potter announces initiatives, 1B, 4/1/00

Delta Visions, Delta Voices

Clinton administration's plan unveiled, 1A, 1A; 5/12/00, 1B; 5/11/00, 3B, 5/10/00

Delta-Democrat Times

Sale expected soon, 1C, 12/14/00

Demaree, Troye

Jackson woman compiles cookbook 'Kitchen Table Bridge,' 1E, 7/26/00

Democratic Convention SEE Presidential election, 2000

Denham, Ennis

Late highway patrolman from Laurel honored as Trooper of the Year, 1B, 5/16/00

Dennis, Jack SEE Rankin County Supervisors

Department of Archives and History

Agency given Pemberton's handwritten account of Vicksburg Campaign, 1E, 7/21/00

Donation of Benjamin Grubb Humphreys papers, 3B, 7/28/00

Groundbreaking for new building, 1B; 3/22/00, 3/21/00, 3B

Groundbreaking for new building in Jackson, 3/5/00, 5B

New building will be named for William Winter, 4/22/00, 5B

PEER to investigate the way board members are chosen, 4B, 12/8/00

Department of Economic and Community Development

Heidel is proud of job he did, 1/2/00, 1C

Minority business officer Walter Scott resigns, 1C, 4/25/00

Musgrove names J.C. Burns as director, 1/11/00, 1A, 1C, 1C; 1/23/00

Department of Education

Official Larry Jones tours state on special education mission, 1B, 5/23/00

Unites with Head Start to promote preschool education, 4/15/00, 5B

Department of Environmental Quality

Musgrove names Charles Chisolm director, 1/20/00, 1A, 3B; 4/27/00, 5B; 7/30/00

Department of Health

Emergency Medical Services head Wade Spruill resigns, 1B, 9/15/00

First Steps Resource Fair at Medical Mall in Jackson, 4/7/00, 9B

State health officer Ed Thompson pleads for funding, 1A, 9/13/00

Department of Human Services

Agency hosts meetings to gather input: lack of funding, 1B, 3/26/00

Agency is getting word out about its services, 1B, 4/2/00

Bettye Ward Fletcher to name new division leaders, 1B, 2/24/00

Director asks for a $4.3.Million budget reduction, 1B, 9/15/00

Dismissal of Fletcher sparks concerns, 1A; 12/7/00, 1A; 12/10/00, 1H, 12/1/00

Fletcher to vacate post as director, 1A, 11/30/00

Hinds County Chancery Clerk says DHS owes county $77,000 in filing fees, 1B, 9/30/00

Hires 50+ former employees of Maximus to handle child support workload, 1A, 9/23/00

Janice Broome Brooks appointed director, 1A, 12/2/00

Musgrove names Bettye Ward Fletcher as director, 1/11/00, 1A; 3/23/00, 1A; 5/4/00, 5B

Department of Mental Health

Seeks more funding, 1B, 9/20/00

Department of Public Safety

Impounded cars in DUI cases, 1A, 10/10/00

Justice Dept. sues agency with violation of Disabilities Act, 1B, 5/18/00

Department of Rehabilitation Services

Annual awards ceremony, 6B, 8/23/00

Department of Transportation

1987 Highway Program

2005 ending seen; $1.2 Billion overrun, 1A, 9/15/00

Musgrove has a funding plan, 1A, 1A; 9/1/00, 8/31/00

Needed funding: $30 Million loan from bank, 1A, 9/14/00

Officials OK bond issue to ease revenue crisis, 1A, 9/2/00

PEER report cites errors, underestimates, increased spending, 1A, 12/28/00

Probe: review of results of discrimination claims, 1B, 12/9/00

Shortfall criticized; agency cites rising costs, pressures to build, 1A, 9/11/00

State agency focuses of maintenance

Looks to Legislature for repair funds, 1/1/00, 1A, 1B; 9/28/00

Wants its budget crisis part of special session, 1B; 7/29/00, 1C, 7/15/00, 7B; 8/18/00

Deposit Guaranty

Ex-employees Beverley Durham and Shevetta Milton indicted

Separate embezzlement charges, 1/19/00, 1B

Former teller Claudette Johnson facing embezzlement charges, 1B, 1B; 5/27/00, 3/17/00

Depraved heart law SEE Carlisle, Troy

Deregulation (utilities) SEE Utilities

DeSoto County

Opportunities spur county growth; coast counties right behind, 3/10/00, 3B

Desoto County Jail

Inmate Michael Chambers found hanged in cell, 2/1/00, 3B

DeSoto County Public Schools

Local funding gives teachers a $500 pay raise, 3B, 5/24/00

Parent Robin Costa works to get learning program in schools, 1B, 2/20/00

Desoto County Public Schools

All classrooms will have Internet access

AOL, banks funding program, 1/14/00, 1A

Destination Broadwater SEE Dockside gambling, Biloxi

Deutsche Telecom

German company may try to acquire Sprint, 1C, 1C; 7/4/00, 1C; 7/6/00, 6/30/00

Devine, Annie

Civil rights activist dead at age 88, 6B, 8/23/00

Devine, Kofi

Bond denied him and 2 others on drug charges in Madison County, 2B, 8/23/00

Madison County man arrested; fled from officers on I-55

Tracking dog dies while on pursuit, 1B, 8/19/00


Diabetic veterans to get benefits, 1B, 11/20/00

New program stresses importance of school teachers in their students' health, 2B, 11/26/00

Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi

Walk Sunday event, 1B, 10/2/00


Safer, less constrictive treatment developed by 2 Mississippi doctors, 1A, 7/11/00

Diaz, Oliver SEE Mississippi Supreme Court


Use of popular pesticide being phased out, 1B, 12/7/00

DiBiase, Teddy

Son of professional wrestler is high school athlete in Clinton, 1A, 12/1/00

Diboll, C.B.

Pass Christian man is maker of model sailing ships, 1E, 101/2/00

Dickard, Kimberly

Olde Towne Middle School student lauded for charity work, 2/13/00, 2B

Dickey, Thomas

Friends, family rally around auto-accident victim, 1B, 2/10/00

Dickies Building

Downtown apartment/office complex put up for sale, 1C, 2/2/00

Dietrich, John

Clinton youth is fashion model, 1F, 8/13/00

Dilapidated houses

Bright red signs to go up in Jackson suggesting property cleanup, 1A, 9/8/00

City of Clinton targets eyesores, 2B, 2B; 8/8/00, 8/3/00


Lawsuit says store practices shopper bias, 1B, 12/21/00

Dillard, James

Natchez man pleads guilty to manslaughter in death of baby, 3B, 6/21/00

Dillon Family Band

10-member group, 1E1ad, 3/21/00

Disabled students

Educators want courts to revisit 1979 ruling

How schools teach disabled students, 1A, 7/18/00

Discount Auto Parts

$28 Million distribution center slated for Copiah County, 1C, 4/7/00

Distance learning

State offering online courses on developing Internet skills, 2B, 7/16/00

Division of Medicaid

State agency sued by Gulfport Memorial Hospital

Subsidies for indigent care, 1/1/00, 1B

Willis Washington Jr. named interim chief, 1B, 2/11/00

Dixie Chicks

Group chooses Biloxi for concert; Pensacola upset, 3B, 4/18/00

Dixie Glass Co

Gives part of profits to Rankin County Human Resource Agency, 2B, 12/14/00

Dixie National Arabian Horse Show

At Fairgrounds, 1/27/00, 10F

Dixie National Rodeo

Bull riders sustain many injuries, 1D, 2/14/00

Competitors Ryan Reed and Tommy Reeves, 1B, edit

Harper-Morgan Rodeo Co provides the stock animals, 1E, 2/10/00

John Wayne Blough of Hilltop Painted Acres, 1E, 2/10/00

Mike Mathis calls Rodeo events on horseback, 1B, 2/13/00

Dixie National rodeo

Saddle up!, 1B, 2/10/00, 10F; 2/13/00

Doc Harry's

Madison eatery reopened by popular demand

Chain expansion planned, 1C, 9/9/00

Dockside gambling, Biloxi

6-year battle over casino in D'Iberville finally in court, 1C, 5/20/00

Alegria leaves Beau Rivage; to tour New Zealand and Australia, 1A, 1F, 9/17/00

Beau Rivage CEO Barry Shier resigns, 1C, 4/26/00

Beau Rivage troubles, 1/25/00, 1C, 1C; 2/24/00, 1C; 3/1/00, 1C; 3/5/00, 1C; 5/12/00

Destination Broadwater

Proposed project would extend mile into Mississippi Sound, 1A, 7/1/00

Destination Broadwater: complex opposed by EPA, 1A, 7/21/00

Gaming Commission tables motion to limit casinos on Back Bay, 1C, 8/17/00

Grand Casino hurt by tough competition, 1C, 3/17/00

Harrah's Casino in New Orleans takes down taunting billboard, 1B, 7/23/00

Isle of Capri Casino having banner year, 1C, 11/22/00

Isle of Capri Casinos have earnings jump, 1C, 8/24/00

Isle of Capri postpones expansion indefinitely, 1/6/00, 1C

MGM buys Rivage Resorts for $4.4 Billion, 1C, 1C; 5/19/00, 3/7/00

Move to limit vessels on Back Bay, 1C, 1C; 4/27/00, 4/21/00

Proposal would ban construction west of I-110, 1C, 10/27/00

Dockside gambling, Gulf Coast

$35,000+ jobs going primarily to non-USA citizens, 1C, 9/6/00

Casino tax collections vary from city to city, 1B, 7/31/00

Casinos resume shuttle service, 2/11/00, 3B

Casinos took in $2.5 Billion in 1999, up 16%, 1/25/00, 1A

NAACP leader says casinos treating minorities unfairly, 4/16/00, 5B

Partygoers hit casinos on New Year's Eve, 1/1/00, 13A

University of Nevada Las Vegas may offer casino courses, 1A, 2/24/00

Dockside gambling, Hancock County

Bayou Caddy casino plans expansion, 3B, 12/26/00

Dockside gambling, Waveland

Paradise Bay Casino and Resort licensed

2001 opening seen, 1C, 6/16/00

Doctors SEE Physicians

Dodson, C.A.

Businessman's bond may be revoked, 1B, 2B; 7/1/00, 6/28/00

Democratic party leader faces gun and drug charges, 1B, 1B; 5/17/00, 4/4/00, 4B; 5/18/00, 6B; 5/19/00

Drugs and weapons evidence to be allowed at trial, 5B, 8/9/00

Guilty plea may be set aside, 1B, 10/21/00

Jackson businessman enters guilty plea, 1B, 8/10/00


Deputies arrest 2 men, seize 30 Pit Bulls in Prentiss County, 5B, 8/14/00

Police raid illegal operation in Pearl; 2 arrested, 1/3/00, 1B; 1/21/00, 2B, 2B; 2/2/00

Dogs. SEE Wild dogs

Dogwood Festival Market

Work on Flowood mall to begin soon, 10C, 12/26/00

Dollar Tree Stores

Expansion of distribution center in Olive Branch, 1/19/00, 1C

Domestic violence

Mississippi ranks low in legal aspects, 1B, 10/26/00

Provine cheerleaders gather used cell phones for emergency use by victims of abuse, 2B, 12/29/00

State receives $1.5 Million federal grant to help victims, 1B, 9/12/00

Domino's Pizza

Order your pizza online, 1C, 4/20/00

Donelson, Albert

Jackson felon in jail after 2nd arrest in days, 1B, 12/7/00

Donna No. 6

Newest edition of produce stand on US 49 in Florence, 8C, 9/4/00

Donna No.6 Produce Stand

Opens in Jim Buck Ross Agricultural and Forestry Museum, 3/6/00, 8C

Double G Coatings Inc

Byram plant rated one of best in country, 1C, 8/19/00


Jackson metal coil coating factory bought by NCI Building Systems (TX), 1c, 3/16/00

Douglas, Amy

Byram woman honored for activism, 3B, 7/3/00

Doulas. SEE ALSO Midwives

Women experienced in childbirth offer help to new mothers, 1D, 10./2/00

Downtown Convention Center Advisory Committee

Convention center clears hurdle, 1B, 1B; 6/22/00, 4/1/00

Idea for Jackson needs firm to design it, 1A; 3/22/00, 3/21/00, 4B

Panel meeting is set, 1C; 8/10/00, 6B, 7/20/00

Downtown Healthfare

Set for Saturday, 1D, 4/24/00

Downtown Jackson

Financial institutions offering incentives to develop housing downtown, 1C, 10/18/00

Draft registration

21% of young men in state fail to sign up, 1A, 5/18/00

Drag strip

Owner of Madison County strip wants to hold holiday races

Residents are opposed, 2B, 5/27/00

Drainage, Jackson

Hanging Moss Creek project completed; 13 more to go, 1B, 4/18/00

Drainage, Ridgeland

Work begins on project in Longmeadow subdivision, 2B, 6/21/00


Hairstyle is celebration of heritage, spiritualism, 1F, 2/27/00


JPS students take examinations on small laptop computers, 2B, 7/16/00

Drennan, David

Hattiesburg man awarded $5.5. Million in lawsuit against GM

Car burst into flames, 1B, 2/26/00

Drive-by shooting, Corinth

2 injured in park, 3/8/00, 3B

Drive-by shooting, Jackson

Valarie Dent is killed on Mount Vernon Street, 5B, 6/6/00

Driver's license

Graduated driver's license system enacted by Legislature, 1A, 1A; 6/11/00, 4/7/00

Vision test for drivers urged, 1B, 11/25/00

Youth drivers' licenses to change format

Reducing illegal alcohol and tobacco sales, 1A, 6/21/00

Drought SEE Weather, Mississippi

Drownings (Reservoir) SEE Boating accidents

Drownings, Columbus

Man trying to swim across Tenn/Tom Waterway drowns, 3B, 8/19/00

Drownings, Gulfport

Alabama man thrown from pier dies; suspect sought, 3B, 6/17/00

Drownings, Pascagoula

Charles McGee admits throwing Delia Schambach off bridge, 3B, 6/22/00

Drownings, Vicksburg

2 toddlers drown in pond near Greenhill Rd, 1B, 7/18/00

Drug courts

SEE ALSO Hinds County Drug Court

State high court justices seek funding, 1B, 9/7/00

Drug trafficking, Brandon

8 alleged dealers arrested, 2B, 12/20/00

Drug trafficking, Canton

Weekend sweep yields 24 arrests, 2B, 3/8/00

Drug trafficking, Hinds County

Mitchell Johnson and Jesse Winters arrested

Cocaine distribution, 2B, 3/31/00

Drug trafficking, Jackson

20+ arrested in drug-related charges, 1B, 11/10/00

3 arrested in Chennault Ave area on marijuana and weapons charges, 1B, 8/8/00

Bureau of Narcotics seizes $8 Million in drugs, 1A, 11/3/00

City Council gives JPD list of 'hot' drug-traffic sites, 1B, 2/26/00

Dealers near JSU campus given warning, 1B, 5/20/00

Motels on Highway 80 targeted, 1B, 6/23/00

Mother and son arrested at Metro Manor Apartments, 3/18/00, 5B

Police raid two different operations; 6 arrested, 3B, 6/24/00

Reputed kingpins Johnny Course and Johann Jones arrested, 1B, 7/22/00

Significant bust: James Naylor and Alonzo Anderson arrested, 2B, 3/11/00

Sweep through Broadmoor area yields arrests, 5B, 12/1/00

Drug trafficking, Jackson area

15 jailed in Jackson metro area in Operation Follow-up, 1B, 9/26/00

Drug trafficking, Jefferson County

15 arrested in undercover drug operation, 3B, 8/23/00

Drug trafficking, Madison County

$20,000 worth of marijuana found; deputies smelled pot, searched car, 2B, 9/27/00

3 men arraigned: suspicions of a Southwest drug delivery connection, 2/29/00, 2B

Mexican held on drug counts after I-55 traffic stop, 2B, 4/26/00

O'Kafo Devine denied bond, 2B, 8/16/00

Sheriff makes statement with major drug bust, 2B, 3/17/00

Traffic stop on I-55 nets drug bust, 2B, 7/21/00

Drug trafficking, Mississippi

Drug runners using commercial bus service thru state, 4B, 8/10/00

Drug sweep spans 28 counties, 31 cities

UMC physician arrested, 1A, 1A; 6/3/00, 6/2/00

State cannot afford to imprison all arrested, AG Mike Moore says, 1B, 12/6/00

Drug trafficking, north Mississippi

Investigations net 20 arrests in Tupelo area, 5/28/00, 5B

Drug trafficking, Ocean Springs

Jery Butler and William Toliver charged, 3B, 7/8/00

Drug trafficking, Pickens

10 arrested after 6-month investigation, 1B, 3/30/00

Drug trafficking, Rankin County

Airport drug bust, 2B, 11/30/00

Drug trafficking, Smith County

7 arrests in a surprise bust, 3B, 8/3/00

Drug trafficking, Southeastern US

Regional effort in war on drugs sought, 1A, 9/25/00

Drug trafficking, Tupelo

Cocaine network dismantled, 3B, 11/22/00

Drugs, Mississippi

AG Moore before legislative committee

Funding for statewide awareness program, 1B, 9/14/00

Drunken driving

AG may ask state high court to reconsider ruling

DUI tests unconstitutional?, 1A; 6/3/00, 3B, 5/6/00

Coast DUIs have risen steadily since casino influx, 5B, 12/25/00

National regulation lowers legal alcohol limit, 1A, 10/24/00

New DUI law called confusing and costly, 1A, 10/10/00

New law on 2nd-time offenders to up DUI caseload, 1A, 8/7/00

Ruling against required blood tests: Court will not rehear, 3B, 8/5/00

Should states lower DUI threshold? (pro and con), 1H, 11/12/00

Some in state oppose proposed federal DUI standard, 1B, 10/7/00

Tupelo police to seize DUI offenders' vehicles, 3B, 8/4/00

Duck Hill Police Department

Reserve officers return to duty, 3B, 7/13/00

Duck Hill, Mississippi

3 town aldermen quit after heated meeting, 3B, 7/12/00

Ducks Unlimited

Clinton chapter has fundraising, 2B, 9/22/00

Dueringer, Randy

His skeletal remains found in Madison, 1A; 3/22/00, 1B, 1B; 2/17/00, 1B; 2/18/00, 2/16/00

Duggan, Earl and Laura

Popular Baton Rouge couple have seafood stand in Deville Plaza, 1E, 10/19/00


SEE Drunken driving

DUI Club

57 law enforcement officers inducted

Have made 100-plus arrests, 1B, 4/29/00

DUI SEE Drunken driving

Duke Energy

Construction progressing on plant in northwest Jackson, 1C, 3/8/00

To sell half-built power plant near Kosciusko, 1C, 9/8/00


Cleanup at site near Hawkins Field not enough, residents say, 1/16/00, 1B


2 Madison County men charged with dumping concrete in ditch

Along Stout Rd, 2B, 3/23/00

Hinds County surveillance cameras nab man dumping and burning tires, 1/20/00, 1B; 10/31/00, 2B

Robert and Larry Bacon charged in Hinds County, 2B, 9/14/00

Durant Public Schools

New superintendent is Karl Twyner, 1B, 11/23/00

Superintendent resigns, tired of financial problems, 1A, 2/27/00

Durham, Beverley

Restitution to Deposit Guaranty of $637,000 sought in embezzlement, 1/28/00, 1B, 1B; 5/13/00


EPA to ban widely used pesticide, 1A, 6/9/00

Duvic, Maurice

World War II veteran from Jackson finally given the Silver Star, 1B, 6/23/00

Dye, Brad

Former lieutenant governor's cronies still hold power in Legislature, 3H (Bill Minor), 4/16/00


First Lady Melanie Musgrove raising dyslexia awareness, 2/5/00, 3B


Incurable neurological disorder hard to diagnose, harder to treat, 1D, 7/24/00



Dispatcher-pay plan hits snag in City Council, 1B, 5B; 8/30/00, 8/22/00


New wave in publishing, 1E, 2/25/00


Musgrove previews project, 6B, 12/6/00


Time consuming task for many business people, 1C, 12/28/00

E. coli

4th illness blamed on bacterial strain in state, 1B; 11/30/00, 3B, 6B; 12/17/00, 11/8/00

Earnest, Gracie

Delicate brain surgery gives Clinton child new life, 2B, 12/26/00

Earth Day

Recycling stressed at celebration, 1B, 4/23/00

Earth religions SEE Pagans

Earthquakes SEE New Madrid Fault

Earthwatch Institute

Warning against chemical exposure from crop-spraying in Delta, 1B, 6/29/00

Easom, Charles

66-year old veteran hikes the Appalachian Trail, 1B, 10/10/00

East Central Community College

New president to be picked, 2/8/00, 3B, 5B; 2/9/00

Retiring president Eddie Smith grateful for opportunities, 3B, 5/8/00

East Flora Elementary School

Madison County supervisors apply for federal funds for improvement, 2B, 3/25/00

East Ford of Jackson

Probe of overpricing of vehicles sold to city ends with deal, 1C, 10/21/00

East Metropolitan Access Road

Rankin County north/south corridor progressing, 1/17/00, 2B

East Metropolitan Center Industrial Park

Auction of old livestock building on Highway 80, 1/11/00, 2B

East Metropolitan Industrial Park

Road extension to allow development, 2/3/00, 2B

East Mississippi Correctional Facility

Inmate Charles Dear found dead in his bed, 3B, 7/12/00


Easter traditions: fact and fiction, 1F, 4/23/00

Holiday feasting, 1E, 4/19/00

Only time some worshippers attend church, 1D, 4/22/00

Easter Seals

State branch splits from national organization, 1B, 11/26/00

Eastern College of Health Vocations


Ex-financial officer Diane Rose guilty of embezzlement, 2/9/00, 3B

EastGroup Properties

$11.9 Million earnings in 2nd quarter beat expectations, 1C, 8/3/00

Company reports rising revenues, 1C, 10/27/00

Ebenezer Baptist Church


Conflict between church members and deacons, 3B, 8/14/00

Ebony scholars

Jackson graduates Carla Rosser and Derrick Spires are winners, 2B, 6/18/00


Restaurant review, 3/9/00, 4F

Eckerd Drug Stores

Officials OK site for new store in Ridgeland, 2B, 5/8/00

Economic plan (Musgrove) SEE Advantage Mississippi Initiative

Economy, Holmes County

County battling job loss, plant closures, 2/7/00, 10C

Economy, Jackson

Study says city's economy is slowing, 1C, 11/21/00

Economy, Mississippi. SEE ALSO Advantage Mississippi Initiative

Economy slowing pace; service employment lagging, 1B, 1C; 5/24/00, 5/14/00

In a series of meetings business leaders create plan for development, 1C, 6/13/00

Interest rate increases slow growth, 1C, 6/11/00

KPMG consultant says state lacks incentive plan for development, 1C, 7/26/00

Slowdown in economic indicators reflects effect of rate hikes, 1C, 7/16/00

State economic indicators: economy slowing, 1/16/00, 1C, 1C; 3/19/00, 1C; 4/9/00, 2H; 2/13/00

Economy, US

Consumers on buying spree: savings at low level, 1C, 2/1/00

Federal Reserve interest rake hikes get results; hot economy slowing, 1C, 6/1/00

Ecstasy (drug)

5 jailed in multi-state drug distribution ring, 1A, 6/10/00

Use of drug on rise in state, Narcotics Bureau says, 1A, 12/17/00

Use of risky designer drugs on rise, 5B, 7/29/00

Ed Mayo Junior High School

Moss Point

School clinic is open to the public, 1D, 3/6/00


Program places retired educators in needy school districts, 1A, 2/14/00

Eddie Monsour's Restaurant and Lounge


Restaurant review, 4F, 7/6/00

Edgar, Kelly

Former Madison County deputy takes job in Attorney General's office, 2B, 7/29/00

Edge, John

Oxford cookbook author nominated for national award

'Gracious Plenty,' 3B, 5/1/00

Oxford journalist's cookbook 'A Gracious Plenty'

Book is up for a prestigious award, 1E, 4/26/00

Edgewater Bay Golf Course

Biloxi city council to vote on future of acreage, 3B; 12/23/00, 3B; 12/24/00, 5B, 12/21/00

Edison Walthall Hotel

Offering comforts of the past in today's downtown Jackson scene, 1E, 3/16/00

Educators as Peacemakers Conference

In Jackson, 3/21/00, 6B

Edwards Fire Department

Alderman approve purchase of new fire truck, 1/8/00, 2B

Edwards Municipal Court

Court moves into building vacated by town library, 2B, 6/15/00

Edwards Post Office

Edwards third community to get new facility, 2B, 6/7/00

Edwards Volunteer Fire Department

3 firefighters honored for service, 1B, 11/18/00

Edwards, David 'Honeyboy'

Blues Hall of Famer honored in his hometown of Shaw, 1B, 7/3/00

Edwards, Sonya

Woman claims she killed her husband Sigmund in self defense, 1B, 12/23/00

Eichhorn, Philip

Jackson Prep place kicker foregoes chance at scholarship to play in championship game, 2B, 11/26/00

Einstein, Albert

Time Magazine's Person of the Century

Natchez man remembers him as a professor, 1/3/00, 2B

El Paso Energy

To expand its natural gas storage facility in Petal, 1C, 2/19/00

El Torero

Restaurant review, 4F, 11/2/00


3 Calhoun County women have lived in three centuries, 1/17/00, 3B

Hearing on needs of aging population at Medical Mall, 5B, 7/19/00

Election law reform

Eric Clark wants change open primary system, 1/22/00, 1A, 1A; 1/27/00, 1B; 1/30/00, 2H; 2/11/00

Legislative Black Caucus opposes open primaries, 1B, 2/22/00

Elections, 1999

Spending levels were up; $6 Million on governor's race alone, 1/11/00, 1B

Elections, 2000

Bolivar County Circuit Clerk: Simmons' election upheld, 3B, 8/1/00

Democratic caucus: no snafu like in 1999, 2B, 3/6/00

Disabled voters face challenges at polling places

10/1/00, 2B

Disabled voters seek rides to poles, 1B, 11/2/00

Florence aldermen: August 29 election, 2B; 8/19/00, 2B; 8/30/00, 3B; 9/6/00, 4B, 8/4/00

Geography's role in Mississippi politics increasing, 1A, 3/13/00

High turnout expected today, 1A, 11/7/00

Hinds County Election Commission: 5 seek post, 2B, 9/28/00

Hinds County election commissioner, district 5:

race left off ballot in Precinct 56, 2B, 11/23/00

Hinds County Judge: DeLaughter vs McLeod, 2B, 2B; 10/14/00, 9/9/00

Hinds County Justice Court, District 4, 1B; 11/22/00, 2B, 2B; 10/16/00, 2B; 11/9/00, 10/10/00

Hinds County poll workers will be paid for training, 2/29/00, 6B

Hinds County School Board, 1A, 1A; 11/21/00, 2B; 11/18/00, 10/20/00

House District 75

David Livingston wins late father's seat, 1B, 1B; 5/22/00, 5/17/00

Dick Livingston replacement: the 3 candidates are friends, 1B, 5/12/00

Jackson City Council, Ward 5:, 1/31/00, 1A; 2/1/00, 6B, 6B; 2/8/00

Jackson City Council, Ward 5: 3 deny endorsing Dagner-Cook, 1B, 3/18/00

Jackson City Council, Ward 5: Bettye Dagner-Cook announces, 1B, 2/14/00

Jackson City Council, Ward 5: candidates tackle crime, housing, 1A, 3/12/00

Jackson City Council, Ward 5: Neely announces, 2/16/00, 4B

Jackson City Council, Ward 5: Neely outspent Dagner-Cook 10-1, 1A, 3/16/00

Jackson City Council, Ward 5: Price-Sanders is candidate, 2/25/00, 6B

Jackson City Council, Ward 5: Rudolph Jackson announces, 2/2/00, 5B

Jackson City Council, Ward 5: runoff: it's Neely and Dagner-Cook, 1A, 3/15/00

Jackson City Council, Ward 5: runoff: Neely and Dagner-Cook ready, 1A, 3/20/00

Jackson City Council, Ward 5: runoff: Neely is victor, 1A; 3/28/00, 1B, 3/22/00

Jackson City Council, Ward 5: Watkins announces, 2/19/00, 6B

Judicial reform: will it take hold in Mississippi?, 1A, 11/19/00

Madison and Rankin counties expect big turnout on November 7, 2B, 10/27/000

Madison County commissioners hope for improved election procedures, 2B, 11/6/00

Madison County election commissioner, 2B, 10/19/00

Mississippi Legislature

District 60: 2 candidates back off pledge to pull out, 1B, 12/23/00

District 60: candidates running to replaced the deceased Jimmy Thornton, 1B, 12/22/00

NAACP on get-out-the-vote mission, 1B, 9/19/00

NAACP's Promote the Vote campaign, 4B, 10/31/00

Natchez mayor's race: incumbent Larry Brown loses to F.L. Smith, 3B, 5/18/00

Politics and churches: a good mix?, 1A, 11/6/00

Punch-card system could confuse some voters, 1A, 11/6/00

Rankin County attorney: Broome vs. Day, 2B, 10/6/00

Rankin County election commissioners want to update voter roles, 2B, 10/13/00

Rankin County School Board: 4 seek post, 2B, 10/11/00

Rankin County: School Board and County Attorney posts, 2B, 2B; 10/4/00, 8/25/00

Record turnout in Mississippi, 1B, 11/30/00

Results, 1A+; 11/9/00, 11/8/00, 15A

Returns still out in 4 counties, 1B, 11/18/00

Richland alderman race, 2/15/00, 2B, 2B; 2/16/00

Ridgeland mayor's race: Eddie Tanner challenges Gene McGee, 2B, 9/11/00

Runoffs: Democratic opponent of Trent Lott

Republican opponent of Gene Taylor, 1B, 4/3/00

Simpson County Election Commissioners

Paper-filing snafu: 4 Democrats left off ballot, 1B, 3B; 9/23/00, 9/13/00

Simpson County election Commissioners: 4 win place on ballot, 1B, 1B; 11/4/00, 10/13/00

Simpson County Election Commissioners: ballot battle raging, 1B; 10/6/00, 7B, 9/29/00

Special election to fill seat on Rankin County School Board, 2B, 2B; 3/30/00, 3/17/00

State supreme court: states appointing judges have merit reporting system, 1A, 11/19/00

Supreme Court :High campaign spending concerns chief justice Prather, 3B, 11/1/00

Supreme Court Diaz vs. Starret

Candidates say many unaware there is a runoff, 1A; 11/21/00, 1B, 11/20/00

Supreme Court: $250,000 minimum cost for campaign for high court post, 1A, 5/21/00

Supreme Court: candidate Frank Vollor of Vicksburg, 3B, 5/12/00

Supreme Court: candidates Lynchard and Vollor get big campaign contributions, 1A, 11/1/00

Supreme Court: Candidates Smith and Vollor face off on funding, 3B, 10/18/00

Supreme Court: challengers have raised more campaign money than incumbents, 1A, 10/12/00

Supreme Court: Chief Justice Prather ousted by Chuck Easley, 1A; 12/5/00, 5B, 11/8/00

Supreme Court: Diaz retains seat in runoff, 1A, 11/22/00

Supreme Court: GOP's Liles Williams leads Jim Smith reelection team

Sees no conflict, 4A, 5/21/00

Supreme Court: judicial ads may have backfired, 1A, 11/9/00

Supreme Court: Justice Jim Smith says court under attack: lawyers don't like its decisions, 1B, 11/2/00

Supreme Court: Kay Cobb seeks full term, 5B, 8/8/00

Supreme Court: Lampton brings state flag in as an issue, 1B, 11/4/00

Supreme Court: Landrum campaigns in McComb courtroom, 3B, 6/16/00

Supreme Court: Landrum to seek Justice Sullivan's court seat, 1/20/00, 1B, 1B; 1/23/00

Supreme Court: Lynchard challenges Cobb, 1B, 10/16/00

Supreme Court: Prather and Easley on ballot, 1B, 10/14/00

Supreme Court: Prather to have 2 opponents, 1B, 5/6/00

Supreme Court: races costly, candidates say, 1A, 9/6/00

Supreme Court: the Landrum, Starrett, Diaz race, 1B, 11//5/00

Supreme Court: US Chamber ads aimed at candidate Frank Vollor ordered off air, 1A11/5/00, 5B, 11/4/00

Supreme Court: US Chamber of Commerce ads for Supreme Court candidates, 1A:10/31/00, 1A; 11/7/00, 1B, 10/14/00

Supreme Court: US Chamber of Commerce's ads may be illegal, 1A, 1A; 10/.20/00, 1A; 10/21/00, 10/18/00

Supreme Court: US Chamber of Commerce: judge says Chamber must give donor list, 1A, 11/3/00

TV ads turn up the volume, 1A, 10/15/00

US House

1st District

Grist will oppose Wicker, 1/12/00, 3B

2nd District

Teachers union PAC endorses Thompson, 2/23/00, 5B

Thompson faces 3 challengers, 5B, 10/14/00

4th District

'Misleading' Lampton ad is pulled, 1A, 1A; 10/14/00, 10/13/00

Candidates face voters' questions, 1A, 9/4/00

Conservatives Yoste and Lampton, 1A, 3/8/00

Dennis Hastert visits Jackson for Lampton event, 4/26/00, 5B

Dunn Lampton and Steve Nail enter race, 1/15/00, 1A; 1/19/00, 5B, 5B; 2/26/00

Hastert campaigns for Lampton, 1B, 9/24/00

John McCain campaigns for Lampton in Laurel, 1B, 10/20/00

Lampton asked to pull add painful to C.A. Dodson's widow, 1B, 11/1/00

Lampton labels Shows 'big spender,' 5B, 10/19/00

Lampton prominent at Republican Convention in Philadelphia, 7/31/00, 7A

Lampton says Shows dealt with felon, 3B, 8/11/00

Lampton says shows funded by liberals, 5B, 10/24/00

Lampton takes issue with Shows strategy, 3/21/00, 5B

Lampton vs. Shows in November

3/15/00, 1A

Pro-life group endorses Shows, 5B, 8/8/00

Radio personality Geoffrey Yoste enters race, 1/14/00, 1A; 2/3/00, 5B

Rep, J.C. Watts campaigns for Lampton, 3B, 10/18/00

Shows and Lampton running hard, 1A, 11/5/00

Shows handily beats Lampton, 1A, 11/8/00

Shows is only incumbent facing strong opposition, 1B, 8/28/00

Shows pulls ad hurtful to family of assault victim, 1B, 10/7/00

Shows vs. Lampton is hottest race in state, 1B, 10/29/00

Social Security a hot issue, 1A, 10/16/00

Stuart Irby to head Lampton's finance panel, 6B, 8/30/00

Teachers union PAC endorses Shows, 2/23/00, 5B

Voter's guide, 1H, 3/12/00

Yoste names Pat Fordice as chairwoman of his campaign, 2/17/00, 5B

GOP getting 'free ride' in races for House seats, 3H (Bill Minor), 10/15/00

US Senate

Brown says Lott failing Mississippi, 3B, 10/4/00

Funding is slim for Lott's opponent Troy Brown, 1A, 10/29/00

Lott has collected $3.8 Million in campaign contributions, 1B, 8/28/00

Madison County Republicans host Lott at annual ball, 5B, 10/26/00

US Senate may be split 50-50, but Lott's job believed safe, 8A, 11/10/00

Voter education program at Wingfield High School, 1B; 10/15/00, 3B, 10/5/00

Voter registration urged, 1B, 10/8/00

Voter's Guide, 1H, 1H; 11/5/00, 3/12/00

Elections, 2001

Cities want state law changed to allow time for redrawing ward lines, 1B, 11/20/00

Madison mayor's race: Supervisor Marc Sharpe may run, 2B, 9/25/00

Municipal elections may be delayed: release of 2000 census data, 1A, 3/25/00

Elections, 2002

A Pickering and Shows contest?, 1A, 11/12/00

Elections, US

US Supreme Court limits federal right to veto way local elections run, 1/25/00, 1B

Electric bills

Federal aid to assist elderly and poor during heat wave, 1B, 7/26/00

Salvation Army and Entergy help elderly with high electric bills, 1B, 7/4/00

Electric power

Brownouts may miss Southeast this summer, 1A, 7/6/00

Madison County purchases emergency generating system in case of outages

Protects computers, 1B, 5/30/00

Elite Restaurant

Restaurant review, 1/13/00, 4F

Ellis, David Kenyatta

Armed robbery in 1997 nets man 15 years, 1B, 2/10/00

Elmore, Renee SEE Armstrong, Artie

Elsie Meadows Youth Development Center

Construction to begin on new center, 5B, 6/15/00

Elvis Presley Festival

In Tupelo, 3B, 8/3/00, 10F; 8/8/00

Elvis Presley Lake

Lee County wants to take sole ownership, 3B, 7/14/00


2 women arrested in carjacking hoax

To conceal embezzlement at AmSouth Bank, 2B, 2B; 5/4/00, 5/3/00

Embezzlers more damaging to banks than robbers, 1A, 8/18/00

Embryonic research

Is it ethical? (pro and con), 1H, 9/10/00

Emergency Management Agency

Director Jim Maher to retire, 1/13/00, 1B

Funds sought to partially buy, then remove flood-prone homes, businesses, 1/10/00, 1A

Musgrove names Robert Latham director, 1/20/00, 3B

Emergency medical response, Hinds County

AMR given 4-year contract, 2B, 10/20/00

AMR to offer scholarships to residents to become EMTs, 1B, 12/26/00

Emergency medical service, Gulf Coast

AMR eliminating discount plans to 22,000 residents, 3B, 7/26/00

Emergency medical service, Madison

AMR using grants to upgrade cardiac monitors, 2B, 11/14/00


Joint performance by Ballet Magnificat and Mississippi Mass Choir, 1E, 4/15/00

Emmerson, Debbie

Olive Branch bingo hall supervisor arrested over access to records, 1/8/00, 4B

Employment Security Commission

Director Thomas Lord retires, 1C, 11/15/00

Employment, Mississippi

More Mississippians working, many have no health insurance, 1A, 10/24/00

Outlook for jobs in state positive, 1C, 9/1/00

English Motoring Club

Brits on the Bluff show in Natchez: restored classic cars, 1E, 10/13/00


Spin-off of transmission facilities: higher energy costs?, 1C, 10/18/00

Entergy Corp

1956 time capsule opened at Rex Brown Station, 1C, 3/7/00

2 nuclear plants in New York: regulators stall deal, 1C, 1C; 3/29/00, 1C; 4/3/00, 3/1/00, 8C; 8/1/00

CEO Wayne Leonard cites years of progress, 2/22/00, 12C

Company buying 2 nuclear plants in New York state, 1C, 1C; 2/17/00, 1C; 2/26/00, 1C; 2/29/00, 2/15/00

Company seeking rate hike, 1C, 11/21/00

Entery Nuclear subsidiary to buy TLG Services (Conn.), 1C, 9/8/00

Florida Power & Light merger, 1A, 8/1/00

Hands out $75,000 in grants to local groups and programs, 3B, 9/7/00

Plans to build 300-megawatt power plant in Vicksburg, 1C, 2/24/00

Posts record 1st quarter profits of $98.8 Million, 1C, 4/25/00

Stock takes a plummet, 1C, 3/7/00

Through the years a real powerhouse in Mississippi, 1C, 8/6/00

Urges its customers to beware of con artists, 5B, 8/5/00

With deregulation Entergy will use customer service as selling point, 1C, 5/2/00

Environmental crimes. SEE Walls, Paul F

Environmental justice

Forum at JSU, 1B, 8/30/00

Epps, Tearle

Holmes County man and his mother charged

Falsified gun permits, 5B, 8/16/00

Equal Business Opportunity Program

City of Jackson's minority business effort, 1B, 3/2/00

Equine Infection Disease

48 horses near Picayune sold for slaughter, 3B, 8/28/00

Escatawpa River

Ex-chemical firm manager J Magazzu pleads guilty

Undercount of coliform bacteria dumped, 1/13/00, 1B

Estate planning

Planner calls for more accountability by heirs, 1E, 11/14/00

Estate sales and auctions

Popularity growing in state, 4B, 7/24/00


Celebrates 3 decades on the air, 1B, 1B; 9/8/00, 1E; 9/11/00, 5/7/00

Eubanks, LaKesha

Trial of woman in scalding of her boyfriend's child, 1B, 1B; 11/23/00, 11/17/00

Eugenia Washington Medal for Heroism

3 Clinton youths receive DAR award

Efforts at train wreck in Illinois, 2/19/00, 2B

Evans, Michael

Court rejects Sharkey County man's appeal on double slaying in 1998, 3B, 7/29/00

Evans, Willie Mae

Terry woman has new home built in partnership with Hinds County, state and federal governments, 2B, 12/23/00

Terry woman's home 1st on rehab list

DECD and HUD funds, 2B, 2B; 8/1/00, 7/31/00

Evers, Medgar

10-day tour of significant sites, 1B, 11/10/00

Every Child a Reader

Pilot program in 6 Mississippi school districts, 1A, 2/7/00

Everyday Gourmet

Its 2 Jackson stores to merge at Pear Orchard location, 1E, 8/30/00

Evolution (anthropology)

Mississippi given failing grade in teaching about evolution, 1B, 9/28/00

Exercise SEE Alternative exercises

Expanets of Mississippi

Formerly SIMOD Telecommunications (Pearl), 1C, 4/4/00

Extortion plot SEE Crime rate, Jackson

Eye surgery. SEE Laser Thermal Keratoplasty surgery



City officials ask citizens to help plan city's future, 2/22/00, 4B; 3/27/00, 5B, 6B; 4/6/00

Comprehensive plan for city of Jackson unveiled, 1B; 3/14/00, 2/29/00, 4B, 4B; 4/27/00

Fairview Inn

Bed and breakfast in Belhaven adding 12 rooms, 1C, 10/12/00

Fairview Reading Program

Developed to help deaf children learn to read, 1B, 9/20/00

Fall Fest and Cajun Cookoff

In Clinton, 2B, 9/15/00

Fallen Firefighters Memorial

2 from Mississippi to be honored at Maryland site, 1B, 3B; 10.30/00, 9/27/00


Worshiping together can be a bonding experience, 1E, 10/14/00

Family Guide For Student Success

Education Dept. book helps parents know expectations, 2B, 12/24/00

Fannie Lou Hamer Institute on Citizenship and Democracy

Bringing history to life, 1B, 6/28/00

Fannin Water Association

Lawsuit against Pearl River Valley Water Supply District, 2B, 3/24/00

Farish Street Blues Museum

Opens its doors to the past, 1–/6/00, 6B

Farish Street Heritage Festival

Top musical acts booked, 6B; 9/7/00, 8–9F, 8/15/00

Farish Street Historic District

Artist-in-Residence pilot program, 1E, 5/4/00

Brownfields Development Project discussion, 1B, 2/5/00

Grant to establish Scott-Ford Historic Site, 1/12/00, 1B

Farm subsidies

Largest farms getting biggest checks

Mississippi has most uneven distribution of funds, 1A, 4/26/00

Farmers, Mississippi

Many farmers use genetically altered seeds, 1C, 7/1/00

Non-African American farmers file lawsuit against USDA Secretary, 1A, 5/13/00

Proposed help for contract farmers working for large agribusiness firms, 1C, 9/14/00

State farmers to share aid for drought losses, 1C, 10/20/00

Farming SEE Agribusiness

Farrar, George

29-year old man, taken off life support, dies of cystic fibrosis, 1/9/00, 1B


Website lets state youth explore careers, higher education opportunities, 1B, 9/28/00

Father and Child Fishing Tournament

At Old Trace Park, 6/11/00, 7G

Father of Waters Pipe and Drum Corps

Local bagpipe group, 1B, 6/19/00

Father's Day

Photographs celebrating dads, 1F, 6/18/00


Stay-at-home dads, 1E, 8/8/00

Faulkner, William

US Senate bill includes funds for restoration of Faulkner home, 5B, 10/21/00

Faulkner, William SEE Rowan Oak

Feast Time for the Needy

Combined effort by Mississippi churches, 1B, 5/24/00, 6B; 5/28/00

Federal income tax SEE Income tax, US

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Wild Game Luncheon: Dan Reeves is speaker, 1D, 4/22/00


Lawsuit against American Home Products; more are planned, 1/22/00, 3B

Mississippi lawsuit settled for $200 Million: 6 plaintiffs, 1A; 10/9/00, 1B, 10/6/00



Restaurant review, 4F, 8/31/00

Ferrari automobiles

Concours d'Elegance in Vicksburg, 3/23/00, 10F

Ferrell, Tommy

Adams County sheriff may be president of national organization, 7/3/00, JacksonB

Festival Latino

At LeFleur's Bluff State Park, 1B, 9/17/00


Ocean Springs

Buried fetus case goes to grand jury, 1/25/00, 3B, 3B; 12/22/00

Fetuses SEE Abortion, Gulf Coast

Fiber optic cable

New telecommunication enhancement for city of Jackson, 1B, 12/3/00

Fibroid tumors

Pioneer treatment at UMC: Interventional MRI fibroid cryosurgery

Dr. Patrick Sewell, 1A, 9/27/00


Mysterious pain is real enough to sufferers, 1D, 11/27/00

Films SEE Motion pictures

Financial aid

Tighter state budget could impact on aid available to students, 1/9/00, 1A: 9/26/00, 1A; 9/28/00, 1B, 1B; 8/21/00

Financial planners

Number one profession in 'Jobs Rated Almanac,' 1C, 9/1/00


New law: all public school employees must be fingerprinted

Background checks, 1B, 7/29/00


State officials can now access FBI's data file, 1A, 10/25/00

Fire ants

Ole Miss research Peng Lee uses sounds to repel fire ants, 9B, 12/25/00

Ole Miss researcher hoping acoustics can eradicate pest, 3B, 8/14/00

Pesticide giveaway in Hinds County, 2B, 4/14/00

USDA to introduce fire-ant eating flies in infested areas, 1A, 11/16/00

Fire Dog Saloon

Bay St. Louis

2 charged; safe left in middle of the street, 5/3/00, 5B

Fire hydrants

20-year wait is over for Capri Circle neighborhood in south Jackson, 1/10/00, 1A

Fire insurance, Byram

Upgraded fire-protection rating may cut insurance costs, 2B, 2B; 9/18/00, 7/25/00

Fire insurance, Rankin County

New fire protection district may cause rates to drop

Southwest Rankin County, 2B, 5/16/00

Fire Prevention Awareness Month

Firefighters visit schools, 2B, 10/16/00

Firefox. SEE Hinds County Detention Center (R)

Fires, Jackson County

25 fires over weekend result in ban on burning, 2/8/00, 3B

Fires, Rankin County

With dry weather, Rankin County has ban on burning, 2, 10/25/00

Firestone Tires

Company eyed in investigation of fatal wrecks, 1A; 12/6/00, 1B; 12/5/00, 1C; 8/5/00, 1C; 8/19/00, 3B, 8/4/00

Tire recall: phone calls flood local dealers, 1A, 1A; 9/2/00, 1C; 8/25/00, 8/11/00


Ban on Labor Day fireworks due to drought conditions, 2B, 9/2/00

Often fireworks stands are family affairs, 7/3/00, 10C

Firing Line

Final program, filmed at Ole Miss, to air, 1E, 2/4/00

First aid

Be prepared, 1D, 10/23/00

First Baptist Church


7 Secrets of Effective Fathers Seminar, 3B (Walter Payton honored), 4/22/00, 8D; 4/30/00

Ground broken for new Christian Life Center, 1E, 5/6/00

Jackson church celebrates 30 years of Christmas pageant, 1E, 12/8/00

Jackson church hosts jailed women at a Christmas party in its Family Life Center, 1B, 12/17/00

First Commercial Bank

Jackson bank to be tailored to commercial business, 1C, 6/20/00

First Night

At the downtown celebration, 1/1/00, 12A (Orley Hood)

New Year's celebration in downtown Jackson, 1B, 1B; 12/26/00, 1D; 12/2/00, 1D; 12/31/00, 10F; 11/24/00, 12/28/00

First Presbyterian Church


Expansion could close a block of Belhaven Street, 1B, 5/8/00

First Responders

11 volunteers graduate from lifesaving class in Madison County, 2B, 3/29/00

First Street Gallery

Historic building in Grenada plays host to arts, 3B, 4/17/00

First United Methodist Church

Brandon church expands office space, 2B, 12/18/00

Fish farming SEE Cormorants

Fleetwood Homes

Will close plant in Lexington, 1C, 7/19/00

Fletcher, Bettye Ward

Q&A with Dept. of Human Services director, 2H, 7/2/00

Fletcher, Joyce

Ridgeland woman followed from work, shot at her home, 2B, 2B; 9/1/00, 2B; 9/2/00, 2B: 9/19/00, 8/30/00

SEE Sanders, Bobby

Flood control

Corps of Engineers to study Pear River two-lake plan, 1A, 4/27/00

Flooding, Columbus

Residents near Tenn/Tom River battling rising waters, 3B, 4/5/00

Flooding, Gulfport

Buyout of flood-prone homes begins, 3/30/00, 3B

Flooding, Jackson

Officials monitoring Pearl River water levels, 4/5/00, 5B

Flooding, Madison

Aldermen have 4-step plan to end 11-year problem, 1B, 12/20/00

Aldermen OK flood mitigation project on Cully Creek, 2B, 11/14/00

Flooding, Mississippi

Congressional bill earmarks $131 Million for state flood control projects, 1B, 9/29/00

Flooding, Ridgeland

Supervisors vote on flood control plan in Longmeadow Dr area, 1/17/00, 2B, 2B; 1/19/00

Flora Police Department

Aldermen hire new chief Hubert Roberts, 1/18/00, 2B

Flora Public Library

Officials authorize acquisition of land for new library, 2B, 12/15/00

Flora Railroad Depot

MDOT providing grant for restoration, 2/7/00, 2B, 2B; 7/12/00

Flora Volunteer Fire Department

Half of force quits: lack of funding by city, 2B, 4/18/00

Flora, Mississippi

Balanced development, managed growth sought, 2B, 10/10/00

Florence High School

Family of Jordan Steves files suit following fight at school, 2B, 10/24/00

Graduating seniors must get tickets for commencement ceremony, 2/27/00, 2B

Sizzling Summer 2000, 2B, 7/22/00

Florence Middle School

Traffic congestion near school, 2B, 10/4/00

Florence, Mississippi

Call for election of new mayor to replace Poyner who resigned, 2b, 6/23/00

Officials curb money-raising roadblocks by citizens' groups, 2B, 9/11/00

Plans made for new city hall, police station, 2B, 3/1/00

Florentine Club

Women's civic club in Florence, 2B, 9/25/00

Flowers, Curtis

Man to be retried in death of Bertha Tardy in 1996, 1B, 5/28/00

Meadville man charged with threats against IRS and bank officials, 1B, 1B; 4/22/00, 4/21/00

New trial ordered for man convicted of 3 murders in Winona furniture store in 1996, 1B, 12/22/00

State high court throws out his conviction in 1996 slaying

Bertha Tardy killing, 1B, 5/12/00

Flowers, Kevin

Texas man in Oktibbeha County Jail

Methamphetamine charge and other new charges, 3B, 6/20/00

Flowood budget, 2001

Residents get another break: taxes reduced 1 mill, 2B, 9/26/00

Flowood Elementary School

Physical education program wins state award, 1D, 12/11/00

Flowood Police Department

Chief Jimmy Houston stepping down, 2B, 9/27/00

New chief Johnny DeWitt wants strong community/police ties, 2B, 10/5/00

Flowood, Mississippi

Form of government may be altered by aldermen, 2/15/00, 2B, 2B; 2/18/00

Fondren North Renaissance

Commercial and residential revival, 1/21/00, 1E

Fonville, Jonathan

Rankin County man waives hearing in child abuse case, 2B, 11/22/00

Food co-op

4 families share cooking duties: each woman makes dinner for the 4 families once a week, 1E, 9/12/00

Food stamps

Mail theft is destroying system and families, 1A, 8/14/00

Used to buy more than food: tires, guns, moonshine, for example, 1A, 8/14/00

Foot care

Take good care of your feet..., 1D, 8/7/00


1 shot at fight during game between Lanier and Provine at Hughes Field, 1B; 8/27/00, 3B, 8/26/00

Bowl games: USM defeats Colorado State; Ole Miss over Oklahoma, 1/1/00, 1A

Delta State wins Division II semifinal, 1A, 1A; 12/8/00, 12/3/00

Delta State wins national championship, 1A, 12/10/00

Egg Bowl: a 'truce' encouraged, 1A, 1B; 11/24/00, 11/13/00

Madison County sheriff says student paint parties out of control, 2B, 9/12/00

MSU beats Auburn 17-10, 1A, 10/8/00

MSU beats No. 3 Florida Gators

10/1/00, 1A

New Orleans Saints in post-season playoffs, 1A, 12/31/00

Ole Miss loses to West Virginia in Music City Bowl, 1A, 12/29/00

Ole Miss to Music City Bowl: MSU to Sanford Independence Bowl, 1A, 12/4/00

Renewed rivalry after 40 years; Millsaps beats Mississippi College, 1A, 9/3/00

Stunning victory: USM 21, Alabama 0, 1A, 9/17/00

USM beats TCU in Mobile Bowl, 1A, 12/21/00

USM to play in Mobile Bowl, 1A, 11/22/00

What they're wearing to the games this Fall, 1E, 9/1/00

Youth football coaches suspended in Clinton

Fighting among themselves, 2B, 10/5/00

Forbes Magazine

Jackson and Mississippi Coast on its '100 top business places,' 1C, 5/17/00

Ford, Barry

Lee County Circuit Judge to resign, 3/18/00, 3B

Fordice, Kirk

Former governor in 3-car wreck in Memphis, 3/7/00, 5B

Former governor taken ill, is hospitalized, 1B; 7/23/00, 3B; 7/24/00, 5B; 7/25/00, 6B, 7/22/00

His 2 terms as governor leave citizens with mixed impressions, 1/9/00, 1A, 11A

On leaving office, suspends sentences of 9 felons

1 terminally ill with cancer, 1/12/00, 1A, 1B; 1/13/00

Outgoing governor will give no farewell address to Legislature, 1/6/00, 1A

Sets wedding date with Ann Creson

Blasts media, 1/12/00, 6B

Fordice, Pat

Former First Lady apologizes for behavior of Kirk Fordice, 3B, 4/15/00

Speaker at Human Resources Agency's Senior Citizens Picnic, 2B, 5/23/00

Speaker at Jackson chapter, American Soc. of Women Accountants, 5B, 6/28/00

To host a talk-radio show on WJNT-AM, 1/20/00, 1A; 5/28/00, 3H (Sid Salter)

Foreign students

Those away from home hosted during holidays by local families, 1B, 11/16/00

Forest fires

40-acre woodland blaze in south Jackson, 1B, 8/21/00

Agencies send firefighters to battle blazes in the Northwest, 1A, 8/19/00

Debate in Hinds County over burn ban permits, 1B, 8/24/00

Firefighter Paul Pritchett killed near Europa, 1A, 9/4/00

Large fire off Highway 18 in Rankin County, 1A, 2B; 8/23/00, 2B; 8/31/00, 8/22/00

Madison County family helps contain blaze in hayfield, 2B, 8/31/00

Mississippi in 'critical fire condition,' 1A; 9/9/00, 2B, 9/2/00

Number of fires in south Mississippi is up, 1B, 3B; 8/4/00, 3B; 8/12/00, 8/2/00

Rankin County families survey damage, 1A, 9/1/00

RR trestle fire on GM&O line above Pearl River causes no wildfire, 1B, 9/7/00

Volunteers helping fight fires in Jackson metro area, 2B, 8/26/00

Warren joins 11 other counties restricting outdoor burning, 2B, 3B; 8/29/00, 3B; 8/31/00, 8/26/00

Webster County: fire shifts, injuring firefighter, 3B, 8/22/00

Wildfires springing up across state, 3B, 8/31/00

Forest lands (Ole Miss) SEE University of Mississippi

Forfeiture law

Seizure of property of people accused in drug crimes

Law debated, 1A; 4/4/00, 1B, 3/30/00, 3B; 4/6/00

US Attorney Buck Buchanan turns over $350,000 to agencies, 1B, 4/18/00

Forks of the Road

Ser Seshad Heter-C.M. Boxley wants memorial at Natchez slave market, 1A, 2/29/00

Forks of the Road Ancestral Commemoration


Honoring black soldiers and slaves, 5B, 9/22/00

Formosan termite

Pest is moving inland from New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, 3B, 5/22/00

Forrest, Ervin

Bond denied Shubuta man in rape of 2 Hattiesburg women, 3B, 4/28/00

Fort Knox

2 of the top officers at facility are Alcorn graduates

Mike Alexander and George Edwards, 1B, 10/2/00

Fort Ste. Pierre

French fort has become Warren County's 3rd National Historic Landmark, 3/9/00, 3B

Forty-four Days That Changed Mississippi

Special series on 1964 slaying of 3 civil rights workers, 5/7/00–

Foster, Rex

Jackson attorney arrested on sexual battery charges, 1B, 1B; 10/11/00, 5/18/00, 5B; 12/5/00

Foster, Willie

Bluesman recalls path to fame, 3B, 7/13/00

Foundation for the Mid-South

Honors 3 Mississippi organizations, 7B, 11/13/00

To celebrate decade of service, 1B, 11/13/00

Four Gables

Historic home in Jackson restored by Valerie and Chyrl Grubbs, 1F, 3/12/00

Fournier, Vernel

Jazz legend dies at age 72, 1B, 11/7/00

Fourth of July 2000

Family fun and fireworks, 1A, 7/5/00

Fireworks celebration in Canton, 3B, 7/4/00

Fourth of July, 2000

Law officers will set up roadblocks throughout the state, 6/30/00, 6B

Fox, Shea and Shane

Identical twins first to join new software engineering program at MSU, 3B, 9/27/00

Frankel, Martin

Extradited financier facing trial in Mississippi, 1C, 12/2/00

German officials want Frankel to face charges there, 6/15/00; 6/17/00; 6/22/00; 6/30/00 (all 1C)

In interview he says his love of people caused his downfall, 1A, 5/13/00

Judge says companies suing George Dale must wait, 1/5/00, 1C; 1/17/00, 8C

State of Mississippi files criminal charges against financier, 1C, 1C; 9/19/00, 1C; 9/20/00, 4/11/00

Franklin, Sean SEE Sexually abused children

Franklin, Shelley

Blind Brookhaven teenager ministers to nursing homes, 1/29/00, 1E

Fraternities SEE Sororities and fraternities

Freddie the Frog Infant and Toddler...Preschool

Jackson Planning Bd OKs location, 2/24/00, 5B

Freedom Song

Civil rights activists find voices in TNT film, 1B, 2/19/00

FreedomFest 2000

At Liberty Park in Madison, 2B, 10/24/00

Freelon's Restaurant, Bar & Groove

New club on Mill Street, 1B, 10/27/00

Freeman, Christopher

Chef is also an avid hunter, 1E, 10/11/00

Freeman, Morgan

Actor and friend Bill Luckett open restaurant Madidi in Clarksdale, 1C; 10/31/00, 3B, 9/23/00

Actor named to MSU Board, 3B, 11/23/00

Frelix, Carl

City of Jackson's streets projects manager, 1B, 11/9/00

French Camp Academy

Rainwater Observatory, 3B, 4/10/00

French Elementary School

First-grader who set fire to attend special classes, 6B, 8/23/00

Fresh Inspiration: Catholic Art 2000

Exhibit at Municipal Art Gallery, 8G, 10/8/00

Friday 13th

With a full moon, too: Watch out!, 1E, 10/13/00

Friede Goldman Halter

Company reports $18 Million loss, 2nd quarter 2000, 1C, 8/8/00

Company reports $70 Million in stock sales, 1C, 6/23/00

Delayed oil rig projects a factor in report of losses, 1C; 12/4/00, 8C, 11/15/0

Gulfport shipyard to build car-carrying vessel for California company, 1C, 6/8/00

Layoffs to affect 900 employees, 1/13/00, 1A; 1/20/00, 1C, 1C; 5/31/00

Record losses over last 2 quarters, 1C, 2/23/00

Friedeman, Matt

Conservative to do last radio talk show for WFMN-FM, 1/5/00, 1E


These women have stuck together thru thick and thin, 1E, 6/20/00

Friends of Children of Mississippi

McCall Head Start's classroom in Capitol, 1/7/00, 1B

Friends of Mississippi Libraries

Freda Harntess named head, 2B, 11/8/00

Friends of the Community of Hanging Moss East

Clean-up-brigade, 1A, 8/21/00

Friendship Ball

Mary Hendrick and Rev. Dolphus Weary honored, 1A; 2/27/00, 1B, 2/20/00

Friendship Cemetery

Confederate cemetery in Columbus wants no fight over flag, 3B, 5/1/00

Historic Columbus site may get facelift, 1/27/00, 3B

Friendship II (boat)

Water ministry for children captained by priest Edward Balser, 1E, 6/10/00

Frierson, Rickey

Grand jury does not indict Picayune police officer who killed son, 2/3/00, 6B


Brian Crutchfield and Junius Johnson guilty in scheme to sell stolen Frito-Lay chips in New Orleans, 1B, 12/15/00

Ex-employee Deborah Mack ordered to repay $534,000

Stole a lot of potato chips, 1/22/00, 1A, 1A; 1/30/00

Suspects in 1994-96 scam to sell stolen chips arrested in Louisiana

From Mississippi company, 6/30/00, 7B

From Our House to Yours

Furniture consignment store in Ridgeland, 1C, 9/15/00

Frontier Products Inc

Coldwater plastics company get $1 Million in financing for expansion, 1C, 8/10/00


Youth anti-tobacco advocacy group, 2/13/00, 2B

Frozen desserts

Play it cool in hot weather, 1D, 7/5/00

Fruit of the Loom

Greenville plant closing leaves 527 without work, 1C, 12/13/00


Right recipe, right ingredients, a little know-how, 1E, 2/23/00

Fulbright scholars

2 Jackson teachers to study in Japan

Leland Thompson and Shelia Gilliam, 2B, 6/4/00

Fuller's Woodwork Shop

At Florence establishment everything's for sale but the dog, 1W, 11/30/00

Fuller, Marty SEE Murder-for-hire

Functional Literacy Exam

Test for 11th-graders said to be too easy, 1A, 2B, 3/19/00, 11A

Future Educators of America

More than 400 students attend conference, 2B, 4/9/00


G.V. Montgomery Veterans Medical Center

Director cleared of racial discrimination charges, 6B, 10/6/00

Pharmacy is automated, 1B, 9/16/00

Volunteers play critical role; Clifton Broadwater is 77, 1B, 11/11/00

Gaddis and McLaurin Hardware

129-year-old business in Bolton, 4/17/00, 10C

Gaines, Johnnie

Bond is reduced for man charged with possession of drugs near school, 1B, 5/4/00

Galaxy Cablevision

Cable service in Canton criticized, 2B, 4/4/00

Galloway Elementary School

US Secretary of Education Richard Riley visits, 1A, 2/24/00

Gambling SEE ALSO Dockside gambling

Gambling, Arkansas

Proposed initiative in state would allow casinos, 1B; 10/25/00, 1C, 10/23/00

Gambling, Choctaw Indian Reservation

Band to vote on 2nd casino project, 3/6/00, 3B

Gambling, Choctaw Reservation

Proposed Golden Moon casino complex, 1C, 2/9/00

Gambling, Mississippi

Anti-gambling referendum: Stoner's friend on the state high court is Kay Cobb, 1H, 9/24/00

Big gambling debts pushing some Mississippians to life of crime, 1A, 10/9/00

Casino revenues for 1st quarter 2000 set record, 1C, 4/26/00

Casino workers contribute to charities, 1C, 11/16/00

Economic impact in gaming counties, 1C, 6/17/00

Gaming Commission discuss casinos giving credit markers, 1C, 2/18/00

Know when you're addicted, 1/25/00, 1E

Lawmakers concerned that local people not hired as casino managers, 1C, 2/2/00

New casino resorts could help state, 1C, 11/23/00

Proposed ban on ATMs in casinos, 1C, 6/8/00

Requirements for anti-gaming initiative criticized, 1C, 3/14/00, 5B; 9/8/00

Revenues seeing slower growth in 2nd quarter 2000, 1C, 7/21/00

Showing gambling in TV ads now permitted

Few casinos change campaigns, 1C, 5/14/00

Social costs of gambling seen, but hard to document, 1C, 6/25/00

Thanksgiving holiday last hurrah before Christmas season, 1C, 11/16/00

US Treasury Dept. sues 7 casinos in records violations, 5/7/00, 5B

USM study on industry's economic impact, 1C, 9/10/00


Neighbors win appeal against gamecock farm in Adams County, 3B, 4/5/00

Gandy, Evelyn

Forum with female legislators at Women's Political Network in Jackson, 1B, 1B; 2/3/00, 2/3/00

Portrait of state's 1st female lieutenant governor unveiled, 1/18/00, 3B

Gangs, Mississippi

Speaker at USM tells of new upscale 'preppy' gangs, 3B, 6/16/00

Gants Band 2000

Mississippi garage band started in 1960s playing again, 1A, 10/15/00

Garbage, Biloxi

Garbage pickup costs expected to double in July, 1/18/00, 3B

Garbage, Canton

City switches trash contract; some citizens annoyed, 2B, 10/6/00

Garcia, Cheryl

Woman killed in 1995; her daughter wants closure

before her marriage, 1B, 12/27/00

Garcia, Fritz James

Evidence in 1997 murder case against him is missing from Hancock County Jail, 1B' 12/7/00, 3B, 11/11/00


Bedding plants selling well; overall sales down, 1C, 5/27/00

Garrett, Jessie

Texas hero has nightmares of Samuel family wreck on I-55, 1B, 12/28/00

Garrott, Martha

Director of Mississippi Crafts Center is a gourmet cook, 1E, 3/29/00

Gasoline prices SEE ALSO Petroleum industry

Gasoline prices, Jackson

Charities won't let high gas prices slow efforts, 1B, 7/17/00

Cheap gas at Albertson's on Terry Rd, 1C, 3/10/00

High gas prices hitting independent stations hard, 1C, 7/19/00

Rising prices drive up bicycle sales, 3/13/00, 10C

Gasoline prices, Mississippi

Citizens make adjustments in their lives, 1E, 3/17/00

Higher prices blamed for 'gas up and scram' practice, 1A, 7/2/00

Local government agencies watch spiraling costs, 1A, 4/3/00

Gasoline prices, US

Climbing prices fueling worry, 1A, 2/28/00, 8C; 6/12/00

Gasoline tax

Raising tax in state proposed, 1A, 1A; 12/20/00, 12/12/00

Gates Foundation

Grant to give school administrators computer training, 1B, 6/1/00

Gateway Rescue Mission

Man soliciting funds for shelter a fraud, official says, 4/25/00, 4B

Gay adoption SEE Mississippi Legislature (2000)

GE Small Business Solutions

Offering services to small operations, 1C, 6/3/00


Friends Johnnie Green Jenkins and Mary Holmes-James returned to school, 1B, 3/20/00

It and vocational classes offer a true second chance, 1B, 3/20/00

GED certificate

Police, court, community college unite to help dropouts, 1/6/00, 1B

GED SEE General Education Development

Geiger, Tracie

Former Laurel ambulance service owner admits to Medicare fraud, 1B, 3/25/00

Gem, Mineral, Fossil and Jewelry Show

At Fairgrounds, 2/24/00, 10F


Use the holidays to gather family history, 1E, 11/28/00

General Education Development (GED)

Plea bargain: degree program for juvenile offenders, 1B, 7/3/00

General Education Development SEE GED

Genesis Food Bank

Children from Henry B. Jacobs Camp help needy, 1B, 8/1/00

Gang graffiti on walls of warehouse, 1B, 8/14/00

Genetically engineered foods

MSU to survey consumer opinion, 1C, 12/9/00

Geographical Information System

5-year-old Hinds County mapping system inaccurate 20% of the time, 1A, 8/21/00


Johnny Cook of Olive Branch will not get diploma

Cannot pass required course, 1A, 5/19/00

George County

Population boom leads to need for DA branch offices, 3/10/00, 3B

George County Public Schools

Schools faced with booming enrollment, limited space, 2/21/00, 3B

George Elementary School

Cocaine found in home close to school, 2B, 12/8/00

Infestation of fleas forces pupils from school, 1B, 5/24/00

George Johnson Memorial Choral Scholarship Concert

At JSU, 1B, 11/6/00

George, Leighton

Ex-policeman sentenced in DUI case to appeal verdict, 3B, 5/8/00

Former Memphis police officer convicted of DUI assault on Deena Vest, 3B, 3B; 4/19/00, 4/15/00

George, Sharon and Jonathan

Bay St. Louis couple design and build Mardi Gras floats, 2/7/00, 3B

Geotes, Johnny

Court upholds revocation of Gulfport veterinarian's license, 3B, 8/19/00

Germ warfare SEE Biological warfare

German Fest

At St. Joseph Catholic Church in Gluckstadt, 2B, 2B; 9/19/00, 9/14/00

Get Moo-ving With Milk Tour

Milk mustaches at Boys and Girls Club, 5B, 6/13/00

Gettysburg Battlefield

Monument to Mississippi's University Greys dedicated, 1E, 5/25/00

Ghaemmaghami, Nosratollah

Ridgeland doctor's property confiscated in Iran

Persecuted for his Baha'i faith, 1E, 7/1/00

Ghosh, Shayon

13-year old enrolls in JSU, 1A, 8/19/00

13-year old genius attending Jackson Prep, 1/12/00, 1A

Ghosh, Shayon SEE STAR students

Ghosts! Personal Accounts of Modern Mississippi Hauntings

Book by Bob and Sylvia Hubbard, 1E, 10/26/00

Gibbons, Fannye Mae

86-year on beauty salon owner in Jackson, 1A, 8/28/00

Gibbs, Damian

Man in jail on 1999 drug charges has never been indicted

May be released, 1B, 1B; 5/17/00, 5/16/00

Gibbs, Jimmy

Vicksburg fireman disabled by fire 26 years ago

In battle for increase for more disability pay, 1B, 7/10/00

Gibbs-Van Seutter Home

A little love saves historic home in Raymond, 2B, 8/7/00

Gibbs-Van-Seutter house

Haunted house in Raymond, 2B, 10/30/00

Gibson, John

Jackson artist paints on gourds, 1E, 6/15/00

Gilchrist, Ellen

Her book 'The Cabal and Other Stories,' 5/28/00, 9G

Gill, Jimmy

Local paramedic wins national 'Stars of Life' award, 2B, 5/26/00

Gilmore, Gwendolyn

Gilmore missing

Hinds County sheriff may test DNA on skeletal remains found near Bolton, 1A, 6/5/00


A traditional Christmas treat, 1E, 12/13/00

Girl Scouts

12 Senior Girl Scouts in Brandon honored, 3B, 10/15/00

Girls State, 2000

In Hattiesburg, 1A, 3B; 6/7/00, 3B; 6/8/00, 5/29/00

Giuliani, Rudolph

Trent Lott will back Giuliani's replacement in NY Senate race, 1A, 5/20/00

Gleaners, The

Volunteer group distributes surplus food to needy, 1B, 5/29/00

Glen Oaks Apartments

4 units destroyed by fire, 1B, 8/31/00

Glover, Danny

Noted actor visits Algebra Project in Jackson, 1B, 7/20/00

Glover, Danny SEE Algebra Project


Incorporation meeting set, 2B, 12/22/00

Plans for overlay district put on hold, 2B, 11/18/00

Residents hope to protect community's roots and rural charm, 2B, 8/10/00

Gluckstadt Road

Widening project will bring too much traffic, residents say, 2B, 2B; 10/27/00, 9/9/00

Goat Ropers

Starkville band winning fans, 1B, 11/13/00


When children talk about God, 1E, 3/25/00

God, the Devil and Bob

WLBT-TV does not air cartoon show, 1A, 3/10/00

Goff, Jerry

Ex-band director at George County High School faces sex charges, 3B, 3B; 9/23/00, 3B; 12/8/00, 6/10/00

Gold and Green 2000

Mississippi near bottom in environmental protection/economic development ratio, 1B, 12/11/00

Gold in the Hills

64th year of production by Vicksburg Theatre Guild, 1B, 7/30/00

Golden Police Department

Chief Charles Harris convicted in beating case, 2/16/00, 3B

Golden Triangle Regional Airport


Eyes service to DFW, 3B, 4/20/00

Goldman, Chris

Former youth minister at Byram church arrested on molestation charges, 2B, 6/6/00

Golliday, Odell

9-year old boy shot by teenager who found gun in house, 5B, 8/12/00


Mississippi leads nation in number of cases, 1A, 6/23/00

Good Neighbor Day. SEE Greenbrook Florist

Goode, Brighton

Homeschooled Madison girl will sing in Children's Honor Choir, 2/27/00, 2B

Goodman Police Department

Assistant Chief Emma Horton shot to death by fellow officer Edward Myers, 1A, 1A; 9/12/00, 9/9/00

Edward Myers indicted in death of assistant chief, 1B, 10/24/00

Goodpaster, Larry

Tupelo minister elected bishop of southeast Methodist association, 1B, 7/14/00

Goodwill Industries of Mississippi

Helps people with special needs find work, 1E, 8/19/00

Honors metro area's 8 top volunteers, 1E, 8/19/00

Gookin, Richard

78-year old barber testifies at robbery trial of Stanley McNeil, 4B, 5/10/00

Gopher tortoises

2 tortoises relocated away from highway project in Harrison County, 3B, 10/20/00

Gore, Thomas

ATM repairman says he was forced to steal $26,000, 1B; 5/5/00, 5/4/00, 5B

Governor's Awards for Excellence in the Arts, 1B, 1E; 3/18/00, 3/12/00, 10G; 3/14/00

Governor's Conference on High Technology

High attendance, 1C, 11/3/00

To introduce investors and young companies, 1C, 10/20/00

Governor's race, 1999

General election: stalemate: instant runoff plan, 1/23/00, 1B, 1H; 1/25/00

General election: stalemate: Legislators ready to choose governor, 1/2/00, 1A

General election: stalemate: Musgrove is winner; vote 86-36, 1/5/00, 1A, 9A; 1/9/00

Grace House

AIDS hospice to expand living quarters, 1B, 3/17/00

AIDS/HIV shelter benefited by thrift store, 1B, 11/20/00

Grace House II

Hospice for AIDS sufferers in Jackson, 1B, 8/13/00

Graduation rates

Study show rates improved in Mississippi, 1B, 12/19/00

Graduation, 2000

Graduates of the past give advice for future, 1A, 1A; 5/28/00, 2B; 5/31/00, 5/20/00

Gran Turino

Band performs at Hal & Mal's, 6/15/00, 11F

Grand Casino-Biloxi

Gives funds to group opposing 2 new casinos projects, 1C, 6/10/00

Grand Gulf

380,000-pound generator to be hauled up Highway 61 to Vicksburg, 3B, 6/2/00

Grand Opera House of Mississippi

Restoration of Meridian building planned, 2/21/00, 3B, 3B; 5/1/00

Grandma's Phonics

Program developed by Gary Road Elementary School teacher Carolyn Thomas, 2B, 9/24/00

Grantham, Dennis

Trial set for Rankin County man who killed his wife in Sept. 1999, 2B, 2B; 9/7/00, 5/13/00

Granthan, Dennis

Found competent to stand trial in killing of his estranged wife, 2B, 4/21/00

Graves, Mitchell

Young Clarksdale argonaut wants to be 1st man on Mars, 1F, 8/6/00

Gray III, Duncan M

Consecrated as bishop coadjutor of Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi, 1A, 1E; 6/18/00, 6/17/00

Gray, Leesa

Investigation reveals Gray was strangled, 1B; 8/14/00, 3B, 6/29/00

Vicksburg man Eddie Loden accused in death of 16-year old, 1A; 11/22/00, 1B, 1B; 6/27/00, 1B; 6/28/00, 6/25/00

Gray, Leonard

Jackson man investigated in cutting Bellsouth lines, 1B; 7/1/00, 4/27/00, 4B

Great American Cleanup

Beautification efforts in Clinton and Edwards, 2B, 6/2/00

Great american Train Show

Model railroaders at the Trade Mart, 6F, 11/16/00

Great Biloxi Schooner Race, 5/4/00, 11F

Great Harvest Bread Company

New franchise in Jackson, 1C, 4/7/00

Great Southern Volvo of Richland

Truck dealer closes doors, 1C, 11/23/00

Great Strides Walk to Cure Cystic Fibrosis

Fund-raiser set, 4/13/00, 4B

Greater Jackson Area Job Fair

At Trademart, 1C, 3/30/00

Greater Jackson Foundation

Dedicated teachers given $800 stipends, 1/23/00, 2B

Group launches $2.5 Million campaign

Raising money for educational projects, 1B, 1B; 9/9/00, 5/24/00

Greater Northside Missionary Baptist Church

Rev. Amos Brown: half a century of preaching, 1B, 11/19/00

Greater Powell Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church

Grenada church building apartments, 3B, 5/1/00


In Jackson, 1B, 10/22/00

Green Island SEE Landfills, Jackson County

Green, Bradford

Memorial service for helicopter pilot killed in training at Camp Shelby, 1B, 6/25/00

Green, Tomie

Hinds County Circuit Court Judge summoned to jury duty, 1B, 7/25/00

Greenbrook Florist

Good Neighbor Day--Brook Jacobs' rose giveaway, 1B, 9/5/00

Greenfield Commercial Park

Growing area between Pearl and Brandon seeing several projects, 1C, 9/16/00

Greenville Fire Department

Sick-out by firefighters, 1/27/00, 1B, 3B; 2/14/00

Sides hope to avoid trial over sleep-time pay, 3B, 3B; 6/23/00, 6/17/00

Greenville Gossips

Web site like small town for natives; at holiday time turns efforts toward giving, 1A, 12/16/00

Greenville Police Department

3 officers cleared in shooting, 3B, 9/21/00

Grenada Chamber of Commerce

William Tyner is new director, 3/27/00, 3B

Grenada Elementary School

Kidzeum program, 3/13/00, 3B

Grenada Middle School

Walls that Teach project, 3B, 12/4/00

Grenada Upper Elementary School

New school to open, 3B, 8/7/00

Griffin, Timothy

Jackson man sentenced to 20 years in Pearl robbery in 1999, 2B, 6/30/00

Griffith, Morris

Real estate agent reports to prison in Memphis, 1/15/00, 1B

Grimes, Karolyn

'It's a Wonderful Life' actress speaks to state high schoolers, 1A, 4/13/00

Grisham, John

'The Brethren' reviewed, 1B, 2/6/00, 3G; 2/9/00

Grisham-Stewart, Sharon

Hinds County coroner seeing too many slain young people, 2B, 4/24/00

Grisham-Stewart, Sharon SEE Hinds County Coroner

Grist, Jerry

Legislator's business shut down over taxes, 4B, 6/25/00

Grocery stores

New machines at Kroger lets customers check themselves out, 1C, 10/20/00

Scanners at check-out line to be inspected, 1C, 8/1/00

Gross, Eddie

Minister from Jackson arrested in New Orleans homicide, 1B; 7/15/00, 5B, 7/13/00

GS Ventures, LLC

Venture capital fund started by 2 former SkyTel executives

John Palmer and Jai Bhagat, 1/20/00, 1C

Gulf Coast

Growth of Coast counties creates land and housing rush, 3B, 7/31/00

Gulf Coast Boaters Rendezvous

Ship Island party delayed because of nesting rare shore birds, 5B, 7/9/00

Gulf Coast Community College

Online classes boost enrollment, 1B, 9/18/00

Gulf Coast Research Laboratory

Land dispute resolved; expansion to begin, 3B, 7/25/00

Gulf Springs Island


Public input sought on issue, 3/9/00, 3B, 3B; 3/11/00

Gulf Sturgeon

Age-old question: endangered fish or dam on Bouie River, 1A, 5/15/00

Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Historical Society

RR buffs swap information, sell memorabilia at Jackson show, 1B, 11/5/00

Gulfport Police Department

Ex-DWI officer on probation for injuring 2 New Orleans officers, 6/11/00, 6B

Officer charged in crash that critically injured 2 NO policemen, 2/15/00, 3B, 3B; 2/17/00

Officer who ran over NO policemen was legally drunk, 2/25/00, 3B, 3B; 3/18/00, 3B; 5/13/00

Truck passenger shot to death at routine traffic stop, 3B, 4/9/00

Gulfport Public Library

Plans to raze library on hold

Site wanted for new federal building, 2/3/00, 4B

Gulfport, Mississippi

Interest in downtown renewal, 5B, 7/5/00

Gulley, C. Douglas

Convicted Ocean Springs financial planner files for bankruptcy, 6B, 9/19/00

Gun control

11 Mississippi mayors sign gun buyback pact, 1A, 7/5/00

Gun buyback effort in Pascagoula nets 200 firearms, 3B, 7/7/00

Mississippi a 'source state' for north/south gun trafficking, 1B, 4/20/00

Still a tough issue to tackle, 1H, 1H; 5/28/00, 3/5/00

Gunn, Glenn

Clinton man charged with theft of 50 wallets from school locker rooms, 1/26/00, 3B

Guns in schools SEE School violence

Gupta, Krishan

Jackson doctor wins lawsuit against Deposit Guaranty (AmSouth Bank), 1C, 6/30/00

Guyton, Arthur

Physician's Textbook of Medical Physiology goes into 10th edition, 4B, 9/16/00


Haas Outdoors

West Point firm sells camouflage operations to Atlanta company, 1C, 3/10/00

Habitat for Humanity

Board president Harry Lambdin hikes Trace as fund-raiser, 1E; 4/26/00, 2B, 4/14/00

Clinton Habitat lacks funds to finish house, 2B, 12/20/00

First ladies Melanie Musgrove and Elise Winter volunteer, 1B, 5/7/00

Help needed in Leland in September, 1E, 8/5/00

Mississippians among those building houses in Honduras, 1A, 1E, 7/22/00

Moving into Midtown neighborhood and building houses, 1A, 1A; 9/19/00, 9/18/00

Ohio Northern University students in Jackson helping build houses, 3/3/00, 5B

Spreading Christian message in Tupelo, 3B, 6/8/00

Trina Williams moves into her new house on Blair Street, 1B, 8/9/00

Utica dedicates 1st Habitat home, 2B, 7/10/00

Volunteers build Millennium House on New Year's Eve, 1/1/00, 12A

Haddad, Steve

Canton man found shot to death in a van, 1/22/00, 5B

Haire, Jennifer

Body of woman found in drainage canal in Jackson County identified, 3B, 12/26/00

Hal & Mal's

Jackson's first brewpub is at club: Shaun Grumblatt, brewmaster, 1E, 10/20/00

Hall, Dick

Q&A with Mississippi Transportation Commissioner, 2H, 5/14/00

Q&A with Transportation Commissioner, 2H, 8/20/00

Hall, Janesha SEE Arrington, Clarence


A few precautions should keep kids safe, 1E, 10/31/00

Halloween treats, 1E, 10/25/00

Hammack, Steve

1989 rape case: woman refuses to testify

She must pay Hammack for statutory damages, 3B, 8/10/00

Hand, Ralph

Influence charged in killer's release from prison, 1A, 1A; 3/9/00, 2/12/00

Handgun Control

National advocate organization criticizes state for inadequate laws protecting children, 1A, 9/11/00

Hanke, Kevin

Hinds County sheriff's deputy resigns after marital spat, 2/26/00, 2B

Hanna, Ron

Deputy insurance commissioner leaving for industry job in Alabama, 1C, 12/1/00


Holiday traditions strong for Jewish families, 1E, 12/16/00

Happy Birthday Jesus Festival

Festival aids poor working families, 1B, 12/16/00

Harbor House

Treatment center hosting open house at new location, 1B, 9/17/00

Harbour Group

Technical solutions company in Ridgeland, 1C, 12/16/00

Harden, Marcus

Medical records sought for Oxford man severely burned in his car, 5B, 7/15/00

Hardge, Lawrence

Vicksburg businessman faces charges on securities irregularities counts, 2/5/00, 3B

Hardin, Marcus

Holly Springs man says he was set on fire in his car

Case unsolved, 3B, 6/5/00

Hardy Middle School

After school program 21st Century Community Learning Center, 2B, 3/5/00

Sexual misconduct between 2 students, 4B; 5/13/00, 5/10/00, 5B

Harkins, Chelsea

Clinton student has acute transverse myelitis

Her limp does not stop her, 2B, 3/19/00

Harley Memorial Day Blowout

Bikers converge on Coast, 3B, 5/26/00

Harley, Clifton

Trial: Harley's ex-girlfriend testifies of beating and sexual assault in 1997, 1B, 1B; 12/14/00, 12/13/00

Harper, Elizabeth

Provine student body president headed to JSU, 2B, 5/28/00

Harper, Larry

JPD officer, Crime Stoppers leader, school liaison, commits suicide, 1A; 2/23/00, 1B, 2/22/00, 6B; 2/27/00

Harper, Ricky

Man shot to death on road in Edwards trying to aid motorist, 2B, 12/5/00

Harper, Roy Randall SEE Parchman


Robert Lang and Tom Ober invent computerized harpsichord, 1E, 9/14/00

Harried, Stanley

Court of Appeals throws out $1Million award

Had been given by Jefferson County jury, 3B, 6/7/00

Harris family

Local family grieves through tragedies, 2B, 12/14/00

Harris, Bobby

Lawyer for 4 defendants in killing of Harris criticizes delay in indictments, 1B, 12/4/00

Harris, Eugene

Korean War casualty

Clarion-Ledger photo brings his story home to his 2 daughters, 1B, 7/4/00

Harris, Floricee

Cause of her death uncertain: autopsy ordered, 4B, 8/11/00

Harris, Jason

Utica teenager held in nightclub slaying, 2B, 6/6/00

Harris, Matlean

2 held in disappearance of 73-year old Greenville woman, 1/27/00, 3B

Harris, Roby

Retired Canton policeman given his gun as a keepsake, 2B, 4/8/00

Harrison County Correctional Center

$3.5 Million upgrade approved, 5B, 6/7/00

Deputies punished for escapes, 3B, 5/5/00

Jail sees 7th escape in 6 weeks, 3B, 3B; 6/3/00, 5/31/00

Jailers on leave after 5 prisoners escape, 2B; 4/26/00, 3B, 3B; 4/23/00, 4/21/00

NaphCare (Ala) to provide medical care for prisoners, 3B, 5/10/00

Report says jail still has staffing and security problems, 3B, 8/4/00

Sheriff's deputies thwart escape attempt by 2 inmates, 3/23/00, 3B

Harrison County Sheriff's Department

2 former deputies convicted of fraud, 3B, 10/8/00

Former sheriff Joe Price, others implicated in fraud trial, 3B, 9/29/00

Judge to decide if 3 indicted deputies can share lawyer, 2/2/00, 3B, 3B; 9/20/00

Harrison, Henry Lee

Man who admitted to killing 2 Jackson County girls given 2 life terms, 3/24/00, 3B

Harry Potter and the Golden Goblet of Fire

Popular children's book, 1A, 1E; 7/8/00, 4B, 5B; 7/9/00, 7/7/00, 7A; 7/10/00

Hart, Rodalton

Trial for Holmes County farmer in loan plot begins, 1B, 1B; 10/31/00, 10/18/00

Harvest Festival

At Agriculture and Forestry Museum, 9F, 11/9/00

Hate crimes. SEE ALSO Johnson, Raynard

Focus of forum in Columbia, 1A, 9/30/00

Hathorn's Pest Control

Owner offers to make free sweeps in Hinds County to eradicate mosquitoes, 2B, 6/20/00

Hathorn, Sue SEE Charities

Hats Off For Cancer

Baseball-style caps given to children who have lost their hair; Missy May in charge, 1E, 10/6/00

Hattiesburg Public Schools

Won't rehire fired security officer Mabel Edmond, 3B, 8/8/00

Havard, James

Friends help paralyzed Hurley student with handicapped-accessible housing, 1A, 10/30/00

Hawkins Field

Has Jackson Municipal Airport Authority's attention, 1/25/00, 1C

Hawkins Middle School


Prisoners warn students against a life of crime, 1A, 5/13/00

Haynes, Joe

Veteran educator leaving state post for job in private sector, 1B, 12/9/00

Hazardous material SEE ALSO Environmental justice

Hazardous material SEE ALSO Pirate (pesticide)

Hazardous material, Delta

Misuse of chemicals in region is down, 1B, 8/27/00

Hazardous material, Horn Lake

11 exposed to chemical spill at Walgreens Drug Store, 3B, 11/7/0

Hazardous material, Jackson

Chemicals in dumpster

Southside Assembly of God Church evacuated, 4B, 8/27/00

Diesel fuel spill at McDowell Rd exit on I-55, 3/9/00, 6B

Hazardous material, Lamar County

Area around Country Club Lake may be named EPA Superfund project, 3B, 7/15/00

Hazardous material, Mississippi

State is 16th in toxin releases harmful to children, 1B, 7B, 12/25/00

Hazardous material, Pearl

Truck carrying diesel overturns at I-20/Highway 49 on ramp, 2/28/00, 8B

Hazardous material, Union County

Rain washes asphalt sealer into creek, 3B, 8/15/00

Hazardous material, Vicksburg

18-wheeler carrying formaldehyde overturns on I-20, 1B, 2/27/00

Hazardous waste SEE Morton International

Hazlehurst Police Department

Assistant Chief Darryl Hilliard arrested on embezzlement charges, 3B, 7/14/00

Head Start

3 centers in Hinds County may be consolidated, 1A; 7/19/00, 1B, 6/3/00


10 Mississippi experts recommend changes to improve your health, 1/4/00, 1E

Health Fair

On Mount Moriah Road in Edwards, 2B, 6/14/00

Health Maintenance Organizations

Lawsuit expands to 7th HMO in state, 1B, 2/12/00

Lawyer Richard Scruggs eyeing massive lawsuit, 1B, 7/10/00


Pilot program to monitor chronic diseases caused by pollutants in state, 1B, 5/22/00

System to monitor chronic diseases linked to environmental conditions, 1B, 8/8/00

Heart attack

Mississippi leads nation in heart-disease deaths

Also symptoms and prevention, 1D, 2/21/00


What can be done about it?, 1D, 11/13/00

Heath, Bobby J

UMC heart surgeon dies in Florida diving accident, 1A; 8/17/00, 4B, 5B, 8/16/00

Heating bills

Cost expected to rise across state, 1C, 11/3/00

Hederman Brothers Printers

Hederman family resumes ownership, 1C, 11.25.00

Hegwood, Martin

His 2nd novel 'The Green-Eyed Hurricane,' 3H (Bill Minor), 7/2/00

Review of his new book 'The Green-Eyed Hurricane,' 3G, 7/16/00

Heidel, Jimmy SEE Department of Economic and Community Development


Files bankruptcy; 19 stores in state including one in Jackson to close, 1C, 8/17/00

Helping Hands

Organization to provide housing for Daisy Rogers and her children, 2B, 2B;6/29/00, 6/22/00

Volunteer group removes huge fallen tree from Ruthie Webster's yard, 1B, 4/22/00

Henick, Chris

Yazoo City native prominent in George W. Bush's presidential campaign, 1B, 6/13/00

Henley, Chester

Son of former judge killed in auto accident; the judge died in November 1999, 5B, 10/29/00

Henley, Don

Low ticket sales in Tupelo, 4B, 8/14/00

Henley-Young Juvenile Justice Center

SEE ALSO Jackson/Hinds Youth Detention Center

Henley-Young Youth Detention Center

Pay issue for director an issue, 5B, 12/19/00

Henriques, Bart

Former Vicksburg police officer wins retrial in child porn case, 1B, 11/28/00

Henry, Aaron

'Aaron Henry--the Fire Ever Burning,' 3H (Bill Minor), 6/4/00

Book: 'Aaron Henry: The Fire Ever Burning,' by Constance Curry, 1E, 3/9/00

Henry, Louis

Asks to spend prison time with his friend Tyrone Dennis

Dennis has learning disability, 1A, 5/27/00

Hepatitis A

3 cases cited at elementary school in Petal, 3B, 10/5/00

Case detected: Green Elementary School cafeteria worker, 1B, 2/25/00

Cases growing in Hinds County, 1B, 6/25/00

Location of outbreak determines information released to public, 1/15/00, 1B; 2/8/00, 5B

Restaurant industry and state officials fight virus with education, 1B, 2/23/00

Hepatitis B

Kindergarten children need vaccination before registration, 2B, 6/11/00

Hepatitis C

Veterans given free test kits

Vietnam veterans especially at risk, 1B' 11/17/00, 7/2/00, 8B

Heritage Solutions

Hattiesburg company wants to make Hinds County records available on Internet, 1A, 12/21/00

Hernando Middle School

2 students' fake 'hit list' gets them suspended, 1B, 3/20/00


A growing problem in Mississippi, 1A, 2/20/00

Herrington, Dorothy SEE Crawford, Reatha Mae

Hervey, Anthony

African American supports rebel flag in march at Oxford, 3B, 5/8/00


4 Mississippi cities featured on program 'Restore America,' 1E, 5/26/00

Hickory Street Heritage Festival

In Canton, 2B, 8/28/00

Hicks, Cleophas

Tip by citizen leads to arrest of Jackson man in Pearl apartment burglary, 2B, 7/18/00

Higgins, Luke

6-year old golden retriever sent Navy recruitment letter by mistake, 3B, 7/17/00

High Noon Cafe

Restaurant review, 4/6/00, 4F

High Street

Improvement, revitalization plans clear last hurdle, 1B, 12/9/00

High-tech SEE Telecommunications industry

Highland Colony Parkway

City of Madison gives consent to commercial development, 2B, 3/27/00

Highland Plaza

Facility on Old Canton Road to open this Summer, 1C, 5/10/00

Highlands Restaurant & Deli

New eatery blends Greek and Cajun cuisine, 1C, 2/16/00

Highway 45 South

MDOT blames accidents in Quitman on drivers, not the road, 4B, 6/25/00

Highway 49

DOT plans widening of highway in Rankin County, 10/30/00. 2B

Highway 61 Blues Festival

Several hundred fans attend, 3B, 6/11/00

Highway 61 North

A 'highway of death' in stretch leadiing to Tunica casinos, 3B, 12/18/00

Decades-old land price limit stymies Warren County supervisors, 3B, 6/23/00

Highway Patrol

100 outstanding officers honored, 6/7/00, 6B

57 new troopers added at ceremony, 1B, 5B; 12/22/00, 12/16/00

Cadet class of 80 being selected; will be on duty by Fall, 1B, 6/27/00

Department behind in hiring women and some minorities, 1B, 7/2/00

Troopers ordered to remove emblems from patrol cars

Is state flag the issue?, 1B, 2/24/00


Cost of four-lane road plan begun in 1987 has tripled to $4.7 Billion, 1A, 5/2/00

Nonprofit Washington, DC group urges more spending on maintenance, 1C, 2/9/00

Under Clinton's budget state could lose $16 Million in funds, 1A, 2/14/00, 3B; 10/6/00, 5B; 6/14/00

Hill, Faith

Benefit concert at Jackson Zoo, 1A, 1A; 5/28/00, 1E; 7/2/00, 1F; 6/1/00, 3/18/00

Hilliard, Elbert

Q&A with director of Dept. of Archives and History, 2H, 10/15/00

Hilltop Lounge

Shoot-out in Bolton bar leaves 1 man dead, 2B, 5/2/00

Hinds Community College

Board OKs hike in tuition, 1A, 1A; 4/9/00, 4/6/00

Eyes ways to improve security at Raymond campus, 2B, 9/7/00

Groundbreaking for new Cain Hall, 2B, 11/17/00

Leaders proposed medical radiography program, 2/3/00, 2B

Muse says budget cut may not affect staff, 1B, 10/5/00

No raises for employees, 2B, 5/4/00

Rankin campus: new lab to train students for industry jobs, 2B, 12/1/00

Tuition increase; staff layoffs eyed, 1B, 12/7/00

Hinds County

A plan for land use, improvements and infrastructure to be unveiled, 1B, 5/29/00

Equipment inventory rules lack power, official says, 1/18/00, 1B`

Hinds County Board of Supervisors

Board extends lobbyists' services, 2B, 12/21/00

Hinds County budget

Approval of budget is expected, 1B, 9/14/00

Possible windfall: recouping hidden costs from operating federal programs, 1B, 9/11/00

Supervisors foresee budget cuts, 1A; 8/8/00, 1A; 8/10/00, 1A; 8/11/00, 1B, 8/2/00

Tax hike rejected; supervisors foresee agency cuts, 1A, 1A; 8/30/00, 1B; 8/31/00, 8/26/00

Hinds County Chancery Clerk

New Clerk Glynn Pepper works on budget, 2B, 3/7/00

Pepper wants computerized records system, 1B, 8/17/00

Hinds County Coroner

Efforts to get files back from Robert Martin, 1/15/00, 1B, 1B; 1/19/00

Files taken by Martin returned, 1/20/00, 1B

New coroner Sharon Grisham-Stewart finds files gone, 1/8/00, 1B;, 2B; 1/11/00

Robert Martin's 20-year term draws to a close, 1/3/00, 1B

Hinds County Courthouse

Federal and local officials seek site for new courthouse in downtown Jackson, 1B, 12/20/00


Roof is leaking, 1B; 4/15/00, 1B; 4/18/00, 2B, 4/9/00

Security at maximum, 2/14/00, 2B


Closure of historic courthouse suggested, 1A; 3/18/00, 2/28/00, 2B

Hinds County Courthouse (R)

Grant from Economic Development District for beautification projects, 2B, 9/29/00

Hinds County Democratic Party

Leaders to be selected, 1B, 2B; 3/12/00, 3/6/00

Hinds County Detention Center

Sheriff says injuries in a fall killed inmate Danny Lang, 1B, 10/27/00

Hinds County Detention Center (R)

County sues over poor workmanship in 1993: sinkholes are dangerous, 1A, 11/4/00

Firefox team: inmates battling forest fires, 2B, 9/11/00

Grant to fund female inmates literacy program, 1B, 6/24/00

New center: ground beneath facility to be excavated, 2B, 11/7/00

Hinds County Drug Court

Alternative-to-jail-time program sees early failures, 1A, 9/22/00

Drug treatment program available, 2B, 11/18/00

First 3 inmates in program choose treatment, 1A, 3/18/00

Funding and raises for court attorneys OK'd, 1B, 7/6/00

Hinds County Economic Development District

Towns receive grants for infrastructure improvement, etc., 2B, 10/4/00

Hinds County Election Commission

Activist Jan Hillegas wants members ousted

Alleged election irregularities, 1B, 8/15/00

Hinds County Emergency Management Operations

Funds sought to replace 2 warning sirens, 1B, 10/2/00

Terrorism training, 1B, 5/9/00

Hinds County employees

Agencies' overspending totals $1.26Million, 1B, 10/24/00

Motor-pool plan, 1B, 1B; 5/16/00, 5/9/00

New insurer is Aetna Health Care

10/1/00, 1B

Training to eliminate security lapses, 2B, 6/9/00

Hinds County Human Resource Agency

Forum on poverty, 1B, 4/13/00

Hinds County Justice Court System

Discussion with citizens of Clinton, 2B, 9/30/00

Records show 3907 cases pending disposition, 1A, 5/8/00

Supervisors want uncollected fees pursued, 1B, 9/23/00

Hinds County motor pool

Plan put on hold, 1B, 4/18/00

Hinds County Penal Farm

Convicted Christopher Bowie escapes, is recaptured, 2B, 6/2/00

Inmate escapes work detail; police chase thru Rankin County

Ends with collision, 2B, 3/9/00

Inmate labor helps metro-area organizations, 2/15/00, 2B

Inmates learn the art of syrup making, 1B, 12/1/00

Second Chance Pet Partners helps rescued dogs, 2B, 11/23/00

Work program 'beats sitting around in a cell,' 2B, 10/27/00

Hinds County Public Schools

2000-01 term begins, 2B, 8/12/00

3 finalists to replace Johnson, 2/24/00, 2B

AT&T property settlement dispute to aid schools, 1A, 6/24/00

Auction of old buses, 3/16/00, 6B

Board proposes small property tax increase, 2B, 6/22/00

Board tables proposed study of schools by JBHM Education Group, 2B, 11/10/00

Grading system to be revamped, 2B, 8/6/00

Mentoring program pairs veteran teachers with new ones, 2B, 12/10/00

Move to shorten some rural bus routes, 2B, 9/10/00

Officials required to notify authorities of suspect child abuse, 2B, 4/23/00

Parents backing Phyla Eiland for superintendent post, 2B, 2B; 3/22/00, 2B; 4/2/00, 3/21/00

Repairs at elementary schools ongoing, 2B, 8/2/00

Roof repairs near completion, 2B, 9/19/00

Superintendent Leslie Johnson retiring, 1/23/00, 2B, 2B; 5/21/00

Teachers urged to pursue national board certification, 2B, 10/22/00

To file suit over past due rent

Joe McPhail's 16th Section land, 1/27/00, 2B

Hinds County Public Works Department

Director applicants paired to 3, 2B, 7/12/00

Director Mary Carter fired, 1B, 4/4/00

Hinds County School Board

District 4 representative Sherry Felker to quit, 2B, 6/19/00

Hinds County Sheriff's Department

Bloodhound Unit: child safety in woods while camping or hiking, 2B, 9/1/00

Budget deficit at $600,000, 1A, 10/3/00

Donated ATV to help enforce conservation laws, 1B, 8/30/00

Graduation of 11 reserve deputies, 2B, 5/9/00

Investigator Lee Tannehill is Officer of the Year, 2B, 3/27/00

Low salaries reason for resignations, McMillin says, 2/8/00, 2B

Merger of booking operations with JPD, 1A; 4/4/00, 1B, 2B; 8/14/00, 3/26/00

Mounted sheriff's patrol, 2B, 3/15/00

Reservists providing community service, 2B, 3/30/00

Tannerhill named Officer of the Year, 2B, 3/17/00

Hinds County Summer Youth Program

Summer internships called success, 1B, 7/27/00

Hinds County Supervisors

Officials take steps to reduce number of vehicles supervisors have, 1A; 4/18/00, 1B, 4/17/00

Hinds County Tax Collector

$10,000 missing from office; Sheriff's Dept. called in, 1B; 9/6/00, 5B, 9/2/00

Newly elected Bill Burrows plans to improve, automate service, 2B, 5/15/00

Tax collector wants security cameras to prevent theft, 1B, 12/5/00

Hindu Temple

Leaders from India visit Temple in south Jackson, 1B, 8/8/00

Hindu Temple Society of Mississippi

Benefit features well-known Bollywood actors, 1E, 6/24/00

Hinsdale, Jennifer

Disabled woman ordered moved from Massachusetts to Long Beach, 3B, 8/10/00

Hiott, Kari

Domestic dispute leads to death of estranged husband Hubert Hiott

Car flipped over on him, 1B, 5/20/00


Disabled learn about process of walking by riding horses, 1E, 4/18/00

His Creations Ministries


Sale of bakery items funds Christian youth programs, 1E, 7/1/00


State's Hispanic population keeps growing, 1B, 11/6/00

Historic sites

Search begins for 10 most endangered sites in Mississippi, 1F, 7/30/00

Hit-and-run accidents

2 men who left scene of fatal accident on Woodrow Wilson Blvd. sought, 4B, 5/14/00

Hearing for 4 men accused in death of Michelle Wright is delayed, 3B, 5/16/00

Illegal alien given 5-year sentence in Michelle Wright's death, 3B, 6/2/00

Runaway trucker injures highway worker on I-55 near West, 3B, 3B; 8/3/00, 4B; 8/5/00, 5/10/00

Trial in Hernando for 4 charged in 1999 death of Michelle Wright, 1B; 5/8/00, 5/1/00, 5B

Hockey arena

Jackson Bandits eye Pearl as site for new arena, 1A; 8/1/00, 7/20/00, 8B

Jackson Bandits' owners propose facility in Jackson area, 1A, 1A; 2/18/00, 1A; 3/4/00, 1D; 2/23/00, 2/17/00

Hockey arena SEE ALSO Mississippi Legislature (2000)

Hocutt, Melissa

Terry woman identified as traffic fatality on I-55 Frontage Rd, 5B, 9/14/00

Hodge, Walter

Edwards man charged in execution-style slaying of friend Anthony Thomas, 2B, 2B; 3/23/00, 3/22/00

Hodges, Tony Lewis

5-year prison sentence in bomb incident, 2/18/00, 4B

Hog farms

Groups target industry for regulation, 1C, 12/7/00

Hog farms SEE ALSO Prestage Farms

Hog Wild

Barbecue competition at Ag Museum, 1B, 6/22/00, 10F; 6/25/00

Holiday Inn Express

Lawsuit: employees say they were sexually harassed by manager, 3/3/00, 3B

Holiday Jubilee 2000

In downtown Jackson, 1B, 12/5/00

Hollingsworth, Stefan

Florence student to appeal expulsion, 1/27/00, 1A; 2/24/00, 2B

Zero tolerance: knife he brought to school to get him expelled, 1/12/00, 2B; 1/25/00, 6B

Hollywood Cemetery Association


Association closes down: dispute with city, 3B, 4/26/00

Hollywood Showdown

Game show to visit Jackson, 1E, 8/3/00

Holmes Community College

Construction of $2.2 Million media center, 2B, 3/26/00

Its new Industrial Technology Complex, 1B, 7/30/00

Holmes, Eric

4-year old Madison boy thought to have fallen in hole found asleep, 2B, 3/31/00

Holmes, John

71-year old Grenada man says drugs to blame in slaying of his wife, 1B; 2/4/00, 2/3/00, 3B

Holmes, Verner

McComb physician and education advocate dies at age 90, 4B, 5/23/00, 5B

Holt, Harry

AKA 'Captain Critter'

Little Rock, MS, man welds scrap metal into fanciful creatures, 1E, 9/21/00

Holy Resurrection Greek Orthodox Church


Archbishop Dmitri makes annual visit, 1B, 2/7/00


1998 commune fire ruled an accident; 4 children died, 2/11/00, 3B

Home Builders Association of Mississippi

Asks court to halt impact fees in Madison, 2/5/00, 2B, 2B; 2/8/00, 2B; 2/10/00

Impact fees lawsuit in Madison nearing completion, 2/14/00, 2B, 2B; 2/15/00

Study shows Madison could charge even higher fees, 2B, 7/20/00

Home buying

Existing home sales decline nationally, 1C, 11/28/00

Sale prices fluctuate across Mississippi, 7/17/00, 10C

Sales drop nationally; Jackson market in slump, 1C, 1C; 3/28/00, 2/26/00

Sales in state up 6% in 1999, 1C, 1C; 8/30/00, 2/10/00

Study shows more Jackson families can afford to buy homes, 1/8/00, 1C

Home Care Services

Trustee to run troubled Vicksburg health agency, 3B, 12/28/00

Home Depot

New store in Brandon, 1C, 10/10/00

Project KidCare, 7B, 10/13/00

Home education, Mississippi

State count reveals 12.5% drop in students, 1/30/00, 1A, 2B

Home Educators Connection

Parents tout benefits of home schooling, 1/20/00, 2B

Home Fire Safety Month

State officials stress fire safety, 5B, 9/30/00

Home health care

New Medicare payment systems threatens closures, 1A, 2/26/00

Home insurance

Mississippi homeowners pay 7th-highest price in nation, 1C, 7/6/00

Home of Your Own Initiative

Partnership with Fannie Mae Mississippi

Housing for disabled, 5B, 8/29/00

Home violence

SEE Domestic violence

Home Works: Making Your Home Work For You

Seminar by Cathy Haynie and Lori-Lynne Cooke, 1E, 2/8/00

Home-schooling SEE Home education

Homebuyers Education Classes

Jackson program for 1st-time buyers, 5B, 6/6/00

Homeless, Jackson

Homeless women in the city have few options, 1/24/00, 1A

Woman shoots at convenience store guard 3 times

Points gun at JPD officer who shoots her, 1B, 6/30/00

Homeless, Mississippi

State to get $4.8Million to fight homelessness, 1A, 12/24/00

Hood, Lloyd

Entergy lineman from Winona retires after 46 years, 1B, 2/21/00

Hooker, Audrey

Woman testifies she was fired from Victoria's Secret because of her age, 1B, 1B; 6/17/00, 6/15/00


Restaurant chain in process of leasing site in Ridgeland, 1B; 3/17/00, 2B, 2B; 3/15/00, 3/3/00

Hoover Inc

Stone crushing at Alabama company's quarry near Iuka, 3B, 9/26/00

Hope Community Credit Union

Church-sponsored credit union located in Jackson Medical Mall, 1E, 6/17/00

Hopkins, Stephanie

Pearl woman's baby in stolen car is returned to her, 1B, 10/12/00

Hoppin' John's Lowcountry Cookbook, 1E, 6/21/00

Hops Restaurant, Bar & Brewery

Opens on Briarwood Dr, 6C, 9/18/00

Horn Island

Beggerley family seeks US Sen.Thad Cochran's help in land dispute, 1A, 6/2/00

Horses for Handicapped

Helps youth enjoy adventure, 2B, 4/10/00

Horses for the Handicapped

Annual event draws hundreds, 2B, 4/20/00

Horses SEE Equine Infection Disease

Horton, David

JPD officer assumes posts of late Larry Harper, 3/25/00, 4B

Hostage situation, Purvis

Mitchell Martin given 20-year sentence, 1B, 12/2/00

Hotels SEE Motels and hotels

House fires, Florence

5-year old hero Matthew Teigen honored

Screams saved family, 1/6/00, 2B

House fires, Hattiesburg

Dog about to be given away alerts family of fire, 5B, 7/26/00

House fires, Jackson

2 women rescued from burning house on Langley Ave, 3B, 11/20/00

Early morning fire on Prentiss St injures infant, 1B, 7/4/00

Jack Westbrook claims city liable in 1989 fire damage to his mother's home, 1B, Jackson

JFD swamped with requests for smoke detectors, 1/4/00, 1B

Kitchen fire destroys duplex; 3 other families displaced, 3/7/00, 5B

Parents save sons in fire on Brookwood Dr, 1/29/00, 1B

Space heaters destroy rental homes in 2 separate fires, 1/6/00, 1B

Twist tie in microwave seen as cause of fatal house fire, 2B, 12/11/00

Woman Catherine Wells escapes from blaze on Natchez St, 1/21/00, 6B

Young Keara and Kristen Wilcher buried on New Year's Day, 1/2/00, 1B

House fires, Meridian

Coroner rules fire that killed Everett Pruit was a homicide, 3/2/00, 3B

House fires, Mississippi

Fires in Vicksburg and Columbus claim lives of 4 children, 3B, 12/14/00

House fires, Moss Point

6 injured when house explodes; gas leak believed cause, 3B, 3B; 8/29/00, 8/26/00

House of Prayer


Winds destroy mobile home used as church, 3B, 5/18/00

Household and Hazardous Waste day

Ridgeland event in planning stage, 2/21/00, 2B

Household Hazardous Waste & Tire Collection Day

In Jackson, 3/18/00, 5B

Housing Assistance Council

Federal rural housing project celebrates 50 years, 1/23/00, 1C

Housing Assistance for Teachers

Educators can receive $6000 from state toward purchase of home, 1A, 3/25/00

Housing Inventory and Analysis

Data from study of housing in Jackson to be put to use, 1/11/00, 3B

Housing, Clinton

Healthy market: road projects, good schools draw new residents, 2B, 9/4/00

Housing, DeSoto County

Shortage looms: overflow from Tunica County casinos employees, 3B, 5/30/00

Housing, Jackson

City Council on final draft of fair housing ordinance, 2/15/00, 5B

Houston, Bobby

DEA jails south Jackson pharmacist, 1B; 2/26/00, 1B; 7/14/00, 2/25/00, 5B, 6B; 5/2/00

Howard Industries

A vote on unionization slated, 1C, 1C; 6/10/00, 6/7/00

Laurel computer manufacturer eyes growth, 1C, 5/21/00

Hudspeth, William

Tupelo man embezzled $947,000 to use in a Nigerian fraud scheme, 1B, 8/17/00

Huffman and Welsh Business Solutions

Jackson company develops payroll and bill-paying software, 1C, 6/21/00

Offering back-office out services to small businesses, 1C, 9/8/00

Hugglins, David

Q&A with the Director of Public Safety, 2H, 11/12/00

Hugh White State Park

Proposed golf course would incorporate Civil War bunkers, 3/20/00, 3B

Hulsebosch, John

Hinds deputy dragged by ex-convict Richard Brown's car on I-20

Brown later apprehended, 1A, 4/27/00

Injured deputy gives credit to fellow officers, 2B, 4/28/00

Human remains SEE Missing persons

Humphrey, Omar

Sentence upheld in his 1996 killing of Virginia Phillips in Senatobia, 3B, 4/21/00

Hund (dog) Show

In downtown Madison, 2B, 5/22/00

Hunger Free America

Agencies join in national effort, 1A, 11/23/00

Hunt-Phelan Home


Estate auction presided over by Larry McCool, 1E, 5/5/00


Arcane law protecting dogs in pursuit of game on private property, 5/6/00, 5B

Hunters in Lawrence County warned about poisoned birds, 1B; 3/20/00, 3/11/00, 4B

Rogue hunters in north Mississippi killing landowners' pets, 1A, 3/13/00

Huntington's Grille

Restaurant review, 4F, 6/15/00

Hurley, Allen

Ridgeland man charged with contributing to delinquency of a minor

Beer and marijuana, 2B, 8/23/00


Forecaster says 11 likely this season, 3A, 8/5/00

Growing Mississippi Gulf Coast population

Gridlock in event of evacuation, 3B, 3B; 6/12/00, 5/5/00

Gulf Coast population fearful of lack of evacuation routes, 1A, 8/9/00

Hurricane Hunters based at Keesler AFB, 6B, 7/31/00

Hurt, John

Granddaughter of blues musician making his home a shrine, 1B, 8/7/00


The subconscious used to change lives, 1E, 7/21/00



Norrell Road interchange back on track, 2B, 9/20/00


Groundbreaking for I-55/Mississippi 463 interchange, 2B, 2B; 3/3/00, 2B; 3/14/00, 3/2/00

Some Madison County commuters take shortcut thru Germantown subdivision, 2B, 2B; 6/17/00, 6/16/00

Stack construction: next phase on hold until 2002, 2B, 6/12/00


DOT to study impact of proposed Interstate, 3/30/00, 3B; 12/3/00, 4B

Hernando supervisor lobbying for interstate to go through Mississippi, 3B, 11/13/00

Lott urges Clinton to approve interstate thru northwest Mississippi, 1/28/00, 3B, 3B; 2/4/00

I.S.I.A.H. House

Jackson drug treatment center receives national praise, 1A, 1F, 8/20/00

Program for veterans battling addiction, 1B; 3/10/00, 1E (Dr.David Smith), 2/22/00


2 Nigerian cousins find key to their princely ancestor in records in Natchez, 1E, 9/7/00

Ice creams trucks

We're all screaming for ice cream, 1C, 7/20/00

Iles, Greg

Review of his book '24 Hours,' 3G, 8/13/00

Imbragulio, John

Rock 'n' roll record producer dies in Jackson, 1B; 2/9/00, 2/6/00, 3B

Impact fees SEE Home Builders Association of Mississippi

Impound Lot Garage SEE Automobile theft, Jackson

Improvement districts

New state law eases restrictions for homeowner associations, 1A, 1A; 8/10/00, 4/26/00

Improvement districts SEE ALSO Business improvement districts

Income tax, Mississippi

Checking box means donation to Commission for Volunteer Service Fund, 3/1/00, 5B

Income tax, US

3 major changes in 1999 in effect in Mississippi, 2/21/00, 8C

IRS Website, CDs make filing easier, 1/29/00, 1C

Printing delays leave libraries with forms, 1/14/00, 2B

Income, Mississippi SEE Per capita income

Income, Mississippi SEE Wages and salaries

Independent Living Day

AARP promotes independent living by elderly, 2B, 5/1/00


A growing population in Jackson, 1C, 8/23/00

Indians SEE Native Americans

Industrial Drive

New funds will speed construction of interchange with I-220, 1B, 11/23/00

Industrial park, Gluckstadt

Some residents against proposed development, 2B, 6/20/00


Authorities search Lee County area for remains of baby

13-year old gave birth, threw baby away, 3B, 5/11/00


Dept. of Health now has flu vaccine, 1B, 1B; 11/16/00, 1B; 12/2/00, 11/15/00

Flu season not yet at peak, Surveillance Data Inc says, 1B, 12/15/00

Flu sufferers crowding clinic and emergency rooms, 1/6/00, 1A, 1A; 1/7/00, 1B; 1/15/00

Vaccine may not arrive until November, 5B, 9/14/00

Vaccine shipment to Keesler AFB arrived damaged; is recalled, 1B, 11/17/00

Ingalls Shipbuilding

Company will build cruise ship for SeaAmerica Cruise Lines, 1C, 3/28/00

Court reinstates lawsuit: man claims Ingalls influenced his firing by a subcontractor, 5B, 11/30/00

Expansion planned to restore marshlands, 3B, 11/17/00

Litton Full Service Center

New Division will resign and upgrade existing ships, 1C, 3/3/00

Parent company Litton Industries sold to Northrop Grumman Corp, 1A; 12/23/00, 1C, 12/22/00

Ingram, Ginnie

Named Mississippi Biology Teacher of the Year, 2B, 11/12/00

Inland Rivers, Ports and Terminals Inc

Lobbying group moves its headquarters to Jackson, 1/4/00, 1C

Inmates SEE Prisoners

Inner Man Church of the Future

Denied bingo license, 1C, 1C; 4/12/00, 2/27/00

Insanity defense

Very had to make work in Mississippi, lawyer says, 1B, 10/8/00

Institute for Technology Development

New director is Angeline Dvorak, 1C, 12/24/00

Insurance industry

Commission Dale unconcerned about sharp rise in company failures, 1C, 3/24/00

Mississippi low in funding to oversee industry in state, 1C, 9/1/00

Integrated Ballistics Identification System

JPD computer links gun to bullet in shooting of Leon Anderson, 1A, 4/28/00

Integrity Online

Jackson's fast-growing filtered Internet service, 1C, 3/18/00

Intermedia Communications Inc

SEE WorldCom

International Gumbo Cookoff & Okra Festival

Downtown Jackson, 8F, 9/14/00

International Student Exchange

Mississippi families needed for exchange students, 2B, 8/23/00


3 north Mississippi teenagers fall prey to cyber-stalkers, 1B, 2/7/00

BellSouth introduces Internet Call Waiting, 1C, 3/16/00

Concern about sale of farm chemicals online, 1A, 2/21/00

Corinth man Kenneth Williams buys rights to island of Montserrat's net code: ms, 1C, 9/12/00

Downloading free music from Net has industry enraged

Napster et.al., 1E, 6/23/00

Filters aren't a sure thing, 1E, 8/1/00

Internet-only banks are competition for local institutions, 1C, 3/26/00

Its speed and efficiency attracts students doing research, 2B, 9/3/00

Legal seminar in Jackson covers Internet related issues, 1C, 3/17/00

MCI WorldCom testing high-speed wireless Internet, 1C, 3/9/00

Mississippi galleries and artists find many patrons online, 1E, 11/3/00

New, high speed access: cable modems, digital telephone lines; growth is slow, 1C, 9/17/00

Online shopping little threat to local well-established stores, 1C, 6/8/00

Rankin County residents may be able to pay taxes, buy tags online, 2B, 6/6/00

Small ISPs struggling to survive, 4B, 5/28/00

Smaller local providers are dropping their access fees, 1C, 5/13/00

Study finds states not efficiently using Internet

Mississippi ranks 21st, 1A, 9/16/00

Time Warner to offer high-speed Road Runner online service, 1C, 4/26/00

Towns of Clinton and Raymond set up home pages, 2B, 6/23/00

Use by African Americans on rise, 1C, 11/5/00

Internet Doorway Inc

Jackson-based ISP says its name being forged on sex spam

Files suit, 1A, 6/5/00

Internship Program

Governor is offering internships to state college students, 1B, 7/29/00

Interventional MRI renal cryosurgery

UMC patients cancer free 1 year later, 4/28/00, 5B

Intervest Corp

Madison-based company aids low-income families with housing, 1B, 7/21/00

Inventors SEE Mississippi Society of Inventors

Irby Construction

Arm of Stuart C Irby Co sold to Quanta Services (TX), 1C, 7/12/00


Landscape is feast for eyes; food comfort for soul, 1E, 3/15/00

Iron Horse Grill

Owner facing many hurdles in effort to reopen, 1/2/00, 1B

Owner files lawsuits revolving 2 fires, 1C, 11/7/00

Owner says site burglarized 21 times in past 5 months, 1B, 4/8/00

Iron Skillet

Restaurant review, 3/2/00, 4F

Ironworks Unlimited

Jackson firm to produce fencing for do-it-yourselfers, 1C, 7/25/00

Isham, Charity

Mother of 2 young students found dead on first day of school, 1A; 8/16/00, 1B, 8/15/00

It's Your Move

Mississippi Arts Commission celebrates state's culture, 1E, 4/6/00

Ivory-billed woodpeckers

Bird thought extinct may have been spotted on lower Pearl River, 1/30/00, 1B


J.J.'s Nightclub

Edwards club owner says he is targeted by law enforcement, 1/7/00, 2B

Jack & Diane's Kustom Tattooing

In Gulfport, 3B, 10/30/00

Jack, Willard

Native of Canada becomes successful farmer in Humphreys County, 1C, 4/28/00

Jackets for Jackson

St.Andrew's student William Drinkwater aids the homeless, 2B, 2B; 10/18/00, 5/22/00

Jackson 2000

It's Study Circles bring the races together, 1B, 10/12/00

Organization is designed to promote racial harmony, 1C, 3/9/00

Jackson Academy

Anonymous donor gives $230,000 to school, 2B, 12/3/00

T-shirts from first grade kindle fond memories for class of 2000, 1B, 5/20/00

Jackson Advocate

Newspaper office burglarized, 1B, 5/30/00, 6B; 6/7/00

Jackson Apartments. SEE U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Jackson Area Parents' Council

Booklet for parents: Strong Hands and Straight Arrows, 1E, 9/19/00

Jackson Association of Realtors

Course designed for racial sensitivity, 1C, 12/8/00

Jackson Audubon Society

Bird watching outings, 5G, 9/10/00

Jackson Bandits

No news on location of hockey arena, 1B, 10/22/00

Jackson Bandits SEE Hockey arena

Jackson budget, 2001

City Council seeks to review budget, 1A, 12/14/00

City cutting operating expenses, 1A, 12/13/00

Councilman Stokes says leave city's operating budget alone, 1B, 1B; 12/19/00, 12/18/00

Mayor proposes reductions; no tax increase needed, 1A, 1A; 9/14/00, 1A; 9/15/00 , 1A; 9/16/00, 1B; 9/15/00, 8/15/00

Jackson Cardiovascular-Renal Meeting

1st large-scale cardiovascular study on African Americans, 1A, 11/10/00

Jackson County Youth Court

Court receives funding for 2 more months, 3B, 5/3/00

Jackson County Youth Detention Center

2 of 7 escapees still sought, 2/23/00, 3B, 3B; 2/26/00

Jackson Fire Department

3 firefighters appeal 1999 disciplinary actions, 1/14/00, 1B, 5B; 2/5/00

Alleged retaliation charges by department leaders, 1/26/00, 1B, 1B; 2/2/00, 1B; 2/3/00

Discrimination alleged by white firefighter, 1B, 8/18/00

Drawing to pick recruits for next cadet class, 5/19/00, 5B

Fire hydrants in northern part of city being tested, 2/23/00, 5B

Fires set at houses on Hill Ave give recruits hands on experience, 1B, 11/15/00

Former chief defends policy of letting low-value structures burn, 1B, 2/4/00

Memorial honors fallen firefighters, 1B, 7/22/00

New deputy fire chief John Canterbury, 3/7/00, 5B

New station on McFadden Rd, 2/16/00, 4B

Union talks with city officials, 1B; 2/2/00, 2/1/00, 4B

Jackson Heart Study

Looking for 40 African-American volunteers, 1A, 8/29/00

UMC program studying African Americans: 3-day international conference, 1B; 5/6/00, 5/2/00, 5B

Jackson Housing Authority

Hickman Johnson is no longer director, 4B, 11/2/00

Jackson Housing Authority Loan Initiative

To help people buy their own homes, 4B, 8/24/00

Jackson International Airport

$6 Million marked for improvements, 1C, 6/27/00

10-year master plans calls for new terminal, 1C, 4/2/00

Airport Authority OKs renovations, 2/22/00, 12C

Airport evacuated after bomb threat, 4B, 6/5/00

Baggage handling called 'atrocious:' Airport commission members delay contract, 1C, 9/26/00

Cheap Southwest flight makes Houston biggest destination, 1C, 4/30/00

Delta jet has 2 flat tires after landing, 2B, 4/13/00

Little interest in flights from Jackson to Love Field in Dallas, 1C, 5/6/00

National Guard plane gets stuck, closes airport, 1B; 9/24/00, 5B, 9/23/00

Northwest and Delta to offer more flights, 1C, 2/26/00

Study shows airport handles baggage well, 1C, 12/19/00

TWA will resume service to St. Louis hub, 1C, 7/7/00

US Airways to widen flights from Jackson, 1C, 10/12/00

Jackson Medical Mall

Area Agency on Aging expo, 1B, 8/27/00

Speech and hearing screenings, 1D, 4/24/00

Young people perform for senior citizens, 1B, 6/29/00

Jackson metro area

Controlling urban sprawl: planning is crucial, 1A, 1A; 12/3/00, 4/9/00

Jackson Metro Housing Partnership

Money owed Fannie Mae likely cause for delay in home loans, 1A, 4/7/00

Jackson Metro Parkway

Compensation for persons losing their homes, 1A; 4/25/00, 1B; 4/24/00, 1B; 4/26/00, 2/28/00, 5B

Funding is short: project manager says $6 to $7 Million more needed, 1B, 1B; 5/18/00, 5/11/00

Offers pending on 30 parcels of land; field office to close, 1B, 11/9/00

State bonds expected to be issued, 1B, 7/13/00

Jackson Police Department

$1.3 Million grant to buy more computers, 4B, 6/14/00

12 new officers: recruit class graduates, 1B, 4/22/00

14 new officers added; force at record high of 419, 1A, 9/30/00

1994 discrimination suit: negotiations fall thru, 1B, 7/24/00

3 officers to work on background checks full time, 4/29/00, 5B

3 veteran officers receive promotions, 1B, 12/5/00

6 women among rookie class, 1A, 12/23/00

Billboards used as recruiting tool, 1A, 7/26/00

Chief Coleman is shuffling precinct leaders, 1A, 12/2/00

Citizens Academy, 5B, 10/31/00

Cold Case Unit indicts Dexter Morton in 1994 slaying of Antoine Smith, 1B, 5/18/00

Cold Case Unit: Michael Jensen charged in 1995 homicide in Jackson, 1B, 9/9/00

Community policing makes impression, 8A, 9/18/00

COMSTAT meetings: strategy to wipe out crime, 1A, 3/12/00

Corruption charges: 1998 lawsuit against Kerry Collins is dismissed

Sexual battery charges, 1B, 4/7/00

Corruption charges: 2 officers arrested on sex charges, 1A, 12/9/00

Corruption charges: 2 officers arrested on sex-related charges, 1A, 1B; 11/1/00, 10/31/00

Corruption charges: 2 officers in alleged sexual complaint put on leave, 1B, 11/16/00

Corruption charges: 22 officers fail 'integrity' checks, 1A, 8/11/00

Corruption charges: 3 officers indicted by grand jury, 1A, 12/1/00

Corruption charges: 3 officers plead innocent in drug scandal, 1B, 12/7/00

Corruption charges: 6 officers took drug payoffs?, 1A; 11/3/00, 1A; 11/5/00, 1A; 11/7/00, 1B, 11/2/00

Corruption charges: 9 officers testify before federal grand jury, 1A; 11/30/00, 1B, 11/29/00

Corruption charges: accused officer Ronald Youngblood freed on bond, 1A, 11/17/00

Corruption charges: arrested officer Fred Gaddis had spoken harshly of drug dealers, 1A, 11/5/00

Corruption charges: Arrests of JPD officers may impact some cases, 1A, 12/3/00

Corruption charges: arrests of officers a blow to public confidence, 1A, 11/12/00

Corruption charges: Chief Bracey Coleman says he still has faith in beleaguered JPD, 5B, 11/4/00

Corruption charges: suit says Lt. Gerald Jones had improper sexual conduct with prisoner, 5B, 9/12/00

Corruption charges: Wallace Jones 13th officer arrested this year, 1A, 12/30/00

Crime study by Maple/Linder

Metro Crime Comm. will raise funds for implementation, 1A, 6/6/00

Crime study: City Council wants consultants to come back, 1B, 1B; 7/12/00, 7/11/00

Crime study: Crime Commmission meetings will be open, 1A, 8/28/00

Crime study: JPD to get help in checking of new recruits, 1B, 4/7/00

Crime study: Mayor Johnson wants consultants brought back, 1A, 6/22/00

Crime study: Metro Crime Comma wants progress reports, 1A, 6/19/00

Crime study: residents say crime is city's biggest problem, 1A, 6/7/00

Crime study: upgrade financing falls way short, 1A, 3/1/00

Force may achieve staffing goal by summer, 1A, 3/5/00

Force needs more first-line supervisors, chief says, 1A, 9/16/00

Good Neighbor Project: police take up residence in Fondren neighborhood, 1A, 7/17/00

Laptops in patrol cars, 1B, 3/4/00

Lengthy hiring process hurts recruiting, 1/17/00, 1A

Limit on overtime leaves some areas unprotected, 1A, 12/22/00

Maple/Linder crime study

Some say study going too slowly, 1A, 10/21/00

Maple/Linder: JPD to recruit from other agencies, 1A, 10/24/00

Memorial service for those killed in line of duty, 1A, 5/19/00

Move to new headquarters on W. Northside Drive, 1B, 6/24/00

New facility for Internal Affairs Division, 3/17/00, 5B

New recruit classes, 1/19/00, 1B, 5B; 6/24/00

No air-conditioning at headquarters, 1B, 1B; 6/30/00, 6/29/00

Notifying parents about death of a child is heavy burden, 1E, 7/11/00

Officers to be rotated on beats, 1A, 11/11/00

Paper work, slows Warrants Unit, 1A, 7/24/00

Patrolman K.C. Ferrell injured in two-car collision, 1/8/00, 1A; 1/9/00, 1B

Precinct 1 Commander Bob Pope retires, 6B, 8/9/00

Precinct 2's move to temporary headquarters, 1B, 2/11/00

Proposed substation on Farish Street, 1A, 5/7/00

Recruit class graduation, 1B, 7/22/00

Reserve officer George Carter held in slaying of Willie Dunson, 1B, 5/8/00

SWAT team gets new firearms, 1B, 10/25/00

Trial: brutality charges brought by Eddie Young against Dwayne Bowie, 1B, 1B; 4/5/00, 4/4/00

Union president asks City Council for pay hike, 1B, 8/9/00

Veteran Eddie Wilson is demoted, 1B; 12/30/00, 1B (retires), 12/9/00

Jackson Public Schools

$100,000 monthly from Jitney Jungle promotional campaign, 1A, 2/15/00

16 honored at Celebration of Excellence, 2B, 4/9/00

21st Century Community Learning Center

Summer classes, 2B, 6/25/00

40 teaching positions cut, 3/22/00, 5B

Academic Advancement Initiatives

Program for at-risk 7th and 8th-graders, 1A, 7/5/00

Adopt-A-School Program, 2B, 10/1/00

Adopt-A-School program, 2B, 6/4/00

After-school programs celebrated, 2A; 10/15/00, 2B, 10/12/00

All high school graduations set for May 30, 2B, 4/30/00

Annual job fair: looking for 100 good teachers, 1B, 2B; 4/30/00, 4/16/00

AT&T property dispute settlement aids JHS funding, 1A, 6/24/00

BellSouth tax protest resolved; $1.1 Million to JPS, 1A; 3/22/00, 1B, 3/11/00

Billboards featuring schools provided by Parents group, 1/30/00, 2B

Board gives approval to borrow $35.2 Million

Building renovation and buses, 5B, 8/10/00

Board nominee Charles Lindsay, 5B, 7/6/00

Board OKs 1st-ever overtime pay, 1A, 1B' 11/22/00, 11/14/00

Board OKs loan plan for schools, 1A, 5/16/00

Budget for 2000-2001: $1.6 Million shortfall, 1B, 6/13/00

Career Academic Placement for struggling high school students, 3A, 7/5/00

Classes will be held on Memorial Day, 1B, 5/25/00

Councilman Chip Reno wants JPS repaid as part of shortfall, 1B, 4/12/00

Decline in white enrollment: system 92% black, 2/13/00, 2B

Education Foundation Trust, 4B, 5/17/00

Enrollment shifts puzzling to officials, 1A, 3/5/00

Exit exams for third and sixth graders, 1B, 1B; 5/18/00, 1B; 6/5/00, 4/2/00

Exit exams: 100's of failure letters go out to parents

Children will be retained, 1A, 8/3/00

Geographical Information System, new computer program, 2B, 6/11/00

Jitney Jungle bankruptcy: further revenue loss for JPS, 1A; 2/8/00, 1A; 4/7/00, 2/1/00, 2B

Make-up days won't be scheduled for days parents have off from work, 1B, 6/6/00

Making the Grade in Middle School Reform, 2B, 3/12/00

Memphis schools lure away top teachers from JPS, Sargent says, 1A, 4/11/00

Officials propose tax increase to boost budget, 1B, 6/3/00

Overcrowding a problem in schools, 1A, 9/6/00

Parent-teacher meetings set, 2B, 9/17/00

Recruiting retired educators for outreach programs, 2B, 8/27/00

Registration for new students, 1B, 4B; 8/15/00, 8/10/00

Revenue miscalculation: audit finds city made error, 1/11/00, 1A

Revenue miscalculation: Board to get results of audit, 1/5/00, 1B

Revenue miscalculation: Chip Reno wants city to repay funds, 1B, 4/12/00

Revenue miscalculation: Mayor says city will address shortfall, 5/17/00, 5B

Revenue miscalculation: system finding ways to save money, 1/19/00, 1B

Students fill out 'choice cards' on classes for Fall term, 2/6/00, 2B

Superintendent Jane Sargent to be quizzed by staff, 1B, 2B; 8/9/00, 8/6/00

Surplus property auction, 2B, 10/22/00

System is heading for $3.4 Million deficit, 1B, 3/21/00

Takes part in Cornerstone literacy project, 2B, 7/23/00

Tax shortfalls may cause district to cut budget, 1/5/00, 1B

Televised question-and-answer session with Jane Sargent, 1/4/00, 1B

Workshop to assess behavior problems, 2B, 11/19/00

Jackson Radio Control Club

Model airplane flying, 3G, 5/7/00

Jackson Society of Model Engineers

Train display at Metrocenter, 2B, 12/30/00

Jackson Southernaires

Local group signs with Melendo/Sing Gospel Records, 1E, 11/11/00

Jackson State University

1970 campus shootings: 30 years later, 1A, 5/14/00

1970 protests and shooting deaths remembered, 1A, 1A; 5/15/00, 5/1/00

47 School of Business students tour Wall Street, 1C, 4/9/00

Amy Tuck is graduation speaker, 1A, 5/14/00

Audit of missing equipment: JSU gets clean record, 1A, 7/12/00

Civil Rights and Labor Institute, 6/20/00, 6B

Commission to set JSU's goals for the future, 1B, 12/27/00

Dept. of Urban and Regional Planning holds seminar on city's growth, 4/6/00, 6B

Its band Sonic Boom takes on Southern University's Human Jukebox in N.O. competition, 1E, 9/22/00

Mason takes over

To head major fund raising campaign, 1/31/00, 1A; 2/2/00, 1B

Momma I Want to Sing production, 1E, 9/23/00

New president Ronald Mason wants to tighten up bureaucracy, 1B, 3/15/00

New VP for academic affairs is Joseph Stevenson, 5B, 11/17/00

Newly formed commission to define school's goals for next decade, 1B, 2/19/00

Partnership with city of Jackson renewed, 1B, 10/15/00

Presidential home: renovate or build?, 1B; 6/16/00, 5/7/00, 6B

Record $31 Million in research grants, 1B, 9/3/00

Ronald Mason officially becomes president of JSU, 1A; 10/21/00, 1B, 10/20/00

School of Education is on probation, 1B, 11/9/00

Sex research study: abstinence vs. safe sex, 1A, 3/24/00

Strategic Alliance Program partnership with city of Jackson, 2B, 12/16/00

Upward Bound program, 2B, 6/18/00

US Navy to enhance research opportunities for students, 1B, 3/6/00

Walter Payton Complex dedicated, 1A, 11/4/00

Jackson Summer Enrichment Program

Keeping children busy and learning, 1B, 6/8/00

Jackson Urban Enterprise Council

City may take over program, 1B, 1B; 11/15/00, 1B; 11/29/00, 4B; 11/21/00, 11/8/00

Jackson Young Lawyers Association

Supporting legal service for poor, 2B, 3/14/00

Jackson Zoo

Benefit by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, 6/29/00, 10F

Curator credits better diets and medical care to long-living inhabitants, 1A, 7/29/00

Lily, 36-year old grizzly bear, dies, 8B, 12/2/00

Sultan, a 500 pound white tiger, on loan to Zoo, 1F, 11/26/00

Zoo Blues concert, 1B, 5/8/00

Zoollinneum Celebration, 1B, 4/16/00

Jackson, Andrew B

USM student busted: cache of drugs worth more than $600,000, 1A, 8/22/00

Jackson, Best of the New South

New 30-minute TV show on Channel 78, 4/13/00, 4B

Jackson, Edward

Former legislator arrested on drug charges at Jackson airport, 3/1/00, 3B

Jackson, Larry

His life sentence in 1993 killing of Andy Watson is upheld, 3B, 8/30/00

Jackson, Mississippi

$3.08 Million spent on government studies since 1977, 1/16/00, 1A

City loses ground in financial service's 'best cities' ranking, 1/29/00, 1C

JSU students studying city's urban sprawl, 1A, 5/31/00

Overgrown lots, vacant house cleanups cost city, 1A, 10/2/00

Jackson-George Regional Library System

Family sues library for dumping rare law books, 3B, 9/30/00

Jackson/Hinds Comprehensive Health Center

Groundbreaking for new facility on Northside Dr, 1B, 1B; 8/26/00, 8/25/00

Jackson/Hinds Library System

Bigger, better library in Edwards dedicated, 2B, 12/12/00

Books of the Century project by Friends of the Library, 1/30/00, 10G

City Council accepts $1.02 Million bid to renovate libraries, 3/2/00, 5B

Clinton branch host series examining US Constitution, 2B, 10/2/00

Clinton branch opens with summer fun and reading, 2B, 5/29/00

College Access Planning Program (CAPP) at Welty Library, 1B, 8/10/00

Cosponsor of Downtown Book Festival, 1E, 11/17/00

Entergy Mississippi gives land for new library branch in northeast Jackson, 5B, 10/19/00

New building for Clinton branch gains support, 2B, 5/15/00

Northside Library to reopen in January, 2B, 12/27/00

Officials ask for 13.6% budget increase from city, 1B, 8/29/00

Overdue books a concern, 1/18/00, 1B

Raymond branch closed for renovation, 2B, 5/10/00

Several library branches being renovated, 1A, 5/22/00

Summer reading program 'On the Go With Books,' 1B, 7/8/00

Summer reading program: goal is 32,000 sign-ups, 5/18/00, 5B

Tax increase rejected: supervisors give System $60,000, 2B, 9/12/00

Jackson/Hinds Youth Detention Center

Art therapy program, 2B, 5/29/00

Community Based Service Learning Project, 2B, 8/13/00

Federal grants sought new equipment and staff straining, 1B, 5/1/00

New center to be named for Chet Henley and Jack Young Sr., 2B, 12/6/00

New center: all employees will be county employees, 1B, 8/15/00

New center: building nears finish, 1/23/00, 1B

New center: dispute with Judge Patton threatens use of Center, 1A, 9/15/00

New center: Edna Drake refuses directorship, 1B, 12/6/00

New center: it's cutting into County's reserve funds, 2B, 6/21/00

New center: JPD's Edna Drake to run center, 1B, 7/6/00

New center: Judge Houston Patton puts himself in control, 1A, 2/8/00

New center: malfunction prelude to Supervisors emergency meeting, 1A, 7/25/00

New center: naming the facility, 1B, 1B; 8/7/00, 7/17/00

New center: officials say budget too high, 1B, 7/18/00

New center: opening may be delayed: dispute over director's salary, 1A, 10/8/00

New center: pay dispute hinders move to new center, 1A; 11/29/00, 1B, 5B; 12/1/00, 11/24/00

New center: supervisors refuse to pay director a $60,000 salary, 1B, 9/6/00

New center: who will operate it?, 1/19/00, 1B; 3/21/00, 2B, 2B; 2/4/00

SEE ALSO Henley-Young Juvenile Justice Center

Jacobs, Seth

Jewish High Holy Days have special significance to Jackson teenager, 1E, 9/30/00

Jacque's Cafe and Sports Bar

Restaurant review, 4F, 9/14/00

Jagger, Jon

City Council settles lawsuit filed by his family in 1998

Terry man killed by police, 1B, 4/12/00

James Food Center

Longtime Oxford grocery is closing its doors, 1A, 7/2/00

James O. Eastland US Courthouse

Electronic courtroom, 1B, 3/28/00

Jameson Inns

Letting families of hospitalized persons stay 1st night free during holidays, 1B, 12/27/00

Jamieson, Kathleen Hall

Her book 'Everything You Think You Know About Politics...', 3H (Bill Minor), 9/3/00

JASON Project

Interactive broadcast program offered by Scott Aquarium in Biloxi, 2/6/00, 5B

Jason's Deli

Texas chain opens 1st Mississippi site on County Line Rd, 1C, 7/1/00


$2.9 Million for update to bus maintenance facility, 7B, 9/23/00

6 new busses added to fleet; 6 more expected in July, 6/23/00, 6B

Campaign "Try Transit Week" to attract new riders, 5B, 9/12/00

City of Jackson subsidizes JATRAN 75%, much higher than most cities, 1A, 12/11/00


New Orleans theme park scheduled to open in May, 1E, 4/21/00

Jazzmen: Portraits in Black and White

Show at State Bank in Brookhaven, 1E, 12/7/00

Jefferson Davis County

$250,000 in embezzled funds returned to county

Clerk Cassandra Price in prison, 3B, 7/6/00

Jefferson, George SEE Crime rate, Jackson

Jellyfish. SEE Oysters

Jervis, Chance Austin

Marion County child wandered away from home and died

Parents investigated, 2/29/00, 3B, 3B; 3/1/00

Jessie Smith House

Historic landmark burns to ground in Jefferson Davis County, 3B, 6/17/00

Jim Hill High School

Automated phone calling system battles truancy, 1B, 3/12/00

School trying to rid area of criminal activity, 1B, 11/22/00

Jitney Jungle

10 stores closed; more closings expected, 1C, 1C; 2/20/00, 2/15/00

7 stores are closed in Alabama, 1C, 4/25/00

Area county and city budget funding affected by its bankruptcy filing, 1B, 2/4/00

City of Jackson to retain attorney in company's bankruptcy proceedings, 2/23/00, 6B

Company is ahead of schedule in recovery efforts, 1C, 5/9/00

Company layoffs may be over, 1C, 6/23/00

Judge approves company's credit agreement

Ability to work its way out of bankruptcy, 1C, 2/3/00


End of an era: Jitney selling its stores to Winn-Dixie, 1A, 1C, 1C; 12/15/00, 1C; 12/20/00, 10/31/00


Mississippi leads nation in increase in service industry job growth, 1C, 6/29/00

John Martin's


Restaurant review, 4F, 7/27/00

Johns, Brad

Magee man with cystic fibrosis

In vitro fertilization to have child with his wife Jana, 1D, 7/10/00

Johnson Elementary School


Dilapidated classroom wing being torn down, 1B, 7/25/00

Severe structural damage to new classroom addition

Section closed, 1A; 3/25/00, 1B, 2/2/00

Johnson Properties Inc

State corp to pay $4 million in plea bargain, 1/14/00, 1C

Johnson, Claud

Estate disputes now involves revenue from photographs of Robert Johnson, 1B; 8/11/00, 3B, 7/12/00

Ex-trucker from Crystal Springs declared bluesman Robert Johnson's heir, 1A, 1B; 6/25/00, 6/16/00

Johnson, Dorothy

Funeral services set for former first lady, 1B, 8/28/00

Johnson, Ed

Greenwood architectural engineer builds himself a boat, the "Starshot," 3B, 9/12/00

Johnson, Elzena

85-year old Terry woman honored: Senior Olympics gold-medalist, 2B, 3/25/00

Johnson, Glenn

Owner of Vicksburg utility company

Sentenced to federal prison by Louisiana judge, 5B, 6/23/00

Johnson, Raynard. SEE ALSO Hate crimes

AG helps speed autopsy report, 1B, 7/18/00

Expert NY pathologist Dr Michael Baden says it was suicide, 1A, 7/27/00

Family pushes for death to be deemed hate crime, 1A, 7/13/00

FBI agent James Kessler speaks at prayer vigil

Al Sharpton a no-show again, 1B, 7/17/00

Girl says Johnson talked of his problems just before his death, 1A, 7/14/00

Hanged teenager's computer is seized, 1B, 7/29/00

Hanging haunts Kokomo; some doubt suicide rulings, 1A, 7/20/00

Jesse Jackson leads march in Kokomo, 1B, 7/9/00

Jesse Jackson offers reward for information in youth's death, 1A, 7/3/00

Jesse Jackson to renew probe in hanging, 1A, 8/11/00

Kokomo teenager found hung in tree in his front yard, 1A; 6/19/00, 1B, 6/18/00

Mother says his computer will not be turned over to FBI, 1B, 7/16/00

Musgrove says Jesse Jackson owes state apology; Jackson says no, 1A, 7/28/00

No wounds on youth's body, 1A, 7/6/00

Rev Al Sharpton attends vigil, 3B, 7/2/00

Rev Jesse Jackson questions teenager's death, 1A (funeral), 1B; 6/28/00, 6/27/00

State officials declare his death a suicide, 1A, 8/10/00

State toxicology report shows alcohol, but no poison is his system, 1A, 7/8/00

Status of 2nd autopsy unclear, 1A, 6/29/00

Teenager's hanging ruled suicide, 1B, 6/20/00

Theory about drugged family dogs is disputed, 1B, 8/1/00

Youth's family set to meet with Janet Reno, 1A, 7/12/00

Johnson, Rebecca

9-year old Clinton girl assists in rescue of Drew Morgan14, injured on 4-wheeler, 2B, 9/26/00

Johnson, Robbie. SEE Canton, Mississippi

Johnson, Robert (Blues singer)

Blues singer's burial site revealed, 3B, 9/27/00

Johnson, Robert (blues singer). SEE ALSO Johnson, Claud

Johnson, Robert (CEO)

BET executive a 'strategic visionary,' 1C, 6/18/00

Johnson, Robert (Dept. of Corr)

Ex-JPD chief appointed head of Dept. of Corrections, 1A, 2/22/00, 4A; 5/4/00, 5B

Q&A with Corrections commissioner, 2H, 5/28/00

Johnson, Samuel

Jackson ophthalmologist drowns on rafting trip in Utah, 1B, 5/14/00

Johnson, Tavoris

Investigation into shooting death of Columbus teenager, 1/21/00, 3B

Johnson, Timothy

3-year old Pearl River County boy missing in woods, 3/2/00, 3B, 3B; 3/3/00

His grandfather attacks boy's alleged killer Barry Strickland in courtroom, 4B, 5/24/00

Toddler's body found; he was beaten to death, 1B, 3/3/00, 3B; 3/4/00, 3B; 3/5/00

Johnson, Tony

Former Gloster coach innocent on felony child fondling counts, 3B, 6/19/00

Johnson, Willie 'Gator'

Ex-Clay County Jail trustee dies, but program for children continues, 1/24/00, 1B

Jones County Citizens for Honesty in Government

Its banning of Velna Ainsworth upheld, 3B, 8/24/00

Jones County Junior College

School licks off $8 Million fund drive, 3B, 10/6/00

Jones Park


Jones family takes battle over park to court, 4B, 6/26/00

Jones, Casey

Legendary railroad engineer remembered 100 years after wreck, 1A, 1E; 4/28/00, 3B, 4/27/00

Jones, David Allen

Former Anguilla minister to stand trial for 1998 slaying of his wife, 3B, 5/23/00

Former Baptist minister at Anguilla charged in 1998 death of his wife, 3B, 4/8/00

Jones, Davis Mansfield

Son's efforts get man Bronze Medal for W.W.II service, 1E, 2/1/00

Jones, Gerald. SEE Jackson Police Department

Jones, John Paul 'Jack'

Local musician dies of cancer at age 71, 1B, 2/15/00

Jones, Joseph

Auto mechanic held 10 months in jail without trial, 1B, 1B; 8/23/00, 1B; 8/24/00, 1B; 8/25/00, 8/22/00

Jury says long detention was city's fault; Jones awarded $36,200, 1B, 8/26/00

Jones, Kareem

16-year old held 7 months without indictment is released, 1B, 5/3/00

Jones, Kevin SEE Net Market Makers

Jordan, Lutie and Charles

Columbia brothers arrested for murder of Francis Knippers in Tylertown, 3B, 12/28/00

Jordan, Michael

Charges reduced against him in June 1999 traffic death of Jennifer Clark, 1/12/00, 2B, 2B; 2/10/00

Jordan, Michael (of Jackson)

Joe Loggins arrested in his slaying, 1B; 6/24/00, 3B, 4/15/00, 6B; 5/2/00

Jordan, Richard

Death sentence appealed 4th time; man has been on death row 24 years, 1B, 12/7/00

Joseph, John

Ole Miss senior wins Harry Truman Scholarship, 1A, 3/24/00

Journey of Hope

Phi Kappa Phi cyclists crossing US

Awareness of people with disabilities, 1B, 7/25/00

Jubilee Jam

Jammin' despite the rain, 1A, 1B; 5/22/00, 5/18/00, 10F; 5/21/00

Official logo unveiled, 1E, 4/28/00


Retired judges called back to hear some cases, 1B, 11/12/00

Julian, Max

Ex-CEO at Jitney Jungle: his grocery venture in Virginia closes after 2 weeks, 1C, 10/5/00


Local chapter educates youth about wise financial practices, 5B, 9/1/00


Celebration in Lowndes County, 3B, 6/17/00

Mississippi man leading drive to make celebration a national holiday, 1B, 7/10/00

Junior Auxiliary of Clinton

Eggstra Special children's egg hunt, 2B, 4/14/00

Junior Auxiliary of Rankin County

Christmas in July: school supplies to needy children, 2B, 6/30/00

Junior Auxiliary Week

Rankin County Auxiliary thanks sponsors, 4/7/00, 6B

Junior colleges. SEE Community colleges

Junior Miss Pageant

Local participants Lindsey Box and Katie Hartzog, 2B, 8/11/00


Fire that destroyed Holly Springs juke joint was arson, 1B, 4/28/00

Jury trials

Computer screens for jurors to review evidence at Courthouse in Jackson, 1A, 1B; 2/21/00, 2/13/00

Using Batson challenge, defendants oppose striking jurors of different race, 1A, 5/21/00

Just For Feet

Financial problems, but Jackson store to remain open, 1C, 2/19/00

Justice Courts (Hinds County)

Candidates lining up seeking vacant judgeship post, 2B, 2B; 3/7/00, 3/1/00

Interim District 4 judge to be named, 1A; 2/29/00, 1A; 3/9/00, 2/26/00, 2B

Sam Brand to be named as interim judge, 2B, 2B; 3/21/00, 3/18/00

Juvenile Justice Conference

Youth courts officers convene in Jackson, 1B, 1B; 8/4/00, 1B; 8/5/00, 8/3/00

Juvenile offenders

Madison County Youth Court judge says county needs detention center, 2B, 8/14/00

Juvenile Rehabilitation Center


Beating of staffer Larry Beeson by patients, 1A, 3/16/00


K&SR Motocar Excursion

State's only excursion railroad in Kosciusko, 1E, 5/11/00

K&W Inc

Flowood commercial printing company expands, 2/22/00, 12C

Kansas City Southern Railway

Plan for new route to divert traffic from downtown Jackson put on hold, 1C, 4/23/00


Still attracting Grammy wannabes in Jackson, 1E, 8/18/00

Katrishin, Alex

Hattiesburg street vendor leaves $1 Million to local YMCA, 1A, 6/17/00

Kaufman, Andre

Ocean Springs public works director to stand trial

$52 purchase for his personal boat, 3B, 8/29/00

Kay, Petra

National YMCA recognizes childcare specialist at Reservoir YMCA, 2B, 11/8/00

Keep Jackson Beautiful

Citywide campaign kicks off in Tougaloo community, 3/9/00, 5B

Keesler Air Force Base

Based adds $1.4Billion to Coast economy, reports says, 3B, 6/2/00

Col. Roosevelt Mercer 1st black commander of 81st Training Wing, 3B, 7/15/00

Study suggests job cuts, 5B, 8/18/00

Underage personnel banned from Biloxi bars

Issue of underage drinking, 3B, 7/22/00

Kelley, Everett

Named state director of special education, replacing Carolyn Black, 1A, 9/16/00

Kellogg Foundation

$6 MIllion grant to aid middle schools in Delta, 1B, 3/24/00

Kelly, Kelly Mahaffey

Mother of 4 sentenced on child abuse charges, 5B, 6/13/00

Kendall, Michael

Given life sentence in slaying of Devan Lowery, 1B, 8/16/00

Water Valley man pleads guilty to 1999 murder of Ole Miss student

Devan Lowery killed, 3B, 7/14/00

Kendrick, Theodis

Drug dealer pleads guilty; new federal/state statute targeting communities, 1B, 12/13/00

Kent State University

National Guard's action in 1970 overshadowed JSU shootings, 1A, 5/14/00

Kessler, Daniel

Marion man sentenced in conspiracy to commit murder of Gayland Frazier, 1B, 7/30/00

Key, Linda

Teacher at Pearl Lower Elementary School up for national award, 2B, 12/16/00

Keys, Michael and Pamela

Black couple facing racism after buying home in Brandon subdivision, 1B, 12/5/00

Kia automobiles

Now being sold by Wilson Autos Inc in Jackson, 1c, 7/8/00

Kick Cancer Classic

To help Nicky Nichols, 25, who has a brain tumor, 2B, 8/5/00

Kid Zone

1000's delighted at LeFleur's Bluff, 1B, 8–9F; 9/24/00. 1B; 9/25/00, 9/14/00

Children help design playground at LeFleur's Bluff, 1B, 10/18/00

Kid's World

At Mississippi Trade Mart, 8/10/00, 10F

Kidnapping, Jackson

Men claiming 1998 incident against 4 men recant

DA believes intimidation involved, 1B, 3/16/00

Rannell Lewis trial in Kristi Tucker abduction, 2B, 2B; 4/13/00, 2B; 4/14/00, 2B; 4/24/00, 4/12/00

Kidnapping, Ocean Springs

Child Emily Propps found in Texas; returned to parents, 3B, 11/11/00

Parents say Emily Propps taken from campsite, 3B, 3B; 10/30/00, 3B; 11/1/00, 3B; 11/8/00, 10/27/00

Kidnapping, Smith County

Alabama man Donald Hyde dodges kidnapping charges, 5B, 6/3/00

Alabama men implicated in plot against Billy Carol Speir

Drug trafficking involved, 3B, 5/31/00

William Woodward held in abduction of woman

Another man sought, 1B, 2/19/00, 3B; 3/18/00

Kids Count

Annual data book detailing children's well being in each state, 1B, 6/21/00


Its 2 plants in Corinth will be expanded, 1C, 5/25/00

Kimbrough, Corey SEE Yazoo City Police Department

King Edward Hotel. SEE Telecommunications Conference and Training Center

King Konga

At Hal & Mal's, 8/24/00, 8F

King Lear

Aquila Theatre performs Shakespeare at Thalia Mara Hall, 1/16/00, 4G; 1/24/00, 6B

King Richard Road

In Willow Creek Subdivision in Rankin County

Speeding problems, 2B, 5/2/00

King's Tavern


Restaurant review, 4F, 11/30/00

Restaurant review, 4F, 11/30/00

King, Mack Arthur

Convicted murderer says judge's comments unfair in 1998 trial, 2/10/00, 3B

King, Mario

Clinton High School football player facing rape charge, 2B, 10/19/00

Statutory rape case of former Clinton athlete, 2B, 11/23/00

Kingston, Patricia

Bay St. Louis woman gets life sentence in 1998 slaying of her husband, 3B, 8/18/00

Kinnison, Laura

Woman wounded by JPD officer after shoot-out at Key Food Store, 1B, 7/1/00

Kirksey, Henry. SEE City Council


Their last tour, 8/17/00, 10F

KISS (rock band)

In Jackson in August, 1B, 1E; 8/20/00, 6/23/00

Kitchen utensils

Pots and pans: what's essential?, 1E, 3/1/00

Kiwanis Club of Pearl

Organization awards 3 scholarships, 2B, 5/31/00

KLLM Transport Services

CEO Jack Liles ends bid to acquire company, 1C, 1C; 5/24/00, 5/23/00

High fuel prices dampen 1st quarter earnings, 1C, 4/28/00

Liles and Ebbers purchase 4.1 Million outstanding shares, 1C, 5/27/00

Missouri trucking firm makes buy bid, 1C, 1C; 5/9/00, 1C; 5/31/00, 4/13/00

Missouri trucking firm Prime Inc wants to talk merger, 1C, 1C; 3/22/00, 1C; 4/11/00, 2/12/00

Robert Low halts his buyout effort, 1C, 6/13/00

WorldCom's CEO Bernie Ebbers interested in company, 1A, 4/21/00

Kmart Corp

Again appeals damages awarded in 1992 abduction/rape in parking lot, 1B, 8/29/00

Super Kmart in Jackson among 72 to close down nationwide, 1C, 7/26/00

KMC Telecom

NJ based company to offer high speed Internet access on Gulf Coast, 1C, 3/11/00

Knapp, Thomas Dale

Greene County prisoner disappears at funeral in Mobile, 1/29/00, 3B; 2/2/00, 5B

Knight, Sabeona

4-year old Scott County child slain, 1B, 1B; 7/8/00, 1B; 7/11/00, 1B; 7/20/00, 3B; 7/19/00, 7/7/00

Kolberg, Bryan

Inmate to get retrial in 1988 slaying of girlfriend's infant daughter, 1/10/00, 1B

Retrial in 1988 slaying former girlfriend's 22-month old child, 1B, 1B; 3/1/00, 2/26/00, 6B;3/3/00

Retrial: Kolberg denies abusing baby, 1A, 1B; 3/10/00, 3/9/00

Retrial: Kolberg found guilty, 1B, 1B; 3/12/00, 3/11/00

Retrial: Kolberg given life sentence, 1B, 3/13/00

Retrial: Toddler's death no accident, expert says, 1B, 1B; 3/7/00, 1B; 3/8/00, 3/4/00

Kolodny, Alan

Man ministers as Joyful the Clown, 1E, 5/6/00

Konami Corp

Japanese company may begin making slot machines in state, 1C, 10/26/00

Koon, Larry

Former Union County chancery clerk fails to get jail time reduced, 1/8/00, 1B

Korean War

Its veterans feel 'forgotten,' 1A, 1F (veteran John A. Pace), 5/28/00

Kosciusko Police Department

Memorial wall in police station, 1/17/00, 3B

Kozacek, Sue

Bienville National Forest ranger resigns, joins Peace Corps, 1B, 8/20/00

Ku Klux Klan

1968 indictments by Forest County jury cited in Klan's decline, 6B, 8/31/00

KKK leader alleges law passed by city of Richland to stop march, 2B, 2B; 4/20/00, 4/19/00

Ku Klux Klan SEE ALSO Bowers, Sam

Ku Klux Klan SEE ALSO Moore, Mike


Mississippi's beauty and its beast, 1E, 8/17/00

MSU scientist may have developed fungus that can kill kudzu, 1A, 2/4/00

Kumbuka African Dance Collective

New Orleans troupe performs in Madison, 1E, 2/18/00


30-year old holiday getting more popular, 6G, 12/31/00


Labor department (proposed agency). SEE Mississippi Legislature (2000)---Labor...

Labor force SEE Work force


Ancient paths to modern spirituality, 1E, 11/4/00

Lackey, Delvin

Felon on probation has committed several crimes

Officer wants him back behind bars, 1B, 7/9/00

Lake Harbor Fire District

Expansion of District may lower coverage rates in area, 2B, 8/8/00

Lake Hico

Reopening proposal clears hurdle, 2/16/00, 3B

Lake Lowndes State Park

Hundreds of fish die; oxygen drop cited, 3B, 3B; 5/12/00, 4/29/00

One of state's 'best kept secrets,' 5/23/00, 6B

Lake Tunica

Deterioration has residents worried, 3B, 10/23/00

Lakeland Family Celebration

Discount weekend for area's 3 museums, 8/10/00, 11F

Lakeside Villa Apartments

4 arrested in shooting of security guard, 5B, 8/11/00

Lampton, Luke

Magnolia physician also produces weekly magazine 'Magnolia Gazette,' 1E, 4/13/00

Land mines

Worker finds unarmed land mine under house in south Jackson, 4B, 9/29/00

Landers, Chris

Natchez painter uses unique styles to restore old buildings, 5B, 11/13/00

Landfills, Delisle

Officials investigate old landfill to check on hazardous materials, 3B, 10/23/00

Landfills, George County

Petition drive against landfill gains support, 1/22/00, 3B

Landfills, Harrison County

Hearings set on expansion of Pecan Grove Landfill, 2/5/00, 3B, 3B; 3/8/00, 3B; 5/19/00, 3B; 11/11/00

Landfills, Hinds County

Proposed fill on North County Line Rd rejected by Board, 2B, 11/21/00

Residents oppose facility off North County Line Rd, 1B, 9/23/00

Landfills, Jackson County

Group contesting DEQ findings of no lead contamination at Green Island site, 1B, 3/27/00

Landfills, Vicksburg

Developers have hard time selling project to officials, 3/1/00, 3B

Landrum, Billy Joe

Jones County judge barred from hearing suit on sale of funeral home, 1B, 2/8/00

Landscapes of the Soul...

Photographs of Chester Higgins at Smith Robertson Museum, 4/16/00, 9G

Laney, Rebecca

3-time cancer survivor uses yoga to keep fit, 1D, 7/17/00

Langley, Jason

His 1997 slaying: his family has suit against Advantage Apts., 1A, 1B; 3/25/00, 3/21/00, 5B; 3/22/00

LaRose, Louis

From dishwasher to head chef at BRAVO!, 1E, 8/30/00

Laser Thermal Keratoplasty surgery

Seeing the world eyeglasses-free, 1B, 9/6/00

Lasik eye surgery

New procedure can mean end to eyeglasses for many, 1B, 11/22/00

Law Week

Hinds County high schoolers learn about justice system, 2B, 4/30/00

Laws, Linda

Bolton-Edwards Elementary School leader is state's top principal, 2B, 8/27/00

Lazer (dog)

State's first K-9 bomb detector, 2/5/00, 2B

Lazy L Farm

Exotic animals find haven at Stone County farm, 3B, 8/29/00

Lead River SEE Oil pipeline


Pearl vinyl siding company files for protection from creditors, 1C, 9/28/00

Leadership Clinton

19 accepted into class, 2B, 9/20/00

Graduates' job is now to promote city, 2B, 5/20/00

Leaf River SEE Oil pipeline

Leake County Sheriff's Department

State high court upholds Greg Waggoner's victory, 1B, 12/8/00

Leap Year

One more computer hurdle? (like Y2K), 2/29/00, 3B

Leaves (foliage)

City of Jackson picking up leaves swept to curbs, 5B, 11/14/00

Lee Elementary School

Piano program for students, 2B, 9/3/00

Lee's Venison Charcuterie

Deer meat processing center in Maywood Mart, 1C, 11/29/00

Lee, Joe SEE Tougaloo College

Lee, Nathaniel SEE My Dog Skip

Left-handed persons

The world's geared to the right-handed, 1F, 4/9/00

Legacy 2000 Campaign

Effort to save Social Security benefits for aged, 5B, 9/13/00

Legendary Lighting

Flowood company produces gas lanterns, 1C, 3/16/00

Legislative Black Caucus

Rep Erik Fleming resigns, 3/15/00, 3B

Legislative pay raise. SEE Mississippi Legislature (2000)---Retirement benefits...

Legislators' retirement benefits. SEE Mississippi Legislature (2000)---Retirement benefits


Fun with toy building blocks in Grenada, 3B, 7/24/00

Lemaitre, Flora

Escatawpa woman enters her 3rd century, reflects on past, 1/3/00, 2B


Bookstore is expanding to compete with chain store booksellers, 1C, 11/2/00

Independent Jackson bookstore is expanding, 1C, 8/22/00


Take your fasting slowly, 1d, 3/13/00

Leonard, Catherine

Her 10-year old son finds her stabbed to death, 5B, 5B; 7/4/00, 7/2/00

Lester, Charles

Court finds Greenville bondsman did not act in self defense

Shot bail jumper, 3/1/00, 3B

Lewis, Angela

Woman in coma returns home to Columbia

Divorced mother of 2, 1B, 6/4/00

Lewis, Jerry Lee

The King's 65th birthday party, 3B, 5B; 10/10/00, 10/1/00

Lewis, Tabitha

20-year old McComb mother charged with felony child neglect, 3B, 7/18/00

Lewis, Tony Jerome

South Jackson man charged in rape and shooting of his girlfriend, 2/15/00, 5B

Lewis, Tracye

Young breast cancer survivor shares her story, 1B, 10/31/00

Lewis-Payton, Rica

Named by Governor as head of Division of Medicaid, 1B, 7/8/00

Lextron Corp

3rd Jackson plant unveiled, 1C, 10/27/00

Jackson firm plans after school learning center, 1/9/00, 1C

Libraries, Mississippi

Overdue books a problem for public libraries, 1/18/00, 1B

License tags. SEE Automobile tags

Lieb, William

South Jackson man found crushed to death underneath his car

Found by his mother, 6B, 9/14/00

Life insurance

Viatical buying practices under review by state officials, 1C, 2/11/00

Life vest murder

SEE Carlisle, Troy


Shortage of licensed personnel in Jackson, 1B; 5/23/00, 1B; 6/2/00, 1B; 8/27/00, 1F; 4/15/00, 3/5/00, 5B

Light Up Jackson Campaign. SEE Crime rate, Jackson

Lighthouse Movement

Challenging Christians to become beacons for Christ, 1E, 7/8/00

Lincoln Cemetery


Vandals and children at play destroying headstones, 1A, 8/12/00

Lincoln County

Voters to choose between unit and beat systems, 2/21/00, 3B

Lincoln County Jail

Construction nears completion, 3B, 6/21/00

Linder/Maple crime study SEE Jackson Police Department

Linzey, Claudia

Named Administrator of the Year by Madison County schools, 1/23/00, 2B

Listening, Learning and Leading

Parent workshops at Jackson schools, 2B, 11/5/00


$100 MIllion gift from Jim and Sally Barksdale

To help train reading teachers, 1/20/00, 1A


A costly and weighty problem in Rankin County, 2B, 8/3/00

City of Florence's budget limits attack on problem, 2B, 9/4/00

Hinds County officials say cameras have helped to deter dumping, 2B, 10/31/00

Litterers in Richland will be fined, 2B, 7/28/00

Receptacles provided for neighborhood cleanup in Clinton, 2B, 10/20/00

Reporting litterbugs in Madison County to earn rewards, 2/29/00, 2B

Sprint employees to pick up trash along Reservoir spillway, 2B, 7/21/00

State inmates may be used in Madison County, 2B, 3/7/00

Little Tokyo II

Restaurant review, 4F, 5/18/00

Litton Industries SEE Ingalls Shipbuilding

Living trusts

Buyer beware: not all trusts stand up in court, 1C, 7/29/00

Livingston, Dick

Legislator is hospitalized; biopsy awaited, 1A; 2/19/00, 1B; 4/9/00, 2/16/00, 3H (Minor), 5B; 3/29/00


State lobbying groups spent $6.5 Million in 1999, 1B, 10/23/00

Local tax option (Musgrove plan). SEE Taxes, Mississippi---Musgrove proposal

Locke, Mamie

Tougaloo native is mayor of Hampton, Virginia, 1B, 6/11/00

Lockett, Carl Daniel

Killer convicted in 1985 slaying may avoid execution, 1–/16/00, 3B

Loden, Eddie SEE Gray, Leesa

Logan, William

Felon arrested in Tupelo parking lot on drug charges, 3B, 11/1/00

Long Beach Police Department

Chief Tom Bishop accused of sexual harassment, 6B, 9/23/00

Longleaf Trace

Bike route between Prentiss and Hattiesburg, 3B, 8/31/00, 9F; 9/2/00

Hiking trail follows abandoned rail line between Hattiesburg and Prentiss, 1F, 7/30/00

Longmeadow subdivision


Supervisors look at flooding problems, 2B, 5/19/00

Longo, Tommy

Birth mother accused of abducting Waveland mayor's foster children, 3B, 4/26/00

Waveland mayor must repay $21,000 to state, 3B, 6/9/00

Loop Technologies

Ridgeland company to offer high-speed Internet service in Phoenix, AZ, 9/5/00, 12C

Lorsban SEE Dursban

Lott, Trent

Ensures death of FDA tobacco legislation, 3H (Bill Minor), 4/2/00

Forced by Democrats to walk thin line on Capitol Hill, 1A; 12/23/00, 4B, 12/3/00

Senate Majority Leader to have to deal with Hillary Clinton, 3H (Bill Minor), 11/12/00

Takes issue for criticism of his 'pork' projects, 4/12/00, 5B

Love City Church

Meridian church helps congregation with financial problems, 1E, 3/18/00

Lovett Elementary School


Best Friends program for 6th-grade girls, 2B, 10/8/00

Board approves construction bid, 1/18/00, 2B

Mother-Daughter Luncheon, 2B, 4/25/00

Man-to-man breakfast, 2B, 11/17/00

Lowe, Travis SEE Culp, Elliot

Lowery Gail Wright

Municipal Court Judge candidate goes before City Council, 4B, 6B; 7/19/00, 7/18/00

Lowery, Katherine

Infrared device to be used to locate body of Olive Branch woman

Missing since early 1999, 1B, 6/27/00

Lowndes County Area Cancer Drive

Fund-raiser labeled as a scam, 2/1/00, 3B

Lowndes County Public Schools

State high court upholds 1996 firing of 2 teachers

Helped students cheat, 2/25/00, 3B

LS Communications

Jackson telecom company acquires SJI Inc (La), 1C, 10/11/00


4 arrested in Starkville: laced candy with LSD, 3B, 6/2/00

Luau Show

At Canton High School gymnasium, 2B, 7/28/00

Lucas-Tauchar, Frances SEE Millsaps College

Luckyday Foundation

Donates $8.2 Million to Ole Miss, 1B, 11/2/00

Lumumba, Chokwe

Jackson attorney to be reprimanded by state bar association, 1B, 1B; 7/18/00, 7/17/00

Judge Swan Yerger's complaint against Lumumba draws protesters, 1B, 2/24/00


Lunch on the run for office workers, 1E, 8/25/00

Lung cancer

Gene may explain why women twice as likely to develop lung cancer, 1/5/00, 1A

Luther Branson Elementary School

School uniforms a possibility this Fall, 2B, 6/19/00

Lynch Creek


Clogged creek finally cleared, 1B, 7/18/00

Lynne, Shelby

Singer performs at Hal & Mal's, 7/6/00, 10F


M'Naughten test

SEE Insanity defense

Mabus, Ray and Julie

Couple is divorced; custody of the 2 children will be shared, 5B, 7/14/00

MacCachran, Douglas SEE Securities scam

MacNeil, Grace McKittrick

Natchez philanthropist dies, 2B, 7/4/00

Macular degeneration

FDA approves new treatment called Visudyne therapy, 1B, 8/11/00

Mad cow disease

Scientists say hunters needn't worry in Mississippi, 4B, 11/24/00


5 Mississippi teens in DC summit, 3B, 10/3/00

Madidi. SEE Freeman, Morgan

Madison budget, 2001

City eyes 8% increase in budget, 2B, 9/8/00

Madison Central High School

Academic quiz competition, 1/12/00, 2B

Evacuation plan for disabled students questioned, 2B, 8/22/00

Madison County

Spur in economic growth may stall tax hike, 2B, 7/6/00

Urbanization brings transportation system improvements, 2B, 3/8/00

Madison County Bank

Seeking state charter, 1C, 5/24/00

Madison County Courthouse

Building in 'deplorable' condition, 2B, 5/23/00

Madison County Cultural Center

Bridging the racial and economic gaps, 2B, 6/29/00

Informational meeting on community theater, 2B, 8/23/00

Madison County Democratic Party

Has no place to hold caucus, 1A, 2/19/00

Madison County Department of Road Management

Workers accused of destruction and profanity fired, 1/7/00, 2B

Madison County Detention Center

Inmate G.E.D. program with Sheriff's dept., 2B, 3/12/00

Lack of paperwork: status of some prisoners unknown, 2B, 6/7/00

Old jail to be razed, 2B, 8/24/00

Sheriff Trowbridge considering changes, 1/21/00, 2B

Supervisors look toward expansion, 2/11/00, 2B, 2B; 5/3/00, 2B; 7/22/00

Madison County Economic Development Authority

Turns rail spur over to IC RR, 1/21/00, 2B

Madison County Jail

Future of federal funding no done deal, 2A, 9/25/00

More jail space, more circuit judges the key to overcrowding, 1A, 2B; 9/25/00, 4/1/00

UMC to provide care for inmates, 2B, 11/7/00

Madison County Journal

Terry Cassreino named managing editor, 2B, 9/29/00

Madison County Library System

Improvements at Flora library, 2/14/00, 2B

Madison County Medical Center

10 excess positions eliminated, 1A; 9/15/00 , 2B, 2B; 9/13/00, 9/6/00

After 2 years is hospital finally posting healthy profits?, 2B, 2B; 8/17/00, 8/9/00

Alzheimer's unit a possibility at its nursing home, 2B, 9/5/00

Evaluation of services and personnel is set, 2B, 4/15/00

Financial backing for hospital and nursing home increases, 1/22/00, 2B

Grand jury will see audit, 2B, 10/31/00

Hospital's finances are usurped, 1A, 8/19/00

Investigation into construction costs of its nursing home, 2B, 2B; 5/13/00, 5/12/00

Janet Thigpen is interim director, 2B, 8/21/00

Supervisors want hospital's financial report, 2/2/00, 2B, 2B; 2/4/00, 2B; 2/5/00, 2B; 10/5/00

Supervisors warn hospital to improve fiscal records, 2/19/00, 2B

Madison County Medical System

Employees to receive Social Security benefits

Despite hospital's nonpayment, 6B, 8/22/00

Madison County Nursing Home

Facility may be torn down, 2B, 10/7/00

Use sought for now vacant facility, 2B, 5/25/00

Madison County Public Library

Seeking $1 Million in funding, 2B, 8/7/00

Madison County Public Schools

2 elementary schools to offer pre-kindergarten classes, 2B, 6/18/00

21st Century Community Learning Center

After-school program, 2B, 6/8/00

4 new schools ahead of construction deadlines, 2B, 12/15/00

Board passes resolution disagreeing with US high court ban on school prayer, 2B, 8/13/00

City seeks rezoning of land on Bozeman Rd for middle school, 2B, 2B; 5/11/00, 5/6/00

Court case: agreement reached with Justice Dept.: schools can be built, 1A, 4/8/00

Court case: alternate school sites studied in Ridgeland, 2B, 4/1/00

Court case: Bennie Thompson to serve as mediator, 1A, 2/23/00, 2B; 2/25/00

Court case: Bozeman Rd residents don't want middle school, 1A, 4/24/00

Court case: building program moves ahead, 2B, 8/27/00

Court case: District expecting favorable ruling this time, 2B, 10/27/00

Court case: extension OK'd, 2/26/00, 2B

Court case: high school in Ridgeland unfair to black students

Justice Dept., 2B, 5/17/00

Court case: Justice Dept. extends time to file briefs, 1/26/00, 2B, 2B3/4/00

Court case: plans facing opposition, 2B, 3/15/00

Court case: Portable buildings at issue in rift with Ridgeland, 1A, 4/1/00

Court case: Ridgeland mayor waffled, parent claims, 1B, 4/6/00

Court case: Ridgeland residents want settlement nixed, 1A, 2B; 4/8/00, 4/5/00

Court case: Ridgeland suit wouldn't stop school, lawyer says, 2B, 4/7/00

Court case: Ridgeland threatens lawsuit over high school site, 1A; 3/31/00, 1B, 3/28/00

Court case: School Board will vote on possible settlement, 1A, 3/27/00

Court case: school site case back in courts, 2B, 2B; 10/9/00, 10/2/00

Court case: superintendent mum on school site, 2B, Mississippi Legislature (2000)

Court upholds plan for Ridgeland high school, 2B, 2B; 11/9/00, 2B; 12/1/00, 5B; 11/8/00, 11/7/00

District eyes drug-testing policy, 2B, 6/28/00

District vastly overestimated enrollment figures, 1A, 3/10/00

Drug testing in schools a possibility, 2B, 12/12/00

Duel enrollment program, 1/13/00, 2B

Elementary schools may begin day 15 minutes earlier

Bus scheduling problems, 2B, 7/19/00

Meals and classes for preschoolers to be added, 2B, 8/6/00

New Board member Eddie Tanner, 2B, 3/16/00

No candidates interested in District 4 Board seat, 2B, 9/15/00

Outdoor burning operations at middle school construction site halted, 4B, 10/13/00

Overlay district proposed at Gluckstadt, 2B, 9/21/00

Some minority teachers may have to transfer, 1/17/00, 2B

Madison County Sheriff's Department

Deputies vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B, 2/28/00, 2B

Deputy Robbie Sanders gets top honor, 2B, 12/22/00

Former chief Jessie Hopkins not liable in overtime pay lawsuit, 2B, 5/11/00

New sheriff Toby Trowbridge praised, 2/7/00, 2B

Sheriff submits budget, 2B, 8/12/00

Sheriff Trowbridge says he has a poor relationship with JPD, 1B, 11/17/00

Supervisors boost dept. budget, 1/6/00, 2B

Supervisors OK hiring of assistant district attorney, 2B, 2B; 6/26/00, 6/6/00

Madison County Supervisors

Pledge cooperative spirit for growing county, 1/4/00, 2B, 2B; 1/5/00

Madison County United Methodist Church

Offers a service with a contemporary flare, 1E, 5/27/00

Madison Cultural Center

Valentine dance for senior citizens, 2/9/00, 2B

Madison Fire Department

New station planned with annexation, 2/9/00, 2B

Madison Post Office

Mayor wants satellite facility near Annandale, 2B, 7/14/00

Madison Public Library

Friends of the Library book sale, 1/20/00, 2B

Madison Volunteer Firefighters Association

Scholarships for firefighters' children, 2B, 7/10/00

Madison, Mississippi

Character First: international program emphasizes civil behavior, 2/2/00, 2B

City Hall gala 'Carry the Torch and Pass it On,' 4/25/00, 4B

Federally funded Project Impact disaster relief program, 2B, 5/31/00

Mayor and aldermen vote to borrow from state bank to finance capital improvement projects, 2B, 12/11/00

Town grew 70% in decade 1990-2000, 2B, 11/3/00

Madonna Manor

JPD too slow in August shooting incident, guard says, 1B, 10/21/00

Madonna Manor Apartments

Security guard robbed and shot, 5B, 8/29/00

Magana, Eduardo

Mexican citizen sues city of Brandon over traffic stop

Racial profiling?, 1A; 6/14/00, 1B, 6/13/00

Mexican testifies his arrest was humiliating, 1B, 1B; 6/16/00, 6/15/00

Racial-profiling case goes to jury, 1A; 6/22/00, 1B, 1B; 6/20/00, 6/17/00

Magazzu, Joseph SEE Morton International

Magee Police Department

Driver trying to elude police strikes tree, is killed, 5B, 6/4/00

Magnolia Venture Capital

Judge to rule on new trial for Steve Caldwell, 1B, 7/20/00

Mahalia, A Gospel Musical

Honoring Mahalia Jackson at JSU, 1E, 2/26/00

Mahned Bridge murders SEE Moody, David

Mahoney, Michael

5-year child-support battle still raging between Mississippi and Virginia, 1B, 10/23/00

Mail theft

Major ring busted with arrest of 6 in Jackson area and in Louisiana, 1B, 9/24/00

Victim of theft ring unhappy over light sentences to 8, 1/11/00, 1B

Main Street Grill


Restaurant review, 4F, 7/13/00

New BBQ restaurant in Madison

Tammye and Rusty Knight, owners, 1C, 6/1/00

Main Street Heritage Festival

In Port Gibson, 3/24/00, 6E

Main Street School

Yazoo City

Community turning historic building into cultural center, 1B, 4/3/00

Majesty of Spain

A portrait of Jack Kyle, 1A, 1A; 10/16/00, 3B, 10/1/00

Area police agencies asked to provide on-duty officers for security, 1A, 12/21/00

Bus Association's top attraction for 2001, 1A, 9/15/00

Centerpiece objects arrive in Jackson, 1E, 12/21/00

Clocks, gondola and carriage among pieces coming to Jackson, 1A, 10/29/00

Dozens of craftsman toil to set up exhibit, 1F, 10/29/00

Duke Alvaro Fernadez-Villaverde visits Jackson, 1A; 10/20/00, 1B, 10/18/00

Equestrian statue of King Louis XIV of France (1998 exhibit) moved, 5B, 7/12/00

It's official: Jackson will show Spanish exhibit, 1/19/00, 1B, 10E; 4/28/00

Mississippians asked to spruce up for exhibition, 3B, 10/4/00

The King and Queen of Spain will visit Mississippi, 3B, 4/22/00

Make A Difference Day

Morton Elementary School and city of Greenville honored, 1F, 4/9/00

Make a Difference Day

Over 250 projects throughout state, . 1B, 10/29/00

Make-A-Wish Foundation

20 years making dreams come true, 1B, 1B; 5/1/00, 1B; 7/15/00, 4/17/00, 5B (Brett Favre); 8/31/00

Gift of a swimming pool to Chanel Moore who has osteosarcoma, 2B, 8/12/00

Group clarifies its fund raising procedures, 3B, 10/1/00

Radio DJ's Connie Kellie and Fish Callaway raise $27,000, 1B, 9/1/00

Malone, Marcus

DA to investigate his Moss Point Jail death, 3B, 9/14/00

NAACP wants investigation into his 1998 death Moss Point jail, 3B, 3B; 8/7/00, 3B: 9/5/00, 3B; 9/7/00, 7/25/00

Malveaux, Julianne

Speaker at Legislative Black Caucus forum on political awareness, 1/26/00, 1C

Mamie's Cottage

Historic Raymond home place on National Register, 1/29/00, 2B


Program urging procedure successful in Winston County, 1B, 3/18/00

Maness, Elmer Lee

Grand jury fails to indict suspect in 1998 arson case

His mother and sister killed, 1B, 10/6/00

Mann, Robert

Son Gary Mann's CPR skills save life of 80-year old, 1/8/00, 2B

Manning, Archie

His book Manning: a Father, His Sons and a Football Legacy, 1E, 9/29/00

Manning, Robert

Man charged with slaying of girlfriend Louise Hilliard, 4/25/00, 4B

Manning, Willie Jerome

State high court upholds his death sentence in 1996 slaying, 1B, 6/30/00

Mannsdale Fire District

Lawsuit by city of Madison puts plan on hold, 2/21/00, 2B

Mansfield, Jayne

33 years since entertainer was killed on Gulf Coast, 4B, 7/3/00

Manufactured housing

Pilot program: new image for new housing, 1C, 10/4/00

Maple syrup, 1E, 2/2/00

Maple/Linder Crime Study

SEE Jackson Police Department

Mara, Thalia

Arts figure honored as Best of the New South, 1B, 12/5/00

Maranatha Faith Center

Columbus church sues Kerr-McGee Inc

Alleged contamination of church property, 1B, 2/22/00


Getting in shape..for the long run, 2/20/00, 18G


Restaurant review, 4F, 12/7/00

Mardi Gras

George County Public Schools may rescind 2-day holiday break, 3B, 7/24/00

Mardi Gras, 2000

20+ arrested at Pass Christian parade, 3/7/00, 3B

Ball fund-raiser for Madison County Cultural Center, 1/29/00, 2B

Mississippi style: cities and dates, 1/20/00, 1E

Mardis, Nickie

Missing Richland woman

Russell Barker alleged abductor, 2/10/00, 2B, 2B; 2/22/00, 2B; 3/7/00


1100 pounds found buried in produce truck on US 49 in Magee, 1B, 9/4/00

2 arrested at Jackson airport; 27 pounds of marijuana in clothing, 2/4/00, 2B

2 Clinton youths almost killed in attempt to get drugs in Jackson, 1/15/00, 2B

2 Texas men arrested on drug charges at traffic stop on I-55 in Madison, 2B, 6/20/00

Adams County authorities seize $1.5 Million in pot, 3B, 8/3/00

Mississippi arrest rate is 4th in US, 3B, 6/28/00

Ole Miss research into marijuana use for AIDS and cancer patients, 2/27/00, 3B

Record amounts of drug being seized, 1A, 10/26/00

Stock worth $150,000 seized on I-20 in Rankin County

Couple arrested, 2B, 7/12/00

Suitcase seized at airport on plane from El Paso, TX

Kevin Salvatory Warren of Jackson arrested, 1B, 5/18/00

Texas couple traveling in separate cars arrested on I-55 near Canton, 2B, 8/29/00

Traffic stop on I-5 5 near Madison" $120,000 worth of pot seized, 2B, 9/12/00

Vehicle search on I-55; 1 suspect becomes sick, 2B, 9/23/00

Marine Life Oceanarium


Dolphin interaction program, 1F, 5/21/00

Marquez, Nicole

Madison Central junior has weekly radio show 'Nic's Picks,' 1E, 2/18/00


Successful marriages are always works in progress, 1E, 9/26/00

Marsalis, Ellis

Father of 4 prominent jazz musicians performs at USM, 8G, 10/1/00

Marsalis, Wynton

To appear with Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra at Thalia Mara Hall, 4/30/00, 8G

Marsh, Mike

In his last days in office Fordice fights for Workers' Comp nominee, 1/2/00, 1H

Marshall Elementary School

6 teachers are retiring, 1F, 5/7/00

Marshall, Dedrick

His sentence in 1996 bank robbery is upheld by Appeals Ct, 3B, 5/4/00

Martin Luther King Day

Celebration in Jackson, 1/4/00, 1B; 1/13/00, 1B; 1/16/00, 1B; 1/17/00, 8F; 1/15/00, F

Jackson's Freedom Corner carries message, 1/18/00, 1A, 4A

Martin, Jeremy

Vancleave teenager out on bond when he killed his father, 3B, 3B; 4/6/00, 4/4/00

Martin, Phillip

Detroit gun dealer given jail sentence in Canton

Domestic violence charges also, 1/22/00, 2B

Martin, Robert SEE Hinds County Coroner

Martin, Wayne SEE Organ transplants

Martin, Willie

Trial for 1994 murder of Nathaniel Steverson in Bay St. Louis, 1/17/00, 1B, 1B; 1/22/00, 1B; 1/28/00

Mary Frances building

North State St, Jackson; historic building getting face lift, 1C, 9/27/00

Mary Holmes College

School officials fight to keep school open, 1A, 9/22/00

Tiny school in West Point still on a mission, 3B, 8/7/00

Tiny school receives threatening letter, 1/9/00, 1B, 3B; 1/11/00

Will continue to get federal student aid if students repay loans, 3/18/00, 3B

Mary Mahoney's Restaurant


11-year old lawsuit involving alcohol sale to teenager back in court, 6B, 8/3/00

Mason, Aundra

JPD searching for suspected drug dealer, 1/22/00, 1B

Mason, Gilbert

His book Beaches, Blood and Ballots; A Black Doctor's Civil Rights Struggle, 1A, 9/25/00

His book Beaches, blood and Ballots; A Black Doctor's Civil Rights Struggle, 1A, 9/25/00

Master Graphics

Memphis firm, owner of Hederman Brothers, files bankruptcy, 1C, 7/11/00

Owner of Hederman printers delisted from NASDAQ, 1C, 2/3/00

Math Education Month

Emphasizing math literacy, 2B, 4/2/00


State educators turn attention to teaching math skills, 1A, 9/17/00

Matheny, Diana

Columbus woman killed by falling tree limb on her wedding day, 6B, 7/18/00

Matt's House Women's Shelter

Donated holiday treasures for the children, 1A, 12/26/00

MAXIMUS SEE Child support

Maxwell, Andrew

Jackson insurance broker admits wire fraud, 1C, 7/8/00

Maya. SEE Ts'unun Plaza

McAfee, Damien

Trial of teenager in 1997 murder of Thomas Tapp is delayed, 1B, 5/9/00

McAlister's Gourmet Deli

Company plots growth, merges corporate headquarters, 1C, 3/29/00

McBrayer, George and Ruby

Couple formerly with charity Recovery Lodge wait for long-delayed trial, 1B, 9/28/00

McCain, John

Presidential candidate has connections to Carrollton, 1B, 2/27/00

McCall Head Start SEE Friends of Children of Mississippi

McCart, Jack

Louisville police officer charged with working at bingo while on duty, 1C, 4/14/00

McCarty, Oseola

Student Kimberly Chambers makes poster honoring philanthropist's life, 2B, 5/21/00

McCearley, Joseph

Missing persons report filed on 18-year old Reservoir youth, 2B, 3/4/00

McCool, Larry SEE Hunt-Phelan Home

McCormick, Lynn

Sarepta man charged in stabbing of his 3-year old daughter

Also stabbed himself, 3B, 5/25/00

McCourt, Frank

Author of 'Angela's Ashes' and ''Tis' visits Jackson and Oxford, 1/2/00, 10G

McCullough, David

Historian will speak at Millsaps College, 1E, 3/24/00

McDaniel, Angela

APAC instructor named to National Bd for Professional Teaching Standards, 2B, 9/24/00

McDaniel, Antwon

Given 2 life terms in double slaying in Belzoni in 1998, 1B, 5/11/00

McDermott House

Historic Vicksburg home stands in way of church expansion, 3/28/00, 3B


New site in Jackson; Le Roy Walker praised for his commitment to city, 1C, 10/24/00

McDonald's Corp

New store colors: red, white, yellow, 2B, 2B; 9/9/00, 9/8/00

McDonald, Jennifer

JSU student to present paper at national conference: lead levels on JSU campus, 1B, 9/25/00

McDonald, Kentrelo

Armed-robbery suspect gets prison time after pleading guilty, 5B, 9/7/00

McDonald, Ray

Hinds County bailiff ends 30 year career, 1B, 6/12/00

McDonald, Sonny

Hinds County worker's SUV abandoned on Mississippi River bridge

Man is missing, 2B; 5/3/00, 5/2/00, 5B

Service held for missing man; SUV found on Vicksburg bridge, 2B, 5/13/00

McDouglas, Alfred

Clinton officials balk at paying inmate's medical bills, 1/6/00, 2B

McGaughey, Neil

Late writer honored at New Walden Writers' Retreat near New Hebron, 1E, 8/17/00

McGee, Samuel

Incoming Calloway High School PTSA leader, 2B, 7/23/00

McGehee, Mandy

Woman critically injured in 1998 car accident survives to graduate from MC, 1B, 12/23/00

McGowan, Lloyd

Local clown, 1E, 11/16/00

McGruff the Crime Dog

At festival in Pearl; part of 20-city tour, 2B, 6/23/00

MCI WorldCom SEE WorldCom

McKenney, Jeff and Rosanne

Medical missionaries to Honduras, 1A, 12/27/00

McKenzie, Larry

Ex-band director at Northeast Lauderdale County High School sentenced: statutory rape of student, 3B, 9/29/00

McKinney, Emma

Pregnant woman and her unborn child killed in 2-car wreck, 1/9/00, 1B, 3B; 1/11/00

McKinney, Robert

93-year old man is greeter at Jackson Medical Mall, 1E, 5/16/00

McLaughlin, Roy

Man to be tried in Baton Rouge for 1998 death of his wife

Body found in Mississippi, 3B, 4/20/00

McLaurin Attendance Center

Preparing for violence scenarios, 2B, 9/24/00

McLaurin, T.C.

Former students establish scholarship honoring educator, 1B, 4/17/00

McLeod, Gustavus

Mississippi native plans to be 1st to fly open cockpit over North Pole, 1A, 3/6/00

McMillan, Burton

Oldest alumnus of Legislature remembers the 1940s, 1/8/00, 1A

McMillan, Rosalyn

Sister of Terry McMillan writes novel 'The Flip Side of Sin,' 3G, 7/20/00

McNair, Steve

Hometown of Mt. Olive proud of Super Bowl quarterback, 1/26/00, 1D

McNeese, James

Monticello man confesses to stabbing death of Tanya Mullins-Smith, 3B, 6/24/00

McNeill, William Roger

Transient in Bay St. Louis charged in murder of Gwynette Spiers, 3B, 12/20/00

McNutt, Mike

Greenwood man awaiting liver transplant

Long, complicated wait, 1B, 3/30/00

McRae Foundation

Makes 2 new play areas for children possible, 1E, 11/25/00

McRae's Department Stores

200 jobs cut in Jackson, 1C, 2/18/00

McRae, Chuck SEE Tucker, Jane

McRaney, Grace

92-year old widow runs country store in Lone Star, 1C, 8/16/00


Antebellum home in Vicksburg site of Civil War reenactment, 1A, 7/3/00

McSwain community

Too many illnesses; residents fear drinking water, 1B, 11/25/00

McWillie Elementary School

Children's museum is part of plan for new school building, 1B, 5/1/00

MDOT SEE Department of Transportation

Meadors, Jack

United Methodist Bishop of Mississippi retires, 1E, 7/29/00

Measuring Up 2000

Mississippi report card: "D" grade in education, 1A, 12/10/00

Medgar Evers Post Office

Internet kiosk, 1C, 12/21/00

Medgar Evers/B.B. King Memorial Concert

King hasn't missed a weekend in 26 years, 1A, 1B, 6/1/00, 8F; 6/4/00


Hour-long dialog in Jackson on fairness in the media, 1B, 2/12/00

Medicaid SEE Division of Medicaid

Medical students

USM is teaching them bedside manners, 1D, 8/14/00

Medical treatment

Mississippians travel the world to use new procedures, 1B, 8/7/00


Mississippi's quality of treatment worst in nation, 1A, 10/4/00

Medium Chain acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiency (MCAD)

Haygood family of Tupelo who lost son want to educate others, 1A, 12/26/00

MedNet Rentals

Jackson company proposes computers in hospital rooms, 1C, 2/24/00


Guarding against skin cancer in Summer sun, 1D, 5/8/00

Mellish, Joanna

Biloxi woman named 1999 CALA Volunteer of the Year, 1/17/00, 3B

Memorial Day

Attendance at JPS slim on last day of school because of holiday, 1B, 1B; 6/6/00, 5/30/00

Benefits and other issues dominate celebrations, 1A, 5/30/00

Crackdown on DUIs by JPD, 5/26/00, 5B

Heavy sales in gasoline and outdoor merchandise, 1C, 5/26/00

Hinds County will continue honoring veterans at Court House, 2B, 5/19/00

Medals for Korean War veterans, 1A, 5/27/00

Utica Heritage Society flying the flags on city streets, 2B, 5/19/00

W.W.II and Korean War veteran Ervin Yarbrough to share experiences, 2B, 5/29/00

Men's Forum

Interracial gathering at churches to discuss mutual problems, 1E, 11/11/00

Mentally ill, Hinds County

Advocates want land near CMMC for crisis center, 1B, 1B; 2/25/00, 2/16/00, 5B; 2/24/00

South Jackson site facing opposition, 1A; 3/21/00, 1B, 1B; 3/9/00, 3/6/00

Mentally ill, Jackson

Jackson-area advocates working to aid mentally ill, 1B, 2/4/00

Mentally ill, Madison County

Inadequate funding criticized, 1B, 7/24/00

Mentally ill, Mississippi

Mentally ill children in state 'falling through the cracks,' executive says, 1B, 12/19/00

Psychiatric bed space crucial: many mentally ill wind up in jails, 1B, 4/23/00

Rural areas lacking care, official says, 6/8/00, 6B

State awarded grant to expand mental health system for children, 5/10/00, 5B

Mentally ill, Natchez

City a possible site for mental health center, 2B, 6/27/00

Mentally ill, Rankin County

Unused hospital beds take place of crisis center, 3/6/00, 5B

Mentally ill, US

Many Americans don't know when and where to ask for help, 1D, 2/7/00


Attorney General workshop, 1/24/00, 1A, 1B; 8/11/00

Musgrove announces mentoring plan: AG says there is one already, 1A, 8/11/00

Meridian Fire Department

New station will have many amenities, 1B, 3/6/00

Meridian Grand Opera House

$10 Million renovation, 1E, 2/4/00, 3B; 7/18/00, 3B; 7/26/00, 4B; 9/14/00

Meridian Housing Authority

HUD audit finds misuse of funds, 1/21/00, 3B

Meridian Naval Air Station

Hornet fighter jet may be based at facility, 1B, 8/20/00

Monoxide poisoning lawsuit, 3B, 11/7/00

Musgrove committed to keeping base open, 3B, 8/12/00

Meridian Public Schools

Mad about school closing, some call for ouster of Superintendent Janet McLin, 3B, 6/24/00

Merit scholars SEE National Merit Scholarships

Messenger Software

Local company works with NJ company to develop interactive Rocky/Bullwinkle, 1C, 6/30/00

Meter fees SEE Utilities


2 arrested in Calhoun County for attempted theft of fertilizer

To be used in meth lab, 2/13/00, 3B

2 arrested in lab bust in Prentiss County, 3B, 7/22/00

3 arrested at lab in rural Rankin County, 2B, 6/28/00

Drug agents make arrests at 3rd meth lab bust in 1 week, 1/6/00, 1B

Joe Logan of Yazoo City arrested in Madison County cooking meth, 2B, 5/3/00

Lab busts, arrests multiplying, 1B, 7/24/00

Lab found in a van parked in Florence subdivision, 2B, 6/10/00

Lab raided in Pelahatchie, 2B, 6/21/00

Madison County deputies raid alleged lab, arrest 3, 2B, 7/11/00

Madison County officials learn how to handle illegal labs, 2B, 3/15/00

Man pleads guilty to 1999 fire that destroyed motel

Cooking crystal meth, 1B; edit m 3B, 6/7/00

Meth lab busts increase on Coast, 3B, 10/31/00

Raid in George County; 5 arrested, 2/12/00, 3B

Thieves remove valve from anhydrous ammonia tank

Motorists on I-55 injured at Brookhaven, 1B, 3/26/00

Tip leads to arrest of Thomas Max Odom at south Jackson lab, 1/27/00, 1B

Methodist Healthcare

Efforts to open facility in Olive Branch, 3B, 7/14/00

Methodist Healthcare-Middle Mississippi

UMC to operate Lexington hospital, 1A, 2/16/00

Metro Jackson Chamber of Commerce

13 achievers honored, 1C, 4/6/00

Car dealer Noel Daniels is new director, 1C, 12/7/00

Cash incentives to attract businesses, 1/13/00, 1C

Maj. Gen. B.B. Bell is speaker: military preserves peace and prosperity, 1B, 9/28/00

Metro Jackson Crime Stoppers

Anonymous tips can now be posted on its new Web page, 1B, 2B; 6/28/00, 4/17/00

Metro Jackson Parkway SEE Jackson Metro Parkway

Metro Manor Apartments

HUD shuts down complex, 1B, 1B; 6/15/00, 6/14/00

HUD takes over control of complex, 1A; 5/31/00, 1B, 5/26/00

Owner Steve Nail may sue US Attorney Brad Pigott: malicious prosecution, 1A, 2/13/00

Metro Teacher Recognition Luncheon

12 teachers honored, 2B, 10/29/00

Metro Train Station

Model train exhibit for Father's Day at Metrocenter, 5B, 6/10/00


Nearby strip mall is sold; stores relocate to mall, 1C, 8/14/00

Metropolitan Crime Commission

Meets behind closed doors, 1A, 5B; 8/28/00, 7/12/00

Take a Tasty Bite Out of Crime fundraiser at Highland Village, 1B, 6/23/00

Michael, Bud

Former Prentiss County sheriff arrested on drug charges, 1/14/00, 1B; 1/20/00, 3B, 3B; 1/24/00

Michael, Jerry

Prentiss County sheriff pleads guilty in drug case

Methamphetamine sales, 1B, 3/8/00

Microsoft Corp

Guilty of antitrust violation, judge says, 1A, 1C, 4/4/00

Mid-Delta Empowerment Zone Alliance

Nonprofit group faces audit, 3B, 12/16/00

Mid-Town and Christy's Restaurant

Fall at store may have killed Cleotha Buck, 3/21/00, 4B

Mid-Town Daycare

Owner upset over JPD's response to burglary, 1B, 1B; 3/19/00, 3/13/00

Midtown neighborhood


The sound of hammers instead of gunfire, 1A, 1A; 9/18/00, 9/17/00, 9A; 9/19/00

Midwives. SEE ALSO Doulas

Services on rise in Mississippi, 1D, 10/2/00

Migraine headaches, 1D, 4/3/00

Military academies

High school counselors told to guide students to military academies' scholarships, 5B, 10/11/00

Military bases

Neither Columbus nor Keesler AFB on closure list, 1A, 3/18/00

State bases to get $30.2 Million in Clinton budget, 1B; 7/1/00, 1B; 7/28/00, 2/7/00, 3B

Military Order of the Purple Heart

Veterans want state recipients honored, 2B, Jackson12/19/00

Military retirees

Congressional bill would open base hospitals to those eligible for Medicare

Milken Family Foundation

3 Mississippi teachers honored, 1B, 10/5/00

4 Mississippi educators honored, 2/4/00, 3B


SEE Year 2001

Miller's Grocery

Restaurant opens 2nd deli downtown, 6/26/00, 8C

Miller, David

East Central High School student suspended: gun in trunk of car, 2/5/00, 3B

Miller, Greg

Millsaps College department chairman has poem published in 'Open City,' 8/13/00, 11G

Miller, Larry

Q&A with head of Mississippi ETV, 2H, 9/24/00

Million Dollar Round Table

Mississippi realtor George Pickett to head national organization, 1C, 6/9/00

Million Mom March

Mississippi mothers holding their own march, 1A, 1B; 5/15/00, 5/14/00

Millsaps College

2 finalists for presidency: Frances Lucas-Tauchar, James Muyskens, 1/12/00, 1A, 1B; 2/4/00

Arts & Lecture Series to feature Ellen Gilchrist and Tim Gautreaux, 1E, 9/22/00

Campus e-mail says shot was fired at college, 2/26/00, 7B

Frances Lucas-Tauchar named president, 1A; 2/7/00, 1A; 2/8/00, 1B; 3/25/00, 2/5/00, 6B

Fundraising drive ends up with $94 Million, 1B, 4/30/00

New president looks to Emory University to fill leadership posts, 6B, 7/18/00

New president to implement fund drives, 4/6/00, 4B

President Frances Lucas-Tauchar setting example, 1B, 9/4/00

Prof. Leanora Olivia denied tenure; students protest, 1B, 5/6/00

To create new spiritual program with $1.4 Million grant, 1E, 11/25/00

Milton, Shevetta

Former Deposit Guaranty teller sentenced for embezzlement from bank, 2B, 4/21/00


Offers customized worker-training programs via the Internet, 1C, 3/26/00

Minimum wage

Rep Pickering lone state Congressman voting against wage hike, 1A, 3/11/00

Workers awaiting action on minimum-wage hike, 8C, 9/11/00

Minor, Bill

$2 Million lawsuit against columnist dismissed, 5B, 9/15/00

Columnist defends his journalism career in response to letter writer Wade Morrison, 3H (Bill Minor), 10/29/00

Minor, Burnell SEE Pearl High School

Minority business

Entrepreneurship forum at Medical Mall, 1/26/00, 1C

Firms in Mississippi seeing boom, 1C, 7/2/00

Jackson's Equal Business Opportunity Program, 1B, 3/2/00

Minority Enterprise Development Week

Minority firms' successes celebrated, 1C, 9/22/00

Minority students

More doctoral degrees for minorities is program's goal, 3B, 6/14/00

Miss Mississippi (1999)

Heather Soriano to relinquish her crown, 1E, 6/29/00

Miss Mississippi (2000)

Christy May heads to Atlantic City, 1F, 10/8/00

Christy May wins title in her 5th try, 1A; 7/10/00, 1A; 7/12/00, 1B (Orley Hood), 7/9/00

Eating disorders: are they starving for a tiara?, 1D, 7/3/00

Heather Russell of Madison carries on family tradition, 1E, 7/4/00

Missing persons

Bodies of 3 women found near Bolton a year ago; still no leads, 1A, 11/15/00

Missing persons, Columbus

Remains found tentatively identified as those of Mario Harris, 5B, 8/11/00

Missing persons, Copiah County

Officials trying to ID skeletal remains, 5B, 6/17/00

Missing persons, Madison County

Dental records used to identify skeletal remains, 2B, 2B; 8/3/00, 7/29/00

Mission Mississippi

Christ-centered racial reconciliation, 1B, 1E; 11/9/00, 10/14/00

Mississippi Action for Community Education

Greenville nonprofit under investigation, 3B, 3B; 12/8/00, 10/11/00

Mississippi Alcohol Beverage Control Board

New director is Ann Richmond

10/1/00, 1B

Mississippi Animal Rescue League

Web site to encourage adoptions, 1/5/00, 1E

Mississippi Art Instructors Traveling Exhibition 2000, 1/9/00, 9G

Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Center

Jackson proposed site for statewide facility, 1A, 6/7/00

Meridian selected as site, 1A, 12/23/00

Will Jackson or Meridian be site?, 1B, 1B; 5/19/00, 4/25/00

Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians

3 convicted in tribal standoff, 3B, 8/2/00

5 leaders face trial; standoff at headquarters building, 3B, 3B; 6/6/00, 6/3/00

5 members arrested in try to shut down tribal government, 2/23/00, 3B; 2/24/00, 5B

Choctaws employ a lobbyist in Washington, 1C, 7/4/00

Standoff: action of 5 not supported by tribe, chief says, 3B, 6/8/00

To vote on 2nd casino project, 1C, 3/6/00, 3B; 3/9/00

Tribe hoping to save their language, 1A, 5/22/00

Mississippi Baptist Medical Center

2nd annual Heart day, 2/12/00, 6B

Named 1 of top Most Wired Hospitals in US, 1C, 5/17/00

Nurse seeks $10Million in suit

Claims demoted after reporting her rape, 1B, 9/4/00

Mississippi Bar Association

Mock trial competition for high school students, 2B, 3/8/00

Mississippi Black Civil War Preservation Society

State blacks cited for role in war, 1B, 6/11/00

Mississippi Blood Services

Blood drive at fire station in Brandon, 1/11/00, 2B

Blood drive at Rankin County Courthouse Annex, 2B, 6/16/00

Blood supply is critically low, 2B, 9/12/00

Holiday donations urged, 1/4/00, 1B, 1B; 1/10/00, 1B; 1/12/00

Officials to be 'locked up' until donors bail them out with blood donation, 6B, 9/28/00

Mississippi budget, 2001

Budget could affect prison policy: revise sentencing law? more beds?, 1A, 9/29/00

Funding shortfall forcing revisions, 1A, 11/11/00

Legislative committee meetings begin, 1A, 9/5/00

Musgrove orders state agencies to cut budgets 5%, 1B; 11/25/00, 1B; 12/23/00, 3B, 11/1/00

Musgrove pitches "lump-sum" proposal, 1B, 9/8/00

Musgrove wants in on budget process, 1A, 9/13/00

Projections for state are iffy, 1A, 6/6/00

Mississippi Budget, 2002

Musgrove pitches budget, 1B, 12/12/00

Mississippi budget, 2002

Committee recommends cuts totaling $63.5 Million, 1A; 11/30/00, 1B, 11/29/00

Some schools will face funding crisis, 1A, 11/3/00

Mississippi Business Hall of Fame

Allgood, Fountain, Maloney and Woodall honored, 1C, 1C; 5/2/00, 4/9/00

Mississippi Canoe and Kayak Club

Conservation chairman Malcolm White, 1/23/00, 1B

Float on Pearl River to promote conservation, 1B, 5/5/00

Mississippi Chemical Corp

Company experiences drop in net sales, 1C, 4/21/00

Company sells off all its gas futures, 1C, 12/12/00

Production is cut, 1C, 6/7/00

Reporting loss; high natural gas prices a factor, 1C, 1C; 10/25/00, 8/2/00

Shares see 57% increase following analyst's report, 1/4/00, 1C

Shares undervalued, CEO says, 1/20/00, 1C

Trade ruling on Russian fertilizer boosts state company, 1/8/00, 1C

Trial between Mississippi Chemical and Terra International, 3B, 6/8/00

Mississippi Chorus

To perform Millennium Concert, 4/30/00, 4B; 8/6/00, 9G; 5/3/00, 11G

Mississippi Cipher Live

Healing through poetry, 3/23/00, 11F

Mississippi Coast Coliseum

1-year probation: lewd cartoon shown ay summer concert, 3B, 11/10/00

Mississippi College

$1 Million gift to be used for scholarships for business students, 1B, 4/5/00

Business school dean Lloyd Roberts named VP for business affairs, 2B, 7/19/00

Financial woes, 1B, 1B; 3/3/00, 1B; 3/4/00, 2/29/00

Financial woes: 3 staffers lose jobs, 1A, 4/6/00

Financial woes: Dean of Students Tom Washburn loses job, 1B, 4/12/00

Financial woes: employees report little gained in meeting with Todd, 1A, 3/30/00

Financial woes: jobs, scholarships cut, 1B, 3/23/00

Financial woes: more employees face layoffs, 1A, 3/31/00

Financial woes: students want answers, 1B, 3/14/00

Fiscal crisis: enrollment not affected, president says, 5B, 9/11/00

Homecoming festivities, 2B, 10/13/00

Master of Fine Arts Preview Exhibition at Gore Gallery, 2B, 5/27/00

School of Law makes national top 10 ranking, 1/18/00, 1A

School of Nursing wins accreditation, 2B, 3/13/00

Tuition hike set for Fall 2000, 1B, 5/16/00

Mississippi College Career Day 2000

In Clinton, 2/8/00, 2B

Mississippi College School of Law

Students win Appellate Competition in Cincinnati, 2B, 4/17/00

Mississippi Comedy Festival

Benefits Animal Rescue League, 1B, 5/29/00

Mississippi Conference of Black Mayors

Looking forward to 2002 national gathering, 1B, 11/19/00

Mississippi Constitution

1890 document is too detailed, but has survived, 1/23/00, 1H, 3H

Constitution, Legislature have grown stronger

Governor's power has weakened, 2/6/00, 3H

Governor's race indicates of how outdated it is, 1/16/00, 1H, 3H, 3H (Bill Minor); 1/23/00

Governorship stalemate shows document's racial bias, 1/2/00, 3H (Bill Minor)

Lawsuit by Shawn O'Hara says 1890 document invalid, 1B, 3/14/00

Mississippi Consumer Assistance Program

Formed to help residents collect from Health Benefits Program, 1B, 6/8/00

Mississippi Crafts Center

Natchez Trace construction cutting visitors, 2B, 8/21/00


Series of crafts demonstrations, 2B, 5/1/00

Mississippi Cultural Crossroads

Port Gibson program earns national 'Coming Up Taller' award, 1E, 9/28/00

Mississippi Delta

Between hope and hopelessness, 1/9–

Mississippi Delta Blues and Heritage Festival

Annual event in Greenville, 1B, 9/17/00

Mississippi Delta SEE ALSO Arkansas Delta

Mississippi Democratic Party

At state convention, delegates hope to reunify party, 1B, 1B; 5/28/00, 5/26/00

Director Morgan Shands resigns; no money to pay him, 1B, 4/28/00

Flooded with phone calls about Clinton/Gore Medicare policies, 1B, 6/1/00

Jon Levingston new chairman, 1B, 1B; 6/18/00, 6/16/00

Ousted delegate Mamie Cunningham goes to convention as alternate, 6B, 6B; 7/25/00, 7/22/00

Richard Gephardt at fundraiser in Jackson, 1B, 1B; 6/24/00, 6/23/00

Mississippi Development Authority

Legislators question its budget plan, 1C, 9/27/00

Stops making loans for building more chicken houses, 1C, 9/7/00

Mississippi Development Bank

14-year old agency helps cities and counties fund projects, 1B, 9/18/00

Mississippi Economic Council

Capital day: business persons meet legislators, 1/7/00, 1C

Its CapitoLink informs business owner of legislation, 1/6/00, 1C

New chairman Dwight Evans says education is key to economic growth, 1C, 6/18/00

Mississippi economy SEE Economy, Mississippi

Mississippi Educational Television SEE ETV

Mississippi Expo

Businesses show off products at Trade Mart, 1/14/00, 1C

Mississippi Foreign Language Fair

At Ole Miss, 3B, 4/17/00

Mississippi Gaming Commission

2 vacant positions; some want African-American appointed, 1C, 5B; 9/28/00, 8/21/00

After budget-request decrease, agency still worried it won't get full funding, 1C, 9/20/00

Commissioner Robert Engram resigns, 1C, 10/1/00

Contests restraining order: denial of bingo license to Inner Man Church, 1/21/00, 1C

Gulfport lawyer Leonard Blackwell II named to Commission by Musgrove, 1C, 1C; 10/27/00, 9/29/00

Mississippi Gay Lobby SEE American Family Association

Mississippi Geography Bee

100 students test their skills, 1B, 4/8/00

Mississippi Gospel Music Gathering

Downtown Jackson event, 1B, 1E; 7/27/00, 7/25/00, 10–11F; 7/31/00

Mississippi Heritage Trust

Rehabbing of homes and businesses honored, 1F, 4/30/00

Mississippi Home Corp

Councilman Daryl Neely seeks help in revitalizing Ward 5, 1B, 8/5/00

Mississippi Home Corporation

6 new members to Board, 1B, 4B; 7/11/00, 7/9/00

Mississippi Home of Your Own

Workshop for people with disabilities, 3/21/00, 6B

Mississippi Hot Air Balloon Fest

In Ridgeland, 1E, 2B, 6/30/00

Mississippi Hotshots

25 candidates for spot on elite firefighting team, 2B, 5/16/00, 6B; 6/1/00

Mississippi Housing Assistance for Teachers

Homes for teachers program taking off, 1A, 3/25/00

Mississippi Initiative to Wire Schools

Rep Ronnie Shows' effort for more computers, 1/11/00, 2B

Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters

21st annual awards ceremony, 4/23/00, 12G

Mississippi International Trade Club

Hong Kong official is luncheon speaker, 1C, 3/10/00

Mississippi Landlord-Tenant Act

Few renters using law to seek repairs from landlords, 1/10/00, 1B

Mississippi Legal Services

Developing statewide web site; legal help online, 1B, 11/27/00

Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus

Opposed to open primaries, 1B, 2/22/00

Mississippi Legislative Conservative Coalition

Phyllis Schlafly will be speaker, 2B, 3/23/00

Mississippi Legislature (2000)

'Do-nothing legislature' label becoming true, 3/19/00, 3H (Bill Minor)

32 new freshman lawmakers, 1/23/00, 1A

4-lane highway thru Harrison County: tax levy to finance, 1B, 2/21/00

911 phone calls to be kept confidential, 1A, 1B; 4/3/00, 3/10/00

Acupuncture bill among 800 filed so far this session, 1/20/00, 1A

Adoption by same-sex couples, 1B, 1B; 5/15/00, 2/23/00, 5B; 4/11/00

AIDS/HIV legislation, 1A, 1B; 3/30/00, 3/16/00

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) theft problem, 1B, 2/6/00

Annexation efforts: greater participation by citizens, 2B, 3/10/00

Annual reunion of former senators, 1B, 2/11/00

Anti-tobacco legislation: teenagers lobby at Capitol, 2/16/00, 6B

Audit filings bill: Musgrove vetoes, 1B, 4/21/00

Ban of open containers in vehicles, 3/7/00, 3B

Ban on replicas of weapons in schools, 1/28/00, 2B

Beat system bill dies in House, 1B, 3/1/00

Beer law enforcement, 1B, 1B; 4/14/00, 4/13/00

Black and female lawmakers see upgrade in committee assignments, 1/11/00, 1A

Black Caucus focusing on colleges, 1/31/00, 1A

Black lawmakers express discontent with committee assignments, 1/26/00, 1A

Body piercing, 4/18/00, 5B

Briefcases given to each lawmaker by community college leaders, 1A, 1A; 2/8/00, 2/4/00

Budge 'built-ins' vex legislators, 1A, 3/22/00

Budget figures at $3.6 Billion as session nears end, 1A, 4/30/00

Campaign finance reform: backlash against Secretary of State, 1A, 3/24/00

Capital offender bill goes to House, 2/19/00, 5B

Car insurance debate, 1/14/00, 1C

Central Mississippi Medical Center battle moves to Legislature, 1/27/00, 1A; 2/10/00, 1B

Central Mississippi Medical Center north campus, 1/27/00, 1A; 2/25/00, 1B, 6B; 3/1/00

Central Mississippi Medical Center: amendment gives CCMC new chance, 1A, 4/5/00

Central Mississippi Medical Center: attempt to reopen issue, 1A, 1A; 4/14/00, 3/15/00

Central Mississippi Medical Center: bill dies again, 1A, 1A; 4/29/00, 4/28/00

Central Mississippi Medical Center: issue likely to die, 1B, 4/4/00

Central Mississippi Medical Center: Rep Moody bypassed CON

Cancer Center, 1A, 5/4/00

Central Mississippi Medical Center: supervisors join fight, 1B, 3/2/00

Chicken board, 1C, 1C; 3/15/00, 1C; 3/16/00, 2/17/00

Chicken Board bill, 1A; 4/1/00, 1C, 1C; 3/15/00, 1C; 3/16/00, 1C; 4/1/00, 2/17/00

Chicken Board bill dies in Senate, 1C, 4/13/00

Chicken Board bill survives committee, 1C, 1C; 4/11/00, 4/5/00

Chicken Board bill: impostor claiming to be William Garner, 1C, 4/6/00

Chicken Board: poultry lab funding approved, 1A; 4/12/00, 1C, 1C; 4/10/00, 4/8/00

Children's and women's health, 1B, 3/17/00

CHIP bill's future in hands of panel, 1B, 1B; 3/14/00, 1B; 3/17/00, 3/7/00

Chop shop bill, 1A; 5/26/00, 2/25/00, 3B, 3B; 4/28/00

Cigarette smoking restrictions bill in Capitol, state office buildings, 5/23/00, 5B

Cigarette smoking: bill ends it in state buildings, 1/27/00, 1B, 1B; 2/3/00, 1B; 4/13/00

Community college cutback talk, 1/19/00, 1A

Community colleges tuition hike, 1A, 4/9/00

Computer equipment upgrade for public school hardware, 1B, 2/28/00

Confirmation hearings for Musgrove appointees, 1B, 4/26/00

Confirmations: 32 wrapped up as session ends, 5/5/00, 5B

Constable training, 3B, Mississippi Legislature (2000)

Crisis intervention centers construction, 1/15/00, 3B

Deadline looms for legislation, 1A, 3/7/00

Death row inmates appeal funding, 1B, 4/10/00

Delta economic aid goes unfunded, 1A, 3/30/00

Drainage bill defeat, 1B, 4/8/00

Driver's license rules revision, 1A, 1A; 6/11/00, 4/7/00

DUIs: bills would crack down on offenders, 3/15/00, 5B

Early-childhood development funding facing obstacles, 1A, 2/9/00, 5B; 3/3/00

Elderly: AARP told no funds available for feeding or drug assistance, 2/17/00, 4B

Elderly: House panel rejects bill to protect elderly, 3/31/00, 3B

Elections: curbing mistakes at polling places, 1A, 3/4/00

Electric utility deregulation, 1C, 2/23/00

Employment at will legislation, 1C, 2/27/00

False reporting of crimes, 2/18/00, 5B

Fetuses: killing of fetuses banned, 4/18/00, 5B

Flowood liquor proposal, 1A; 2/29/00, 1B; 3/1/00, 2/26/00, 2B; 3/12/00, 3H (Bill Minor)

Flowood liquor proposal dies, 1B, 4/5/00

Ford is mum on House committee assignments, 1/3/00, 1A

Fordice will give no farewell address, 1/6/00, 1A

Gambling courses at state colleges, 1B; 5/11/00, 1C, 3/10/00, 6B; 4/5/00

Gasoline resale (below cost), 1A; 3/9/00, 1B, 2/29/00

Gay adoption bill dies, 1A; 3/23/00, 1A; 3/26/00, 1B, 1H; 4/20/00, 3/17/00, 5B; 3/22/00

General fund: lawmakers slicing up the pie, 1B, 3/28/00

Gubernatorial election process, 1A, 1A; 3/18/00, 3/17/00

Health Care Trust Fund to remain untapped, 1/21/00, 1B

Health insurance premium hike for state employees, 1A, 1A; 4/22/00, 4/20/00

Health-related bills, 1B, 4/12/00

Higher education issues long standing, 1/3/00, 1A, 3A; 2/9/00

Highway funding, 1/21/00, 1A; 2/25/00, 3B

Hinds County's wish list, 1/18/00, 1A

Hockey arena, 1A, 1A: 2/18/00, 1A; 3/4/00, 1A; 3/11/00, 1D; 2/23/00, 2/17/00

Hockey arena at fairgrounds, 1A, 1A; 2/18/00, 1D; 2/23/00, 2/17/00

Hockey arena law signed by Musgrove, 1B, 3/16/00

Hockey arena project hits snag over parking, 1A, 4/25/00

House members' votes on key issues (chart), 2H, 5/7/00

How a bill becomes a law, 1/2/00, 1H

Investigative reports withheld from public scrutiny, 4/11/00, 5B

Jail time law changes, 1A, 2/25/00

Justice Court judges: do they all need law degrees?, 1A, 2B; 5/9/00, 3/11/00

Labor department a priority of Musgrove, 1C, 1C; 2/23/00, 2/20/00, 6B; 3/8/00

Legislators ready to name governor, 1/2/00, 1A, 1A; 1/4/00

Legislators' telephone numbers (directory), 1/2/00, 2H

License plates: bill would give job to prisoners, 1B, 3/28/00

Lobbyists who are former legislators know both sides, 1A, 2/21/00

Ma'am, sir addresses for teachers, 1B, 4/4/00

Madison County wish list: local-option tax, 1/20/00, 1A

Mandatory auto liability insurance, 1/30/00, 1A, 1A; 2/4/00, 1A; 2/6/00, 1C, 1C; 2/2/00, 1C; 2/5/00, 2/3/00, 3H; 1/31/00, 8C; 2/1/00

Mandatory auto liability insurance: bill getting final OK, 1B, 1C; 2/24/00, 2/23/00

Mandatory auto liability insurance: bill goes to Musgrove, 1A, 1A; 2/19/00, 2/18/00

Mandatory auto liability insurance: deadline nears, 1A, 11/27/00

Mandatory auto liability insurance: details debated, 1C, 1C; 2/16/00, 2/10/00

Marriage penalty legislation, 1C, 2/11/00

Medicaid: Senate votes to override Fordice veto, 2/17/00, 5B

Memorial to black soldiers in Vicksburg, 3/24/00, 5B

Mike Marsh, Fordice nominee to Workers' Comp committee

Nomination doomed, 1/13/00, 1B

Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Center (Meridian), 1B, 5/3/00

Molotov cocktails outlawed by House, 1B, 4/6/00

Mortgage broker regulation, 1C, 1C; 4/8/00, 1C; 5/5/00, 3/21/00

Motor Voter Law OK'd by House committee, 1B; 2/17/00, 2/15/00, 5B

Musgrove expects to call special session on economic development, 1A, 4/4/00

Musgrove signs education bill, 1A, 2/9/00

Natchez Trace and school building heights, 1B, 3/11/00

Nature and environment issues face lawmakers, 1/8/00, 1B

New laws, 7/1/00, 13A

New term, new faces, 1/2/00, 1H

Official state song: out of date?, 2/3/00, 3B

Open beer and liquor containers in vehicles, 3/16/00, 5B

Parole Board appointments on hold; Board's future is undecided, 1A, 1B; 5/17/00, 2/22/00

Physician assistants bill OK'd, 1A, 1A; 4/25/00, 1A; 7/1/00, 3/2/00

Pollutants washing into storm sewers, 4/19/00, 6B

Poor counties: tax loss due to reforestation, 1B, 3/23/00

Prison overcrowding, 1A, 1A; 3/23/00, 1A; 3/28/00, 1A; 5/5/00, 3/17/00

Prison population: how to ease overcrowding?, 1A, 2/3/00, 3B; 3/16/00, 5B; 2/10/00

Public defenders funding, 1/16/00, 2H; 1/18/00, 11A

Public nudity law expansion, 1/26/00, 5B

Public Service Commission: lift cap on its spending, 1C, 3/8/00

Public sex, nudity ban considered, 2/28/00, 3B

Radar equipment along highways in Delta, 3B, 5/9/00

Rankin County wish list: water concerns at top, 1/19/00, 1A

Reforestation law: USDA calls tax 'hostile,' 1A, 5/4/00

Rehabilitation services provided by insurance companies, 1B, 3/6/00

Rep. Bennett Malone punches Sen. Tim Johnson

Chicken Board bill, 1A, 4/1/00

Resolution: runoff in gubernatorial elections instead of House vote, 1/25/00, 1B

Retirement benefits hike

Law without Musgrove signature, 1B, 4B; 5/27/00, 5/25/00

Retirement benefits hike: Tuck not aware of provisions, 1A, 6/1/00

Retirement benefits: bill would undo pay hike for legislators, 1A, 1A; 6/17/00, 6/16/00

Retirement benefits: classic story of lawmaker chicanery, 3H (Bill Minor), 6/11/00

Retirement benefits: Growing criticism over measure, 1A, 1A; 6/15/00, 1A; 7/2/00, 6/13/00

Retirement benefits: Judge Dillard wants court to resolve issues, 1A, 7/1/00

Retirement benefits: Legislators' pay higher than teachers', 1A, 6/28/00

Retirement benefits: other areas need reform, 3H (Bill Minor), 7/9/00

Retirement benefits: perk legislation no secret, Rep. Stringer says, 1A, 6/27/00

Scenic River legislation, 1B; 2/19/00, 1B; 4/18/00, 2/11/00, 3B; 2/28/00, 5B

School accountability bill, 1A, 1B; 7/1/00, 2/23/00

School courtesy bill, 1A, 3/10/00

School superintendents: Musgrove wants them appointed, 1B, 2/21/00

Seat belt bills, 2/4/00, 5B

Secretary of State supports opening of conference committee meetings, 1A, 8/22/00

Senate leadership looking to Amy Tuck, 1/3/00, 1A

Senators' votes on key issues (chart), 1H, 5/7/00

Session ends: it was snap, crackle, pop, 1A, 5/7/00

Session's snail pace frustrating, 1A, 2/6/00

Sewer service in Madison County: bill may die in House, 2B, 5/2/00

Sick leave donation by state employees, 1B, 2/7/00, 3B; 2/10/00, 3B; 8/6/00

Smoking bans on public school campuses and in state buildings, 1B, 5/3/00

Special session I: 7 votes changed to repeal after perk revealed, 1A, 6/26/00

Special session I: debate on legislators' perks begins, 1A, 6/29/00

Special session I: jail overcrowding not on agenda, 1, 6/14/00

Special session I: retirement benefits controversy, 1A, 1A; 6/22/00, 1A; 6/25/00, 6/21/00

Special session I: retirement perks repealed, 1A, 6/30/00

Special session I: state employees to monitor voting on perks, 1A, 6/23/00

Special session I: Tim Ford will not speak out on issue, 1A, 6/24/00

Special session II: MDOT budget?, 1B, 1B; 7/29/00, 1C; 8/24/00, 7/15/00, 7B; 8/18/00

Special session II: Musgrove's economic plan passes, 1A, 8/31/00

Special session II: Musgrove's local tax option cut from economic plan, 1A, 8/29/00

Special session II: session opens: Advantage Mississippi on agenda, 1A, 8/28/00

Special session II: studying Musgrove's bill, 1A, 1A; 8/30/00, 8/22/00

Special session II: wish list grows, 1A, 1B; 8/22/00, 8/18/00

Special sessions of 4 months excessive, lawmakers say, 5/11/00, A

Spillway Road traffic congestion, 2/11/00, 2B, 2B; 4/29/00, 2B; 5/3/00, 2B; 5/23/00

State employees pay raise, 1A, 1A; 4/8/00, 2/14/00

State flag: bill introduced to eliminate Confederate symbol, 1/29/00, 1B; 3/1/00, 3B

State flag: brouhaha not dying down, 1A, 3/2/00

State flag: brouhaha: slowing of session by oral reading of bills, 1A, 4/18/00

State flag: debate enters House, 1A, 4/12/00

State flag: lawmakers say let children design flag, 1B, 4/29/00

State flag: Legislator calls issue 'great burden,' 1A, 4/13/00

State flag: Tuck served injunction, 1A, 1A; 5/2/00, 1A; 5/3/00, 1A; 5/5/00, 5/1/00

State is one of few that ban public from meetings on writing of bills, 5B, 7/20/00

State-employee pay raise, 1A, 3/21/00

Tax 'holiday' legislation, 2/8/00, 6B

Tax Commission: banning of suits against it, 3/9/00, 5B

Tax Commission: forcing cities to drop lawsuits, 1B, 1B; 2/18/00, 1C; 4/23/00, 2/16/00

Tax cut: none expected this year, 1/14/00, 1A

Teacher pay raise bills die, but could be revived later, 1A, 3/8/00

Teacher pay raise high on agenda, 1/2/00, 1B, 2H; 2/12/00, 9A; 1/30/00

Teacher pay raise: 'historic' plan passes, 1A, 4/19/00

Teacher pay raise: a tax hike to finance it?, 1A, 4/6/00

Teacher pay raise: bill signed into law, 1A, 1A; 7/1/00, 5/2/00

Teacher pay raise: Charlie Capps say it will pass, 1A, 4/18/00

Teacher pay raise: House now facing issue, 1A, 4/13/00

Teacher pay raise: issue divides legislative leaders, 1A, 3/29/00

Teacher pay raise: it's an issue across Southeast, 1A, 4/16/00

Teacher pay raise: leaders present optional ideas, 1A, 4/4/00

Teacher pay raise: little feedback to lawmakers, 1A, 4/22/00

Teacher pay raise: Musgrove bolsters plan, 1A, 4/14/00

Teacher pay raise: Musgrove says no, 1A, 3/9/00

Teacher pay raise: Musgrove to sign bill, 1A, 4/24/00

Teacher pay raise: Musgrove wants a plan, 1A, 3/16/00

Teacher pay raise: Musgrove's leaving Tuck out of spotlight, 4/23/00, 15A

Teacher pay raise: procedures could affect outcome, 1A, 4/17/00

Teacher pay raise: revenues down, pay raise in jeopardy?, 1A; 5/24/00, 1B, 5/16/00

Teacher pay raise: school accountability clause, 1A, 4/20/00

Teacher pay raise: Senate OKs 'future' pay raise, 1A; 4/23/00, 3H, 4/12/00

Teacher pay raise: teachers ready to strike, 1A, 4/2/00

Teacher pay raise: Tuck says economic uncertainty stalls bill, 1A, 3/21/00

Teacher pay raise: union reviewing strike law, 1A, 1A; 4/6/00, 4/1/00

Teacher pay raise: we've heard promises before, educators say, 1A; 4/10/00, 1B, 4/5/00

Teacher scholarship bill, 2/2/00, 3B

Teachers want pay hike, 3/1/00, 5B

Telecommunication companies' tax credit, 1C, 1C; 2/24/00, 1C; 3/1/00, 2/23/00

Tourism bill, 1C, 1C; 4/12/00, 3/29/00

Tourism: sales tax rebates for resort developers, 1C, 5/6/00

Transportation Dept.'s goal is adequate repair funding, 1/1/00, 1B

Truth in sentencing rules, 1/2/00, 1A, 1A; 2/29/00, 1A; 5/4/00, 1B; 5/3/00, 3B; 3/13/00

Tuck names committee members, 1/13/00, 1A

UMC scholarships, 5/3/00, 6B

Underage drinking summit: students come to the Capitol, 1/26/00, 3B

University funding: don't expect $95Million, lawmakers say, 1/29/00, 1A

Utilities property tax dispute, 2/22/00, 12C

Vehicle title loan proposal, 2/16/00, 6B

Yazoo River Basin Project: counties' loss of revenue, 1B, 4/22/00

Mississippi Legislature (2001)

Leaders vow to make committee meetings more open, 3B, 10/6/00

Metro-area Chambers of Commerce to make 4 proposals, 1C, 9/21/00

Poultry industry study proposed, 1C, 4/20/00

Mississippi Legislature, 2001

Condom sales bill, 1A, 12/31/00

Dogs: bill to surgically silence vicious dogs, 1A, 12/31/00

Flag and budget top agenda, 1A, 12/31/00

Legislative guide, 1H, 12/31/00

Mississippi Library Association

Edward Cohen and Steve Yarbrough win awards for their books, 1E, 10/19/00

Mississippi Library Commission

Director John Pritchard resigns, 1A, 10/16/00

Mississippi Lignite Mining Co

In Choctaw County, 1C, 11/10/00

Mississippi Low-Income Child Care Initiative

At Galloway United Methodist Church, 1B, 2/18/00

Mississippi Managed Care Network

Troubled HMO leaving state, 1C, 4/20/00

Mississippi Market

Small businesses show wares at trade show at Trade Mart, 1C, 8/24/00

Mississippi Methodist Rehabilitation Center

Scuba program for disabled, 1D, 6/19/00

Mississippi Minority Business Alliance

Salutes minority-owned business in state, 1C, 6/20/00

Mississippi Municipal League

City of Jackson concerned about its high dues, 1B, 10/26/00

Mississippi Museum of Natural Science. SEE Natural Science Museum

Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame

Saturday night gala inducts 27 nominees, 1A, 1E; 4/2/00, 3/30/00

Mississippi National Guard

Brig. Gen. George Walker named adjutant general, 1/27/00, 1A, 1A; 5/10/00, 1B; 5/3/00

Brig.Gen. George Walker resigns his post, 1A; 7/6/00, 1B, 7/4/00

Brig.Gen. James H. Lipscomb named leader, 1A, 1A; 7/17/00, 7/7/00

Mississippi Opera

Celebrates its Emerald Anniversary with a concert, 1/9/00, 10G

Grand Night Gala, 1E, 8/25/00

Madame Butterfly to open season, 10/29/00, 14G

Mississippi Partnership for Economic Development

Central Miss Incentive Workshop, 1C, 6/15/00

Mississippi Phosphates Corp


2 employees charged with $1 Million embezzlement, 3B, 7/17/00

Mississippi Picnic

New York City event to honor Willie Morris, 1B, 1B; 6/11/00, 6/10/00

Mississippi Port Authority

SEE Port of Gulfport

Mississippi Portrait: Farm Security Photographs, 1935-1940

CD-ROM documents the Depression in Mississippi, 1E, 8/10/00

Mississippi Power Co

EPA sues to upgrade coal-fired power plant in Gulfport, 1C, 3/2/00

PSC tables vote on use of its plant in Jackson County, 1C, 10/5/00

Mississippi Press Association

Hall of Fame inductees Harrist, Phillips and Raspberry, 1B, 3B, 5B, 6/18/00

Mississippi Recovering Physicians Program

Doctors seeking aid for addictions, 1B, 7/30/00

Mississippi Reform Party

Buchanan 'thugs' engineering coup, member says, 1A, 6/11/00

Mississippi Regional Poison Control Center SEE UMC

Mississippi Regional Science Bowl

At Tougaloo College, 2/19/00, 3B

Mississippi Republican Party

Attracting of minorities is difficult, 1A, 10/15/00

Delegates selected; recruiting efforts eyed, 1B, 4/30/00

Retzer expected to be reelected chairman, 1A, 5/18/00

Wraps up state convention, 1B, 5/21/00

Mississippi Resource Center

Founded in 1992; may have outlived its usefulness, 1C, 8/25/00

Luring companies to state is its goal, 1/8/00, 1C

Mississippi Responder

Oil spill response vessel docked in Pascagoula, 2/8/00, 3B

Mississippi River

10-state meeting to examine river's environment and economics, 1A; 3/23/00, 1A; 3/27/00, 1B, 3/19/00

Clinton administration memo targets flood control projects, 1A, 4/27/00

Congressionally approved restoration program sought for lower river, 1B, 5/23/00

Federal legislation to authorized study of ecological restoration

In lower river area, 1B, 7/20/00

Levee road to King Point Island, 3B, 3B; 7/1/00, 3B; 7/7/00, 3B; 8/9/00, 5/3/00

Low-water season: possible disruption to barge traffic, 1A, 8/26/00

Washington group American Rivers cites environmental threat, 1A, 4/10/99

Mississippi River bridges

Old bridge at Vicksburg to remain closed, 2/11/00, 3B, 3B; 9/15/00

Mississippi Roads

What's on ETV program this season?, 1E, 9/28/00

Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge

Arson suspected in fire, 3B, 4/19/00

Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science

Director Mike Neyman leaves for post in North Carolina, 1B, 11/24/00

Mississippi School for the Arts

Funding for proposed Brookhaven facility in jeopardy, 1B, 9/7/00

Vicki Bodenhamer will be director, 1B, 3/18/00

Mississippi School for the Blind

New campus is opened, 1B, 6/3/00

Mississippi Science and Mathematics Tournaments

Competition in Clinton, 2/4/00, 2B

Mississippi Society of Inventors

Helping turn creativity into patents, 1/15/00, 1C

Mississippi Spelling Bee

Hilary Jones of Jackson County is winner, 1A; 6/1/00, 1B, 3/30/00

Mississippi State Charity Walking Horse Show Competition

To aid burn center, 1E, 4/7/00

Mississippi State Fair

A fun time for families, 1E, 10/10/00

Deputies roam fairgrounds on safety missions, 1B, 10/14/00

Fiddlers and liars contests, 1B, 10/15/00

Love of old cars evident at exhibition, 1B, 10/9/00

MPACT's Dancing Baby contest, 1B, 10/13/00

Opens in Jackson with fun-filled agenda, 1A, 1A; 10/7/00, 1B; 10/5/00, 10/4/00

People flock to rides on Fair's last day, 1B, 10/16/00

Sky-high Sky Ride, 6B, 10/10/00

Mississippi state flag. SEE ALSO Mississippi Legislature (2000)

'Save the Flag' supporters ask for display at Brandon Cemetery, 2B, 10/18/00

A boom time for flag vendors, 1C, 8/29/00

Acrimonious meeting: jeers, shouts, hecklers, 1A, 11/3/00

After all is said and done, fate of flag in lawmakers hands, 10A, 12/13/00

Business community preparing for advocacy role, 1C, 12/17/00

Churches favor new design, 1A, 12/20/00

Commission meeting brings out flag supporters, 1A, 9/19/00

Commission to hear design panel report, 6B, 11/18/00

Compromise, sensitivity called essential, 1A, 12/19/00

Councilman Stokes pledges to remove flag from chambers, 1B, 1B; 6/14/00, 2/23/00

Decision in 2 weeks, 1A, 11/21/00

Defiance gone amok on flag issue, 3H (Bill Minor), 10/1/00

Design panel delays meeting one week, 7B, 12/5/00

Drainage bill defeat: was flag issue in Jackson a cause?, 1B, 1B; 5/21/00, 4/8/00

ETV to broadcast excerpts of hearings, 1B, 11/29/00

Flag commission favors new flag, 1A, 12/13/00

Flag has no legal standing, state supreme court says, 1A; 5/6/00, 1A; 5/9/00, 1A; 12/30/00, 1B, 5/5/00

Flag is missing from City Council chambers, 1A, 1A; 3/2/00, 1A; 3/8/00, 3/1/00

Flag is missing from city hall in Canton, 2B, 6/1/00

Flag outside Hinds County Courthouse is missing, 1A, 3/29/00

Flag supporters seeking statewide referendum, 1B, 9/13/00

Gun show is rally point for flag supporters, 3B, 12/10/00

House candidate Dunn Lampton wants issue on November ballot, 5B, 9/8/00

Is public debate helping?, 1A, 11/13/00

Jackson City Council condemns flag, 1A, 4/5/00

Jackson City Council to remove flag, 1A, 3/29/00

Jackson mayor Harvey Johnson sidesteps issue, 1A; 3/28/00, 1B, 3/3/00

Judge Swan Yerger to hear dispute, 1B, 4B; 10/24/00, 10/11/00

Keep present flag, most at meeting urge, 1A, 10/20/00

KKK plans 2 flag protests, 2B, 12/27/00

Lackluster response to attempted discussion on issue, 1B, 6/17/00

Lawmakers expect legislative action early in 2001, 1A, 12/14/00

Legislative shutdown over issue: constitutional 'time warp,' 3H (Bill Minor), 5/21/00

Meeting over flag design set in Meridian, 1A, 5B; 10/27/00, 10/26/00

Most state senators favor referendum on issue, 1B, 12/24/00

Musgrove hopes to avoid flag pitfalls, 1A, 1B; 7/2/00, 5/21/00

NAACP eyes wider boycott, 1A; 7/14/00, 1B, 7/13/00

New design program expected today, 12/12/00, `A

Officials to seek input from citizens, 1A, 9/29/00

One of the state's top stories of the year, 1B, 12/30/00

Packed flag hearing loud and contentious, 1B, 11/10/00

Panel urged to beat report deadline, 1A, 8/22/00

Referendum on issue is as controversial as the flag itself, 1A, 12/4/00

Rep Jimmy Thorton slowing Legislative session over flag issue, 1A, 4/18/00

Senator wants reaffirmation of its coat of arms, 1B, 9/16/00

Separate meetings with the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the NAACP, 1A, 11/25/00

Should Mississippi change its flag? (pro and con), 1B, 1H; 2/11/00, 2/6/00

Sign of heritage or hate?, 1A, 12/10/00

Some whites appeal for changing flag at final hearing, 1A, 11/14/00

Statewide voter initiative is challenged, 1B, 10/14/00

Students share design ideas for new flag, 1A, 11/20/00

Students to enter debate, 1A, 9/28/00

Suit filed to prevent vote on flag, 1B, 10/7/00

Washington County supervisors vote to keep present flag, 3B, 11/8/00

William Winter calls for civility in hearings, 1A, 10/19/00

William Winter says state needs new flag, 1A, 11/21/00

William Winter to head panel to study issue, 1A, 1A; 7/9/00, 3H (Bill Minor), 5A; 7/23/00, 7/1/00

William Winter...fake news reports about Winter's mental health, 5B, 8/4/00

Winter says panel will likely endorse referendum, 1A, 12/6/00

Mississippi state flag SEE ALSO Confederate battle flag

Mississippi state flag SEE ALSO Mississippi Legislature (2000)

Mississippi State University

$1 Million donation by furniture executive Hassell Franklin, 3/30/00, 3B

2 students awarded Presidential Management Intern scholarships, 3B, 5/8/00

Civil Air Patrol wins top honor, 1B, 3/12/00

Epsych Internet web site, 3B, 5/3/00

Football fans face traffic changes: campus construction, 3B, 9/26/00

Forum on economic future of the state, 3B, 4/13/00

Insect research bringing in big bucks, 1C, 10/21/00

Its Remote Sensing Technologies Center: satellite aid for farmers, 8C, 11/27/00

Jenny Reeves is 2nd woman to become student government president, 3B, 4/8/00

OSHA cites 2 firms in November 1999 fatality of construction worker, 2/26/00, 3B

Reaches $100 Million-a-year milestone in research and development, 3B, 4/15/00

Research funds reach $93.5 Million, 3B, 9/12/00

Widow of Jackson veterinarian donates $1.25 Million to school, 1B, 6/23/00

Mississippi Student Information System

Statewide computerized exchange of student records, 1A, 10/1/00

Mississippi Supreme Court

Focus on new chief justice Ed Pittman, 1H, 11/19/00

Oliver Diaz likely replacement for Michael Sullivan, 1A, 1B; 3/10/00, 3/9/00

Percy Lynchard to challenge Kay Cobb for seat on court, 3/10/00, 3B

Mississippi Symphony

15% pay increase for musicians, 1E, 10/6/00

Bravo Series Concert

Guest conductor David Bowden, 1/23/00, 5B; 4/16/00, 10G, 10G; 1/26/00

Concerts in schools in the Delta, 1E, 3/30/00

Conductor candidate David Katz, 3/19/00, 10G

Crafton Beck chosen conductor/artistic director, 1A; 5/6/00, 1B; 5/21/00, 5/5/00, 5B, 9G; 9/24/00

Easter concert at Galloway United Methodist Church, 1E, 4/15/00

Gala featuring new conductor Crafton Beck, 5/24/00, 5B

In concert, drops traditional fare, has fun, 5B, 109/21/00

Search for permanent conductor

William Curry is candidate, 2/20/00, 6B, 10G; 2/23/00

Velichkovski steps down as Association president

Sewell named to replace him, 4/15/00, 5B

Mississippi Teacher Fellowship Program

75 selected for underserved areas, 1B, 10/15/00

Mississippi Technology Inc

Local 'Silicon Valley' a possibility, chairman says, 1C, 3/24/00

Mississippi Tobacco Summit 2000

Reducing teenage tobacco use a key goal, 1A, 5/24/00

Mississippi Transportation Enhancement Tree Planting Program

Rankin County projects, 2B, 8/21/00

Mississippi Trauma Care System

Statewide inspections to start, 1/14/00, 1B

Mississippi University for Women

Alumni Achievement Awards; honorary degrees, 3B, 4B, 5/2/00

College Board says Rent making progress in reconciliation, 3B, 10/18/00

College Board to determine Clyda Rent's future, 1A, 1A; 2/18/00, 1A; 2/20/00, 2/17/00

Firm hired to mediate Rent/faculty conflict, 2/25/00, 3B; 2/27/00, 3H

Homecoming: 2000 alumna anticipated, 3/13/00, 3B

Ina E. Gordy Endowed Scholarship for Excellence, 2B, 8/5/00

Its Mississippi Governor's School has 20th anniversary, 3B, 6/10/00

Pre-College Enrichment Program, 3B, 7/27/00

President Rent wants tuition break for Alabama residents, 3B, 9/12/00

Rent testifies before Congress

Funding for women's colleges, 3B, 3B; 9/8/00, 9/6/00

School may lose its restaurant tax funds, 3/31/00, 3B, 3B; 4/1/00

Supporters and foes of Rent rallying again, 1B, 2/5/00

William Winter among those to be given honorary degrees, 3/17/00, 3B

Mississippi Valley State University

50th anniversary celebrated, 3B; 4/25/00, 3B; 10/24/00, 4/19/00, 5B

Contributes $43 Million annually to local economy, 3B, 11/20/00

More changes coming: facilities and infrastructure to be improved, 3B, 9/6/00

Open of William W. Sutton Administration Building, 3B, 9/23/00

Mississippi Wildlife Federation

Speaker Ronnie Musgrove favors 'open space' land acquisitions, 1B, 3/11/00

Mississippi Woman 2000

First Lady Melanie Musgrove at helm of event, 1B; 3/5/00, 1B; 3/14/00, 1C, 3/2/00

Mississippi Women's Money Conference

In September, 1C, 1C; 9/22/00, 8/25/00

Mississippi Women: The Power of One Conference

Notable state women celebrated, 1/1/00, 5B

Mississippi Youth Summit

Celebrating volunteer spirit, 4/5/00, 6B

Students convene at Capitol with underage drinking message, 4/19/00, 5B

Mississippians in the Mighty Eighth

Book about W.W.II aerial combat, 2/27/00, 4G

Mistletoe Marketplace

Event celebrates 20th anniversary, 8F, 11/2/00

Mitchell, Jerry

Clarion-Ledger reporter honored at Ole Miss, 5B, 10/20/00

Mize, Michael and Lori

Parents of triplets born on Father's Day, 3B, 6/20/00

Mobile homes

City Council staff to review permits for trailers in city limits, 1B, 11/21/00

Mobile Music Lab

Bus delivers musical magic to Power APAC students, 1E, 11/17/00

Mobley, Mary Ann

Mississippi-born actress active in film preservation efforts, 1E, 2/3/00

Mockbee, Samuel

Mississippi architect wins MacArthur Foundation genius grant, 1A, 6/14/00

Moman, Heather

USM graduate gets summer scholarship for dental research at NIH, 1B, 6/18/00

Moms In Touch International Regional Rally

Praying for schools, 1E, 4/1/00


Newly redesigned $5 and $10 bills, 1C; 7/8/00, 1C (vending machine problems), 5/23/00

Money laundering

3 Missouri men charged in scheme: drug money for motels in Jackson, 1B, 8/15/00

Money, Tom and Lucy

Their video tapes of friend Alex Haley sold at auction by mistake, 5B, 6/23/00

Monk, Harry

New Mexico to return sexual-battery suspect to Meridian, 3B, 7/22/00

Monk, Wilmer and Rubye

New home built for disabled Richland couple, 1/7/00, 2B

Monteith, Taylor

Grenada child adopts young mockingbird, 3B, 9/18/00

Monterrey Volunteer Fire District

Long response times show need for volunteer force, 2B, 5/1/00

Montessori School

School provides innovative teaching strategy, 2/6/00, 2B

Montgomery GI Bill

Measure aims to upgrade GI Bill benefits, 1B, 5/12/00

Montgomery, Cindy

Benton woman competes in Miss Wheelchair America, 1B, 8/10/00

Montgomery, Monty

At Hal & Mal's, 8/17/00, 11F


Native Mississippians Dan and Lou Jordan oversee Jefferson's home, 1B, 7/28/00


SEE Scruggs, Mitchell

Moody, David

Jury convicts teenager in 1995 slaying of 2 at Mahned Bridge in Perry County, 1B; 6/9/00, 2/25/00, 3B

Moody, Zach

New Albany 5th-grader lands role in movie 'Big Bad Love,' 3B, 11/20/00

Moore, Charles Eddie

Ex-FBI agent says state prosecutors walked away from case, 1A, 6/14/00

Fear of the KKK hampered justice in his slaying, officials say, 1A, 2/13/00

His brother Tom awaits justice in 1964 KKK murders, 1/23/00, 1A, 1A; 2/8/00, 7A, 13A; 2/6/00

Moore, David

After 3 years Moore will be tried in killings of Billy Jack and Judy Goodin, 1B; 12/6/00, 1B; 12/7/00, 2B, 12/4/00

Convicted in double slaying, 2B, 12/8/00

Man in ill health held in Madison County jail without trial for 1996 slayings, 1B, 1B; 6/13/00, 6/12/00

Moore, Dorothy

Blues singer sues Kroger; fell on waxed floor, 1B, 1B; 11/22/00, 11/21/00

Moore, Dwight

Dwight "Gate Mouth" Moore honored by Yazoo City, 1B, 12/12/00

Moore, George

Carthage's 'Mr. Ice Cream,' 1B, 8/12/00

Moore, Marcelia

Suspects sought in fatal shooting of young Jackson girl, 1B, 1B; 10/31/00, 10/30/00

Moore, Mike

Alabama Klan chapter imposes 'death sentence' on AG, 1/13/00, 1A, 1A; 1/26/00

Attorney General redefining role of his office, 1A, 10/2/00

His largest campaign contributions in 1999 were from lawyers, 1/16/00, 1A

Q&A with Attorney General, 2H, 7/23/00

Moore, Pricilla

Byram robbery victim killed by car boyfriend was driving in pursuit of robber, 2B, 10/13/00

Moore, Rena and Jason

Jackson couple charged in death of son Damon, 7B, 12/18/00

Mooreville High School

Lee County School Board wants to close part of road in area, 1/21/00, 3B

Morehead, Mississippi

It's landmark sign 'Where the Southern Crosses the Dog' has been removed, 1E, 11/9/00

Morfin, Charles

Los Angeles man charged with ripping wood from USS Cairo in Vicksburg, 1A; 8/11/00, 3B, 7/27/00

Morgan, Cassandra

Killed by drag racers in 1995 in Fayette

Jury awards her father $10M, 1B, 7/7/00

Morgan, Drew. SEE Johnson, Rebecca

Morgan, Steven

Vicksburg man faces jail: won't let his mother visit her grandson, 1B, 6/27/00

Mormons SEE Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Morris, Jontae

Court upholds his conviction in 1997 murder case, 3B, 5/15/00

Morris, Scott

His book 'The Total View of Taftly,' 3G, 6/4/00

Morris, Willie

2 new University Press of Mississippi books pay tribute to Morris, 7/2/00, 11G

My Mississippi is released to bookstores, 1E, 11/10/00

Oxford Conference for the Book dedicated to Morris, 1E; 3/20/00, 3/16/00, 3B

Semi-autobiographical novel 'Taps' to be published, 5B, 6/10/00

Willis Morris/My Dog Skip Museum in Canton, 1B, 3/3/00

Morris, Willie SEE My Dog Skip

Morrison Elementary School

No immediate plans to close small Jackson school, 1A, 2B; 4/13/00, 3/5/00

Morrison Heights Baptist Church


Car-care ministry, 1E, 8/12/00

Mortgage brokers

Few license applications have been returned to state Consumer and Finance Department, 1C, 11/8/00

Morton International

Illegal waste disposal into Escatawpa River

Joseph Magazzu facing charges, 2/3/00, 3B

Moss Point plant to pay $38Million in penalties: soil and water contamination, 1A, 10/27/00

Part of chemical plant closed after worker dies of exposure, 3/2/00, 3B

Moseley, Alice

Bay St. Louis woman is renowned folk artist, 1E, 2/24/00

Moses, Bob SEE Algebra Project


Reducing the population at the Reservoir, 2B, 9/16/00

State Health Dept. steps up spraying efforts, 1A, 4/27/00, 5B; 5/18/00

Moss Point Police Department. SEE Malone, Marcus

Motels and hotels

Construction in Jackson is up, but occupancy down, 1C, 4/16/00

Motels and hotels, Gulf Coast

Many small inns suffering from low occupancy rates, 1/12/00, 5B

Mother's Day

Photo contest winners, 1F, 5/14/00

Motion pictures

Films set in Mississippi changing old image of the state, 1/18/00, 1B

Hearing-impaired can now enjoy movies in theaters, 1E, 9/8/00

Motion pictures SEE ALSO My Dog Skip

Motion pictures SEE ALSO Welty, Eudora

Moulder, John Dan

Probe of justice court judge; Moulder expected to resign, 1A, 1A; 2/25/00, 1A; 4/15/00, 2/23/00

Retired judge dies while hunting deer in Claiborne County, 1B, 12/18/00

Moulder, John Dan SEE ALSO Justice Courts (Hinds County)

Mound Bayou Public Schools

Avoid probation, pending clean 2000 audit, 7B, 10/13/00

Superintendent Crockett's firing upheld, 3B, 11/9/00

Mount Locust. SEE ALSO Natchez Trace

Frontier Day celebrates historic home on the Natchez Trace, 11/9/00, 12F

Movies SEE Motion pictures


Tales can be scary or hilarious, 1D, 5/30/00


Deadline nearing for state prepaid tuition plan, 6B, 11/29/00

MPACT (prepaid tuition) SEE Colleges and universities

Mt. Center Missionary Baptist Church

Arson task force seeks clues on blaze at church, 1B, 4/19/00

Mt. Helm MB Church

Jackson's oldest Baptist church celebrates 165 years, 1E, 11/11/00

Mulrenin, Michael

Jackson man back in court in Clinton over trash violation, 2B, 2B; 11/6/00, 6/19/00

Municipal elections, 2001

Most Jackson City Council members undecided on race, 1B, 12/18/00

Municipal Excellence Awards

12 cities win awards in Clarion-Ledger and MS Municipal League program, 1C, 6/29/00

Muniz, Frankie SEE My Dog Skip

Munxayaphom, Bounthanom

Former monk from Laos enrolled at Ole Miss, 1B, 2/26/00

Murder-for-hire, Clinton

Bond revoked for Lee and White, 1B, 10/10/00

Hearing for White and her daughter may be moved, 2B, 9/23/00

Wife Lori Ann White and her daughter accused in aspiring to kill White's husband, 2B, 9/15/00

Murder-for-hire, Jackson

Fuller pleads innocent in plot against prosecutor Jennifer Studebaker, 1B, 1B; 8/22/00, 8/19/00

Murder-for-hire, Jackson County

2 teenage brothers, 2 women held in plot to kill James Eckerd, 3B, 3B; 7/21/00, 7/20/00

Murder/suicide, Bolivar County

Mildred Hood and Ruben Duncan dead, 3B, 5/22/00

Murder/suicide, Brandon

Rev Noah Donaldson and his wife Arnetta, 2B, 5/31/00

Murder/suicide, Chunky

John Aycock shoots wife Brenda in restaurant parking lot, 3B, 6/8/00

Murder/suicide, Grenada

Husband kills wife, coworker and himself at Heat Craft plant, 1B, 11/28/00

Murder/suicide, Hattiesburg

Dan Smith and his estranged wife Phyllis

Stepdaughter wounded, 5B, 6/27/00

Murder/suicide, Louisiana

Taylor killed his wife, his girlfriend and himself, 3B, 6/1/00

Vicksburg man James Taylor and his wife

Taylor had been accused of another murder, 3B, 5/31/00

Murder/suicide, Raymond

Kristopher Scott shoots wife Amanda; then kills himself, 2B, 4/13/00

Murder/suicide, Tupelo

Flight nurse kills his wife, then a physician, then himself, 1B, 5B; 7/11/00, 7/10/00

Murder/suicide, Vicksburg

Estella Patterson and Robert Earl Smith die, 3/4/00, 3B

Murders (Columbus in 1998) SEE Crime rate, Columbus (1998)

Murphy, Jimmy

Jury rejects his low blood sugar defense in McComb DUI death trial, 1/18/00, 3B

Murrah High School

Choir at Kennedy Center Festival, 2B, 3/26/00

Named among top-ranked schools nationwide, 1A, 3/7/00

School's quiz bowl team wins tournament at Ole Miss, 4/11/00, 4B

Muscular Dystrophy Association

Family Fiesta, 1E, 8/25/00

Jerry Lewis telethon, 1B, 9/3/00

Muse, Clyde

Hinds CC president's ethics trial postponed, 1/3/00, 1B; 6/1/00, 2B

Museum of Art

Art Uncorked wine-tasting event, 1E, 4/14/00

Climate control renovations close 2 exhibits early, 1/22/00, 5B

Exhibit 'Spirit of the Mask,' 8/20/00, 8G

Exhibit 'The American West...:' a dollar off admission with soft drink can, 1E, 4/28/00

Exhibition 'The American West: Out of the Myth...', 1/2/00, 1E, 1E; 2/6/00, 1F; 1/28/00, 10G; 2/11/00

Exhibition: 'The American West..." women were part of the story, 1E, 3/24/00

Mississippi Crafts Fair, 1B, 1E; 6/25/00, 6/23/00

Photo contest tied to exhibition 'The American West,' 1/2/00, 1F

Weather stalls dedication of Gertrude C. Ford expansion wing, 1/28/00, 1E

Museum of Natural Science SEE Natural Science Museum

Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience

Director Macy Hart at Clarion-Ledger luncheon, 1B, 2B; 5/3/00, 4/27/00

Museums, Jackson

City's museums offer discount family weekends, 1B, 8/10/00, 11F; 8/14/00

Musgrove family

Musgrove children to enroll in Jackson public schools, 1/7/00, 1B

Renovated Governor's Mansion ready for Musgroves to move in, 1B, 4/1/00

Musgrove, Melanie

First Lady raising dyslexia awareness, 2/5/00, 3B

First Lady ready for new role, 1/16/00, 1F

Musgrove, Ronnie. SEE ALSO One-On-One With the Governor

1st 100 days: how's he doing?, 1A, 4/23/00

At National Governors' Association meeting in Washington, 2/29/00, 6B

Delivers State of the State address, 1A, 2/10/00

Education is top priority, he tells PTA, 1/13/00, 1A; 1/16/00, 2H

Governor picks chief of staff and financial office, 1/8/00, 1A

Governor says state needs a department of labor, 1B, 2/8/00

His appointments reflect racial, gender diversity, 1A, 3/12/00

His inauguration features state's rich heritage, 1/10/00, 1A+, 1A; 1/12/00, 1A+; 2/6/00, 1B; 1/11/00

Inaugural festivities planned, 1/21/00, 1A; 2/4/00, 1B, 1B; 2/5/00, 1C

Latest governor to make push for more power, 1A, 1H (Bill Minor), 9/24/00

New governor is mum on appointments, 1/5/00, 1A, 1A; 1/6/00

New governor's transition is fast-paced, 1/15/00, 1A

Text of his inauguration speech, 1/12/00, 9A

Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber

At Thalia Mara Hall, 1/16/00, 3G; 1/20/00, 4B


State high court approves religious practice of animal slaughter, 1/21/00, 1B

Mussels. SEE Sunflower River

Mustard Seed Inc

Mentally challenged find spiritual help, 1E, 4/29/00

My Dog Skip

Local actor Nathaniel Lee Jr., 1B, 3/19/00

Movie from Willie Morris book stars Frankie Muniz ('Malcolm in the Middle'), 1/27/00, 1E; 2/20/00, 3H

Special showing at Northpark Cinema, 1A; 3/3/00, 1B; 3/9/00, 1E; 3/4/00, 2/13/00, 10F (review)

Willie Morris exhibit at Canton film center, 1/29/00, 2B


On fast tract to hip-hop stardom, 1E, 8/11/00

Myers Foundation Christian Family Health Center


Director protests opening of 2nd clinic, 1B, 4/16/00


N Sync

Jubilant fans at concert in Biloxi, 1A; 5/12/00, 1E, 5/10/00

Nader, Ralph

Green Party presidential candidate speaks at Millsaps, 1B, 4/19/00


Good or bad treaty? Analyses vary, 1C, 10/13/00


Mississippi stocks join in wild ride in 'volatile' market, 1C, 1C; 4/15/00, 4/5/00

Nash, Carey

19-year old former Brandon youth fined for investment fraud, 3B, 5/26/00

Nash, Charles

Holmes County man killed by gunfire in his yard, 1B, 5/13/00

Natchez Literary Celebration

The Sacred South..., 5/28/00, 8G

Natchez Opera Festival, 5/4/00, 10F

Natchez Regional Medical Center

Opens rehab center despite opposition from state, 1B, 10/16/00

Private outpatient clinic planned in La

Bad for hospital, 3/20/00, 3B; 4/17/00, 6B

Natchez Trace

1-mile construction to link Trace from I-55 to US 51, 2B, 7/8/00

3-part series, 5/18–6/1/00 (3–part series)

5 cities on Trace unite to promote tourism nationwide, 1E, 6/9/00

Congressional bill OKs Indian mound in Trace property line, 5B, 11/3/00

Construction begins on link connecting US 49 and I-20, 1/19/00, 1A

Historic Mount Locust is home to Park Ranger Eric Chamberlain, 1E; 7/6/00, 1E (excavation), 6/6/00

New visitors' center to be built in Clinton, 2/21/00, 2B

Old Agency Rd area: officials at odds, 1A, 8/3/00

Road project will link Trace to city of Natchez, 4B, 7/10/00

Route thru Ridgeland to Clinton opposed, 1/29/00, 1A; 5/23/00, 1A; 6/10/00, 2B

US House agrees to pass Senate's Natchez Trace bill, 4B, 10/27/00

Natchez Trace Festival

Crafts and music in Kosciusko, 1E, 3B; 4/27/00, 4/8/00

Natchez Trace Memorial Cemetery

Signs critical of Cemetery taken down

Janice Quinn sues city of Jackson, 1B, 1B; 9/27/00, 9/20/00

Natchez Trace Pioneer and Indian Festival, 8F, 10/26/00

Natchez Trace SEE ALSO Mississippi Crafts Center

Natchez Trace SEE ALSO Mississippi Legislature (2000)

Natchez, Mississippi

Bluff stabilization project, 2/2/00, 3B

No more building near river bluff, city engineer urges, 3B, 10/19/00

Natchez-Adams County Humane Shelter

Volunteer Gerry Stern, 1/17/00, 3B


Ridgeland firm repairs, maintains and resells pagers, 1C, 4/15/00

Nation of Islam

Regional Winter Conference in Jackson, 1/14/00, 1B

National Association of County Agricultural Agents

Conference in Jackson, 1C, 1C; 8/10/00, 3B; 8/9/00, 8/1/00

National Boat Safety Week

Steve Rushing of Florence passes on safety practices to his sons, 2B, 5/20/00

National Campaign for Hearing Health

State screenings of newborns applauded, 1B, 4/22/00

National Cancer Survivors Day

Celebration at Ag Museum, 1B, 6/5/00

National Cash Advance

Employee Cornelius Taylor says story of ATM robbery of him was hoax, 5/6/00, 5B

National Conference of Black Mayors

National meeting will be in Jackson in 2002, 1B, 5/25/00

National Crime Victims' Rights Week

Events in state, 3B; 4/11/00, 4/10/00, 5B

National Disability Mentoring Day

Conference prepares leaders, 1B, 10/26/00

National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic

In Colorado

Bennie Wansley and Cindy McIntosh take part, 1D, 5/1/00

National forests

Proposed forest road limits could jeopardize logging operations, 1B, 7/10/00

National Institute for Literacy

Adult literacy gathering in Jackson, 1B, 6/13/00

National Intercollegiate Flying Competition

At Grenada airport, 1B, 5/20/00

National Kick Butts Day

Anti-smoking message, 4/6/00, 4B

National Library Week

Activities at MSU, 3B, 4/6/00

National Lighthouse Tour

Prayer movement comes to Fist Baptist Church in Jackson, 1E, 9/23/00

National Merit Scholarships

State winners listed, 2B, 5/14/00

National Night Out

Nationwide anti-crime effort, 1B, 2B, 2B; 7/17/00, 2B; 8/1/00, 2B; 8/2/00, 2B; 11/2/00, 7/15/00

Pelahatchie townsfolk to gather, 2B, 7/29/00

National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives

National conference in Biloxi, 1B, 7/8/00

National Police Shooting Competition

In Jackson, 1B; 9/28/00, 3B, 9/26/00

National Reading Panel

Designed to enhance reading instruction in nation's schools, 1B, 4/14/00

National School Lunch Program

Filling a need, 1/17/00, 2B

National Tourism Week

Events in Jackson, 5/8/00, 5B

National Tree Planting Week

Teenager Blake Reeves giving seedlings away, 2/18/00, 4B

National Women's History Month

Religious women have a place, 1E, 3/25/00

National Youth Sports Program

At JSU, 2B, 7/9/00

Nationalist Foundation

US Tax Court judge upholds denial of group's tax-exempt status, 1B, 11/30/00

Native Americans

Thefts from burial sites in Mississippi are up, 3/27/00, 3B

Natural Science Museum

2 influential women: Fannye Cook and Libby Hartfield, 3H (Bill Minor), 7/30/00

A museum that's fun for children, 1E, 10/3/00

Craftsmen's Guild of Mississippi members help in museum's decorations, 1/12/00, 1E

Opens to public, 1A; 5/7/00, 1B, 3/4/00

River Walk, photography exhibit of Beth Young's works, 1E, 3/3/00

Naval Construction Battalion Center


New commander is Capt. Brian Kelm, 2B, 3/26/00

Seabee won't take anthrax vaccine; requests court-martial, 3/11/00, 3B

Neal, Harrell

Farm Service Agency official pleads guilty to bribery, 1B, 7/14/00

Neal, Larry

State high court wants Leflore County Justice Court judge reprimanded, 5B, 6/22/00

Neely, Daryl

Newly elected councilman praised by residents, 1B, 3/23/00

Neighborhood Watch

Lunch in the Jail program, 2B, 6/29/00

Nejam Properties

Apartment owner pays fine to settle discrimination suit, 1B, 2/19/00

Neonatal nurses

Saving tiny babies, 1F, 7/9/00

Neshoba County Fair

Cabins are family affairs, 1E, 7/18/00

It's that time again, 1B, 7/20/00, 10F; 7/27/00

Musgrove speech: he may call for special legislative session, 1A, 1B; 7/28/00, 7/20/00

US Trotting Association has designated it a Blue Ribbon Fair, 3B, 8/8/00

Net Market Makers

Former Mississippian Kevin Jones on cutting edge of e-commerce, 1/22/00, 1C

Nettles, Brian

Pass Christian potter learns Japanese technique Raku, 1F, 10/1/00

New Day Drug Rehabilitation Ministry

Faith-based program, 1B, 9/24/00

New Hope Missionary Baptist Church

Church in Estill struggles to survive, 1/9/00, 1F

New Horizon

4th annual summer Entrepreneur Camp for youth, 1C, 8/4/00

New Horizon Christian Academy

Moves to former site of Hillcrest Christian Elementary School, 1B, 8/12/00

South Jackson school emphasizes spirituality, 2/13/00, 2B

New Horizon Church

Its "I Am One" witnessing campaign, 1E, 9/9/00

South Jackson church is growing rapidly, 1E, 2/12/00

New Madrid Fault

Arkansas man's book predicts major earthquake May 5, 2000, 2/14/00, 8C

Emergency Management Agency readies for earthquake aftermath, 3B, 5/26/00

New Stage

Catfish Moon presented, 6B, 9/9/00

Foods Fantastic benefit, 1E, 10/20/00

Its 2000-2001 season, 9/3/00, 10–11G

Late Night Series: work by penal playwrights, 3/24/00, 6E

Nixon's Nixon, 3/5/00, 6B, 6G; 3/11/00

Of Mice and Men presented, 1/23/00, 4B, 11G; 1/29/00

The Taffetas presented, 4B, 5/21/00, 8G; 5/26/00

You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown presented, 1D, 11/24/00

New Year's Eve

Casinos ready for revelry, 1C, 12/31/00

Restaurants and clubs given 3 extra hours to sell liquor, 1B, 12/31/00

New Year's resolutions

Time to make changes, 1E, 12/29/00

New York Burrito

Restaurant chain to open stores in Jackson, Gulfport and Poplarville, 5/30/00, 10C

Newborn baby

12-year old Yazoo County girl confesses to leaving to die, 1B; 3/8/00, 3/7/00, 6B

Newell, Charles

Ridgeland police chief released from hospital: blood infection, 2B, 8/3/00

Newton County Sheriff's Department

Sheriff is seeking more room for inmates, 2/12/00, 3B


Traveling exhibit of the Newseum in Arlington, Va, 1B, 2/10/00


Jackson tech firm has new name and new CEO: Bill Rary, 1C, 12/2/00

Nichols Middle School


'Looping' links student and teacher for 2-year period, 2B, 8/27/00

Nicholson, Sammy

JFD firefighter retires after 40 years, 1A, 2/16/00

Nick Clark's Printing

Downtown Jackson company is expanding, 8/28/00, 10C


Restaurant review, 4F, 9/14/00

Nicols, Alfred

Magistrate judge an accomplished landscape painter, 1B, 7/16/00

Nielsen ratings

Local prime time TV ratings for February 2000, 1E, 4/20/00

WLBT-TV regains title of 'most-watched,' 1E, 7/21/00

Nine West Group

Price fixing settlement may help state, 1B, 3/7/00


Airline travel (in state and private planes) played role in deal, 1A, 11/28/00

Alabama offered similar concessions to Nissan, 1A, 10/30/00

Automaker still mum on plan, 1C, 10/31/00

Banks ready for boom, 1C, 12/8/00

Bipartisan bonanza for Mississippi, 1A, 1C, 11/19/00

Bond to build roads and bridges, 2B, 12/9/00

Canton plant officially announced; 4000 jobs foreseen, 1A, 11/10/00

Canton site chosen, officials say; 2000 could be hired, 1A, 10/26/00, 10A

City of Clinton plans to entice Nissan suppliers, 2B, 12/25/00

Company officials aware of state flag issue, 1A, 12/18/00

Company personnel director speaks in Ridgeland, 1A, 11/30/00

Costly incentives helped state lure Nissan, 1A, 12/16/00

Euphoria about plant; drawbacks may become clear when reality settles in, 3H (Bill Minor), 12/3/00

Everything changes, Smyrna, TN says, 1A, 1C; 11/13/00, 11/12/00

Expansion in TN fueling diverse growth; small coffee stand attracts commuters, 8C, 11/13/00

Facing bankruptcy 2 years ago; has now regained footing, 1C, 11/26/00

Families irked at land sales for plant, 1A, 11/23/00

Federal bill could help woo Nissan, 1A, 10/31/00

Harvey's Chapel M.B. Church afraid of losing site, 1A; 12/19/00, 1B, 12/18/00

In Smyrna Nissan and local schools have formed partnership, 1C, 11/14/00

Incentive package from state: $295 Million, 1A, 11/7/00

Japanese automaker eyeing site near Canton, 10/12/00. 1C

Land acquisition process begins, 2B, 12/13/00

Land deal is critical to project, 1B, 12/7/00

Land for plant rezoned, 2B, 12/5/00

Landowners facing eminent domain proceedings; SCLC will aid them, 1B; 12/22/00, 2B, 12/6/00

Landowners meet, voice concerns, 1B, 12/10/00

Legislature may give deal a closer look, 1H, 12/24/00

Legislature to set limits on incentive package, 1A, 11/6/00

Local auto dealers expecting benefits, but local residents will get no discounts on Nissans, 1C, 11/15/0

Lott says he doesn't regret tax break plan, 1C, 11/3/00

Madison County officials visit Nissan facility in Smyrna, TN, 2B, 12/25/00

Madison County supervisors choose Morgan Keegan & Co as bond partner, 2B, 12/16/00

Madison officials to look at Smyrna, TN experience, 1C, 11/11/00

MDOT ready to improve roads in area, 1B, 11/4/00

Minorities want place at the table, 1B, 12/11/00

Mississippi Development Authority to discuss land use plans, 2B, 12/27/00

MSU gearing up for Nissan project, 1C, 12/5/00

MSU to spend millions as part of training effort, 5A, 11/10/00

Musgrove takes active role in luring Musgrove, 7A, 11/7/00

Negotiations: confidentially is a must, 1A, 1C; 11/2/00, 11/1/00

New plant is top issue with Madison County supervisors, 2B, 12/30/00

Nissan officials arrive for expected announcement, 1A, 11/8/00

Not ready to hire, company officials say, 1C, 12/2/00

Ohio company SSOE Inc to construct plant, 1C, 11/26/00

Over the years several firms eyed Madison County land sought by Nissan, 1C, 12/9/00

Plant could pick from best workers in metro Jackson market, 1A, 10/29/00

Plant in Madison County one of state's top news stories of the year, 1B, 12/30/00

Provisions protect state if Nissan backs out, 1C, 12/31/00

Public meeting set on land acquisition, 1B, 2B; 12/28/00, 12/23/00

Questions about employment flooding in, 1A, 11/14/00

Reports set off alarms in Madison County, 1A, 10/27/00

Roadway bids to be taken, 1A, 12/29/00

Some residents say they don't want to be displaced by Nissan, 2B, 11/29/00

State ready to provide work force training if need be, 1C, 10/29/00

State recruiting Nissan suppliers, 1C, 11/30/00

Train safety in plant area a concern, 1C, 11/26/00

Vendors wait to pitch services to automaker, 1C, 12/12/00

What's to be done with influx of school children?, 1A, 11/11/00

Nix, Frances

Mississippi teacher on "Rosie O'Donnell Show," 1B, 9/8/00

Nkumzimana, Fides

Her killer Bruce Dent to be released, 4B, 12/2/00

Noble, Charles

Suspect in death of Vernon Dahmer calls for dismissal: denied speedy trial, 1A, 12/15/00

Noise ordinance

Ridgeland clamps down on loud car sound systems, 2B, 4/15/00

Nolen, Jerdine

Crystal Springs native is author of children's books, 1B, 7/8/00

Nonprofit organizations

Jackson City Council cuts and relocates funds to local groups, 1B, 9/27/00

Many still waiting for tax exemption from Hinds County supervisors, 1B, 7/5/00

Nordan, Lewis

Novelist writes story of son's suicide 'Boy With Loaded Gun,' 1F, 6/11/00

North American Balloon Association

Championship: Texas man killed trying to save his downed balloon, 1A, 8/5/00

Championships in Canton, 2B, 7/26/00

North American DataCom Inc

Iuka company offers bundled telecommunications services to small cities, 1C, 6/1/00

North Jackson Honda Yamaha

Stakeout foils break-in, 7B, 12/2/00

North Midtown Community Development Corp

Fighting crime and cynicism in Jackson, 1A, 9/18/00, 9A

North Mississippi All Stars, 3/2/00, 10F

North Mississippi Health Services

Acquires Marion Baptist Medical Center in Hamilton, Ala, 3B, 6/29/00

North Mississippi Industrial Development Association

Sexual harassment suit brought by Evelyn Smith, 1B, 7/23/00

North/south corridor (Rankin County). SEE East Metropolitan Access Road

Northeast Mississippi Regional Water District

Tupelo and surrounding towns share water and prosperity, 1A, 8/7/00

Northpark 10 Cinema

Ridgeland police chiefs calls for securit86 police calls in six-month period, 2B, 9/16/00

Northpark Mall

Enviable position: all space leased, 8/21/00, 10C

Northside Drive (Clinton)

Engineering firm hired to determine traffic improvements, 2B, 12/4/00

Northside Elementary School


New principal is Tammy Wilkinson, 2B, 5/11/00

Partners in Education breakfast, 2B, 9/8/00

Northwest Airlines

Expansion of flights at Mississippi airports, 1C, 2/9/00

Northwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center

Facing lawsuit over death of Tutwiler man, 3B, 12/5/00

Northwest Rankin Athletic Association

Ground up tires used on soccer fields, 2B, 11/3/00

Northwest Rankin Attendance Center

Open house for parents, 2B, 3/18/00

Northwest Rankin Elementary School

Business partnership with Meeler & Mitchell Realty, 2B, 10/22/00

Northwest Rankin High School

Benefit golf tournament at The Refuge in Flowood, 2B, 10/12/00

Novia Spirit

Honoring diversity in the workplace, 1C, 10/26/00

Noxubee County Sheriff's Department

New election for sheriff ordered: irregularities in 1999 vote found, 1B, 9/21/00


Statewide shortage as nursing enrollments decline, 1A, 8/4/00

Nursing homes, Mississippi

Attorney General's office investigating facilities, 1A, 1A; 9/24/00, 9/14/00, 21A

Face critical nursing shortage, 3B, 7/10/00


O'Brien, Steven

Ridgeland man given 7-year sentence in vehicular manslaughter case, 1B, 10/19/00

Oak Forest Baptist Church

Neighborhood Helpers program, 1E, 10/21/00

Oak Lawn Cemetery

225 grave markers vandalized at Hattiesburg cemetery, 3B, 3B; 11/25/00, 11/8/00

Oakwood Cemetery


Neglected cemetery restored, 1B, 10/21/00

Ocean Springs Police Department

Kerry Belk is new chief, 4B, 7/9/00

Ocean Springs Public Schools

District will require teachers to wear photo IDs, 2/21/00, 3B

Office of Capital Post-Conviction Counsel

Jack Williams named director

Death penalty appeals, 1B, 9/2/00

Office of Indigent Appeals

A possibility in lieu of statewide public defender program, 1B, 12/12/00

Ogden, Jennifer

Natchez native wins Emmy for her work on an Oprah production, 1E, 9/7/00

Ohr, George

Early pieces by Biloxi potter come home, 4B, 10/9/00

Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art

Facility being planned in Biloxi, 2B, 7/3/00

Oil pipeline

Leaf River pollution: pipeline undergoing lab tests, 1/26/00, 3B

Leakage into Leaf River larger than first thought, 1B, 3/21/00

Okolona/Richard Stovall Airport

Facility upgraded, 1/17/00, 1B

Oktibbeha County Public Schools

Better test scores, but state still in control, 1B, 8/28/00

MSU's plan for 'Millennium Schools,' 1B, 4/14/00

Staff in troubled district may be fired, 1A, 2/19/00

Old Agency Road

Relief on way for bumper-to-bumper traffic at I-55, 1/29/00, 1A

Residents oppose its closing due to expansion of Natchez Trace, 2B, 6/10/00

Old Fannin Road

Rankin County Supervisors given progress report on widening of road, 2B, 5/2/00

Old Navy

Store moves into new site, same shopping center

Zainy Brainy, and Shoe Carnival in old site, 1C, 5/3/00

Old River Supply Inc

New truck supplier business in Richland, 1C, 12/27/00

Old Trace Park

Madison Chamber of Commerce backs Park makeover, 2B, 8/9/00

Upgrade is planned, 1A, 6/10/00

Olde Towne


Merchants say street detours driving down sales, 3B, 7/4/00

Historic area in Clinton seeing renewal, 2B, 11/29/00

Olde Towne Elementary School

Badly needs another 3rd-grade teacher, 2B, 8/11/00

Safe, efficient traffic flow at school sought, 2B, 11/5/00

Olde Towne Middle School


Air-conditioning is out, 2B, 9/13/00

Threat to teacher on jury for murder trial of Andra Scott investigated, 4B, 9/21/00

Olde Towne Overlay District

Ridgeland officials renew district, 2B, 11/13/00

Ole Hickory Smokehouse BBQ and Catering

Restaurant review, 4F, 8/24/00

Olin Park Apartments

Units opened for needy families and women, 1B, 3/7/00

Oliphant, Pat

Political cartoonist's works at Museum of Art, 8G, 10/15/00

Olive Branch Airport

Busy facility not likely to get control tower soon, 2/19/00, 3B

Olive Branch Metro Aviation Services

Busiest airport in Mississippi, 3B, 5/15/00

Olson, George and Christine

Danks representing Oxford couple in lawsuit against city: they were struck by police car, 1B, 9/26/00

Olympics. SEE Summer Olympics, 2000

One Hundred Black Men of Jackson

Annual Health Fair, 1B, 8/12/00

Mentoring programs, 1–/13/00, 1B

One Source Industries

Olive Branch

Fired worker shoots woman and a visitor; then kills himself, 5B; 6/30/3B, 6/29/00

Injured woman had filed police complaints against shooter, 1B, 1B; 7/2/00, 7/1/00

One-On-One With the Governor

Individual citizens may see the Musgrove by appointment, 1B, 1B: 9/14/00, 9/7/00


New job center to be opened in Hinds County, 1B, 7/11/00

Open primaries SEE Election law reform

Operation Jackson Cease-fire

2 Jackson men, 1 Natchez man face federal firearms charges, 2B; 8/2/00, 4B, 6/9/00

2 men plead guilty to weapons charges, 2B, 2B; 7/12/00, 5/24/00

Program nets jury conviction of Shawn Burton, 1A, 2/10/00

Several felons have been indicted under firearms law, 2B, 2B; 6/13/00, 2B; 6/14/00, 4/25/00

US Attorney Bard Pigott touts program's success, 1B, 8/10/00

Woman Tracy Williams arrested on charges to undergo psychiatric tests, 2B, 8/17/00

Operation Mississippi Cease-fire

Convicted felon Charlie Bunzy sentenced, 2B, 6/23/00

Oral search warrants

Court to decide if warrants are legal, 1B, 3/26/00, 3B; 3/28/00, 5B; 4/2/00

Oreck Manufacturing

Oregon company buys molding operation of Long Beach company, 3B, 7/16/00

Organ transplants

Beauticians association focuses on black community, 1B, 12/10/00

Mike McNutt has long, complicated wait for liver transplant, 1A, 1B; 5/15/00, 3/30/00

Wayne Martin donates kidney to fellow worker David Chambers, 1A, 1A; 6/21/00, 1B; 8/5/00, 6/12/00

Overlay districts

Jackson Restaurateur Jay Schimmel finds overlay opportunity, 1B, 9/4/00

Overtime pay. SEE School districts

Oxford Conference for the Book

Aspiring writers make pilgrimage, 1B, 4/8/00

Oxford University Bank

Seeking state charter, 1C, 5/24/00

Oxford, Mississippi

4 dismissed from planning board, 1B, 2/20/00


Jellyfish taking toll on shrimp and oyster harvests, 3B, 3B; 9/13/00, 6B; 9/18/00, 8/8/00

This year's harvest may be state's best ever, 1C, 12/27/00



Research on drug used to fight carcinoma in lungs

UMC study, 1B, 9/23/00


Earth-religion practitioners suffer from stereotypical image, 1/8/00, 1E

Paige, Rod

Mississippi native, JSU graduate to be Bush's Secretary of Education, 1A, 12/30/00

Paint parties. SEE Football

Paisley, Brad

Country music performer at Winner's Park Circle in Flowood, 6/29/00, 11F

Palestine Baptist Church

Raymond congregation loses church in fire, 1/18/00, 2B, 2B; 1/19/00

Palmer, Sean

Rankin County man charged with sexual battery to have hearing, 2B, 10/5/00

Panasonic Academic Challenge

6 Madison County students compete in Florida, 2B, 6/19/00

Panther Creek subdivision

Madison County

Developer hopes supervisors will build frontage road to I-55, 2B, 8/8/00

Papa John's Pizza

Order your pizza online, 1C, 4/20/00


$4 Million grant to improve security, 1B, 11/7/00

14 inmates injured in fight at camp, 1A; 6/16/00, 5B, 6/15/00

4 guards fired after prisoner is stabbed, 1A, 5/25/00

A rare look inside the prison: bars, bricks, too many inmates, 1A, 5/24/00

Amid heatwave inmates' fans unplugged

Fear of tampering with electrical outlets, 1A, 9/2/00

Court rejects inmate's discrimination suit

Dismissed from prison fire dept., 3B, 7/26/00

Court-Watch Program shows area teenagers what it's like inside prison, 1A, 7/18/00

Death row inmates fire makeshift guns at guards, 1A, 1A; 12/8/00, 1A; 12/9/00, 12/7/00

Escapees Roy Harper and John Woolard sought, 1B, 1B; 5/30/00, 3B; 6/1/00, 3B; 6/2/00, 5/29/00, 5B; 5/31/00

Escapees Woolard and Harper back in Mississippi, back in prison, 3B, 8/2/00

Escapees Woolard and Harper captured in Indiana, 1A; 6/20/00, 3B, 6/17/00, 6B; 7/5/00

Escapees Woolard and Harper elude police in Indiana, 1A, 1A; 6/16/00, 6/15/00

Escapees Woolard and Harper profiled on 'America's Most Wanted,' 5B, 6/4/00

Escapees Woolard and Harper: 1 guard at Parchman was asleep, 1A, 6/29/00

Escapees Woolard and Harper: couple attacked and robbed near Webb, 1A; 6/8/00, 1B, 6/7/00

Escapees Woolard and Harper: escape a 'total failure' by prison staff, 1A, 8/25/00

Escapees Woolard and Harper: escape well planned, 1A, 6/9/00

Escapees Woolard and Harper: paralegal on run, fearing revenge, 1A, 6/11/00

Escapees Woolard and Harper: prison put in lockdown, 1B, 6/3/00

Escapees Woolard and Harper: several families living in fear, 1A, 6/6/00

Escapees Woolard and Harper: Tracy Hansen was supposed to have escaped too, 1A, 6/22/00

Escapees Woolard and Harper: West Virginia assault linked to pair, 1A, 6/10/00

Escapees Woolard and Harper: Woolard ordered returned to Mississippi, 5B, 7/27/00

Escapees Woolard and Harper: Woolard recounts flight, 4B, 7/15/00

Handling of stabbing death of Shannon Truelove raises questions, 1/24/00, 1B, 1B; 10/3/00

Maximum security, Unit 32 (special series), 1A+, 11/26–27/00

Numerous escapes prompts 'hardening' of prison's security, 1A, 9/18/00

Security problems: legislative subcommittee to tour prison, 1B, 6/19/00

Superintendent Walter Booker retires, 1B, 9/1/00


US Supreme Court sides with parents in visitation rights

Grandparents' suit, 1A, 6/6/00

Parents & Kids

Local magazine wins praise for health and safety issues, 1E, 10/10/00

Parents Connected Inc

Offering free Internet training for parents and teachers, 2B, 10/29/00

Parents for Public Schools

Mary Ester Schnaubelt is new president, 2B, 11/12/00

Team with Campus Link to give free books to students, 1B, 5/26/00

Parham Bridges Park

Dr. Hugh D. Ward Children's Playground, 1B, 1E; 7/21/00, 3/31/00

Parham Bridges Park South

Land will revert back to family if park is not reopened, 1/10/00, 1B; 5/2/00, 1B; 8/24/00, 2B

Parham Bridges State Park

Supervisors search for funding to upgrade facility, 1B, 1B; 6/6/00, 4/17/00

Parker, 'Fast Eddie'

Pocket billiards legend at Extravaganza in Ridgeland, 1B, 1E; 3/13/00, 3/10/00

Parker, Dustin

Michael Johnson is 2nd man on trial for 1998 slaying of minister's son, 1B, 2B; 11/23/00, 11/15/00

Parker, Dustin Sean

Michael Parker charged in '98 slaying of Parker

Aaron Johnson had confessed, 1B; 5/10/00, 2B, 5/6/00

Parker, Jackie

Tupelo woman is Mississippi Teacher of the Year 2000, 1A, 4/14/00

Parker, Mike

Former US Congressman undecided on his next step in politics, 4B, 10/19/00

Unsuccessful gubernatorial contender says he will stay in politics, 1/5/00, 3H (Bill Minor), 8A; 2/27/00

Parker, Stefanie

In Beta Club essay contest, 2B, 7/9/00

Parker-Weaver, Stephanie

Activist is escorted from City Council chambers, 1/5/00, 1B

Parks, Clinton

Parks survey targets senior citizens, 2B, 6/8/00

Policy addresses adults' behavior at children's sporting events, 2B, 11/1/00

Summer enrichment programs, 2B, 5/30/00

Parks, Jackson

City's parks getting more use; expansion programs paying off, 1A, 10/21/00

Parks, Raymond

Jery McWilliams gets OK for preservation park and resort off Midway Rd, 1/5/00, 2B

Parks, Ridgeland

Parks seeking sponsors, 2B, 10/26/00

Students to name new city park, 2B, 2B; 11/27/00, 11/20/00

Parks, Rosa

'Ordinary' people spur extraordinary changes, 1/19/00, 9A

Parkway Baptist Church


Rooms in education center offered to Covenant Christian High School, 2B, 4/22/00

Parkway Hills United Methodist Church

Madison church adds 120 native trees along entrance way, 1/27/00, 2B

Parkway Properties

Jackson REIT reporting healthy earnings, 1C, 8/2/00

Jackson-based REIT invests $10 Million in rival companies

Eyeing future takeovers, 1C, 5/4/00

Jackson-based REIT leads in industry's overall value, 1/27/00, 1C, 1C; 2/10/00

Partners with Southeast OfficeInvest (NY) to buy properties, 1C, 10/21/00

Parnell, Edward

Suspect arrested in rape of 80-year old woman in Jackson, 5B, 6/23/00

Parole Board

Appointments delayed; future of Board in question, 1A; 5/24/00, 1A; 7/16/00, 1B, 1B; 5/17/00, 2/20/00

Parsons, Jack

Former Wiggins lawyer's disbarment is reversed, 3B, 7/29/00

Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi

Advocacy group honors Tougaloo paper for refusing ads, 1B, 10/.25/00

Churches share in funds to fight smoking, 1/19/00, 1B

Documentary film 'Second Chances,' 1B, 10/20/00

Promoting less tobacco use among youth, 1B, 11/3/00

Partnership for Economic Development

Meeting in Jackson, 1C, 3/14/00

Partnership tour

Public/private organization to chart economic development in state, 1C, 1C; 2/23/00, 2/20/00

Parton, Dolly

Will be in Stars Over Amory benefit in October, 1F, 4/30/00

Party House

9 arrested at club on Highway 18 by MBN agents, 6B, 10/1/00

Pascagoula River

Malcolm White and Bruce Browning paddle river to preserve rare water system, 1B, 11/5/00


7-day Jewish observance begins, 1B, 4/19/00

Pastors for Peace

Group on way to Cuba spend night in Belzoni, 3B, 7/13/00

Patrick, Steen

Rankin County road supervisor killed in work-related accident, 1/20/00, 2B

Patterson, Aubrey

Tupelo banker to be president of American Bankers Association, 1C, 7/28/00

Patterson, Dexter

Diverse background spices up Jackson cook's recipes, 1/26/00, 1E

Patterson, Paul

Bentonia man drowns in pond outside Clinton, 5/29/00, 5B

Patterson, Shaun

2 counts of aggravated DUI

Struck and killed 2 elderly men walking along I-20, 1B, 7/3/00

Patton, Chuck

Q&A with Gaming Commission director, 2H, 8/6/00

Pavlov, Frank

Biloxi man has been a barber for 50 years, 1/4/00, 5B

Payton, Connie

Widow of Walter Payton starts cancer fund, 1B, 6/9/00

Payton, Walter

Jackson City Council expected to name street after football star, 1B, 10/10/00

PCs. SEE Computers

Peace Institute

Jackson students participate in worldwide teleconference, 2B, 6/25/00

Peach Tree Village

Power outage after traffic accident forces assisted-living residents to move, 2B, 12/16/00

Peacock, Michael

Court rejects appeal of man who killed his grandparents in 1995, 3B, 10/19/00

Pearl budget, 2001

Tax rate to stand; budget includes pay raise for all city workers, 2B, 9/22/00

Pearl Day

Annual festival to include variety of activities, 2B, 2B; 6/23/00, 6/16/00

Pearl High School

1997 shootings: police radio tapes studied to gain insight into crisis management, 2B, 10/10/00

3 students suspended: after-school altercation involving a girl friend and a golf club, 2B, 9/30/00

Band to be in Bush's inaugural parade, 2B, 12/27/00

Boyette indicted 2nd time in 1997 shootings, 2/4/00, 2B

Boyette pleads guilty to lesser charge, 1A, 1A; 2/10/00, 1A; 2/12/00, 2/9/00

Burnell Minor admits to bomb threat, is indicted, 1/6/00, 1B; 1/19/00, 2B, 2B; 4/11/00

Case against cult-like 'the Kroth' closes with 2 convictions, 1A, 2/14/00

Exchange students from Scheessel, Germany, 2B, 4/28/00

Guilty plea entered by Burnell Minor in bomb threat, 1/28/00, 3B

Judge Coleman recuses himself from civil trial, 2/18/00, 2B

Luke Woodham to be interviewed on '60 Minutes II,' 1A, 3/14/00

New 1200-seat auditorium gets rave reviews, 2B, 3/20/00

New principal John Buchanan, 1A, 10/16/00

Opening of school year: students urged to pursue difficult courses, 2B, 8/15/00

Second thoughts on religious music before football games, 2B, 8/17/00

Student Ross Kuhn gets 2-day suspension

Destruction of school property--a garbage bag, 2B, 9/13/00

Pearl Kiwanis Club

Meeting site changed to O'Charley's; Penn's Fish House to close, 2B, 7/27/00

Pearl Lower Elementary School

Building damaged in thunderstorm, 2B, 9/2/00

Pearl Police Department

$50,000 grant to hire clerk, 2B, 9/14/00

Aldermen OK 12-hour shifts, 2B, 4/6/00

Gender-bias suit brought in 1998 by Dorothy May is thrown out, 2B, 7/27/00

Pearl Public Schools

Advantages of school uniform policy emphasized, 2B, 5/22/00

Board OKs fiscal year 2001 budget, 5B, 7/14/00

Retiring superintendent Bill Dodson, 2B, 6/5/00

Search for new superintendent to go public, 1/14/00, 2B, 2B; 1/20/00, 2B; 3/15/00, 2B; 3/26/00

Stanley Miller is new superintendent, 2B, 2B; 3/31/00, 2B; 4/10/00, 3/29/00

Pearl River Basin

Concerns about Basin aired at meeting, 2B, 12/13/00

Pearl River Central High School

Concern about student-led revival on school grounds, 1B, 6/5/00

Pearl River Community College

Finalists in presidential search, 3/15/00, 6B

William Lewis named new president, 3B, 4/6/00

Pearl River Valley Baptist Church


Congregation's dispute leads to violence and legal battles, 1A, 7/21/00

Pearson, Jake

Trial set for former DeSoto County supervisor

False statements to Gaming Commission, 3B, 5/13/00

Peas and beans

From pod to pot, 1E, 5/24/00

Peavey Electronics

Highly profitable Meridian firm expands into foreign markets, 7/17/00, 10C


Prices are up, production is not, 2B, 11/27/00

Pecanty, James

Murder charge against Natchez man reduced to manslaughter

Injected his wife with drugs, 3B, 8/17/00

Peden, Derryl

Jackson lawyer charged in 2 counts of armed robbery, 1B, 1B; 6/22/00, 5/9/00, 5B; 5/10/00

Peeples Middle Schools

3 girls compete in SECME event in Atlanta

Car project using mousetrap, 2B, 4/23/00

Pemberton Headquarters


Lawsuit over now-restored historic site dismissed, 3B, 4/6/00

Pena family

Dominican family in Forest trying to get son Michael who has cerebral palsy into US, 1A, 12/23/00

Penn National Gaming Inc

Announces plans for 2 new casinos in state, 1/21/00, 1C

Penn, Sterling

17-year old Canton quadriplegic takes small steps on faith, 1A, 9/5/00, 9A

Penny stocks

Low risk, get rich quick, 1C, 3/11/00

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Billboard claiming Jesus was a vegetarian, 2B, 4/1/00

People to People Student Ambassador Program

Area students visit Australia and New Zealand, 2B, 6/3/00

Peoples Bank of Mendenhall

John Neville is new CEO, 1C, 8/12/00

Pepper, Glynn SEE Hinds County Chancery Clerk

Pepsi Pops

Old Trace Park, Ridgeland, 5/11/00, 6F

Per capita income, Mississippi

State has hit a milestone, 1/9/00, 3H (Bill Minor)

Perkins, John

Jackson minister to meet with President-elect Bush, 12/20/00, 13A

Perkins, John B

Ex-legislator dies of heart attack, 3/4/00, 3B

Permit fees

City of Jackson considering fees for special events, 7B, 8/8/00

Pernell, David

2 plead guilty in death of letter carrier, 3B, 10/21/00

Newspaper carrier in New Albany murdered on his delivery route, 3B, 3B; 5/17/00, 3B; 5/18/00, 5/16/00

Perry, Douglas

Madison man gets 17+ years on gun possession charge; has string of burglary convictions, 5B, 9/23/00

Perry, LaDarrell

City to pay Perry in lawsuit involving a wreck with a JPD patrol car in 1994, 1B, 9/26/00

Personal digital assistants

Palm-tops: putting your life in your hands, 1E, 3/3/00

Pesticides. SEE Walls, Paul F

Pesticides SEE Pirate (pesticide)

Pet Paradise Cemetery

Pet Memorial Day at cemetery, 1B, 9/11/00

Petroleum industry

High oil prices spur rise in state drilling permits, 1C, 1C; 8/11/00, 3/18/00


City of Jackson considering annual license fee, 1B, 1B; 5/2/00, 1B; 5/11/00, 2/21/00, 6B; 5/9/00

City of Madison enforces its leash law, 2B (for cats), 3B; 5/30/00, 5/17/00

Emergency clinic for pets in distress, 1F, 9/10/00

Kennels filling up as owners travel during holidays, 1C, 12/20/00

Petty, David

Clarion-Ledger editor named new publisher of 'The Hattiesburg American,' 1C, 4/19/00

Philip's on the Reservoir

Restaurant review, 4F, 7/20/00

Phillips Exeter Academy

9 local students will attend summer school in New Hampshire, 2B, 5/14/00

Phillips, Lynn

Artist from Rolling Fork has Parkinson's disease, 1A, 6/26/00

Phillips, Thomas Hal

University Press of Mississippi reissues his novel 'Kangaroo Hollow,' 5/7/00, 9G

Physical examinations

Annual checkups can be lifesaving, 1/17/00, 1D

Physician assistants

Nursing association ends opposition to licensing, 1B, 2/3/00


Report listing 231 'questionable doctors' in state is criticized, 1B, 8/21/00

Rural area physician shortage, 1A, 2/11/00

Pickering, Chip

Introduces bill to prevent regulation of religious radio broadcasting, 3B, 6/24/00


A leisurely lunch by the river, 1E, 4/5/00

Picou, Laurie

JPD officer wins lawsuit against city: transferred after maternity leave, 1B, 11/4/00

Piggly Wiggly

Store to open in Brandon, 1C, 11/1/00

Pike County Drug Court

9 complete year in state's first drug court, 1B, 2/29/00

Pilates instruction

Develop flexibility, strength and balance, 1D, 9/11/00

Pilgrim, Huby SEE Syrup

Pilkinton, Cathy

Acquitted Columbus teacher files suit against her accusers, 3B, 6/20/00

Pineda, Mario

Jackson psychiatrist agrees to settle alleged Medicare fraud suit, 1B, 12/29/00

Piney Woods

President Charles Beady records a hip-hop CD, 1A, 8/17/00

School pays tribute to former president James S Wade, 1B, 2/13/00

Village Elders Summer program, 2B, 2B; 7/22/00, 7/20/00

Pinnacle Trust

CEO Stacey Wall speaks at Economic Forecast luncheon, 1C, 2/3/00

Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc

Iowa seed firm admits violations, 1C, 2/16/00

Pipe bombs

Pipe bomb material found in car at routine traffic stop in Hurley, 3B, 11/28/00

Piper Impact Manufacturing

New Albany

Ex-worker accused of killing plant manager Paul Ferguson, 1B; 6/1/00, 3B, 5/31/00

Pirate (pesticide)

EPA won't allow its use in US; risk to birds, 1B, 3/16/00

Pisgah Attendance Center

Mother questions lack of discipline on girl who threatened her daughter, 2/24/00, 2B

Pit bulls

Dogs seized in Prentiss County raid to be put down, 3B, 8/26/00

Pittman Gail Studio

Michael Corso to head marketing team, 1C, 5/7/00

Pittman, Bob SEE AOL/Time Warner


Easy as pie to make at home, 1E, 10/4/00

Pizza Hut

Store in Byram robbed at closing time, 2B, 11/15/00

Plant swap

In garden outside Madison Public Library, 2B, 3/20/00

Plastics industry

State firms in transition; seem to be rebounding, 1C, 7/15/00

Plato Co

Minnesota firm wins Dept. of Education contract

Software for vocational students, 2/4/00, 3B


This year's hot Christmas item, 1A, 12/19/00

Plea bargaining

New policy eliminating procedure in Coast counties is criticized, 1B, 8/7/00


Miracle drug the cure for common cold, meningitis, polio?, 1/16/00, 1A

Plum Creek Timber

Seattle company will acquire 850,000 acres in deal with Georgia-Pacific, 1C, 7/20/00


34 face charges of killing deer in Adams and Warren counties, 1B, 5/5/00

Poindexter Elementary School

Poindexter Project mentoring program, 1B, 9/3/00

Polaris Computers

High school senior Alan Taheri builds business in web hosting, web design and PC repair, 1C, 9/29/00

Police brutality

Lawsuits cost city of Jackson time and money, 1B, 5/1/00

Police chases, Clinton

2 suspected shoplifters arrested after chase from Clinton to Jackson, 2B, 12/14/00

Police chases, Florence

3 burglary suspects killed in car crash on rural Simpson County road, 1B, 1B; 6/16/00, 6/15/00

Police chases, Jackson

Chase on South State St., Highway 80; shoplifter arrested, 2B, 12/28/00

Police chases, Ridgeland

Karen Fowler sues Ridgeland PD over 1999 chase, collision, 2B, 3/25/00

Police dispatchers

Metro-area law enforcement agencies want training, 1B, 9/21/00

Police profiling

Racial profiling in traffic stops in Madison County alleged, 2B, 4/21/00

Police standoff, Hattiesburg

Alvin Bridges' standoff ends without injuries, 3B, 8/25/00

Police standoff, Jackson County

Dan Kupke of Big Point killed after 4-hour standoff, 3B, 8/24/00

Ponder Heart, The SEE Welty, Eudora


Canton man ordered to fill in pond: safety threat, 2B, 2B; 3/31/00, 2B; 8/3/00, 3/24/00

Pontotoc, Mississippi

City wins lawsuit against Mississippi Valley Gas, 3B, 6/10/00

Popeyes Chicken and Biscuit

24 Mississippi and Louisiana outlets bought by Interfoods (Fl), 1/25/00, 1C

Poplar Springs Freewill Baptist Church


After suspected arson, congregation worships in parking lot, 3B, 9/18/00

Popular music

It's the 45-and-older group buying the most CDs these days, 1E, 7/28/00

Port of Gulfport

Mississippi Port Authority wants to surpass Mobile in number of carriers shipped, 1C, 9/7/00

Possum Ridge

Miniature town a popular attraction at Old Capitol Museum, 1E, 12/14/00

Postal theft

Inspector testifies concerning $140,000 missing from Jackson's downtown post office, 1B, 1B; 12/1/00, 11/29/00

Potter House of Fine Arts

Tracy and Robert Sugg create artwork inspired by the Bible, 1E, 12/9/00

Potter, David

Vicksburg man charged with striking van, killing 2 children on I-20, 1B, 1B; 7/4/00, 7/3/00

Poultry industry, Mississippi

Chickat automatic chicken catcher developed by Kosciusko company, 1/28/00, 1C

Five chicken processors indicted in federal pollution case, 1/21/00, 1A; 2/10/00, 3B

Former CEO John McCarty admits to pollution charges, 1B, 10/27/00

Hot, dry July takes toll, 1C, 8/3/00

Lower prices in Thailand affect state producers, 1C, 3/24/00

Oversupply of chickens, 1C, 8/31/00

Pollution charges: former McCarty Farms CEO facing 55 counts, 1A; 2/29/00, 1B, 2/24/00

Processors want to establish grievance board in contract disputes, 1C, 2/9/00

SEE ALSO Mississippi Development Authority

Poultry industry, Morton

B.C.Rogers Poultry pleads guilty to water pollution, 1B, 6/28/00


Child poverty rate in state dropped 36% in 5 years, 1A; 12/1/00, 8/11/00, 8B

Power Academic and Performing Arts Complex

Student auditions, 1/23/00, 2B

Power beads

Fashion accessory that lifts the spirit, 1/10/00, 1D

Power outages

Downtown Jackson hit with 20-minute outage, 4/25/00, 4B

Fears rise with rising temperatures, 1C, 1C; 6/3/00, 5/26/00


Getting computers into Mississippi schools, 1B, 11/6/00

Poyner, Larry

Florence mayor censured for phone calls to divorced woman's house, 2B, 2B; 6/17/00, 6/13/00

Florence mayor resigns under fire, 1A; 7/22/00, 2B, 6/21/00

Prather, Lenora

Defeated chief justice had had plans for drug courts, redistricting, 1A, 12/24/00

Praxis I and Praxis II

13 Mississippi teachers may have cheated on exam, 1A, 1A; 8/19/00, 1B; 8/24/00, 1B; 9/8/00, 8/18/00

Cheating: 3 Greenville teachers suspended with full pay, 1A, 9/9/00

Prayer for the Persecuted Church

November 12 is the day, 1E, 10/14/00

Prayer in schools, Clinton

Board assures US high court it will obey rule

But does not agree with it, 2B, 7/20/00

Prayer in schools, Hinds County

Alternatives to pregame prayer to be tried, 2B, 7/21/00

Prayer in schools, Mississippi

Movement is toward 'spontaneous' pregame prayers, 1A, 1A; 8/26/00, 1A; 8/27/00, 8/24/00

Schools advocating prayer at sporting events face legal woes, 1B, 8/28/00

Should courts ban team prayers at sporting events?, 1/30/00, 1H

Students gather and pray at flagpoles, 1B, 9/21/00

US Supreme Court bans prayer before football games, 1A, 6/20/00

Prayer in schools, Panola County

Community prayer set for football game, 3B, 8/23/00

Prayer in schools, Pearl

Banned prayer before games: Pearl High Band may perform hymns, 1A, 7/15/00

Prayer in schools, Pontotoc County

No easy answer: Lisa Herdahl remains at center, 1/24/00, 3B

Premature babies

Survival rates are improving, 1D, 6/5/00

Premonstratensian Fathers

Roman Catholic order to build monastery in Hinds County, 2/25/00, 2B

Preschool children

Mississippi puts no money into preschool programs, 1A, 6/21/00

Program to educate children and parents, 1B, 3/14/00

Prescription drugs

Ronnie Shows urges senior citizens to fight high drug costs, 1B; 4/27/00, 1B; 8/15/00, 4/25/00, 6B

Preserve Sight Mississippi

Annual Celebrity Waiters Dinner and Silent Auction, 2B, 8/19/00

Presidential election, 2000

Activists in state get Ralph Nader on ballot, 1B, 9/2/00

All GOP candidates, including dropouts, will appear on primary ballots, 1A, 2/22/00

Buchanan will be on state ballot as Reform Party candidate, 1B, 9/13/00

Bush and Gore on health care, 1H, 6/11/00

Bush and Gore's program for lower drug prices for senior citizens, 1A, 1H, 10/22/00

Bush campaign: Mississippians Barbour and Stevens loom large, 3H (Bill Minor), 8/6/00

Bush making campaign stop at Hinds CC, 1A, 1A; 3/3/00, 1A; 3/14/00, 3/2/00, 5B; 3/12/00

Bush supporters rally, praise his education plan, 1B, 9/10/00

By Super Tuesday state could be out of the picture, 2/17/00, 9A (Bill Minor)

Campaign finance: is Gore or Bush the reformer?, 1H, 6/18/00

Cheney to attend Jackson fund-raiser, 1A, 1A; 8/29/00, 1B; 8/30/00, 8/4/00

Conventions: be there via the Internet, 7/31/00, 7A

Delegates say nothing compares to party conventions, 1A, 7/23/00

Democratic Convention: after 4 decades Mississippi's role is changed, 7A, 8/14/00

Democratic Convention: coverage easy on Mississippi, this time, 3H (Bill Minor), 8/27/00

Democratic Convention: Gore a hard sell in Mississippi, 1A, 8/20/00

Democratic Convention: leaders vow a fight in Mississippi, 6A, 8/17/00, 8A; 8/18/00

Democratic Convention: Lieberman joined 1964 civil rights battle

In Mississippi, 1A, 8/16/00

Democratic Convention: Mississippians take in L.A., 1A, 8/14/00

Democratic Convention: Musgrove leads 48-member delegation, 1A, 8/13/00

Democratic Convention: Musgrove polishing state image, 8/17/00, 8A

Democratic Convention: platform divides Mississippi delegation, 8/16/00, 8A

Democratic Convention: state delegate to right politically of peers, 1H, 8/13/00

Democratic Convention: Taylor and Shows no-shows, 1H, 8/13/00

Education a top priority, 1A, 10/8/00

Electoral votes count, but Mississippi not a big player in this election, 1B, 9/16/00

Gaming industry favors GOP candidates, 1C, 3/12/00

Gore and Bush on education, 1H, 7/16/00

Gore plans quick stop in Jackson, 1A, 1A; 2/17/00, 1B; 2/18/00, 2/16/00

Gore's choice of Lieberman is popular with state Dems, 1A, 8/8/00

Gore: a study in contrasts, 1H, 8/6/00

If only Bartlet on NBC's 'The West Wing' were real, 1A, 10/25/00

It's still about the economy, 1H, 7/9/00

Latinos in Mississippi want political voice, 1A, 8/5/00

Laura Bush and Tipper Gore profiled, 1H, 8/20/00

Laura Bush visits Flowood Elementary School, 2B, 2B; 3/29/00, 3/28/00

Low key in state of Mississippi, 1A, 10/11/00

Mississippi delegates hear Bush's philosophy, 1A, 7/31/00

Mississippi GOP testing '5-star plan,' 3H (Bill Minor), 9/17/00

Musgrove in pool of Gore's running mates, 1B, 7/15/00

Primary: only 15% will vote, 1A, 2/14/00

Profile of George W. Bush, 1H, 7/23/00

Recount: Electoral College garners support and criticism, 1A; 11/19/00, 1H, 11/13/00

Recount: frustrated local voters speak out, 1B, 11/26/00

Recount: Gore supporters rally at state Capitol, 4A, 12/1/00

Recount: lengthy recount delay not a good thing, local voters say, 1A, 11/17/00

Recount: machines did make errors, 3H (Bill Minor), 12/10/00

Recount: Mississippi looks at its own system, 1A, 11/26/00

Recount: Mississippi sends workers, 1A, 11/24/00

Recount: Mississippians staying close to party lines, 1A, 11/28/00

Recount: parallels to 1876 could dog Bush, 3H (Bill Minor), 12/24/00

Recount: stalemate is "old hat" for Mississippi, 3H (Bill Minor), 11/26/00

Recount: such problems are old hat in Mississippi, 12/7/00, 15A (Bill Minor)

Recount: Thad Cochran could play part in healing, 3H (Bill Minor), 12/17/00

Republican Convention: delegates don't miss 'prickly' Fordice, 5A, 8/2/00

Republican Convention: Laura Bush 'class act' to state delegates, 5A, 8/1/00

Republican Convention: Mississippi's clout down from 1996, 1A, 1H (Lott's role), 7/30/00

Republican Convention: more diversity on stage than off, 1A, 8/2/00

Republican Convention: Nic Lott of Ole Miss on program, 8/3/00, 11A

Republican Convention: party loyalty boosts local TV ratings, 5A, 8/4/00

Republican Convention: state GOP fired up, ready to campaign, 1A, 8/6/00

Social Security a hot issue, 1A, 10/23/00

Southern primaries next test for candidates, 1A, 1A; 3/14/00, 3/8/00

State hasn't voted Democrat since Carter, but it may in November, 3H (Bill Minor), 4/30/00

State party leaders slow in backing Gore, 3H (Bill Minor), 10/22/00

Tax cut issue, 1A, 10/16/00

The reporter first met Al Gore at Dixie National in 1987, 3/26/00, 3H (Bill Minor)

Viewers of debate in state unswayed, 1A, 1A; 10/12/00, 10/4/00

Voter turnout low at Hinds County Democratic caucus, 1B, 2/20/00

Website selling votes in state gets warning, 1A, 10/19/00

With month to go, some in state haven't decided, 1A, 10/9/00

Yazoo City native Chris Henick has leading roll in Bush campaign, 1B, 6/13/00

Presidential inauguration, 2000

Pearl High School band to be in parade, 12/27/2B

Ticket requests overwhelming, 1B, 12/28/00

Presidential race, 2000

Florida results: state voters captivated, 1A, 11/9/00

Presley, Lynn

Ex-Jackson County official to be sentenced in conspiracy scheme, 1/10/00, 3B, 4B; 1/11/00

State will try to collect illegal funds from former Chancery Clerk, 3/31/00, 3B

Prestage Farms

$75Million class-action suit against hog farm near West Point, 1C; 3/12/00, 2/2/00, 5B

Price, Cecil Ray

Deputy jailed in 1964 civil rights case gets probation

License violation, 2/18/00, 3B

Pride in Place...

Landscape paintings in show at Lauren Rogers Museum in Laurel, 6/25/00, 12G

Pride, Charley

Mississippian 1st black voted into Country Music Hall of Fame, 3B, 6/17/00

Primerica Life Insurance Co

Suit alleges Mississippians were defrauded by company, 1C, 10/12/00


ACLU's gifts to HIV-positive inmates ethical, judge says, 1B, 2/3/00

Dispute between Hinds County and Jackson over inmate telephone bills, 1B, 5/11/00

Fordice suspends sentences of 9 imprisoned felons

1 terminally ill with lung cancer, 1/12/00, 1A, 1B; 1/13/00

HIV-positive inmates lose legal fight: can be segregated, 1/19/00, 3B

Prison labor saved Hinds County $2 Million in 1999, 2/24/00, 2B

Ruling allows ACLU to contact HIV-positive inmates, 1B, 6/20/00

Sheriffs' depts. get paid to notify Social Security Adm.

No checks for people in jail, 1A, 7/4/00



500 prison guard jobs need to be filled, particularly at Parchman, 1A, 9/26/00

52 correctional officers graduate from training class; 320 guard jobs still unfilled, 1A, 12/30/00

AG Moore says state should pursue alternatives to jail time

To end overcrowding, 1A, 3/24/00

Commissioner Robert Johnson has had challenging 5 months in office, 1A, 9/3/00

Judge fines state $1.4 Million

Too many state inmates in county jails, 1A; 6/14/00, 1B, 6/13/00

Lawmakers look to stave off overcrowding, 1A, 12/12/00

McComb possible site for 1500-inmate prison for nonviolent immigrants, 3B, 5/19/00

New regional facility in Kemper County to open this year, 3B, 4/3/00

Pearl River County has new guidelines for prison construction, 3B, 5/9/00

Renovated and new prison cells may ease overcrowding, 1A, 3/25/00

State faces $236 Million in contempt fines because of overcrowding, 1A, 1B; 5/26/00, 1B; 11/28/00, 5/17/00

State facing May 15 deadline to deal with overcrowding, 1A; 6/10/00, 1B, 1B; 5/13/00, 1B; 5/16/00, 4/9/00

State prisoners in unapproved county jails, 1A, 5/10/00

Prisons SEE ALSO Mississippi Legislature (2000)---Prison...

Pritchard, LaToya

Jackson woman held in fatal shooting of Darmario Sumler, 2/21/00, 5B

Private schools

Enrollments up in metro area, 2B, 10/15/00

State accreditation process under review, 2B, 11/19/00

Procrastination, 1/23/00, 1F

Project Alert

Anti-drug organization in Clinton geared toward parents, 2B, 6/25/00

Promise Keepers

Men continue to minister, 1E, 9/9/00

Promissory notes

Mississippi investors have put $2.5 Million into risky ventures, 1B, 6/3/00

Property taxes

Frugal Rankin County budget allows modest decrease in tax, 2B, 7/13/00

Hinds County to begin taking payment online, 1B, 10/5/00

Madison and Ridgeland want reduction in collection fees paid to county, 2B, 6/8/00

Madison County residents have 1 last chance to protest taxes, 2B, 8/1/00

Madison County residents will be able to pay taxes online, 3B, 6/9/00

No hike needed in Ridgeland, clerk says; city fiscally sound, 2B, 8/8/00

Pilot project: pay online in Hinds, Madison and Rankin counties, 1A, 2B; 10/26/00, 7/31/00

State auditor wants paying of taxes via home computer a possibility, 1A, 4/5/00

Prospecting in the PM

Trade show at Trade Mart draws 120 businesses, 1C, 6/14/00

Prostitution, Jackson

Arrests in Highway 80 areas, 1/15/00, 3B; 8/27/00, 4B; 9/23/00, 5B

Provine High School

Keep Provine Beautiful recycling program, 2B, 4/2/00

Teacher on paid leave after incident with female student, 5/18/00, 5B

Pryor & Morrow Architects

Employees' vegetable garden, 1A, 6/10/00

PT Cruiser

Hot new vehicle from Chrysler, 1E, 4/7/00

Public defenders

Hattiesburg lawyer sues state to provide statewide system, 1/13/00, 1B, 1B; 1/16/00, 2H; 4/10/00

Hinds County office to continue its summer intern program, 2B, 5/18/00

Quitman County lawsuit takes issue with lack of state funding, 1B, 9/9/00

SEE ALSO Office of Indigent Appeals

Public Education Forum

Focuses on teacher quality in state, 1B, 2B; 11/15/00, 11/12/00

Home building, career programs are honored, 5/10/00, 6B

Public Employees' Retirement System

14 vie for seat on Board, 6B, 10/9/00

Public health

Mississippi is 49th on United Way caring index, 1A, 12/8/00

Mississippi ranked unhealthiest state in nation, 1A, 11/15/00

Public libraries SEE Libraries, Mississippi

Public schools, Jackson metro area

Final examination schedules, 2B, 5/7/00

Public schools, Mississippi

Award-winning architecture, 1/6/00, 1e

It's back to school time, 1A, 2B, 8/6/00

Musgrove wants Internet access in all schools by 2002, 1B, 2/20/00

Officials find drop in enrollment puzzling, 1A, 2/13/00

Schools dislike fund raisers, but they need the money, 1B, 10/9/00

Schools may see midyear cutback in state funding, 1A, 9/24/00

Sen. Alice Harden says tight budget threatening schools, 4B, 10/5/00

Shortfall eases: deficit down to $14.4Million, 1A, 12/22/00

State gets 'C' grade on public school system, 1/14/00, 1B

Public schools, Mississippi SEE ALSO Alternative schools

Public schools, Mississippi SEE ALSO School districts

Publishers Clearing House

Mississippi part of $18.3 Million sweepstakes settlement, 1A, 1A; 8/27/00, 8/23/00

Puckett High School

School chooses new cafeteria over renovations, 2/25/00, 2B

Puckett Rents

New store offers rental of small construction machinery, 1C, 6/27/00

Pugh, Jonathan

Ridgeland 9-year-old's drowning in apartment pool ruled accidental, 2B, 4/22/00

Pullins, Clarence

GM retiree moves to small farm in Adams County, 3B, 5/16/00

Purse snatching

3 sought after woman loses purse outside Wal-Mart in Ridgeland, 2B, 4/27/00


Jackson plant closed due to ammonia leak, 6B, 7/21/00



Mississippi couple Beth and Daniel Burns have quads, 2/27/00, 5B

Quapaw Canoe Company

Clarksdale man John Ruskey offers expeditions on Mississippi River, 3B, 4/4/00

Quillen, Larry

Brandon alderman did criminal background check on Mayor Roe Grubbs, 1A; 7/19/00, 2B; 8/16/00, 4B, 7/8/00

Quinn, Janice. SEE Natchez Trace Memorial Cemetery

Quizno's Subs

Restaurant review, 4F, 6/29/00


R.A.T. Pack

Fights tobacco sales to minors; fund raising planned, 2B, 6/23/00

Race relations

2 Jackson City Council members propose study be made, 1B, 5/4/00


Restaurant review, 4F, 12/14/00

Racing Vehicle Extravaganza

At A&I building on Fairgrounds, 1/6/00, 10F

Radio system

Hinds County's new communications system: where to locate it, 1B, 3/4/00

Work on countywide center in Raymond Courthouse is underway, 1B, 6/5/00

Railroad accidents, Covington County

Freight train's derailment creates 'mess,' 2/16/00, 3B

Railroad accidents, Florence

1 injured in car-train crash, 2B, 6/24/00

Crossing arm to be installed at US Highway 49 and Main Street, 2B, 7/1/00

Railroad accidents, Gulf Coast

Proposed relocation of RR crossings could cost $1 Billion plus, 3B, 9/11/00

Railroad accidents, Hazlehurst

2 killed as train collides with car, 3B, 11/28/00

Railroad accidents, Mississippi

Dangerous railroad crossings in small towns, 3B, 6/27/00

Most crossings in state lack warning devices, 1A, 7/31/00

Railroad accidents, Terry

Brookhaven couple escape injury when train hits their 19-wheeler, 5/13/00, 5B

Railroad service

City of Jackson's status as hub a blessing and a curse

Blocked intersections, 1A, 7/31/00

Gil Carmichael pushes for high-speed service

New Orleans to Pensacola, 3B, 4/3/00

Hinds County grand jury wants crack down on trains blocking streets, 1A, 7/8/00

Several railroads to develop Internet-based system to ship goods, 8/7/00, 10C

Railroad service SEE ALSO Sunset Limited

Railroad traffic

Train traffic thru Jackson jumped 46% in 1999, 1C, 7/6/00

Railway merger

Canadian National and Burlington Northern call off plans

State route to West Coast derailed, 1C, 7/22/00

Canadian National, Burlington Northern and Santa Fe merger

Would state benefit?, 1C, 3/21/00

Ramey Agency SEE Viking Range Corp

Ramon, Pete Adolfo

Ex-Chicago police officer gets 2 year sentence in drug case, 2/18/00, 2B

Rand Group

Mississippi near bottom in group's education study, 1A, 7/26/00

Rankin County

County seeking land-use planning, 1A, 11/15/00

Rankin County Adult Education Program

Helping many get their GEDs, 2B, 8/28/00

Rankin County Arts Alliance

Pushing the arts, 2B, 8/28/00

Rankin County budget

Hot economy: libraries, jails benefit, 2B, 9/14/00

Rankin County Chamber of Commerce

Barbara Corry is new director, 2B, 12/5/00

Rankin County Department of Human Services

New headquarters building, 1/29/00, 2B

Rankin County District Attorney

Bramlett and Emfinger to join DA's office, 2B, 4/24/00

Rankin County Historical Society

Suing supervisors over adjacent land use, 2B, 11/1/00

Rankin County Human Resource Agency

Lending hand to those in need, 2B, 11/24/00

Rankin County Justice Center

New detention center opening, 2B, 2B; 10/24/00, 10/23/00

Rankin County Parenting Center

Dolls show teenagers what real babies like, 2B, 9/17/00

Rankin County Public Schools

1991 graduate Bridget Hallett returns as system's information officer, 2B, 7/16/00

3 vie for vacant Board seat, 2B, 2B; 3/30/00, 3/17/00

34 newly certified master teachers honored, 2/6/00, 2B

52 teachers who received National Board Certification honored, 2/4/00, . 2B

Block scheduling helps prepare students for college, 3B, 7/2/00

Computer specialist Michelle Williams is hired, 2B, 3/19/00

Daughter of new superintendent Lynn Weathersby promoted at 1st Board meeting, 2/6/00, 2B

Developing technology skills top goal, 2B, 8/6/00

District allows moment of silence before games, 2B, 8/10/00

District may cut taxes, 2B, 6/28/00

Ex-teacher Carolyn Thornton added to School Board, 2B, 9/15/00

Funding is 'shaky,' 2B, 10/15/00

Grading policy for kindergarten revised, 2B, 7/2/00

Men Accepting Challenge, Hope, Opportunity (MACHO), 2B, 10/1/00

Mental health counselor is hired, 2/20/00, 2B

Mothers files charges against school bus driver; alleges he struck her son, 5B, 11/18/00

New superintendent Lynn Weathersby returns to schools after 20 years, 1/5/00, 2B

Parent-Teacher Day

10/1/00, 2B

Parents Who Care program: helping parents of at-risk children, 2B, 10/8/00

Round-the-clock ban on tobacco on school property, 2B, 8/11/00

School district may seek bond issue in 2001, 2B, 12/8/00

Suzanne French is new deputy superintendent, 2B, 6/15/00

Will use Kelly Services to supply substitute teachers, 2B, 6/4/00

Rankin County Sheriff's Department

Federal grant places cameras in 3 patrol cars, 2B, 4/15/00

Rankin County Supervisors

President Jack Dennis continues service as he fights brain tumor, 1/6/00, 2B, 2B; 8/22/00

Rep Cecil McCrory to succeed the late Jack Dennis, 2B, 8/29/00

Rankin Medical Center

Brandon woman Dawn Bradshaw awarded $9Million in malpractice suit, 2/1/00, 2B

Rap concerts

Jackson site sought, 1B, 7/29/00

Rural concerts come under fire, 1A; 6/18/00, 1A; 6/20/00, 1B, 1B; 6/12/00, 1B; 7/6/00, 6/6/00

Rape, Cleveland

Suspect Edward Ward arrested in rape, robbery of 97-year old woman, 4B, 7/2/00

Rape, Jackson

Number of rapes in city rises, 1A, 7/3/00

Rape, Moss Point

Woman picked up in Wal-Mart lot is kidnapped and raped, 3B, 6/28/00

Ray, Olon

Q&A with director of Board for Community and Junior Colleges, 2H, 10/8/00

Ray, Walter Leo

Greenville man saying he "found" body in woods now charged with murder, 3B, 12/13/00

Raymond Chamber of Commerce

Donation of cash to civic groups, 2B, 8/12/00

Raymond Elementary School

Fire in gymnasium, 1A; 5/9/00, 2B, 5/3/00

Parent Beatrice-Lomas-Williams apologizes for scolding teacher, 1A, 9/15/00

Raymond Fire department

Outgoing chief Pat Flaherty lauded for his work, 2B, 9/13/00

Raymond High School

Old fieldhouse to be demolished, 2/1/00, 2B

Track to be named for Dr.Lee Walker, 2B, 8/25/00

Raymond pilgrimage

A chance to travel back, 2B, 10/9/00

Raymond Trice Company Antiques

Verona mall is in historic bank building, 3B, 12/11/00

Raymond, Mississippi

9 abandoned properties condemned by city, 2B, 5/11/00

Actions against condemned housing and traffic congestion, 2B, 6/9/00

Effort to revitalize and preserve community, 2/7/00, 2B

Raytheon Aerospace

Multi-million dollar deal with Navy and Air Force, 1C, 1C; 2/18/00, 2/11/00

Read Across America Day

State politicians share importance of reading, 3/3/00, 6B

Read, Charles

Civil War naval hero, a native of Meridian, is honored, 1E, 7/13/00


$4 Million needed for programs, Ed superintendent says, 2/11/00, 3B

Reading Excellence Act grants

55 Mississippi schools get federal grants to improve reading, 1A, 12/15/00

Reading Excellence Grant

93 state elementary schools to receive federal funds to boost reading, 1B, 7/22/00

Ready, Frank

Q&A with head of Public Employees Retirement System, 2H, 9/17/00

Real TV

Local stunt pilot Andy McCain will be interviewed, 1/9/00, 1B

Rebel flag SEE Confederate battle flag


Company offers WebMax, digital document storage, 3/20/00, 8C

Recovery Lodge

Charges against McBrayers dismissed, 1B, 12/15/00

Charity fined for not obeying laws at its Mart 51 Bingo Hall, 1B, 4/22/00

Director George McBrayer and his wife arrested: 8 counts of embezzlement, 1B, 1C; 12/6/00, 4B; 12/7/00, 5/9/00

Jury in charity theft case to resume negotiations, 1B, 12/8/00

Trial: jury is deadlocked; mistrial declared, 1B, 12/9/00

Recycle the Environment Education Program

Jackson schools reap rewards, 2B, 5/7/00


Costs delay expansion of Jackson service, 1B, 9/6/00

Red Beans and Rice Festival

In downtown Jackson, 1B, 10/22/00

Red deer

Amite County couple raising the animals: meat is in demand in large cities, 3B, 11/20/00

Red Hot & Blue

Restaurant review, 1/6/00, 4F

Red Hot Truck Stop

Meridian institution is being torn down, 3B, 6/26/00

Red Line District


State grant to rehabilitate historic neighborhood, 1B, 6/11/00

Redd, Lee Allen

Wanted California man captured at his grandparents home in Jackson, 2B, 4/8/00

Reddix, Daisy Shirley

Widow of JSU president turns 100, 1B, 4/9/00

Redistricting, Jackson

Stokes pushes for changes in Ward 3

Hiring of Henry Kirksey as consultant, 1/5/00, 4B

Redistricting, Madison County

Lawsuit against supervisors dropped, 2/1/00, 2B

Reed, Pamela

Venue change for trial of Charles Walter

1998 beating death of Reed and her son, 3B, 4/15/00

Rehabilitation centers SEE Comprehensive rehabilitation centers

Relay for Life

Fund raiser for cancer research in Clinton, 2B, 6/21/00

Race to celebrate cancer survivors, 2B, 2B; 6/5/00, 6/2/00

Remedial Employment Opportunity Program

Teaching men to be better fathers, 2B, 8/4/00

RenaLab Inc

Richland medical lab and its owner settle Medicare suit, 1B, 12/13/00

Republican Convention SEE Presidential election, 2000

Resort Inn

Long Beach

Suicidal Georgia man Thomas Moody ends standoff, 3B, 4/22/00

Responsible Fatherhood Program

Program offered at Hinds County Penal Farm, 1E, 6/24/00

Restaurant tax SEE Taxes, Brandon

Retail shopping

Survey shows 'pull factors' of state's retail markets, 1C, 7/30/00


More retirees starting new life in Mississippi, 3/27/00, 3B

Retirement benefits hike (legislators). SEE Mississippi Legislature (2000)----Retirement...; Mississippi Legislature (2000)---Special session

Retrospective: Works from the Tougaloo College Art Collections..., 2/13/00, 10G


Program helps couples recover their love, 1E, 3/11/00


A threat many public servants live with, 1B, 9/5/00

Revenue (Mississippi) SEE Taxes, Mississippi

Reynolds, Jeff

Robert Williams' attorney accused of trespassing, 1/29/00, 1B; 2/18/00, 5B

Reynolds, Patrick

Heir to tobacco fortune renounces cigarettes

Speaks to high school students, 1B, 5/17/00

Reynolds, Vickie

New trial ordered in 1998 manslaughter charge in death of Charles White, 3B, 6/14/00


Widow of JSU professor sues Parke-Davis, claiming drug dangerous

Orville Cunningham died in 1999, 1B, 5/6/00

Rhythm Club

Tragic fire in Natchez in 1940 remembered: 209 died, 1A, 4/30/00

Rice farming

Farmers now using straight levees with shallower paddies, 1C, 8/5/00

Richard, John C Company

Greenwood firm's accessories to be featured at Harrods in London, 1C, 4/8/00

Richards, Beah

Actress dies in Vicksburg, 1B, 1B; 10/8/00, 9/15/00

TV actress has retired to her native Vicksburg, 1A, 9/10/00

Richardson, Rodney

Madison graphics designer drafts logo for Houston NFL team, 8C, 10/16/00

Richland Day Festival

City celebrates its 25th birthday, 2B, 9/20/00

Richland High School

Ukrainian exchange students, 2B, 3/28/00

Richland Historical Society

Organizational meeting planned, 2B, 7/5/00

Richland Police Department

Former JPD officer Jim Black named chief, 2B, 6/7/00

Officer Mike Mullins will patrol Richland schools on a bicycle, 2B, 6/5/00

Richland Post Office

New facility opened, 2/28/00, 2B, 2B; 4/3/00

Richland Public Library

Not always a quiet place, 2B, 12/28/00

Richland, Mississippi

11 seek alderman post, 1/15/00, 2B

Board reviews planned budget, 2B, 8/1/00

City opens new City Hall, 2B, 12/14/00

Town planning 25-year birthday celebration, 2B, 11/28/00

Ridgeland Chamber of Commerce

Seeking volunteers to paint fire hydrants, 2B, 9/28/00

Ridgeland Parks and Recreation Department

New director Chris Chance, 2B, 4/3/00

Ridgeland Police Department

2 new hires brings force close to manpower goal, 2B, 7/31/00

Cassandra Dotson and Jason Barnes recognized for achievements, 1/12/00, 2B

ComPhotoFit Plus devises composites of suspects, 1/31/00, 2B

Crime awareness and prevention at apartment complexes 8/14/00, 2B, 2B, 8/14/00

High-tech tool to fight bank robberies, 2B, 11/27/00

Ridgeland Recreational Center

Daytime classes suspended during renovation, 2B, 11/28/00

Ridgeland, Mississippi

Developing a downtown from scratch, 2B, 3/6/00

Mayor, aldermen hold illegal meeting, attorney says, 2B, 3/28/00

Only entity in state with a Moody AA bond rating, 2B, 9/5/00

Unforeseen expenses: city's general fund may dip $1.7 Million this year, 2B, 8/26/00

Rigby, J.R,

Ole Miss student will study theology at St. Catherine's College, Oxford University, 2B, 9/23/00

Riley, Chase and Branch

2 Walthall County teenage brothers killed in wreck near home, 3B, 4/19/00

Riley, Richard

US Secretary of Education visiting schools in state, 1A, 1B; 8/30/00, 8/29/00

Rinehart, Billy

Jackson man found dead in Clinton jail cell, 1B, 12/28/00

Rinehart, Leigh

Byram Middle School student is state's MDA ambassador, 2/9/00, 2B, 2B; 11/16/00

Rio Grande Grill and Lounge

Restaurant review, 4F, 6/19/00


Romantic rice, 1E, 9/27/00


Easy short-term solution for overactive children

What are the long-term solutions?, 1D, 7/31/00

River Oak Community Church

Mt. Carmel, Indiana

Teen members make home repairs in Jackson, 2B, 4/11/00

Riverboat gambling, Greenville

Sale of vacant Las Vegas Casino expected, 1C, 8/18/00

Riverboat gambling, New Orleans

Harrah's Orleans Casino may not survive, 1C, 12/10/00

Riverboat gambling, Tunica County

3 armed men rob Isle of Capri Casino, 2/9/00, 3B

Gambling has large economic impact on county, 1C, 6/17/00

Horseshoe Casino owner Jack Binion banned from Illinois market, 3, 3H (Minor), 7/16/00

Isle of Capri casinos expansion 50% complete, 1C, 8/30/00

Suspect in Isle of Capri robbery killed, 3B, 8/12/00

Riverboat gambling, Vicksburg

Fire at Harrah's leads to evacuation, 1B, 2/28/00

Isle of Capri beats earnings estimates, 1C, 2/17/00

Riverboat gambling, Warren County

Big Black site in court's hands, 1C, 1C; 6/13/00, 1C; 7/26/00, 1C; 10/13/00, 3/7/00

Insurance company seeks to avoid casino suit liability, 1C, 4/6/00


Troupe performs at Thalia Mara Hall, 4B, 9G; 10/12/00, 10/8/00

Rivers, Robert

Biloxi musician about to be sentenced in 1998 slaying kills himself, 3B, 12/30/00

Roach, Rhonda Lynn

Young Brandon mother's suicide leaves her 3 small children to cope, 2B, 12/9/00

Roads and streets, Canton

MDOT to rebuild and widen Peace St, 2B, 9/27/00

Roads and streets, Clinton

Bids sought for road near new Wal-Mart Supercenter, 2B, 2B; 7/8/00, 5/22/00

Delayed installation of stoplight at Springridge and McRaven roads, 2B, 7/27/00

Eminent domain: land sought for traffic light at Springridge/McRaven roads, 2B, 3/28/00

Street improvement gets go-ahead, 2B, 3/8/00

Roads and streets, Edwards

Jackson Street is resurfaced to I-20, 2B, 9/25/00

Roads and streets, Florence

City to use prisoners to keep roads clean, 2B, 10/19/00

New crossing arm at Main St. and US 49 intersection, 9/4/00, B

Roads and streets, Gulf Coast

MDOT advocates north-south corridor between Hwy. 90 and I-10, 1B, 12/1/00

Officials want sales tax to fund new east-west highway, 1/4/00, 3B

Roads and streets, Hinds County

A county road will be used as project using rubberized asphalt, 3/29/00, 5B

Dangerous curve on Davis Road near Byram, 2B, 5/23/00

Roads and streets, Jackson

Demand for traffic-calming projects

Slowing down drivers in residential areas, 1B, 3/30/00

Repaving of worst streets targeted: $1.7 Million program, 1B, 3/8/00

Roads and streets, Madison County

Agreement achieved on paving projects, 2B, 8/26/00

County changes road plans to facilitate future growth, 2B, 10/2/00

Master road map almost completed; 4-year plan for roads, 1/15/00, 2B, 2B; 1/19/00

Roads and streets, Rankin County

County may borrow money to implement vital projects, 2B, 4/7/00

Supervisors OK takeover of maintenance of 2 privately-built roads, 2B, 5/20/00

Roads and streets, Ridgeland

Widening of Rice Road, 2B, 7/8/00

Robbery, Byram

Man grabs cash form clerk at Conoco Super Station and flees, 2B, 6/2/00

Robbery, Canton

Arrests in the robbery of jeweler Joe Watts, 2B, 2B; 8/11/00, 3B; 8/31/00, 8/9/00

Robbery, Clinton

Kroger Grocery robbed at gunpoint, 2B, 8/25/00

SOS Truck Stop robbed; suspect sought in MC dormitory, 2B, 12/12/00

Robbery, Flowood

3 sought in bait shop heist, 2B, 2B; 5/26/00, 5/25/00

Robbery, Gluckstadt

2 arrested, 3rd sought in June motel robbery, 2B, 7/18/00

Robbery, Jackson

2 sought in theft at Amoco station in Belhaven area, 5B, 11/25/00

2 teenagers riding bikes charged with attempted robbery of grocery store, 4B, 6/2/00

4 Jackson teenagers charged with 5 armed robberies within 1 hour period, 1B, 9/30/00

Funeral home owner robbed by 2 armed men at site on West Woodrow Wilson, 5B, 9/28/00

Indian convenience store clerk Girish Gatto critically injured, 1B; 5/31/00, 1B; 6/18/00, 5/30/00, 5B

Members Exchange Credit Union hit by 2 gunmen, 1B, 8/29/00

Police seek to link 6 robberies; all victims were followed home, 5B, 9/16/00

Two sought in robbery of Carter's Jewelers, 1/30/00, 3B

Robbery, McComb

2 Wisconsin teenager girls given prison times, 3/24/00, 3B

Robbery, Mississippi

Veterans Administration Credit Union hit, 1B, 8/8/00

Robbery, Natchez

Man given 25-year sentence for stealing puppies, 7B, 9/11/00

Robbery, Pearl

John Parisie, suspect in auto parts store holdup, wounded by police, 1A, 11/16/00

Robbery, Ridgeland

Employee Michael Lofton shot in attempted robbery at Gulf Distributing, 2B, 9/15/00

Police search for robber of Charter 51 store, 2B, 12/15/00

Robbery, Simpson County

Manhunt: 2 who robbed rural store caught; 3rd sought, 1/25/00, 2B, 2B; 1/26/00, 2B; 1/27/00

Robbins, Otha

Canton aldermen deny Robbins permit to dig pond in his yard, 2B, 3/22/00

Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Program

74 state students earn scholarships, 3B, 5B; 7/29/00, 7/23/00

Roberts, James

Former Democratic gubernatorial candidate may switch to GOP, 5/26/00, 5B

Roberts, Richard T

Judge throws out some of his claims against city and Louis Armstrong, 1/8/00, 1B; 6/6/00, 4B

Robertson, Mary

Widow of man killed by uninsured driver on crusade

Mandatory auto insurance, 1/30/00, 1C

Robertson, Nicole and Monique

Twins earn doctoral degrees at Ole Miss

Mississippi Teacher Corps veterans, 3B, 5/10/00

Robertson, Valeria

Mississippi House member Mt. Olive diagnosed with colon cancer, 1B, 3/8/00, 5B; 4/18/00, 5B; 4/21/00

Robinson, Dorothy SEE Scott, Augusta

Robinson, Shelvey

Arrests made in his drowning; was shot and then he fell into a creek, 1/7/00, 1B; 1/8/00, 4B

Rockett Inc

Flowood company adds fully automated powder-coat painting system, 7/24/00, 10C

Rodriguez, Barbara

Natchez woman is the 'cowgirl in the kitchen,' 1E, 2/16/00

Rodriguez, Paul

Man sentenced in 1995 beating of his wife, 2B, 9/1/00

Tennessee man pleads guilty to charges he beat his ex-wife, 2B, 6/28/00

Rogers Usry Chevrolet

Purchase of old livestock pavilion in Brandon, 2B, 3/14/00

Rogers, Brenda

3 charged in death of rural mail carrier in Kemper County, 2B, 3B; 10/11/00, 3B; 10/14/00, 3B; 12/21/00, 10/10/00

Rollins Truck Rental/Leasing

Fire a Pelahatchie center likely accidental, 2B, 11/4/00

Rome, Mississippi

Citizens want to revive Sunflower County town, 1B, 10/16/00


A bad one is memorable; talk your troubles out, 1E, 8/22/00

Rosa Scott Middle School

Madison County

Alternate sites for new school eyed, 2B, 2B; 6/3/00, 5/19/00

Rose Hill Cemetery


Mysterious visitors to graves of Gypsy king and queen, 1F, 7/16/00

Ross Barnett Reservoir

'Litter-cam' surveillance may be introduced, 2B, 7/11/00

86-acre tract of land near Fannin Landing to be readvertised, 2B, 6/10/00

Erosion threatens homes in Mallard Pointe area, 2B, 10/3/00

Fire destroys 2 piers, many boats in Main Harbor area, 1A; 5/4/00, 1B; 7/8/00, 2B, 4/29/00

Low water allowing for maintenance, 2B, 10/31/00

Low water levels challenge boaters, 1A, 2B; 9/13/00, 2B; 9/21/00, 8/16/00

Officials want right to use radar at reservoir, 2/22/00, 2B

Proposed banning of leaf burning, 1/24/00, 2B

Recent rains beneficial to boating and fishing, 2B, 4/4/00

Regional and national print ad campaign increases use of campgrounds, 1/6/00, 2B

Residents need not fear water discoloration, 1/4/00, 2B

Water level is rising following rains, 2B, 11/11/00

Ross, Ernestine

Music teacher honored by Hinds County supervisors, 1B, 5/22/00

Rosser, James SEE Cybersurgery

Rossini Cucina Italiana

Restaurant review, 4F, 9/7/00

Roving Volunteers in Christ's Service

Retirees keep working, 1E, 12/2/00

Row crops

Acreage in state low this season, 4/24/00, 8V

Rowan Middle School

Principal Karl Twyner resigns, 5B, 5B; 7/14/00, 5B; 7/18/00, 7/13/00

Rowan Oak

Ole Miss requests funds to renovate William Faulkner's home, 1/26/00, 1E, 3B; 8/31/00

Rowan, Becky

Pearl High School counselor wins MSU award, 2B, 4/16/00

Rubenstein, Alan

Louisiana man convicted in 1993 slayings of 3 persons in Pike County, 1B, 2/6/00

Rubush, Charles

Indiana native was post Civil War contractor in Meridian. his buildings being restored, 1F, 10/15/00

Ruggles, James

Files in wrongful arrest lawsuit brought by Vicksburg dentist stay open, 2/23/00, 3B

Runnels, James

Mize man is busy professional knife and scissors sharpener, 1E, 7/20/00

Running (recreation)

Exercise is revitalized and women are setting the pace, 1/11/00, 1E

Running Free Youth Rally

Promoting abstinence form tobacco and other drugs, 1B, 7/1/00

Rural and Community Trust

Washington-based group wants rural schools 1st on agenda, 1B, 8/29/00

Rural water systems SEE Water supply, Mississippi

Rushing, Steve

Florence man passes on outdoors safety tips to his sons, 2B, 5/20/00

Russell, Angela

Paralyzed patient takes steps to regain life, 1B, 6B, 8/7/00

Russell, Anthony Leroy

Firearms conviction draws 15-year term, 2B, 6/14/00

Russell, Daniel

Florence man convicted of assault and kidnapping

Used stun gun on girlfriend, 2B, 2B; 7/1/00, 6/3/00

Russell, Dolline SEE Child care centers

Russell, Mark

Appears at Meridian Community College, 3B, 11/24/00

Russell, Monica

Woman is stalked by her ex-boyfriend Christopher Gary, 1A, 6/1/00

Rutland, Shirley

Terry woman retires after 30 years with MDOT, 2B, 6/24/00

Rutledge, Laurie and Geoff

Brandon couple have son at River Oaks Hospital on Mother's day, 1B, 5/15/00

Ryals, Norma Jean and Elmore

Couple travels the bluegrass circuit selling their whittling crafts, 3B, 5/15/00


S&R Food Market

Terry Rd grocery banned from taking food stamps, 5B, 9/9/00

Safe Neighborhood Initiative

JPD honors mothers, 3B, 5/14/00

Safe Place

Logo leads children to refuge from turmoil, 1B, 3/15/00

Safe Schools: A Parent's Perspective

Annual conference in Jackson, 5B, 10/13/00

Sagaz Industries

Acquired by Pennzoil-Quaker State

Local factory included, 1/14/00, 1C

Saia Motor Freight

Moving its Jackson operations to Richland, 1C, 9/9/00

Sair Inc

Oxford-based company bought by Wave Technologies Inc, 1/12/00, 1C

Salaries SEE Wages and salaries

Sales tax, Mississippi

Cities had to struggle for tax source, 3H (Bill Minor), 9/10/00

Sally Kate Winters Children's Home

Shelter for abused youth in West Point, 1B, 2/28/00

Salness family

Lucedale family has 3rd daughter to graduate from Naval Academy, 1E, 5/23/00

Salts Funeral Home


Owners' funeral license revoked, 3B, 6/7/00

Salute to Scholars

City of Jackson honors brightest students, 1B, 4/13/00

Salvation Army

Building in Jackson destroyed by fire, 1B; 4/7/00, 4/2/00, 5B

Seeking volunteers for holiday season, 2B, 10/23/00

Salvation Army College Football Classic

Proceeds to help build drug abuse center, 5B, 6/2/00

Sanders, Andy

Forest Hill band director is state's director of the year, 2B, 12/31/00

Sanders, Bobby

3rd arrest in shooting of Joyce Fletcher: Elias Gunn, 2B, 11/7/00

Suspect in carjacking may be linked to shooting of Joyce Fletcher, 2B, 2B; 9/1/00, 2B; 10/11/00, 8/30/00

Sanders, Greg and James

Brothers charged in murder of Robert Paul Moore in Warren County, 3/15/00, 3B

Sanders, Lillie Blackmon

2nd reprimand given to Circuit Judge from Natchez, 1B, 4/21/00

Sanders, Mark

Ex-Union Planters employee accused of embezzling from customers' CDs, 1/8/00, 4B

Sanderson Farms Inc

Low chicken prices hurt company, 1C, 5/31/00

Shares take hit, 1C, 3/1/00

Sandy Rose Floral Design for Television and Film

2 MSU students are interns, 1/27/00, 1E

Santa's Christmas Tree Farm

Off Byram Road near Florence, 1B, 8/21/00

Sargent, Jayne

Given a $5000 salary increase, 1B, 6/20/00

Musgrove names Sargent to term on state Board of Education, 1/26/00, 1A


Sign-up deadline in near, 2B, 10/29/00


Restaurant review, 4F, 8/3/00

Savannah Street Wastewater Treatment Plant

Errors cited in fatal ditch cave-in, 1B; 5/31/00, 2/26/00, 4B

Trench collapses, killing Louisiana workman, 1A; 2/25/00, 2/24/00, 4B

Sawyer, Marvin

Bond set for 2 men charged in his December 1999 slaying

Lemond Rankins and Anthony Alexander, 1/12/00, 1B

Saxton, Jimmy

Vindicated Mississippi drug agent sues employer and coworkers, 5B, 10/7/00

Scalia, Antonin

US Supreme Court justice holds lecture at Delta State, 3B, 3B; 4/10/00, 4/6/00


Contributors to charities warned of scams, 1B, 11/23/00

It's Christmas; beware scams, 1B, 12/11/00

Police search for couple who swindled elderly woman out of money

Fooled her with a bag of play money, 5/11/00, 5B

State's elderly warned of telemarketer scam, 1B, 10/18/00

Warning issued about phone solicitor

Not working for law enforcement agencies, 1B, 4/7/00

Scandinavian Enterprise Center

Business incubator open s in Madison, 2B, 11/16/00

Scanlon Drive

Traffic bumps to slow traffic on south Jackson street, 1B, 5/15/00

Scenic rivers SEE Mississippi Legislature (2000)---Scenic river...

Schillig Leadership Scholarships

MSU awards, 3/24/00, 3B

School boards

Educational requirement standards for members, 3/25/00, 3B

School boards, Mississippi

New legislation says members must have at least a high school diploma, 1A, 6/26/00

School bus accidents, Jackson

Object thrown into bus injures driver, 1/28/00, 7B

Rankin County bus collides with pickup; 2 injured, 4/18/00, 6B

School bus accidents, Port Gibson

Kindergarten student killed, 3B, 3B; 11/23/00, 11/15/00

School busses

Child Check-Mate system makes driver check bus at end of run, 1B, 5/30/00

School calendars

Calendar ads campaign was fraud used against state businesses, 1/9/00, 1B

School children

Is it dislike of school or a real illness?, 1D, 3/20/00

School counselors

Too much paperwork; not enough time with students, 1/17/00, 1A

School districts

32 districts hope for better rating; say results are outdated, 1B, 11/27/00

Districts facing overtime-pay lawsuits, 1A, 1A; 9/8/00, 1B; 9/15/00 , 2B; 9/21/00, 9/7/00

Educators glad accreditation plan delayed, 1/19/00, 3B

Espy predicts more lawsuits in overtime pay issue, 1A; 12/2/00, 1B; 12/21/00, 5B, 9/29/00

Teachers want details on new system

Accreditation coupled with student performance, 1B, 3/17/00

Using federal funds to reduce the number of students in classrooms, 2B, 7/30/00

School districts SEE ALSO Public schools, Mississippi

School prayers SEE Prayer in schools

School principals

Getting and keeping good principals is difficult, 1A, 10/29/00

School superintendents

At mercy of school board decisions on salaries, 1A, 4/18/00

Hinds County, JPS and Clinton superintendents are all women, 2B, 7/17/00

Woman moving into executive positions locally, 2B, 11/5/00

School teachers

Increase in men entering the profession in Mississippi, 1A, 2B, 3/19/00

One-fifth eligible to retire in next 5 years, 1A, 8/13/00

School uniforms

Pearl Public Schools policy, 2B, 2B; 12/12/00, 5/22/00

School violence

2 arrested in shooting near Meridian school, 2/26/00, 3B

Connections, new statewide school safety hotline, 1B, 8/22/00

Gun brought to South Leake Elementary School

2 students may be expelled, 1B, 4/29/00

Hinds County sheriff's deputies train for school crises, 2B, 12/17/00

Jackson Prep student expelled for carrying gun, 5B, 8/24/00

Junior High School student in Corinth pulls gun and another student, 3B, 8/18/00

Metro area school districts beefing up security measures, 2B, 8/13/00

Mother takes loaded gun from her daughter in school parking lot, 3/3/00, 3B

Prepare for crisis, Pennsylvania experts tells local officials, 2/22/00, 2B

Quitman boy brings gun to school; neglect charges considered against parents, 3B, 10/10/00

Teen survey: how safe do students feel?, 1F, 4/16/00

Violence Prevention Strategies for Female Administrators, 1B, 6/1/00

West Point Elementary School 1st grader suspended

Brought gun to school, 1B, 3/23/00

Zero tolerance policy addressed at law seminar, 1B, 2/8/00

Zero tolerance: AG says law gives latitude

Wants clarification on role of officials, 1/25/00, 1B

Zero tolerance: Columbus child with nail clipper suspended, 1/7/00, 1A

School vouchers

SEE Vouchers


Web site helps school districts with fund raising, 2B, 9/18/00

Schools districts

New accreditation regulations give rise to wild rumors among teachers, 1B, 10/13/00

Schultz, Christine

With husband Marc DeLoach has rich life in Taylor, MS, 1F, 10/22/00

Schulz, Charles

Peanuts cartoonist dies at age 77, 1A, 2/14/00, 6A

Schwartz, Cliff

Winner of Martin Luther King art, oratory and essay contest, 2/20/00, 2B

Science and Engineering Fair, Region II

At JSU, 2B, 3/12/00

Sclater, James

Mississippi College professor/composer, 1/24/00, 2B


Its revival has become the hot toy for kids, 1E, 10/6/00

Latest Christmas craze puts emphasis on scooter safety, 3B, 12/24/00

ScotSystems, Inc

Starts renting its software to small business customers, 1C, 2/13/00

Scott, Augusta

Man faces grand jury in slaying of Dorothy Robinson, 1/5/00, 1B

Scott, Jack B

Writer of Clarion-Ledger's Sunday school lesson to bow out, 1E, 12/30/00

Scott, James

Gulfport bail bondsman facing charges in shooting, 3B, 6/22/00

Scott, W.H. Construction Co

City Council to decide whether to fight suit

Minority participation, 1B, 3/1/00, 6B; 3/2/00

Scott-Ford Historic Site SEE Farish Street Historic District


Tournament at Barnes & Noble, 1/14/00, 1E


Restaurant reopens with new owners, 1C, 9/28/00

Scruggs, Mitchell

Lee County farmer sued by Montsanto; claims he used enhanced seed without permission, 1C, 11/21/00

Scruggs, Richard

State high court dismisses attorney's money dispute, 6B, 7/21/00

Seacoast Chapel

Biloxi chapel offers quick weddings, 2/28/00, 3B


Tasty salads using seafood, 1E, 8/23/00

The elegance of seafood, 1E, 11/1/00

Seal, Gary

Highway patrol officer's ex-wife charges him with harassment, 2B, 10/21/00

Seals, Leon

Ex-NFL player, FBI Academy graduate, is Hinds sheriff's deputy, 2B, 9/29/00

Searcey, Essie

Longtime JPS bus driver earns her GED, 1B, 6/2/00

Search warrants SEE Oral search warrants

Season Assisted Living Community

New facility in Madison County has 120 beds, wellness center, 2/28/00, 2B

Seat belts

11-year old T.J. Mallette lobbies for seat belts on school buses, 2B, 10/6/00

Area police target motorists who don't restrain children, 2B, 11/21/00

Highway Patrol wants tougher law, 1B, 9/27/00

Law enforcement's focus is on safety for Labor Day weekend, 1B, 9/1/00

Mississippi ranks low in seat belt usage, 1B, 1B; 6/27/00, 1B; 8/14/00, 6/5/00

Securities scam

MacCachran wants guilty plea thrown out; sues his lawyers, 2/25/00, 3B

Sentencing (crimes) SEE Crime rate, Mississippi

Service jobs SEE Jobs

Service Zone Inc

Technical support firm relocates from Florida to Starkville, 1C, 7/15/00

Seven All Arts Cafe

Poets perform, 1E, 6/9/00

Seventh Day Adventists

Students witnessing in Jackson, 1E, 5/27/00

Sewage, Canton

Lagoon project behind Rosebud Park halted, 2B, 2B; 9/18/00, 2B; 9/23/00, 2B; 10/26/00, 9/5/00

Sewage, Jackson

Negotiations with Rankin County to affect sewer rates and growth, 1A, 12/24/00

Sewell, Patrick

Milestone surgery in China a success, 1A, 1A; 3/6/00, 1A; 3/8/00, 3/1/00

UMC radiologist renowned authority on ablation of lung tumors, 1A, 1Bs, 2/19/00, 2/25/00, 12A; 2/23/00

UMC radiologist's newest triumph: I-MRI for fibroid tumors of the uterus, 1B, 4/5/00

Sewer lines, Clinton

Contract with ST Environmental is renewed, 2B, 9/20/00

Easement sought to begin work in Hobby Farms/Banks Rd area, 2B, 6/9/00

Sewer lines, Edwards

Federal grants to update sewage service, 2B, 6/27/00

Sewer lines, Jackson

Committee to study water and sewer system projects, 1/20/00, 1B, 6B; 5/22/00

Funchess family sues city over sewage backup that caused overflow in home, 1B, 7/1/00

Water and sewer rates may rise, 1B, 2/18/00

Sewer lines, Madison County

3 parties threaten lawsuit over sewer district plan, 2B, 2B; 7/13/00, 2B; 7/15/00, 7/1/00

Growth putting waste system under pressure, 1/14/00, 2B, 2B; 1/18/00, 2B; 5/24/00, 2B; 10/24/00

Sewer lines, Rankin County

County hopes to buy lines after repaying 1970s bond debt to Jackson, 1B, 7/25/00

Sewer lines, Vicksburg

AG says its OK to reject low project bid by Birmingham company

Its dubious history, 3B, 7/27/00

Sexual Assault Forensic Exam (SAFE)

Hospitals offer expanded services to victims of sex crimes, 1A, 11/1/00

Sexual harassment. SEE North Mississippi Industrial Development Association; Southern Pine Electric Power Association

Sexually abused children

Rankin County corrections office Sean Franklin fired, arrested, 1/7/00, 6B

Sex offender information going on Website, 1A, 1A; 9/19/00, 1B; 9/20/00, 9/11/00

Seymour, Mary Mae Patterson

Reunited with sister in California

72-year separation, 1A, 1B, 1E; 5/10/00, 5/9/00

Shaeffer, Bob

Gulfport man with ALS is Muscular Dystrophy Assoc.'s volunteer of the year, 1B, 7/15/00

Shaffer, Justin

Charges against him in 1992 slaying may be dropped

Victim's family doesn't want retrial, 3B, 4/14/00

Shaken baby syndrome SEE Child abuse

Shannon Elementary school

Mentoring program, 2/28/00, 3B


2 injured in attack off Alabama coast, 1A; 6/11/00, 1B; 6/13/00, 3B, 3B; 7/11/00, 6/10/00

Shaw Police Department

Residents want Chief Don Brown ousted, 3B, 8/4/00

Sheffield Drive

Residents want removal of some of the 11 speed bumps, 1A, 1B; 7/19/00, 6/24/00

Shelby, Howard

Former Capitol police officer indicted

Stole snacks from blind vendor's storage, 1B, 1B; 7/13/00, 7/12/00

Sherman, William David

Ex-con freed by Fordice back in jail, 1B, 3/2/00

Sherry slayings

Pete Halat and Thomas Holcomb appeals denied, 3B, 6/23/00

Witness Lenny Swetman rescued from burning house

Had been bound by two intruders, 1A, 3/23/00

Shiloh National Military Park

Clinton Unit funding a step closer, 3B, 9/13/00

Shinhoster, Earl

Mississippi NAACP leaders to attend his funeral in Georgia, 5B, 6/15/00

Ship Island

Replica of historic lighthouse destroyed in 1972 near completion, 2/26/00, 3B

Shoemake, Joe Edward

Conehatta man given 2 years for hit and run offense, 1/22/00, 1B


Picayune man David Freeman's 54th arrest may lead to prison term, 4/8/00, 4B

Suspect in Ridgeland crime chased and caught in Richland, 4B, 9/21/00

Shows, Ronnie

A 'blue-dog Democrat,' 3H (Bill Minor), 8/20/00

Congressman wants 'In God We Trust' featured on all federal buildings, 5B, 7/15/00

Freshman Democratic congressman learning the ropes, 1/23/00, 1A

Republican group wants probe of campaign contribution, 3B, 5/19/00

Shrestha, Sanjib

Nepalese physician practicing in Pickens 1 step closer to getting visa, 1/28/00, 3B

Ohio doctor still trying to get permission to open clinic in Pickens, 1/16/00, 1B


Harvest nears all-time high, 5B, 12/31/00

Jellyfish taking toll on shrimp and oyster harvests, 3B; 8/17/00, 3B; 11/13/00, 8/8/00, 8B

Season on the Coast to open, 3B, 5/27/00

Sick leave

Donating unused sick and leave time to others by state employees criticized, 2/7/00, 3B, 3B; 2/10/00

Sickle-cell disease

Free testing by Dept. of Health targets African-Americans in state, 1B, 9/22/00

Siemens Inc

Richland plant manufactures its 2000th power circuit breaker, 6/12/00, 12C

Sierra Club of Mississippi

At odds with city of Jackson in proposed settlement, 1B, 5/27/00

Sights and Sounds Production Services

Ridgeland, 1C, 6/3/00

Sign ordinance, Canton

Ridgeland sign company sues city of Canton, 2B, 5/26/00

Sign ordinance, Madison County

Goodview Outdoor withdraws request for variance, 2B, 10/14/00

Silas, Elbert

Jackson man wanted for homicide in March also wanted on robbery try, 5B, 6/16/00

Silent Knight Software

New software prevents Windows from crashing, 1C, 11/10/00

Silver Burdette-Ginn Music Conference

State teachers receive grants to NC event, 2B, 6/25/00

Simmons, Byron

His murder trial in 1998 slaying of girlfriend is delayed indefinitely, 2/11/00, 5B

Trial in 1998 death of Angela Wilkerson, 1B, 1B; 8/10/00, 8/9/00

Simmons, Jessica

Hardy Middle School teacher not liable for injury to Lakeisha Blackmon, 3B, 5/19/00

SIMOD SEE Expanets of Mississippi

Simon, Al

Retired professor teaches at St.Andrew's Episcopal School, 2/27/00, 2B

Simon, Lionel

Holly Springs teenager shot in the head is in a coma, 3B, 5/8/00

Simrall, Harry

Retired MSU dean of engineering named NSPE Fellow, 3B, 8/14/00

Sims, Laura

Florence cheerleader will be in London's New Year's Day Parade, 2B, 12/17/00

Sims, Ruby Jean

Canron woman arrested on assault charges: fired pistol at her 2 daughters, 2B, 8/9/00

Singing River Hospital System


Its spending is questioned; no answers so far, 3B, 7/24/00

Sir Speedy

Jackson franchise expands with new site, 3/27/00, 8C

Siwell Middle School

Gymnasium target of vandal attack, 2/17/00, 4B

Siwell Road Church of Christ

Building home for Clarissa Watson and her 2 disabled sons, 2B, 7/24/00

Sixteenth section lands

Hinds supervisor George Smith wants fee paid to JPS waived, 1B; 3/5/00, 2/22/00, 2B

Judge says state cannot renegotiate old 50-cent leases, 1A, 3/23/00

Rents in Rankin County rising 193%, 2B, 6/7/00

Vital source of revenue for schools, officials say, 2B, 7/5/00

Skeletal remains SEE Missing persons

Sky Fest

Proposed air show in Hancock County canceled

Lack of sponsorship, 3B, 5/19/00

Sky Parade 2000

Greenwood event conflicts with Mississippi River Balloon Race in Natchez, 1A; 10/23/00, 1B, 2/24/00

Jackson International Airport severs ties with exhibition, 1C, 8/29/00

Jackson may lose show: scheduling conflict Blue Angels, 1/20/00, 1A; 2/2/00, 3B, 5B; 1/22/00

Navy's Blue Angels agree to fly in Greenwood, Oct. 21-22, 1B, 3/8/00

SkyTel SEE WorldCom

Slater, Christopher

Infant needing heart transplant fighting for life at UMC, 1/17/00, 1A

Slater, Elizabeth

Bail denied to suspect in fatal accident, 1B, 4/18/00

Boyll's relatives plan lawsuit over fatal wreck, 1A; 2/18/00, 1B; 3/3/00, 2/11/00, 4B

City of Jackson, 4 JPD officers sued in death of Jamie Boyll, 1B, 5/12/00

Death of Jamie Fowler Boyll raises safety question of police chases, 1A, 2/1/00

Fugitive is apprehended in St. Louis, 1A, 1A; 2/17/00, 2/16/00

Fugitive is returned to Jackson, 1B; 3/2/00, 2/29/00, 6B

Jackson woman sought on vehicular manslaughter charge

Jamie Boyll killed, 1/15/00, 1A; 1/16/00, 1B

JPD officers not yet discipline for her hospital escape, 1B, 1B; 4/1/00, 1B; 4/10/00, 3/18/00

JPD's Warrants Division now handling search for Slater, 1/18/00, 1A, 1A; 1/21/00, 1B; 1/19/00

Police chase records turned over to Fowler/Boyll family, 1B, 3/11/00

Police were not watching her at Baptist Hospital prior to escape, 1A; 2/19/00, 2/5/00, 5B

Suit filed against homeowner: shrubs block view at intersection, 1B, 1B; 6/22/00, 3/9/00

Slaughter, Velma

Jackson woman is 107 years old, 1B, 3/13/00


2 Mississippi lawyers help plan reparations suit, 1A, 11/5/00

Rumored rebate from IRS to descendants of slaves a fraud, 1A; 4/26/00, 1B, 4/25/00

Seniors groups warn of fraud: Slavery Reparation Act, 1B, 8/31/00

Slick (calf)

Hairless calf born on farm of brothers Dennis and Robert McGehee

In Brookhaven, 3B, 6/21/00

Small businesses

Friendly climate in state: banks eager to help, 1C, 10/18/00

Rise in insurance claims and state laws cause large increase in premiums, 1C, 5/7/00

Smart Discipline for Parents

Seminar in Madison, 1/13/00, 2B


Jackson company provides meters that report electric power usage and reliability of that power, 1C, 9/30/00

Ridgeland firm signs agreement with Florida Power & Light

Wireless device to read meters, 1C, 8/31/00

Smith Elementary School

2 teachers win national Co-nect contest, 2B, 7/2/00

Smith Robertson Museum

Renovation nears completion, 1A, 8/31/00

Smith, Andrea

Brandon woman charged with DUI in February 1st accident

Jackson man was blinded in 1 eye, 1B, 2/19/00

Smith, Arvester

Man is restoring west Jackson neighborhood of Poindexter Park, 1A, 7/30/00

Smith, Brenda

Canton woman may sue Mayor Alice Scott over the death of her dog, 3B, 6/7/00

Smith, David L

Madison man, convicted tax protester, awaits sentencing, 1/26/00, 1B, 1B; 1/27/00

Smith, David SEE I.S.I.A.H. House

Smith, Hank

Newly elected Natchez mayor wants to bring jobs to city, 1B, 6/12/00

Smith, Jelesia

Northside Elementary 4-grader saves choking classmate Timothy Griffis, 2B, 3/1/00

Smith, Kaitlyn

Clinton classmates raise funds for her trip to Disney World, 2B, 12/1/00

Smith, Loyd

Vardaman mayor retires, 1/29/00, 3B

Smith, Theodore

World a poorer place after death of Senator Smith, 3H (Bill Minor), 12/31/00

Smith, Toxey

D'Iberville attorney charged with embezzlement, 3B, 7/8/00

Smith, Turner and Reeves

CPA remodels offices in AmSouth Bank building downtown, 1C, 11/9/00

Smith, William

Facing extradition in 1998 slaying of Georgette Theragood, 3B, 4/18/00

Smith, Willie

JPD continues search for suspect in 1999 statutory rape charge, 5B, 8/9/00

Smothers, Quincy

Court of Appeals upholds his 25-year sentence on armed robbery charge, 1/12/00, 3B


'Tis the season: be careful, 1D, 6/12/00

Snakebite death in Lawrence County probed

1st fatality in state since 1997, 3B, 6/23/00, 8B; 6/28/00

Social Security

Benefit checks jump an average of $29 a month, 1A, 10/19/00

Solar eclipse

Partial solar eclipse due Christmas Day, 1A, 12/23/00


A sweet deal for farmers in northeast Mississippi, 3B, 6/13/00

Sororities and fraternities

Greek life still thrives at Mississippi colleges, 1/24/00, 1A

SOS Truck Stop

MDOT wants to raze Clinton truck stop; in path of road-widening at I-20, 1B; 12/28/00, 2B, 12/2/00

SOUPer Bowl for the Hungry

Fund-raiser by the Salvation Army, 1/29/00, 1B, 1B; 1/31/00Mississippi Legislature (2000)

Souter, Cedric

Pontotoc teen and accomplice cited in slaying of his grandfather

Jim Souter robbed/killed, 1A, 7/29/00

South Carolina state flag

Hard lessons learned, 1A, 1C, 1C; 12/18/00 8C; 12/19/00, 12/17/00

South Mississippi Prescribed Fire Council

Fighting fire with fire, 1A, 6/19/00

South Pontotoc Attendance Center

33 students and driver injured in bus wreck, 1B, 9/21/00

South Union Campground

Site of oldest camp meeting revival in state, 3B, 7/21/00

Southeast Regional Police and Fire Games

JPD and JFD team qualifies for tourney, 4B, 6/14/00

Southern Arts and Entertainment Center

SEE Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Center

Southern Baptist Convention

Mississippi Baptists to stay in Convention, 1B; 11/4/00, 1E, 11/1/00

Texas Baptists withdraw funding in dispute over doctrine, 1A, 10/31/00

Women pastors banned, 1A, 6/15/00

Southern Farm Bureau

New software reduces paperwork, 1/15/00, 1C

Southern Farm Bureau Classic

Steve Lowery of Birmingham is winner, 1A, 11/6/00

Southern Gaming Magazine

New publishing venture, 1C, 4/5/00

Southern Gaming Summit

In Biloxi, 1C, 1C; 5/12/00, 5/11/00

Southern Hearts Hospice

Brookhaven hospice closing its doors, 3B, 7/25/00

Southern HEAT

Girl Scout program brings northern teenagers to Mississippi, 2B, 6/28/00

Southern Legislative Conference

Slated for Gulf Coast, 1B, 8/3/00

Southern Pine Electric Power Association

Lawsuit ends with firing of Dan Steverson, 1B, 8/4/00

Sexual misconduct suit goes to jury, 1B, 3B; 8/3/00, 8/2/00

Sexual misconduct trial, 1B, 1B; 7/27/00, 1B; 7/28/00, 1B; 8/1/00, 7/26/00

Suit alleging sexual misconduct brought by 2 women, 1B, 7/25/00

Southern pine trees

Oversupply in market deflating prices considerably, 1C, 12/10/00

Southern Tire Sales

Company relocates from Vicksburg to Pearl, 1C, 6/22/00

Southern, Willie

Man held in 5-day standoff in 1999 freed by judge, 1B, 2/1/00

Southside Gallery

Oxford are dealer Milly Moorehead has special relationship with Cuba, 1B, 4/24/00

Southwestern Airlines Capital City Classic

Football game between JSU and Alcorn, 1B, 11/11/00

Sovereignty Commission

More state spy files opened, 1B; 8/1/00, 1B (Joe Wroten a target), 7/31/00

Spanish language

Free classes at Central Mississippi Planning and Development District, 1B, 9/8/00

Interpreters Elizabeth Romero Bridges and Roberto J. Morales, 1B, 9/10/00

Spann, David

Boyfriend of Annie Ward arrested in her stabbing death, 3B, 12/17/00

Spears, Britney

Fathers dress in 'Who Wants to be Beastly Spears' contest

Free concert tickets, 1B, 3/26/00

Pop superstar has McComb connections, 1B, 2/14/00

Special education. SEE Black, Carolyn; Carolyn Black

Special Olympics Mississippi

Annual fund-raiser has a Chinese flavor, 2B, 8/5/00

Specialty Hospital

2nd expansion of Meridian facility, 2/14/00, 3B

Spectra Group

Memphis developer plans major retail project in Clinton, 2B, 4/8/00

Speed bumps

City officials in Jackson halt installation of traffic-slowing devices, 1A, 7/19/00

Speed limit

Reservoir area drivers required to go at least 30 MPH during rush hour, 2B, 5/13/00

Speed, James T

Pioneer Meridian banker dies at age 61, 1C, 4B, 12/21/00


92 ticketed on I-55 in JPD crackdown, 2B, 4/16/00

Spell, Lester

Q&A with Agriculture Commissioner, 2H, 6/18/00

Spikes, Irving

Former Miami Dolphin given 5-year term in drug case, 1/14/00, 3B

Spillway Road SEE Mississippi Legislature (2000)

Spirit of Life Ministry

Leaking pipes draining finances of nonprofit group, 1B; 4/19/00, 4/15/00, 5B

Spirit of Life Personal Care Home

21 mentally ill residents removed by authorities, 1A, 12/1/00

Spirit of the Mask

Exhibit at Mississippi Museum of Art, 8/20/00, 8G

Sports injuries

Don't let injuries bench your child, 1D, 4/24/00

Preventing the pain, 3/5/00, 5G

Spot (dog)

Dog jumps fence, runs down drug suspect, 1A; 2/5/00, 1B, 2/4/00

Dog that aided in capture of drug suspect is shot to death, 1A, 2/15/00

Spring pilgrimages

State's antebellum homes on parade, 1E, 3/9/00

Springridge Mobile Estates


Park is zoned commercial, 2B, 8/16/00

Rezoning: residents face relocation, 2B, 2B; 7/13/00, 2B; 7/26/00, 7/11/00

Sprint Corp SEE Deutsche Telecom

Sprint Corp SEE WorldCom


Entergy uses wire guards to keep animals away, electricity on, 1B, 4/24/00

St. Andrews Middle School

Team aviation design competition, 2B, 11/9/00

St. Catherine Creek National Wildlife Refuge


Trees planted to restore bottomlands, 1/19/00, 1B

St. Catherine's Village

Construction of garden apartments for younger clientele, 2B, 5/23/00

St. Dominic/Jackson Memorial Hospital

Maternal and Newborn Care Center set to open, 1A, 4/15/00

Named 1 of the top Most Wired Hospitals in the US, 1C, 5/17/00

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church

Cajun Festival, 1B, 9/18/00

Congregation moves into new home, 1E, 5/13/00

St. Francis of Assisi Church

Theft of collection money, 2B, 10/14/00

St. George Greek Orthodox Church

Annual Lebanese dinner, 1E, 2/23/00

St. John Missionary Baptist Church

Spending time and money teaching teenagers, 1E, 4/8/00

St. Joseph Catholic High School

Lawsuit over election of president of student council

Owens couple sues, 1B, 3/29/00

Looking ahead with new location, racial diversity, 2B, 3/2/00

Student Christopher Cole helps establish computer lab, 2B, 7/23/00

St. Martin Attendance Center


21 students suspended over school uniform protest, 1/27/00, 3B

St. Paddy's Day Parade

Time to sign up, 1B, 1E; 2/29/00, 2/17/00, 5B; 3/16/00, 10F; 3/19/00

St. Peter's By-The-Lake Episcopal Church

Healing Hands: Jesus still heals today, 1E, 9/2/00

St. Richard Elementary School

2 Madison businesses help launch computer lab, 2B, 12/25/00

St. Richards Catholic School

New playground accessible to all students, 1D, 10/16/00

St. Thomas community

Hinds County

New I-55 interchange to bring boom, 2B, 11/11/00

Water lines to be installed, 1A, 1A; 6/11/00, 1B; 6/25/00, 5/31/00

Water system upgrade falls behind schedule, 1B, 10/19/00

St.Andrew's Episcopal School

Annual Writers' Workshop, 2B, 4/20/00

Jury of peers decides detention, reprimand punishments, 1/23/00, 2B

School reaches its $5.1 Million capital campaign, 1B, 8/26/00

Students build home in Habitat for Humanity project, 1B, 2/14/00

Stack (I-55/I-20) SEE I-55

Stalwart, Jeff

Preacher and 3 others ordered into mediation in land dispute, 1/15/00, 1B

Stamps Burgers

Eatery in Washington Addition in Jackson, 1A`, 5/30/00

Stamps, Terrace

Bank/hostages incident on South State St in 1999

Judge to decide on his sanity, 1B, 3/22/00

Standardized tests

Exit exam for all JPS 3rd and 6th graders, 1B; 5/18/00, 1B; 7/9/00, 2B`, 4/2/00

Pilot series of subject tests scheduled for seniors, 1A, 4/23/00

Richard Thompson says state will be sued as 4 new tests are phased in, 1B, 11/14/00

Survey shows parents think tests useful, 1B, 12/17/00

Standardized tests SEE ALSO CTB/McGraw-Hill

Staples, Roebuck

Staples Singers member dies from fall at age 84, 1B, 12/20/00

Star Chefs of Mississippi

March of Dimes benefit, 1E, 11/8/00

STAR students

13-year old Shayon Ghosh 0f Jackson is state's top student, 1A, 4/15/00

17 students and chosen teachers, 3B, 4/13/00

Star, Kenneth

Speaks at National Judicial Conference in Reno, 5B, 6/10/00

Stars Over Mississippi

Fund-raiser brings celebrities to Amory, 1A; 10/5/00, 1B, 1E; 10/8/00, 2/3/00

State Band Festival

At JSU, 4/12/00, 4B

State Capitol

A real Christmas tree this year, 1A, 11/29/00

State employees

Despite 1992 Legislative promise to cut staffs employees, rolls have increased 12.9%, 1A, 9/11/00

One-fifth eligible to retire in next 5 years, 1A, 8/13/00

Pressing for a pay raise, 1A, 11/16/00

Workers upset over pay raise standstill, 1A, 1B; 9/23/00, 9/19/00

State Farm Insurance

State reviews companies it uses to screen injury files, 1C, 7/29/00

State flag SEE Mississippi state flag

State of the City

Mayor Johnson speaks at Alamo Theater, 1A, 6/1/00

Steel Magnolias Race for the Cure

Against breast cancer, 1B, 1B; 5/13/00, 1B; 5/14/00, 5/7/00

Steel Service Corp

Its division SSC Freightways transports construction materials, 1/22/00, 1C

Stem-cell research. SEE Embryonic research

Stennis Space Center

AstroVision (Va) to launch 5 earth-viewing satellites

Color images beamed to Center, 1C, 6/7/00

Centers adds $405 MIllion to Hancock County area, 1C, 3/4/00

Ex-contractor Bill Mizell indicted in kickbacks scheme, 1B; 6/22/00, 3B, 3B; 7/29/00, 3B: 9/7/00, 6/14/00

Ex-contractor...2 more charged, 3B, 3B; 9/13/00, 8/16/00

Lockheed Martin to build research and manufacturing center at Stennis, 1C, 9/2/00

Public relations director Mack Herring dies, 3B, 8/18/00

Renovated StenniSphere to be opened to public, 1E, 3/23/00, 5B; 5/26/00

Testing site for new supercomputers called 'Blue Wave,' 1C, 8/4/00


Illegal drugs seized at traffic stop on I-55; NY man arrested, 2B, 7/26/00

Stewart Orchids

California company relocates to Adams County

To build growing facility, 1C, 3/8/00

California orchid grower relocating to Mississippi, 1C, 8/3/00

Stewart Pottery


Winner of Governor's Award for Excellence in the Arts, 1E, 3/14/00

Stewart, Christen

Her ex-boyfriend implicates her in 1996 slaying of her infant son

On Coast, 3/23/00, 3B

Stewart, Robert

Pleads guilty to 1998 slaying of Joseph Holloway; gets 7-year sentence, 1/11/00, 1B

Stewpot Community Services

Beth Israel Congregation helps at Christmas, 1B, 12/26/00

Stock market

Tech stocks take beating, but US economy still strong, 1C, 10/8/00

Stock market SEE NASDAQ

Stokes, Kenneth

City Councilman and state flag supporter nearly come to blows, 1B, 1B; 6/15/00, 6/14/00

Stokes, Nomdray

Court rejects Harrison County killer's request for new trial, 3/29/00, 3B

Stolen test booklet SEE Velma Jackson High School

Stone County Hospital

Facility man reopen under new operator, 5/5/00, 5B

Stonecraft Co

Company that moved from Haiti to Rolling Fork prospers, 1C, 5/7/00

Stop Lawsuit Abuse in Mississippi

At luncheon Alabama AG says lawsuits hurting Mississippi economy, 1C, 3/2/00

stores de Lima Catholic Church

In Bay St. Louis, 1E, 2/26/00

Storm drainage

Hinds County needs $5 Million for compliance with federal law, 1B; 6/6/00, 3/30/00, 4B

Storm water

Ordinance in Madison would allow water to be stored on private lots, 2B, 2B; 11/22/00, 11/21/00

Storm water drainage

Communities face federal 2003 deadline in pollution from rainfall drainage, 1A; 11/12/00, 1B, 10/11/00

Stout, Pauline Roger

Miss Polly, fixture at USM, dies at age 91, 1B, 12/25/00

Strange, Don

Appointed head of state Bureau of Narcotics, 1A, 2/22/00

Q&A with director of state Bureau of Narcotics, 2H, 6/4/00

Strawberry shortcake

A Spring classic, 1E, 3/8/00


More men seeing advantages of manicures, facials and skin care, 1/31/00, 1D

Strike City

In 1960 plantation workers near Leland took a stand, 1A, 5/1/00

Stringer, Jesse

Trial of alleged Jackson drug kingpin, 1B; 2/16/00, 1B (10–year sentence), 2/15/00

Stringfellow, Savante

Ole Miss student wants to be in Sydney Olympics, 1B, 3B; 9/22/00, 8/28/00


Anatomy of a stroke, 1d, 5/29/00

Studebaker, Jennifer SEE Murder-for-hire

Student loans

Default rates at Mississippi colleges vary, 1B, 10/4/00

President Clinton orders break in interest rates on loans repaid on time, 1A, 8/11/00

Sturgeon SEE Gulf Sturgeon

Success Bound

Reading program in Hinds County schools concerns parents, 2B, 4/16/00

Sugar gliders

Australian marsupial becoming popular pet in US, 1E, 8/4/00

Suicide pact

Bay St. Louis couple Michael and Margaret Bader kill dog, commit suicide, 5/21/00, 5B

Sullivan, Michael

State Supreme Court justice dies of cancer, 1A, 2/28/00


Keep summer cooking simple, 1E, 1E; 8/16/00, 5/31/00

Shape up for the season: exercise and self-tanning creams, 1D, 4/17/00

Summer Camps

Time to choose camp; help is at Northpark mall, 1D, 2/22/00

Summer Festal

Cruising alternatives for Jackson teenage drivers, 5B, 6/3/00

Summer Jazz Program

Students gather to study and make a CD, 1E, 6/9/00

Summer jobs program

Jackson program for youth jobs cut short, 1A; 3/9/00, 1B, 1B; 5/2/00, 1B; 5/23/00, 3/7/00

Summer Olympics, 2000

Catching the glory, locally, 1D, 9/25/00

Mississippians eyeing glory, 1A, 9/15/00

Peavey Electronics system designed for Stadium Australia, 8C, 9/25/00

Summer reading

Summertime and the reading is breezy; summer reading programs, 1B; 7/9/00, 2B, 7/2/00, 10G; 7/8/00

Summer school

Metro Jackson students back in school, 2B, 5/28/00


Madison company sells hardware and software to put banks on the Net, 1C, 5/17/00

Sun, Joy

Chinese-born 4th grader at Florence Middle School is making strides, 2B, 5/29/00

Sunbelt Business Brokers

Connie Taylor and Alison Lewis have business that sells businesses, 1C, 12/29/00

Suncoast Charters

Nathan Arneson and Richie Mahoney to offer cruises on Reservoir, 1C, 5/20/00

Sunflower River

Rare mussels found in abundance in river, 1A, 9/23/00

Sunflower River and Gospel Festival

In Clarksdale, 1E, 3B; 8/10/00, 8/7/00

Sunset Limited

Amtrak passenger train passing through Bay St. Louis

Delays are common, 3B, 6/12/00

Sunset Plaza Apartments

HUD ranks federally-funded complex high, 1B, 8/3/00


Student-loan processing company a success, 1C, 8/12/00

Super Bowl

Super Bowl parties, 1/23/00, 1E, 3G; 1/28/00

Super D Drugs Inc

Couple Michelle and Devin Basham sue over wrong prescription, 1B, 1B; 6/9/00, 6/7/00, 6B; 6/8/00

Super D Drugstore

Store on Hanging Moss robbed 2nd time in 4 days, 1B, 11/14/00

Supreme County

State high court justices want same retirement perks as legislators', 5A, 6/28/00

Supreme Court

Chief Justice Ed Pittman wants oral arguments open for live viewing on Internet, 1A, 12/24/00

Surface mining

Residents of Bozeman Rd in Madison County file petition to halt mining, 2B, 2B; 4/15/00, 3/14/00

Surveying the Religious Landscape...

Book by Dr. Michael Lindsay of Jackson and George Gallup, 1E, 2/5/00

Susquehanna Communications

New channels offered, 1E, 8/25/00

Sutton, Kenny

Food sculptor at Times Change

Restaurant moving to Madison, 1F, 9/3/00

Sutton, Rodney SEE Waffle House

Swedish-American Business Conference

At Jackson Hilton and Convention Center, 1C, 2B; 5/11/00, 4/29/00

Sweet & Sour Grocery


A taste of the Orient, 2B, 8/24/00

Sweet Potato Queens' Video of Love, Volume I

Documentary film, 1E, 12/14/00

Sweet potatoes

State is 3rd largest producer in the country, 1C, 11/25/00

Swimming pools

Building a pool? Do your homework, 7/5/00, 8C

Swimming pools (Jackson) SEE Lifeguards

Swiss Army Knife

US firm now owns logo, 1/9/00, 1C

Sycamore tree

Fabled Meridian tree to be cut down

New construction at Meridian Community College, 1B, 9/11/00

Sydney Olympics. SEE Summer Olympics, 2000


Health specialists intervene to curb outbreak in Greenville area, 3B, 11/28/00


Pilgrim family agrees to stop making mislabeled syrup

Government crackdown, 1B, 1B; 5/27/00, 3/8/00


Table manners

With approaching holidays, manners a must, 1E, 11/7/00

Taheri, Alan. SEE Polaris Computers

Take Our Daughters to Work Day, 1E; 4/28/00, 4/25/00, 5B

Tallis Scholars

Group performs Renaissance songs at St. Philip's Episcopal Church, 2/13/00, 7G

Talon, The

USM alumni association's magazine, 2/14/00, 3B

Tampax Total You Tour

College-age women's health event coming to Jackson, 1B, 11/9/00

Tanglewood Apartments

New complex will replace present structures, 1B, 1B; 12/2/00, 11/23/00

Tarrio, Christopher

1998 assault suspect fails to show up for trial, 1A; 4/14/00, 1B, 1B; 6/20/00, 4/13/00

His trial in 1997 slaying of Eddie Hubbard, 4B, 5B; 8/2/00, 8/1/00

Taste of a Nation

Fundraiser at Highland Village, 1E, 4/7/00

Taste of India Festival

In Jackson, 1E, 9/20/00

Tate's Furniture Land Inc


Owner Arthur Tate state's Small Business Person of the Year, 2B, 5/19/00

Tate, Haywood

Former judge from Picayune pleads guilty

False application for bingo license, 1C, 4/5/00

Tatum Salt Dome

No nuclear or toxic residues found at the Lamar County facility, 1B, 9/22/00

Tatum, Alan

Former FBI agent faces trial in Oxford: charged with forgery, 1B, 7/27/00

Tax Commission

$475.5 Million judgment: Commission settles for $185 Million, 1A, 8/29/00

Awarded $474.5 Million in suit against American Management Systems Inc

STARS system failure, 1A, 8/24/00

Electronic scanning system fails

Staff works to deposit $87 Million in sales-tax returns, 1A, 4/29/00

Law to end cities' lawsuits is before judge, 1B, 1B; 2/18/00, 1B; 5/23/00, 1C; 4/23/00, 2/16/00

State agencies line up for funds from $145Million lawsuit against American Management Systems, 1A, 9/28/00

Tax exemptions SEE Nonprofit organizations

Tax Increment Finance (TIF). SEE ALSO Taxes, Brandon

Tax Increment Finance (TIF) SEE Taxes, Rankin County

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District

Brandon gives businesses a boost, 2B, 9/28/00

Taxes SEE ALSO Property taxes

Taxes, Brandon. SEE ALSO Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District

Proposed restaurant tax to fund new library, 2/2/00, 2B, 2B; 3/16/00

Tax Increment Finance (TIF)

For infrastructure improvements, 2B, 2B; 7/31/00, 7/20/00

Taxes, Hinds County

Tax increase studied: Youth Detention Center expenses, 1A; 2/29/00, 1A; editorial 3/1/00, 2/27/00

Taxes, Mississippi

Musgrove proposal: give MDECD say on local projects, 1A, 1A; 8/24/00, 1A; 8/25/00, 8/23/00

Musgrove proposal: lawmakers say tax too limited, 1A, 8/26/00

Revenue collections down; teacher pay raise in jeopardy, 1A, 5/16/00

Revenues below projections: teacher pay raise in jeopardy, 1B, 7/15/00

State tax collections higher in December

Budget still tight, lawmakers say, 1A, 2/2/00

Time for overhaul of state's tax structure, 2/13/00, 3H (Bill Minor)

Taxes, Rankin County

Tax Increment Finance (TIF) luring new businesses, 2B, 7/31/00


Revision of city of Jackson's transportation ordinance, 1B, 3/27/00

Taxol. SEE Paclitaxel

Taylor, Charles

No suspects or motive in shooting and wounding of cab driver, 1B, 6/10/00

Taylor, Charlie

Biloxi businessman indicted on Net-related sex charges, 3B, 5/28/00

Taylor, Cortez Montrell

Bond denied in death of child, 1B, 11/28/00

Burned child found buried under house 2 years after his death, 11/11/00. 1B

Infant killed and buried 2 years ago; body found, his mother and her boyfriend charged, 1B, 10/27/00

Taylor, Robert Earl

Clinton man goes to jail for DUI offenses from 1989, 2B, 11/4/00

Taylor, Sarah Mary

Self-taught Yazoo City artist, 1C, 6/8/00

Tchula, Mississippi

3rd health clinic opens: turf war simmers, 1/16/00, 1B

Teacher Education Conference

At Hinds Community College, 1/26/00, 2B

Teacher salaries. SEE ALSO Mississippi Legislature (2000)

Teacher pay hike may be pitted against other school needs, 1A; 12/25/00, 5B, 12/5/00

Teachers' exam SEE Praxis I and Praxis II

Teachers, Mississippi

Districts hunting for educators to fill shortages, 1B, 7/2/00

More black teachers earning elite certification rankings, 1A, 12/11/00

Number of certified teachers increases, 1B, 12/1/00

School districts trying to boost salaries to fill vacancies, 1A, 7/7/00

Veteran, tenured teachers being lost to retirement, 1B, 12/16/00

Workshops on assessment and accountability of educators, 1B, 10/3/00

Teachers, US

Extension of teachers' work year proposed

Year round classes not included, 1A, 2/23/00

Study finds teachers dedicated but unprepared for realities, 5/25/00, 5B

Teachers...the Key To Our Future

8 honored at Outback Steakhouse, 2B, 5B; 8/14/00, 8/3/00

Teater, Betty Ruth

Mendenhall woman became marathon runner, recovers from bitter divorce, 1D, 5/15/00

Technology industry

Jackson faces stiff competition in quest for excellence, 1C, 1C; 8/20/00, 7/23/00

Mississippi lags in technology jobs and funding, 1C, 9/3/00

Tecumseh Products Co

New line of air-conditioning processors

New jobs in Tupelo and Corinth, 1A, 5/4/00

Teen pregnancy

National teen birth rate lowest in 60 years

But state still leads the nation, 1A; 8/13/00, 1B, 8/9/00

State officials target problem with 'Just Wait' campaign, 2/14/00, 4B

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

Just Wait program, 2/9/00, 5B

Teenage drinking

College town bars selling beer to minors, 1A, 9/13/00

Teenage workers

State industries print signs telling young workers what's expected of them, 9/20/00, !C

Teeny Tennis

At Bridges Tennis Center, 7/16/00, 13G


Preventive maintenance for health teeth, 1D, 10/30/00

Teigen, Matthew SEE House fires, Florence

Telecommunications Conference and Training Center

Any plan for center must overcome deficit, 1C, 10/19/00

City Council to get update, 1B, 1B; 12/29/00, 12/28/00

Commission revives King Edward plan, 1A, 3/22/00

If one is established it will lose $680,000 a year, 1C, 9/21/00

King Edward Hotel will not be site, 1A, 8/17/00

King Edward site, 1C, 1C; 4/18/00, 1C; 4/19/00, 1C; 5/18/00, 3/24/00

Panel to request state funding, 1C, 12/21/00

Telecommunications industry

A cluster of information systems businesses in state?, 1C, 1C; 5/28/00, 5/12/00

State ranked 49th in number of high-tech jobs, 1B, 8/8/00

Supervisor Calhoun would tax companies using Hinds County's public ways, 1B, 12/18/00

Trent Lott no longer is opposed foreign, government-owned companies buying US firms, 1C, 9/28/00

Telepak Telecommunications SEE Cellular telephone towers

Telephone books

Recycling program, 1B, 6/12/00

Telephone service

BellSouth ordered to lower premiums for rural state residents, 1C, 7/27/00

DeSoto County residents want toll-free calling in area and to Memphis, 3/6/00, 3B

Glossary of terms, 4I, 5/7/00

More competition for BellSouth, 1C, 3/30/00

Tell a Friend

Cancer Society's campaign to encourage mammograms, 2B, 8/5/00

Tenn/Tom Waterway

Alabama Sturgeon placed on endangered list

Waterway projects on hold, 1B, 5/3/00

Possible development in wildlife lands upsets conservationists, 1B, 9/19/00

Tennessee Ernie Ford Sixteen Tons of Fun Weekend

In Hattiesburg, 1E, 6/8/00

Tennessee Valley Authority

Utility facing deregulation following Fall election, 3B, 10/16/00

Termites SEE Formosan termites

Terra Nova SEE CTB/McGraw-Hill

Terrell, Jason

Jackson teenager dies in shooting believed to be accidental, 6B, 11/1/00


Jackson selected as a site for anti-terrorism training, 1B, 3/27/00

Terry Depot

$44,000 fund raising goal of renovation effort, 1/25/00, 2B

Terry depot

Home tour to benefit depot: goal to revitalize historic building, 2B, 12/7/00

Terry High School

6 educators are finalists for principal post, 2B, 5/10/00

Host families sought for exchange students, 2B, 6/21/00

Parents want input in hiring of principal, 2B, 4/10/00

Terry Post Office

New facility to open within a month, 2B, 2B: 9/5/00, 5/17/00

Test booklet (missing) SEE Velma Jackson High School

Textile workers

State workers making less pay, working less hours than in other states, 1C, 4/25/00


Cooking shortcuts for the holiday, 1E, 11/15/00

No time to try to diet, but stay in control, 1D; 11/22/00, 1E, 11/20/00

Salvation Army reaches out to 600 on holiday, 1B, 11/24/00

Thatcher, Margaret

Former British PM to give lecture at Millsaps College, 1A; 6/24/00, 1B, 1B; 9/21/00, 6/23/00

The Complex

Popular Biloxi nightclub put off-limits to military personnel, 3B, 9/22/00


Unlocked car doors, valuables in view--an open invitation to thieves, 1/10/00, 1A

Theme parks SEE Amusement parks

Thermo Imaging Camera

Allows firefighters to see inside burning buildings, 1B, 5/28/00

Thermo Probe

Thermometer make in downtown Jackson, 5/1/00, 8C

Thiecke, Frederick

Arrested in Georgia, 4B, 5/5/00

California murder suspect may be in Jackson, 1B; 3/17/00, 3/16/00, 5B, 5B; 3/18/00, 5B; 3/24/00

Thigpen, Calvin

Rhodes Scholar from Jackson completes 1st year at Oxford, 1A, 9/23/00

Think College Early

Middle school students urged to make plans, 2B, 10/22/00

Thomas, Raymond E

Ex-MSU student admits perjury; tried to frame fraternity brother, 3B, 12/13/00

Thomas, S.N. Sons

Downtown Jackson building undergoing $1 Million renovation, 1B, 4/11/00

Thomas, Sylvia Ann SEE Crime rate, Jackson

Thomas, Tammy

Yazoo City cyclist wins arbitration case, will race for Olympics berth, 1A, 8/12/00

Thompson, Bennie

Loses bid to lead Congressional Black Caucus, 5B, 12/6/00

Mississippi congressman vies for chair of Congressional Black Caucus, 1A, 10/6/00

Thompson, Curt

Q&A with director of Employment Security Commission, 2H, 11/26/00

Thompson, Ed

Q&A with state health officer, 2H, 6/11/00

Thompson, Marcus

Ridgeland man, mistakenly released from jail, turns himself in, 2B, 12/14/00

Thompson, Robert

Q&A with state Superintendent of Education, 2H, 10/1/00

Thompson, Silas

Petal High School history teacher wins award, 3B, 4/4/00

Thornhill, Britani

Winner of Northwest Rankin Middle School essay contest, 2B, 3/6/00

Thornton, Delwyn

Brandon man wins national award for excellence in shoe repair, 1F, 11/12/00

Thornton, Jimmy

Greenville legislator faces relapse of cancer, 1B, 10/3/00

State representative dies at age 68, 1B, 11/5/00

Thorton, Jimmy

Greenville legislator hospitalized with cancer, 1B, 9/22/00

Lawmaker's widow running for vacated seat, 1B, 11/21/00

Thorton, Lillie

Window running for Legislature to replace husband facing lawsuit, 3B, 3B; 12/9/00, 12/6/00

Three Doors Down

Biloxi-based rock band, 1E, 10/20/00

Thunder on Water Safe Boating Festival

On Grenada Lake, 6/8/00, 8F

Thurmond, Paula

Defendant Ryan Willis has IQ of 71, witness says, 1B, 1B; 2/2/00, 2/1/00

Retrial of Ryan Willis in 1996 slaying on Super Bowl Sunday, 1/25/00, 1B, 1B; 1/28/00, 5B; 1/27/00

Ryan Willis acquitted in slaying, 1B, 1B; 6/5/00, 2/3/00

Tierce, LaRue SEE Carthage Bank

Tillman, Bennie SEE Yazoo City Public Schools

Timber industry

Dry summer has helped farmers create an oversupply in market, 1C, 7/27/00

Time Inc

Sweepstakes: 46 Mississippians to receive refunds, 1A, 1C; 8/27/00, 8/25/00

Time Warner Cable

Company offers high-speed Internet access called Road Runner, 1C, 4/26/00

Dixon and Williams appealing extortion convictions, 1B, 1B; 4/4/00, 1B; 4/8/00, 1B; 4/26/00, 4/3/00

New options: BBC America; ESPNews, Toon Disney, etc., 1E, 8/25/00

Not likely to begin offering WBMS-Channel 10, 1B, 8/23/00

Now offering expanded digital lineup, 1E, 7/21/00

Williams will pursue no more appeals, lawyer says, 4B, 5/10/00

Times Change

Restaurant review, 4F, 11/16/00

Timson, Timothy

Southaven minister charged with sexual battery, 3B, 3B; 4/29/00, 4/28/00

Tinsley, Ricky

17-year old killed by Meridian police officer; probe underway, 2/18/00, 3B; 2/20/00, 5B


USM professor David Wertz's goal is to turn tires into fuel for industrial applications, 1C, 10/10/00

Titan International Inc

Tire maker with plant in Natchez publicizing union's actions in strike, 1C, 10/3/00


Efforts to lessen teenage smoking, 1A, 1A; 7/14/00, 3/6/00

Healthy Mississippi agency calls smoking a 'pediatric disease,' 1B, 8/4/00

Mississippi Tobacco Summit 2000, 1A, 5/24/00

New law restricting smoking in Capitol and other state buildings, 5/23/00, 5B

State sales to minors exceeds 25%: cost is 8 FDA posts in state, 1A, 3/27/00

State's fight against tobacco moving out of court into the streets

Ed Thompson says, 3B, 6/30/00

Survey shows Mississippians want smoking curtailed in public places, 1/11/00, 4B

Tobacco companies

Nunnally lawsuit

Case heads to jury, 1B, 7/12/00

Case set for trial in Hernando, 1B; 4/27/00, 1B; 6/29/00, 3B, 3B; 6/26/00, 4/7/00

Jury finds in favor of R.J. Reynolds, 1A, 7/13/00

Trial begins, 1B; 7/1/00, 3B, 3B; 7/7/00, 6/30/00

State lawsuit

AG says state's $4.1 Billion not affected by Florida verdict, 1A, 7/15/00

Judge to rule on Auditor Pete Johnson's lawsuit, 1A, 3B; 6/8/00, 5/25/00

Lawyers sold interest in fees to get their money upfront, 1A, 5/12/00

Tobacco SEE ALSO Cold Turkey

Tobacco SEE ALSO Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi

Tobacco SEE ALSO Underground, The

Tobacco SEE ALSO University of Southern Mississippi


Tiny Chihuahua saves children from Pit Bull, 2B, 3B; 8/15/00, 3B; 9/2/00, 8/11/00

Tolbert, Jamie Ray

Body of missing Lucedale man found in Alabama

2 arrested in California, 1/18/00, 3B


Sample late-summer tomatoes, 1E, 9/6/00


In performance at Hal & Mal's, 9/7/00, 9F

Topeka Volunteer Fire Department

Fire destroys building, new fire truck, 1B, 3B; 7/31/00, 7/18/00

Topic, Ivan

Croatian soldier being treated at Central Mississippi Medical Center, 1B, 5/11/00

Topless bars, Jackson

11 arrested at 2 clubs for nudity, 4B, 10/23/00

15 dancers, 2 managers from Babes Show Club and Fantasies free on bond, 3/26/00, 5B

City Council committee looks at ordinance, 1A, 1B; 6/13/00, 4B; 6/20/00, 6/12/00

City Council may impose alcohol and lap dancing bans, 1A, 1A; 5/16/00, 1B; 5/17/00, 5/12/00

City Council set to vote on alcohol ban, 1A, 7/11/00

Employees will now have to be licensed by the city, 1A, 7/12/00

Jon Adams may sue city over denial of license, 1B, 7/14/00

New ordinance goes into effect, 1B, 10/23/00

Secret's Cabaret dancers charged in nudity law violation, 11/16/00, 16B

Strippers defend their right to take it all off, 1A, 5/29/00

Topless dancers arrested in sweep, 4/20/00, 6B

Topless bars, US

US Supreme Court makes banning of nude dancing easier, 1QA, 3/30/00


10 killed in Alabama storms, 1A, 12/17/00

Tornadoes, Gulfport

Twister leaves trail of debris; thousands without power, 3B, 9/4/00

Tornadoes, Lauderdale County

Dalewood community hit, 1A; 12/19/00, 1A; 12/22/00, 3B, 12/18/00

SBA offers aid to storm victims, 1B, 12/28/00

Tornadoes, Mississippi

What to do to protect yourself, 1E, 3/2/00

Tornes, Kenneth

2 life terms added to sentences, 1A, 3/17/00

Killer of 4 JFD personnel in 1996 dies in hospital at Parchman, 1A, 1A; 4/11/00, 4/10/00

Tougaloo Art Colony 2000, 8/6/00, 10G

Tougaloo College

160 degrees bestowed at graduation ceremony, 1B, 5/22/00

Across the Ages mentoring program, 2B, 11/19/00

Boar executive backs renewal of President Joe Lee's contract, 1B, 7/22/00

Gift of classic books by Bill Gates, 1B, 3/29/00

Pre-college summer Science Program, 2B, 7/17/00

President Joe Lee gets new contract, 5B, 10/25/00

President Joe Lee may leave post in September, 1B; 2/26/00, 2/23/00, 5B

Violence Prevention/Academic Enrichment Summer, 2B, 7/23/00

Tougaloo Early Head Start Center

Housed in Civil Rights-era home, 2B, 10/31/00

Tour busses

Few coming into state inspected for safety violations, 3B, 6/19/00

Tour LeFleur

National Time Trials Championship held in Jackson, 2B, 5/18/00

Tourism, Mississippi

'Eat Grits' campaign, 3H (Bill Minor), 5/7/00

Tourism, Vicksburg

Non-casino tourism revenues up, 3B, 3B; 5/30/00, 5/2/00

Towers, Jeremiah

Edwards boy, 8, killed by his brother playing with handgun, 1A, 1A; 4/1/00, 3/31/00

Town Creek


Stabilization work completed; residents grateful, 1B, 9/19/00

Trade Education Across Mississippi (TEAM)

Organization to train disadvantaged persons in building trade, 1B, 10/19/00

Traffic accidents, Arcola

Chain-reaction crash on US 61 kills 1, 3B, 8/12/00

Traffic accidents, Brandon

2 separate accidents on I-20 tie up traffic, 2B, 3/4/00

Police response time to July 25th fatality disputed, 2B, 8/4/00

Rig hauling eggs overturns on I-20; driver rescued, 2B, 9/6/00

Truck carrying apples crashes, causing 6-hour traffic tie-up on I-20 east, 2B, 11/2/00

Traffic accidents, Edwards

Jeremy Shelton killed when his car plows into church, 2B, 3/9/00

Traffic accidents, Florence

Multi-car accident kills former legislator's daughter

Other driver facing DUI, 1B, 4/9/00

Traffic accidents, Gulfport

3 women killed by log truck on Highway 49, 3B, 10/7/00

Traffic accidents, Hinds County

Fiery accident west of Learned kills 2 teens, injures 3, 1B, 8/6/00

Utica teenager Dan Yates killed as Pathfinder flips near Bib Black River, 1B, 8/19/00

Traffic accidents, Itawamba County

1 child killed, 5 injured when car leaves road, crashes into tree, 3B, 7/19/00

Traffic accidents, Jackson

1 man killed, another helping him injured on I-20, 1/17/00, 5B

2 Jackson women say man accused them of hitting car and demanded money, 4B, 6/27/00

2 separate accidents: city's year 2000 fatalities at 36, 1B, 12/29/00

3 fatalities in week; year total is 14, 3/2/00, 4B

3-vehicle accident on Lakeland Dr kills woman, 4B; 8/30/00, 5B, 8/29/00

90-year-old Lurene Holmes killed on McDowell Rd, 4/22/00, 6B

Boy, 7, suffers injury when unknown object hits car on Gallatin St, 5B, 12/20/00

City sees double-digit increase in fatalities, 1A, 3/19/00

Fatalities in city have dropped, 1B, 8/7/00

John Oliver dies when he falls from rolling van, 5B, 6/23/00

JPD officer and 15-year old driver injured in late night accident, 6B, 9/11/00

JPD officer answering robbery call crashes cruiser in front of Calloway High School, 1B, 11/8/00

One killed, 1 injured on I-220 bridge, 3B, 9/10/00

Overturned tractor-trailer stalls traffic on I-55 near Fortification, 4/12/00, 4B

Patrol car hit at wreck scene on I-55, 1B, 8/18/00

Pregnant woman and her unborn child killed in 2-car wreck, 1/9/00, 3B

Separate accidents kill Jamelia McNees, 89, and Chad Chason, 27, 2/15/00, 3B

Teenagers Eric Anderson and Bradrick Jones killed at I-55 exit, 1/31/00, 1B

Woman in stalled car killed on I-55 near Northside Dr, 3/6/00, 8B

Traffic accidents, Jackson area

2 killed: Brandon man on Airport Rd and Clinton student on Hwy. 49, 1/4/00, 2B

Traffic accidents, Jackson County

5 die in I-10 chain collision, 1A, 1A; 5/9/00, 5/8/00

Traffic accidents, Madison

Truck hauling eggs overturns on I-55, 2B, 6/13/00

Traffic accidents, Madison County

Police seek Anthony White who left accident scene on US 51

4 injured, 2B, 7/11/00

Traffic accidents, Mississippi

At least 14 killed during July 4 holiday, 1B, 1B; 7/6/00, 7/5/00

At least 6 die in New Year's accidents, 1/4/00, 5B

Holiday death toll hits 3, 1B, 1B; 12/27/00, 12/26/00

State number 1 nationally in per capita road fatalities, 1A, 8/26/00

Traffic deaths down overall, but fatalities on county roads higher, 3B, 5/27/00

Traffic accidents, Morehead

5 teenagers killed returning from Macon Lake, 1A, 5/12/00

Traffic accidents, Ocean Springs

Fiery crash on I-10 kills driver of 18-wheeler, 3B, 6/22/00

Traffic accidents, Olive Branch

Rodney Bateman and his 2-year-old daughter killed, 1B, 11/25/00

Traffic accidents, Tuscaloosa

40+ casino patrons injured in bus crash, 1B, 3/20/00

Traffic accidents, Yalobusha County

All-night truck fires closes I-55, 4B, 9/15/00

Traffic lights, Jackson

Cameras may be installed to catch persons running lights, 1/19/00, 4A

Trail of Tears

Forced Choctaw migration 170 years ago

Descendants create 'Trail of Prayers,' 1E; 7/31/00, 3B, 7/27/00

Trails, Ridgeland

New bike and walking trails, 1/24/00, 2B

TransAmerica Trail

Englishman to bike trail to Oregon plotted by Madison dentist, 1F, 7/23/00

Trash, Mississippi

MDOT program to help municipalities in cleanup, 3B, 10/26/00

Trauma care SEE Mississippi Trauma Care System

Trauma Care System

Statewide system is inaugurated in Jackson, 1B, 4/11/00

Travel Expo 2000

At Ag Museum, 1/30/00, 1B

Treat the Kids Tricked by Diabetes

Party for diabetic children at Lakeland Skating Rink, 1B, 10/29/00

Tree House Village

Gulfport's $3 Million playhouse offers fun in learning, 1E, 3/7/00


Pet cat in Carthage has lived in oak tree for 3 years

Subject on "Ripley's Believe It Or Not," 1B, 10/7/00

Tri-State Commerce Park


Former Yellow Creek site still operating in red, 1C, 9/27/00

Trigg, Paul

Trial of man who shot into house in 1998, injuring 3 people, 1B, 2/16/00, 3B; 2/17/00

Trimble, Lisa and Sean

Corinth couple adopted; now she is pregnant, 1B, 5/15/00

Tritel Inc

$300 Million exclusive supplier agreement with Ericsson, a Swedish firm, 1/8/00, 1C

3 days after merger announcement company announces $219 Million loss, 1C, 3/4/00

Ex-executive Ed Welsh suing company for $30Million, 1C, 9/30/00

Losses hit $35 Million for quarter, 1C, 8/2/00

New subscribers and higher revenues cut net losses, 1st quarter, 1C, 5/3/00

Officials say they did not cheat former executive Ed Welsh, 1C, 11/7/00

Year old Jackson-based company sells for $5.3Billion, 1A, 1C, 1C; 3/15/00, 1C; 8/9/00, 3/1/00

Trolio Hotel SEE Canton Welcome Center

Truck, Trailer and Equipment Inc

Pearl company ordered to end hazardous waste dumping on its site, 2B, 5/31/00

Trustmark Bank

2nd quarter 2000 earnings good, 1C, 7/12/00

Bank gives its directors stock options, 1C, 5/25/00

Buys 13 locations in Memphis area, 1C, 12/14/00

Financial services package for small businesses, 1C, 2/5/00

Introduces new higher risk mutual fund, 1C, 10/19/00

Saw record earnings in 1999, 1/12/00, 1C, 1C; 4/12/00, 1C; 10/11/00

Zach Wasson is new CFO, 1C, 5/21/00

Ts'unun Plaza

Millsaps College crew excavating Mayan ruins on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, 9/29/00. 1E

Tuck, Amy

30 senators side with Tuck: suit over reading of conference reports aloud, 1B, 9/1/00

Can she heal rift with school teachers?, 1A, 1A; 3/7/00, 3/5/00

In first Legislative session she navigated thru tough waters, 1H, 5/7/00

Lieutenant governor is sworn in, 1/6/00, 1A; 1/7/00, 1A; 1/11/00, 4B

Some cross party lines to help lieutenant governor, 1B, 11/14/00

Speaks at Brandon High School, 2B, 9/12/00

Tucker, Archie

Leland man named Mississippi 2000's Parent of the Year, 5B, 6/23/00

Tucker, Jane

Judge Chuck McRae fires his law clerk: improper court room visits, 1B, 3/24/00

Tucker, Shelby Lynn

Hugh McGowen denies involvement in child's death, 3B, 6/2/00

Missing Ocean Springs child found dead; Hugh McGowen arrested, 2/29/00, 3B, 3B; 3/1/00, 3B; 3/18/00

Tuition (colleges) SEE Colleges and universities

Tullos, Gene

Local historian in Smith County, 1B, 8/6/00


Make canned tuna your catch of the day, 1E, 4/12/00

Tunica County Public Schools

Better test scores, but state still in charge, 1B, 8/28/00

Parents want to play key role, 1B, 5/30/00

Staff at troubled schools may be fired, 1A, 2/19/00

State sees return of schools back to local officials, 1B, 1B; 12/16/00, 11/17/00

Tunica County Sheriff's Department

Tennessee lawman Melvin Burgess leaving temp post, 1/23/00, 3B

Tureaud, Edward

Fired Meridian jail employee arrested on marijuana charge, 1/21/00, 3B

Turkey Creek

Proposed Gulfport commercial development in wetlands area, 1A, 5/8/00

Turn on to Reading

Hinds Community College program for K-4 students, 2B, 7/24/00

Turner, Bennie

Legislator pleads guilty to DUI, apologizes, 1B, 9/1/00

Turner, Ike

Music legend visits Clarksdale, his boyhood home, 3B, 9/14/00

Twin Oaks

Guy Bass and David Browning open elegant bed and breakfast in Natchez, 1E, 4/26/00

Two (2) Live Crew

92 arrested at concert in Copiah County, 1B, 6/6/00

Two Girls and a Weedwacker

Lawn care company owned by Mindy Kunz and Tress Turner, 6/19/00, 10C

Two Lakes Flood Control Plan

Pearl River flood control plan at Jackson, 1A, 6/24/00

Tyson Foods Inc

Company settles discrimination suit, 1C, 3/1/00


U-Save Auto Rental

Jackson company buys Auto Rental (AZ), 1C, 2/24/00

U. S. Internal Revenue Service

647 get refund checks that never reached them, 1A, 12/30/00

U.S. Army

PaYS program pairs companies with trained veterans, 1B, 10/2/00

U.S. Attorney

New building in Oxford, 1/24/00, 3B

U.S. Congress

Census results: Mississippi to lose representative, 1A, 7A, 12/29/00

New session: Mississippi delegation vows to keep focus on issues, 1/24/00, 1A

U.S. Corps of Engineers

Brig Gen. Edwin Arnold new commander in Vicksburg, 3B, 9/14/00

Conservation and taxpayer groups call for reform, 1B, 9/15/00

Does what Trent Lott and Thad Cochran wants it to in state, 1A, 4H, 10/1/00

Reform of embattled agency may hit dead-end, 1A, 1A; 5/17/00, 1A; 9/7/00, 1A; 9/10/00, 5/13/00

U.S. Department of Agriculture

Farmers challenge way USDA handles farm loans, 1A; 10/26/00, 2B, 7/5/00, 8C: 9/7/00

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

$35 Million in revitalization funds to Biloxi, 3B, 7/27/00

Alleged shoddy repair work on housing in Jackson, 1A, 5/30/00

City of Jackson creating housing zones, 1B, 10/18/00

Funding for low-income housing on hold, 1A; 8/1/00, 1B, 4/14/00

Its suit against owners of Jackson Apartments dismissed, 1/29/00, 1B

Judge blames squalor at Metro Manor & Jackson Apts. on HUD, 1A, 2/7/00

Mayor Johnson in teleconference: 'don't cut funding, 1B, 9/21/00

Reinspections lacking

Federal repair funds at stake, 1A; 5B, 6/30/00

Shoddy repair work: rehab funds on hold in Jackson, 1A, 7/10/00

Voucher program to help poor in Jackson buy homes, 1B, 6/8/00

U.S. Department of Justice

Grant will provide Mississippi with 16 new police officers, 3B, 4/19/00

U.S. Department of the Interior

$53 Million for projects in Mississippi, 6B, 7/19/00

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Will block proposed soccer complex in Ocean Springs: too close to wetlands, 3B, 12/27/00

U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation

Duplicated FBI files for sale on eBay, 1B, 7/29/00

Program targets computer hackers in state, 1C, 10/14/00

U.S. Federal Communications Commission

Louisiana company with state ties bids on FCC license, 1C, 12/13/00

U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency

Promotes storm safety measures to Mississippians, 1A, 4/3/00

U.S. Forest Service

Logging projects in Southeast halted, 1B, 12/9/00

Wetland restoration projects in Delta National Forest, 1B, 2/9/00

U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration

$53 Million in funds for Mississippi, 1B, 7/9/00

U.S. Marine Band

To play and Jackson State and MVSU, 1B, 9/19/00

U.S. Naval Academy

Local midshipmen's mothers lean on each other for support, 1E, 5/2/00

U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Fines local construction firms in worker's death, 1/31/00, 2B

U.S. Olympic Team Trials

Bicycling event in Jackson, 1A, 1D, 1E; 5/19/00, 1E; 5/21/00, 5/18/00

U.S. Public Interest Research Group

Group warning parents of lethal toys, 1C, 11/22/00

U.S. Unwired

Sprint affiliate offering PCS service in Jackson area, 1C, 7/7/00

U.S. Waterways Experiment Station

Discrimination lawsuit expected to grow, 1B, 3/2/00

Ulloa, Danny

Arkansas crop duster walks away from crash near Perthshire, 1B, 8/14/00


ACT Center reaches out to tobacco-dependent patients, 1B, 7/4/00

Adult Day Care Center to close, 1B, 8/27/00

Allergist-immunologist training program, 1B, 3/31/00

Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children

Enchanted Evening benefit by Mississippi-born celebrities, 1F, 6/25/00

Fundraising canoe trip by Bruce Browning and Malcolm White, 1B, 4/19/00

Computer glitch in its billing center, 1A, 8/1/00

Ends its contract with insurer that serves retired military personnel, 1B, 6/21/00

Federal auditors reviewing service records

Hospital overbilling Medicaid, Medicare?, 1A, 2/27/00

Its 183 clinical trials offer treatment at little or no cost, 1A, 12/25/00

Medical students to study tropical diseases in Amazon basin, 1B, 5/29/00

Military retiree contract ended

Reimbursement rates too low, UMC says, 1B, 7/5/00

MiniMed School seminars on women's health issues, 1B, 5/20/00

Regional Poison Control Center in need of additional funds

Because of national tool free number, 1B, 7/3/00

State high court throws out $1.7 Million award

Rules doctors have total immunity

Tubal ligation case, 5B, 8/19/00

Underground, The

Northpark store pulls tobacco-free cigarettes at AG Moore's request, 1A, 5/13/00

Unemployed, Hinds County

Grant sought to train white-collar workers for high-tech jobs, 1C, 5/20/00

Unemployment rate, Mississippi

April 2000 rate is 4.8%, down from March's 5.7%, 1C, 6/1/00

August 2000 rate at 5.5%, 1C, 10/3/00

December 1999 rate at 4.4%, 1/28/00, 1C

February 2000 rate at 5.5%, 1C, 3/31/00

July 2000 rate is 5.9%, 1C, 8/29/00

June 2000 rate jumps to 6.9%, 1C, 8/1/00

May 2000 rate jumps to 5.8%, 1C, 6/28/00

October 2000 rate at 5.2%, 1C, 11/29/00

Unemployment rate, US

Lowest it's been in 30 years, 1A, 5/6/00

Unify Souls

Nonprofit community service aimed at helping underprivileged youth, 2B, 6/16/00

Uninsured motorists. SEE Mississippi Legislature (2000)---Mandatory...

State to crack down on uninsured drivers who cause wrecks, 1/19/00, 1A

Union Planters Bank

CEO Jack Garner to spend 1 day a month working as a teller, 1C, 6/24/00

Union Station


Renovation project behind schedule, 1A; 8/24/00, 1B, 5/2/00

United Blood Services. SEE Mississippi Blood Services

Blood drive at Madison Fire Station, 2B, 11/30/00

United States Purchasing Exchange

Sweepstakes operator to pay $48 Million in settlement in 48 states, 1B, 4/6/00

United Support Systems

Software for billing systems is Jackson company's niche, 1C, 9/13/00

United Way

Funds cut for groups not meeting goal, 1A, 3/31/00

Jackson-area donors and volunteers receive awards, 3/23/00, 6B

Letter mailed to community leaders asking them to prioritize needs, 2B, 3/20/00

Metro-area United Way "super-sizes" campaign goal, 2B, 9/7/00

Reaching out to charitable organizations in Rankin and Madison counties, 1A, 5/16/00

ServicePoint computer system sets up a network of providers on the WWW, 1A, 5/16/00

Some agencies' funds cut, others get funds for first time, 1A, 7/13/00

South African United Way leader visits Jackson, 1B, 11/25/00

Southeast Mississippi chapter presented with $225,000 by Williams Gas Pipeline Co, 1A, 10/2/00

Youth in Action program, 2/11/00, 2B

Unity Communications

Jackson-based company buys Pacific Cellular (Ca), 1/18/00, 12C

Now offers local phone service in state, along with its other services, 1C, 6/22/00

Universal Forest Products

Michigan-based company opens facility in downtown inner-city Jackson, 4/22/00, 8C

Universities and colleges

Grading systems under review, 3B, 10/25/00

University 0f Mississippi

Grant of $1.5 Million for research into freshwater problems, 3/8/00, 5B

University Greys SEE Gettysburg Battlefield

University of Mississippi

'49 Hours' films Ole Miss rush activities, 1B, 10/30/00

Arts Series: Ririe/Woodbury Dance Company performs, 2/24/00, 3B

Awarded Phi Beta Kappa chapter, 1A, 1B, 1B; 10/29/00, 10/22/00, 15A; 10/23/00

Awards of Distinction recipients, 3/28/00, 3B

Campus will learn October 21 if a Phi Beta Kappa chapter is OK'd, 1B, 10/12/00

Carrier Scholars, 3B, 8/9/00

Center for Southern Culture studies Jewish life on campus, 2/7/00, 3B

Chancellor's Leadership Class, 1B, 3/6/00

Commitment to Excellence campaign, 1B; 4/12/00, 3/28/00, 3B

Forest lands at Perkinston

Sold to Nature Conservancy /Friends of the Forest, 5B, 6B; 9/23/00, 7/19/00

Forest lands: deal with DeSoto National Forest, 3B, 8/24/00

John Grisham and his wife fund Civil Law Clinic, 3B, 12/27/00

Kappa Sigma fraternity disciplined after probe of party, 1B, 1B; 2/19/00, 2/18/00

Khayat marks 5-year anniversary as president, 1B, 8/13/00

Large amount of construction projects on campus, 1B, 9/25/00

Law School graduation; Jimmy Dukes is speaker, 3B, 5/17/00

Lott Leadership Institute for High School Students, 3B, 7/6/00

Millsaps' George Harmon supports Phi Beta Kappa bid, 2/18/00, 5B

Nic Lott first African-American student body president, 1A, 1A; 3/5/00, 2/25/00

Racial incidents: call for expulsions, 1A; 2/12/00, 1A; 2/15/00, 1B; 2/18/00, 2/11/00, 3B

Racial incidents: response called slow, 1A; 3/15/00, 1B, 3/14/00

School of Journalism's Silver Em awards, 3B, 5/20/00

School of Law makes national top 10 ranking, 1/18/00, 1A

Space Law Center gets $2 Million from NASA, 1C, 5/16/00

Stockard Hall dorm hit by 2nd fire, 3B, 10/20/00

Student Arthur Baker arrested as protester; says civil rights denied, 2B, 9/24/00

Study of mayapples as cancer fighter, 1/19/00, 3B

Task now is to identify students who are eligible for Phi Beta Kappa, 1B, 11/6/00

The Grove is setting for cultural understanding with festival, 4/7/00, 7B

This Fall Phi Beta Kappa vote and budget cuts coincide, 3B, 8/15/00

Trust account for record-breaking $31.8 Million donation, 1/13/00, 1B, 1B; 1/31/00

University awarded $3 Million federal grant for new law center work, 5B, 11/21/00

University of Southern Mississippi

3 students featured in 'Playboy,' 3B, 8/31/00

300 wireless Internet access points on campus, 3B, 7/25/00

Bequest of 130 acres of land from estate of Leon Eubanks, 1B, 4/25/00

Budget deficit: men's indoor track and cross country teams dropped, 1A, 3/23/00

Budget woes: faculty and staff to be cut, 1A, 5/25/00

Campus crime: alcohol arrests almost double, 3B, 3B; 6/8/00, 6/7/00

Children's Book Festival, 2/28/00, 3B

Coast campus: 'I'm Going To College' day for second graders, 3B, 5/6/00

Coast campus: 3-judge panel to hear dispute, 1B, 1B; 8/20/00, 8/17/00

Coast campus: College Bd to hear plan for Point Cadet site, 1C, 1C; 2/19/00, 2/12/00

Coast campus: judge to hear appeal in lawsuit, 1A; 5/31/00, 3B; 4/26/00, 4/25/00, 6B

Coast campus: judge's ruling temporarily blocks expansion, 1A; 5/19/00, 1B, 5/11/00

Coast campus: legal fees in battle growing, 1B, 8/23/00

Coast campus: plans in jeopardy: state budget tight, 3/22/00, 3B

Coast campus: students on Coast feel loss, 1A, 5/28/00

deGrummond Children's Literature Collection, 5B, 7/6/00

DuBard School for Language Disorders

Groundbreaking, 3B, 9/8/00

Grant to its Center for Tobacco Prevention, 1/31/00, 3B

Lott and Musgrove speak at graduation ceremonies, 3B, 5/13/00

Mallory to head Criminal Justice Dept., 3B, 7/5/00

Playboy photographer on campus, 1B, 4/10/00

School is host to Miss Ebony Pageant, 3B, 4/21/00

School of Public Health: USM may lose program to JSU

Ayers suit, 1B, 7/26/00

University Forum series: Ralph Nader is speaker, 1/20/00, 3B

University Press of Mississippi

Celebrates 30 years in business: Richard Ford will read, 1E, 11/23/00

UniverSoul Circus 2000

Vandalism of cars at Fairgrounds, 1B, 8/4/00

Urban League

Vacant Wendy's on Livingston Rd donated for headquarters, 1B, 5/25/00

Urgo, Joseph

Ole Miss professor authors book 'In the Age of Distraction,' 1E, 8/31/00

USS Black Hawk

Tours of warship in Vicksburg, 5B, 6/13/00

USS Cairo SEE Morfin, Charles

USS Cole

Damaged ship repaired at Ingalls, 1B; 11/30/00, 2B; 12/19/00 1B; 12/23/00, 3B, 3B; 11/10/00, 3B; 12/3/00, 10/30/00

Damaged ship scheduled to arrive at Ingalls, 1B; 12/30/00, 3B, 3B; 12/14/00, 12/13/00

Family members to tour ship, 1B, 4B; 12/26/00, 12/25/00

FBI examines damaged ship, 3B, 12/15/00

Mississippi Air National Guard bringing injured sailors back to US, 1B, 3B; 10/19/00, 10/18/00

Mississippian Navy Ensign Triplett among those killed, 1A; 10/26/00, 1B, 10/14/00

Survivor Marlon Carter visiting parents in state, 3B, 11/15/00

USS Iwo Jima

Amphibious assault vessel dedicated in Pascagoula, 3/25/00, 3B, 3B; 3/28/00

USS Yorktown

Cruiser returns to Naval Station Pascagoula

4-month counter-drug campaign in Caribbean, 2/1/00, 3B

Utica Heritage Festival, 2B, 11/9/00

Utica Heritage Society

Trying to save old Cash Seed and Feed building, 2B, 2B; 8/21/00, 8/5/00

Utica High School

Campaign to turn old school into community center, 1A, 2/1/00, 2B; 4/22/00

Historic building burns: arson suspected, 1A; 4/11/00, 2B, 2B; 4/14/00, 4/7/00, 4B; 7/27/00

Utica, Mississippi

Resident and history buff Mary Landin trying to save town brick by brick, 5B, 9/3/00


Deregulation: Entergy Corp and MPL: PSC hearings on rate caps, 1C, 1C; 2/17/00, 1C; 2/18/00, 2/16/00

Deregulation: Entergy Corp CEO says it will happen, 1/21/00, 1C

Deregulation: Entergy says voters want Legislative study, 1/19/00, 1C

Deregulation: home users' bills may rise

Industrial users stand to gain, 1C, 4/21/00

Deregulation: Legislative solution for shortfall to local governments, 1/27/00, 1C

Deregulation: pro and con, 1H, 5/21/00

Deregulation: PSC opposes move, 1A, 1C, 5/3/00

Deregulation: PSC postpones decision until 2002, 1/5/00, 1C, 1C; 1/6/00

Deregulation: rush to competition stresses electric industry, 1/7/00, 1C

Heating costs and electric bills expected to rise across state, 1C, 1C; 12/30/00, 11/3/00

Hinds, Rankin, Madison counties: cooperation or isolation, 1A, 8/7/00

Jackson mayor seeks restoration of meter fees, 1B, 1B; 8/17/00, 1B; 8/24/00, 8/16/00

Utilities SEE ALSO Electric power

Utilities SEE ALSO Water bills


Vacation Bible schools

Go high-tech to compete with video games and the Internet, 1E, 8/5/00


Family vacations: 'Are we there yet?', 1E, 6/13/00

Valley Bank of Greenwood

Gives depositors free access to ATMs nationwide and in Canada, 1C, 4/15/00

Merges with State Bank and Trust (Brookhaven), 1C, 4/21/00

Van Fleet, Duane

Junior ROTC officer in Gulfport accused of racism and sexism, 3B, 6/30/00

Van Winkle Elementary School

New building authorized, 1A; 12/12/00, 1B, 10/23/00

Van, Garner

Waynesboro man found in motel swimming pool died of heart condition

Did not drown, 5B, 7/18/00

Vance, Bertha Kelly

Woman found dead on west I-55 frontage road, 1B, 8B; 11/29/00, 11/24/00

Vancleave, Mississippi

Opposition to park and petting zoo, 1/17/00, 1B

Varnell, Kathleen

African-American sculptor and Jackson native, 1/2/00, 3G

Vassallo, Steve

Former Madison official named to Swedish economic board (sister-city program), 2B, 10/26/00


Enjoying the bounty of Fall, 1E, 10/18/00

Velma Jackson High School

District cleared of wrongdoing in theft of test booklet, 1A, 8/2/00

Magnet funding uncertain, 1/26/00, 1B

Missing English II test book

District in jeopardy, 1A, 1A; 5/26/00, 1B; 5/17/00, 5/10/00

Missing test booklet: embarrassment to school seen as motive, 2B, 6/27/00

New principal, new outlook, 2B, 6/26/00

Parents seek to improve school's image, 2B, 5/26/00

Remoteness of school prompts call for campus health clinic, 2B, 7/26/00

Velma Jackson School

4 staffers will not return next year: students stage protest, 2B, 3/22/00

Heating system repaired, 1/14/00, 2B

Hopes to attract more white students, 1/24/00, 2B, 2B; 4/28/00

Safety policy: buses leave, stranding students, 2B, 2B; 3/8/00, 3/3/00

Turmoil continues: removal of officials sought, 2B, 3/23/00


Jackson-based company taps local high-tech talent, 1C, 11/9/00

Jackson-based Internet company

Formerly Moonlight Media, 1C, 4/13/00

Venture Technologies

Ridgeland company wins Lotus Beacon Award

Best e-business solution of 1999, 1/20/00, 1C

Vest, Deena SEE George, Leighton


DOD now mandates a limited military funeral for all veterans, 1A, 5/29/00

Veterans Day

Program to honor black servicemen, 5B, 11/9/00

Vets share experiences with school children in Clinton, 2B, 11/10/00

Women have own stories of war, 1B, 11/11/00

Veterans' homes

PEER report says homes costing state millions

Had been designed to be self-supporting, 1B, 6/8/00

Viatical buying SEE Life insurance

Vickers Aerospace

Michael Miller and Rodney Case honored for 'smart' motor invention, 1/17/00, 8C

Simulated cockpit of F-22 Raptor fighter plane demonstrated, 1/21/00, 1C

Vicksburg Convention Center

Director Patricia Cato is resigning, 3B, 5/24/00

Vicksburg Fire Department

ACLU aids firefighters in dispute over banned cable channels, 3/3/00, 3B

New station is memorial to 1974 survivor and 3 who were killed, 1B, 2/21/00

Vicksburg Intermediate School

Fungus forces quarantine of school's library, 3B, 5B; 9/9/00, 9/4/00

Vicksburg Medical Center

Rehab unit will stay open pending board's final vote, 3B, 4/14/00

Vicksburg National Military Park

Park broadens scope: tells the story of slaves, 1A, 7/4/00

Vicksburg Warren County School District

Board must pay to clean up illegal dump sites on school property, 3B, 5/25/00

Vicksburg, Mississippi

175th year celebration at City Hall, 1/29/00, 3B

Vicksburg-Tallulah Regional Airport

Funding from Warren County, 3/25/00, 3B, 3B; 5/3/00

Victory Lane Productions

Brandon business launches Web site FastBass, 1C, 4/4/00

Vienna Boys Choir

In concert at Thalia Mara Hall, 2/9/00, 4B

Vietnam War

25 years later: veterans remember horror and agony, 1A, 4/30/00

Vieux Carre

Legendary Jackson apartment complex gets $4 Million renovation, 1E, 6/22/00

Viking Range Corp

Acquires a majority interest in Ramey Agency, a Jackson ad firm, 1C, 6/29/00

CEO/inventor Fred Carl Jr. maintains low profile, 1A, 6/16/00

Company doubling plant's capacity, 1C, 12/5/00

Greenwood manufacturer buys HomeChef culinary centers, 1C, 11/18/00

Greenwood manufacturer expanding production, 1C, 2/19/00

Greenwood manufacturer wants to sell in the international market, 1C, 10/6/00

Greenwood range manufacturer adding color to its appliances, 8C, 11/6/00

Village Beads

At Oak Place Shopping Center in Ridgeland, 1E, 4/7/00

Village Grill

Landmark restaurant reopens near Tougaloo College, 8C, 10/2/00


The workhorse of the household, 1E`, 6/28/00

Vines, Tiffany

Pearl River CC student is a 'USA Today' two-year college scholar, 3B, 4/11/00

Vineyard, The

Restaurant review, 3/23/00, 4F

Violence in the media

Experts say its effects on children are 'measurable and long-lasting,' 1A, 7/27/00

Voice Over IP

New technology could mean free long-distance calls in future, 1C, 6/9/00

Volunteer fire departments

Town of Camden plans fire district, 2B, 10/25/00

Volunteers and Students Together (VAST)

New year program kicked off, 4B, 9/29/00

Voting machines

Hinds Commission officials in North Carolina to assess equipment, 2B, 4/19/00

Replacing Hinds County machines would cost $1.4 Million, 1A; 12/19/00, 1B, 12/6/00


Would vouchers help education? (pro and con), 1H, 10/15/00

Vulnerable Adults Act

In Oxford speech Amy Tuck says needs not yet men, 3B, 8/5/00


Wackenhut Corp

Operations center dedicated in midtown Jackson, 1B, 10/24/00

Security firm plans to relocate operation from Midtown locale, 1A, 9/12/00

Wade, Daisy Harris

Civil rights activist's papers given to USM, 9/24/00. 4B

Waffle House

1999 shoot-out on Highway 18: bond lowered for suspect Rodney Sutton, 1/26/00, 5B

Wages and salaries

Mississippi Gulf Coast wages in 1998 rose 8.8% over 1997 levels

Highest rise in Southeast, 1C, 4/7/00


Easement dispute at construction site of Clinton Super Wal-Mart, 1/13/00, 2B

Flowood Supercenter 1st to distribute new Sacagawea dollar, 1C, 2/8/00

Laurel store agrees to build privacy fence near cemetery, 2/3/00, 3B

New store and strip mall in Richland, 1C, 7/8/00

Planned store in Oxford disturbs many residents, 1B; 7/19/00, 1B (petition fails), 7/5/00

Retail project planned next to new Wal-Mart in Clinton, 2B, 8/18/00

To replace GM as America's largest company, 1C, 12/30/00

Waldrop, Mike

Senatobia school superintendent leaving

Joins state School Board Assoc., 2B, 6/11/00

Waldrop, Minadene

Terry High School staffer is Hinds County Teacher of the Year, 2/17/00, 2B

Walk-A-Kid to Camp

10K fundraiser sponsored by New Life Ministries, 1B, 4/3/00


March of Dimes celebrates 30 years, 2B, 3/2/00

Walker, Alfred

Rape charges against former legislator from Columbus, 1B, 1B; 2/9/00, 1B; 2/10/00, 2/8/00

Walker, George SEE Mississippi National Guard

Walker, Lee

Hinds County School Board honors former member, 2B, 7/25/00

Walker, Thia

Calloway High School senior wins Activities Assoc. state essay contest, 2B, 4/9/00


New program supports those who exercise in malls, 2B, 11/1/00

Wall of Help and Hope

At Jackson Medical Mall, 1A, 2/15/00

Wallace Group

Local contractor Marcus Wallace builds sports agent firm, 1C, 7/16/00

Wallace, Alden

Meridian landlord accused of racial bias, 5B, 12/22/00

Wallace, Jerry

Former Madison County School District attorney acquitted on DUI charges, 2/11/00, 2B


Ridgeland men have high hopes for their site, a 'Web wallet,' 1C, 4/14/00

Walls, Paul F

Moss Point man sentenced in environmental crime: sprayed pesticides in houses, 3B, 9/30/00

Walls, R.H.

100-year old minister, 1E, 10/7/00

Walls, William Earl

Jackson man charged in shooting of Charles Smith, 4/14/00, 5B

Walnut Grove Youth Correctional Facility

Near completion; will have its own school, 1A, 12/25/00

Walsh, Rebie

Her oil paintings on display at Welty Library, 3G, 6/11/00

Walter Anderson mural. SEE Anderson, Walter

Walters, Lisa

Ridgeland alderwoman starts Neighborhood Watch for constituents, 2B, 4/20/00

Walthall County Dairy Festival

Turtle races, 1B, 6/4/00

Walton, Serena

Retired Jackson educator honored at school named for her husband, 1B, 3/22/00

Wamble, Larry

Arkansas man is in love with Oxford and Ole Miss, 1B, 11/27/00


Negotiates to stay on local cable systems, 1/25/00, 1B, 1B; 8/15/00

New news director Bruce Barkley, 1E, 8/4/00

Portia Bruner will co-anchor the 5 PM news broadcast with Gene Edwards, 1/12/00, 1E

Ward 2


Task forces work on several issues affecting residents, 1/25/00, 1B

Ware, Olivia

St. Andrews student scores high on national Latin examination, 2B, 7/2/00

Warren County Public Schools

Bus driver fired: cursing, ordering children off bus, 3B, 4/14/00

Warwick, Dwayne

His watercolors at Bryant Galleries, 3/5/00, 6G

Washington Addition

Rev George Murray has created a garden sanctuary in troubled neighborhood, 1A, 6/19/00

Washington Addition (Jackson)

Residents meet with civic leaders on tour of drug-plagued area, 1B, 6/1/00

Washington, Chip

Jackson man is on Ebony Magazine's Super Bachelor list, 1F, 6/4/00

Washington, Robert

JPD to reenact 1995 unsolved slaying of Washington, 1A, 11/30/00

Wastewater, Madison County

Supervisors approve formation of wastewater utility district, 2B, 3/25/00

Water bills

Collection agency in Pearl to try to get payment for overdue bills, 2B, 7/6/00

Rate hike in Jackson coming back to haunt city, 1A, 10/9/00

Water hyacinths

Hormone may eradicate plants at Reservoir, 2B, 11/2/00

Water supply, Brandon

City will insist on backflow devices, despite state laws, 2B, 12/20/00

Dry weather blamed for breaks in water lines, 2B, 2B; 8/18/00, 2B; 8/19/00, 8/10/00

Water supply, Clinton

Contract with ST Environmental to maintain system is renewed, 1B, 9/20/00

Water supply, Flowood

Voluntary water conservation effort by residents, 2B, 7/25/00

Water supply, Hinds County

Future of drinking water from wells questioned, 1B, 2/6/00

Water supply, Jackson

Backflow installation deadline on City Council agenda, 1A, 1B; 9/20/00, 1B; 9/21/00, 9/19/00

Committee to study water and sewer system projects, 1/20/00, 1B, 6B; 5/22/00

Downtown water main breaks; office workers inconvenienced, 5B, 10/13/00

Water and sewer rates may rise, 1B, 2/18/00

Water supply, Lafayette County

State issues boil water advisory, 3/11/00, 3B

Water supply, Madison County

Reservoir residents need not fear discolored water, 1/4/00, 2B

Water supply, Mississippi

Backflow mandate criticized: remove swimming pools and lawn systems, lawmaker says, 1A, 12/16/00

Backflow prevention hearing in Clinton, 1B, 1B; 11/28/00, 11/27/00

Financial reports from 44 rural water systems overdue

Health officials concerned, 1A, 2/1/00

Homeowners and businesses facing backflow device deadline, 1A; 9/12/00, 1B, 1B; 9/19/00, 6/20/00

River and stream water levels at dangerous lows, 3B, 7/21/00

Water supply, Ross Barnett Reservoir

Engineers suggest new water well, 2/16/00, 2B

Waterfront Grill


Restaurant review, 3/16/00, 4F


A slice of Summer, 7/20/00, 11F

Watermelon Carnival

In Water Valley, 8/3/00, 16F

Waters, Wyatt

His show 'New View' features paintings of downtown Jackson, 5/14/00, 14G

Watkins, Melita

Velma Jackson High School student is also a tutor, 2/20/00, 2B

Watson, Arnie

Trent Lott's uncle, 91, reflects on his own colorful career, 1B, 11/30/00

Watson, Elanor

Meridian woman awarded $700,000 in mobile home lawsuit, 1B, 7/13/00

Watts, Gary

Man paralyzed in accident giving all he can for community's children, 1/3/00, 1B

Wave Technologies Inc SEE Sair Inc

WB Mississippi

TV channel will also be available to non-cable subscribers in Jackson, 1E, 6/30/00

WBMS Channel 10

Kicks off weekly football program, 6E, 9/14/00

WDBD-Channel 40

Fined for airing too many commercials during children's programing, 1/20/00, 1C

Weather, Brandon (2000)

Storm monitoring system in place, 2B, 6/8/00

Weather, Canton (2000)

Lightening knocks out Madison County computer network, 1A; 3/29/00, 2B, 2B; 3/31/00, 3/28/00

Weather, DeSoto County (2000)

Officials say warning system is inadequate, 1B, 2/20/00

Weather, Jackson (2000)

Thunderstorm hits area; planes overturned at Hawkins Field, 2B, 9/1/00

Weather, Mississippi (2000)

Deaths in state related to heat reach 17, 1A, 9/6/00

Drought cost state farmers $300Million, officials say, 1B, 12/17/00

Drought: a disaster for state agriculture, 1C, 9/6/00

Drought: conditions very bad on Gulf Coast, 3B, 6/13/00

Drought: emergency declaration in Rankin County, 2B, 9/6/00

Drought: farm irrigation limits under consideration, 3B, 7/15/00

Drought: farmers predicting minimal profits, 1C, 3B; 9/2/00, 8/17/00

Drought: Madison County fire chiefs planning for worst, 2B, 9/6/00

Drought: Magnolia area farming conditions 'unreal,' 3B, 7/24/00

Drought: Musgrove issues statewide burn ban, 3B, 9/6/00

Drought: no quick fix for southern Mississippi, 1A, 7/4/00

Drought: rainfall, but more needed, 1A, 1B; 3/11/00, 1B; 4/4/00, 2/27/00

Drought: river flows hit record lows in state, 1A; 2/22/00, 2/15/00, 3B, 3B; 2/23/00

Drought: shallow rivers foil towboats, 1C, 11/4/00

Drought: statewide ban on all outdoor burning, 1A; 3/4/00, 1B, 1B; 11/12/00, 2/26/00, 3B; 3/19/00

Drought: whole state declared a disaster area, 1A' 9/20/00, 3B, 9/19/00

Drought: worry over July 4th fireworks, 3B, 6/26/00

Hot weather has power companies on alert, 3B, 7/12/00

Icy blast in state, 1/26–29/00, 1F, all 1A; 1/30/00

State bracing for winter storm, 1A, 1A; 12/13/00, 1A; 12/20/00, 12/12/00

Temperatures fall; low in 50s tonight, 1A, 9/16/00

Tornadoes cut destructive path across state, 1/4/00, 1A; 1/5/00, 1B

We're having a heat wave, 1A; 7/17/00, 1B; 7/10/00, 1B; 7/21/00, 1C, 5B; 7/16/00, 7/9/00

We're having a heat wave II, 1B; 7/26/00, 1B; 8/18/00, 1B; 8/28/00, 1D, 5B; 7/23/00, 7/22/00

We're having a heat wave III: temperature reaches 107, 1A, 1A; 9/1/00, 6B, 8/31/00

Weather, Rankin County (2000)

Countywide burn ban extended thru October, 2B, 9/22/00

Weather, US (2000)

People traveling for the holidays should be wary of weather in other states, 1A, 1A; 12/27/00, 12/22/00

Webb, Alton

Rankin County Fire Coordinator leaves job

To become firefighter in Brandon, 2B, 5/27/00

Webb, Cyrus

Brandon man turns passion for art into community service, 1/21/00, 2B

Webb, Peggy

Romance novelist from Tupelo, 1E, 3/2/00


Bringing concerts to your computer, 1E, 7/14/00

Webster, J.W.

Convicted Coahoma County murderer gets retrial: jury selection error, 1/29/00, 3B

Weed and Seed Program

1st suspect Theodis Kendrick slated to stand trial, 1B, 1B; 7/28/00, 7/25/00

Neighborhood crime fighting unit seeks more funding, 4/14/00, 5B


Lifting too young can lead to problems, 1D, 10/9/00

Welch, Bryan

Brandon credit adviser arrested in credit card fraud scheme, 1/6/00, 1A

Welch, Lindsay

Former MSU student on trial for death of her newborn son, 3B, 3B; 8/12/00, 8/11/00

Given 8-year sentence in death of her son, 1B, 8/13/00

Hearing set for former MSU student accused of killing her baby, 2/4/00, 3B, 7B; 3/29/00


Welch, William

Jackson psychiatrist agrees to pay $416,500 to settle Medicare fraud, 5/26/00, 5B

Weldon, Charles

1st term Columbus City councilman dies at age 58, 1B, 12/27/00

Welfare reform

MSU professors' research effect of legislation, 1/21/00, 3B

Program for 'hard to place' workers, 1/30/00, 1B

Public forum: move off welfare 'difficult'

15,000 families on welfare; 45,000, 4 years ago, 1B, 8/25/00

Welfare, Mississippi

$70 Million in accumulated federal funds going to at-risk families, 1A, 7/7/00

Wells, Eric

Court upholds Corinth man's sentence in 1997 drug case

Arrested after police chase, 3B, 7/26/00

Wells, Lauren Rabb

Women receives Ph.D. from MSU

Son Michael Bentley graduating from Millsaps, 1B, 5/13/00

Wells, Nellie

Quilts a way of life for 81-year-old Moss Point woman, 3B, 7/18/00

Wellsfest 2000

Celebration at Lakeland Park

10/1/00, 1B

Welty, Eudora

'The Ponder Heart' partly filmed at Dupree House at Raymond, 2B, 4/6/00

'The Ponder Heart' to be filmed in Jackson area, 1A; 2/21/00, 1A; 3/13/00, 1E, 2/16/00, 2B; 3/23/00

'The Ponder Heart:' actress Haile Melton, age 10, 2B, 4/3/00

Her short story 'Why I Live At the P.O.' made into film, 1E, 2/3/00

New book of photographs 'Country Churchyards,' 1E, 5/11/00

To be inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame, 1E, 3/16/00

Will Campbell will be head Welty Chair for Southern Literature at Millsaps, 4B, 12/6/00

Wesley Biblical Seminary

Graduation at new seminary on Floral Drive, 1E, 5/20/00

West Center Street Building


Historic building is crime site; future plans debated, 2B, 9/21/00

West Jackson Community Development Corp

Its Youthbuild program, 1A, 9/28/00

West Nile Virus

Wild birds being examined at Jackson Zoo, 1B, 8/23/00

West Park Bible Club

Bringing together churches of different races, 1E, 5/20/00

West Point Public Schools

District ends transfer agreement with Clay County schools, 1B, 12/21/00

West Rankin Parkway

Proposed parkway gains support, 2B, 2B; 7/15/00, 6/26/00

Westcott, Carla

New York fashion designer is Mississippi native, 1F, 9/3/00

Western clothing

Newspaper readers submit pictures, 1F, 2/6/00

Western Line School Board

Washington County

Supervisors vote on new boundaries, 3/21/00, 3B

Western Sizzlin

Man who was regular customer holds up steakhouse on I-55N, 4B, 10/14/00

Wharf Master's


Restaurant review, 4F, 11/23/00

Wheat, Roy

State's most-decorated war hero honored with exhibit at USM, 3B, 5/30/00

Wheeler, Earl

Man held in kidnapping and rape of elderly Canton woman, 6/15/00; 6/22/00; 7/7/00; 7/11/00, all 2B

Whistleblower Act of 1999

Few state employees aware of law; little response so far, 1B, 1B; 6/19/00, 3/27/00

White, Ann

Yazoo County's Teacher of the Year, 2B, 3/12/00

White, Ben Chester

Question of Klan involvement in his 1966 slaying, 1/9/00, 1A, 1A; 1/14/00, 1A; 1/18/00, 1A; 2/9/00

White, Ben Chester SEE Avants, Ernest

White, Hal SEE Automobile theft

White, James

Former Clinton man given 9-year sentence on drug charges, 1B, 5/5/00

White, Lori Ann. SEE Murder-for-hire, Clinton

White, Reginald

Former director of East Mississippi State Hospital dies at age 73, 5B, 12/22/00

White-tailed deer

Vicksburg men admit illegal sale of slain deer, 1B, 6/21/00

Whitehouse, Matthew

Murrah senior earns national music honor, 2B, 12/24/00

Whitfield State Hospital

200 workers to be added to staff, 1A, 6/23/00

AG Mike Moore orders investigation into assaults on employees, 1A, 4/4/00

Art show by homeless artists, 1/14/00, 5B

Male patient hospitalized in stabbing, 4/25/00, 5B

Mozelle Thompson charged in March assault on medical records clerk, 1A, 4/7/00

New museum opened, 2/12/00, 2B

Patient who assaulted staff member said competent to stand trial, 1A, 4/21/00

Reported assault on staff members, 1A; 3/3/00, 1A; 3/10/00, 1A; 3/31/00, 3/1/00, 5B; 3/2/00, 9B

Reported assault on staff members: Wiggins pleads guilty, 3A, 4/12/00

Restrained patient's death: 2 employees indicted, 5B, 7/15/00

Restrained patient's death: autopsy report, 1B, 4/18/00

Restrained patient's death: bond denied staffers, 1A, 4/12/00

Restrained patient's death: murder charges dropped

2 face manslaughter charges, 1A, 4/19/00

Restrained patient's death; had attacked a staff person, 1A, 1A; 4/10/00, 1A; 4/11/00, 4/9/00

Trial: staff nurse tells of rape and beating by patient, 1A, 1A; 9/13/00, 9/12/00

Two assaulted employees: situation is serious, 1A, 1A; 4/2/00, 1A; 4/10/00, 1A; 4/11/00, 4/1/00

Woman responsible for six attacks on staff, 1A, 4/8/00

Whitten, Amy

Named Outstanding Woman Lawyer in Mississippi

Her mother's death changed her life, 1B, 5/14/00

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire

Former Mississippian Bob House is latest $1 Million winner, 1B, 6/15/00

Ken Mallette is 2nd contestant from Mississippi, 1B, 5/6/00

Leigh Jaunsen knows how to spend her winnings, 3B, 6/19/00

Leigh Jaunsen of Ocean Springs, 1B, 1B; 4/26/00, 1E; 4/24/00, 3B; 4/21/00, 4/12/00

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Jackson native Kim Hunt wins $1 Million, 5B, 7/7/00

Mississippi native Neal Brunt a contestant, 1E, 2/25/00

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?

Father and daughter Peter and Abby Abide from Biloxi win big, 1B, 11/26/00

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Father and daughter Peter and Abby Abide from Biloxi win big, 1B, 11/26/00

Whole Schools Institute

Poetry Alive at Millsaps College, 1E, 7/7/00

Using the arts as educational tools, 1B, 1C, 7/13/00

Wholly Mackerel

Restaurant review, 1/27/00, 4F

Wicker, McDaniel

Tupelo boy wins trip to London

Won contest at summer camp at Belmont College, 1E, 8/19/00

Wild dogs

Wild dog packs alarm citizens of Lauderdale County, 3B, 10/2/00

Wild Horse and Burro Adoption

At Fair Grounds, 1B, 12/10/00

Wild horses and burros

Federal program finds adoptive homes, 1B, 1B; 7/29/00, 7/16/00

Wildfires SEE Forest fires

Wiley, Mike

Louisiana man arraigned; sold white crappie, a protected game fish, 1B, 8/17/00

Wilkinson County Correctional Facility

Privately run prison in 2nd year, 1A, 2/28/00

Willard, Ellis

Ouster recommended for Sharkey County Justice Court judge, 3B, 3B; 10/14/00, 7/19/00

William Carey College

1998 lawsuit by Larry Braidfoot thrown out

Federal probe into falsified grant documents, 3B, 9/14/00

Hattiesburg school rebounding under leadership of President Larry Kennedy, 3B, 12/26/00

William Johnson House

Final funding OK'd for restoration of historic Natchez site, 3B, 12/16/00

Williams, Carlos

Man's sentence in 1997 murder in Clarksdale is upheld, 3B, 4/26/00

Williams, Cedric

4 held in his slaying, 1/30/00, 1B, 1B; 2/2/00

Witness in 1997 slaying fatally shot

Was to testify against codefendant, 1/8/00, 1A, 1B; 1/14/00

Williams, Hank SEE Case, Benton

Williams, Perry

Judge DeLaughter dismisses murder charges against Williams, 1B, 5/17/00

Man charged with murder in Summer of 1999 has never been indicted

May be released from jail, 1B, 5/16/00

Williams, Rachel and Naomi

Twins from New Zealand studying therapeutic recreation at JSU, 2B, 4/10/00

Williams, Robert

Attorneys ask that he remains free on bond pending appeal, 1B, 1B; 2/9/00, 1B; 2/17/00, 2/1/00

Convicted City Councilman begins appeal process, 1B, 7/19/00

Ex-city councilman's appeal reinstated, 1B, 11/3/00

Extortion trial: Councilman given 2 and a half year sentence, 1/28/00, 1A

Extortion trial: sentence is near; Williams still on City Council, 1/26/00, 1B

Extortion trial: Williams resigns from City Council, 1/27/00, 1A

Former Jackson city councilman may be headed for prison, 1A, 10/5/00

His attorneys say he should be free on bond, 1B, 2/12/00

Judge tells him to get a job while he awaits word on appeal, 1A, 2/18/00

Putting his life back together, 1A, 7/31/00

Supporters donate $2000 for legal bills, 2/3/00, 5B

Williams, Robert SEE ALSO Reynolds, Jeff

Williams, Sally and Sam

Humphreys County couple found dead; homicide suspected, 1B, 2/15/00

Williams, Sandra

Local artist found dead near Main Harbor Marina, 2B; 8/13/00, 3H (Bill Minor), 7/21/00

Williams, Tennessee

Festival in Clarksdale. his brother says he was murdered, 3B, 10/9/00

Filming by French National Television in Clarksdale, 3B, 6/5/00

Williams, Willie

Court rules Vicksburg man tried in 1998 abduction of girlfriend due new trial, 3B, 11/16/00

Williamson, Frank

Desoto County news reporter collapses and dies at church event, 3B, 6/13/00

Williamson, Terry

Deputy city attorney in Jackson sanctioned, 1B, 10/4/00

Willie Morris/My Dog Skip Museum

In Canton, 1B, 3/3/00

Willis, Chester Lovell

Former VA nurse faces hearing on sexual misconduct charge, 2/24/00, 5B; 2/25/00, 6B

Willis, Ryan SEE Thurmond, Paula

Willowood Development Center

15 developmentally disabled students graduate, 2B, 5/27/00

Willowood Developmental Center

Disabled and typically developing students share classrooms, 2B, 4/16/00

Wilson, Annie Mae

Widow of Carrollton mayor wins post in runoff, 3B, 5/25/00

Wilson, Brian and Herman

Son Brian donated kidney to his father in 1997 transplant, 1B, 6/18/00

Wilson, Charles

Brandon writer's latest thriller set in Jackson, 1/16/00, 14G (includes review)

Wilson, Christopher

Man in stolen car causes accident

He and other driver injured, 3/14/00, 5B

Wilson, Dotti. SEE Jackson Police Department

Wilson, Earl

Jackson lawyer instrumental in establishing the Methodist rehab center dies at age 78, 1B, 9/26/00

Wilson, Jessie

Court of Appeals to hear his case in 1998 slayings of 2 Belzoni children, 3B, 12/30/00

Wilson, Keith and Eddie Lee

Brothers face charges

Defraud Bank of Edwards, 1B, 1B; 9/2/00, 2B; 8/8/00, 4/12/00

Wilson, Ruby

Crystal Springs police arrest 2 men in her 1995 slaying, 1B, 6/3/00

Wilson, Tim

Comedian at Thalia Mara Hall, 6/22/00, 11F

Wince, James and Jarvis

Twin brothers from Canton charged in teenager's death, 2B, 2B; 10/4/00, 2B; 10/7/00, 10/3/00

Windsor Hills subdivision

Opposition to G&B Investments' retail complex on Highway 463, 2B, 2B; 5/20/00, 5/9/00

Winfield, James

School Board attorney killed in car wreck in Rolling Fork, 3B, 6/6/00

Winfrey, Oprah

Mississippi native Alyce Alston is editor of 'O.'.., 1C, 4/2/00

Wingard Home

Organization that cares for homeless families given minivan by local law firm foundation, 1B, 12/23/00

Wingfield High School

Students prepare for NASA robotics competition, 1B, 2/17/00

Winston County Sheriff's Department

Sheriff Mike Estes resigns, citing medical reasons, 1A, 5/8/00

Winter, Ken

Q&A with directory of Crime Lab, 2H, 11/19/00

Winter, William

Honored with Pew Partnership's Civic Change Award for 2000, 1B; 4/5/00, 4/1/00, 5B

Winters, Arthur

Nation's oldest black Catholic priest dies in Bay St. Louis, 3B, 8/2/00

Wireless Communications Association

International meeting in New Orleans, 1A, 1C, 1C7/12/00, 7/11/00

Witches SEE Pagans

WJTV-Channel 12

10 PM news program scores ratings coup, 1E, 4/20/00

WLBT-Channel 3

Assignment changes, new news anchor, 1E, 3/17/00

TV station changing hands; merges with Cosmos Broadcasting, 1C, 6/20/00

Wolf River. SEE Mississippi Legislature (2000)---Scenic river....

Wolfe, Bebe and Mildred

Mother and daughter artists exhibit works, 7/9/00, 14G

Wood, Ruby

Fund drive to provide treatment for cancer victim in Magee, 3B, 7/7/00

Woodham, Luke

His former home in Pearl is now dilapidated eyesore, 2B, 9/1/00

Woodland Hills Baptist Academy

Relocation is planned, 2B, 4/9/00

School facing closure, 2B, 12/6/00

School may be on verge of closing, 1B, 12/1/00

Woodliff, George

Episcopal priest in Yazoo City

Visits by Anglican friends to Mississippi, 1B, 7/17/00

Woodrow Wilson Bridge

$3.2 Million sought for renovation of old, unsafe bridge, 1B, 10/3/00

Bridge closure forces detours, 1B; 2/25/00, 2/19/00, 2B, 2B; 2/29/00

Heavy trucks continue to cross bridge, 2B, 4/26/00

Historic bridge over Pearl River in need of repairs, 2/14/00, 2B, 2B; 2/16/00, 2B; 2/17/00

Woodruff, George SEE Woodliff, George

Woodward, Hallie

12-year old Olive Branch student wins Young Naturalist award, 1B, 5/30/00

Woolard, John SEE Parchman

Woolfolk Building

Some agencies moving back into renovated building, 1A, 11/14/00

Wooten, Kathy and Wesley

Along with son Robbie Swindle, 3 colleges, 3 dreams, 1E, 6/27/00

Workers' Compensation Commission

Musgrove appoints Ben Barrett Smith to post, 1B; 4/28/00, 1B; 5/3/00, 1C, 3/31/00

Workers' Compensation Commission SEE Marsh, Mike


31% of Mississippi businesses to hire workers during Summer, 1C, 5/23/00

50% of central Mississippi workers 'underemployed,' study shows, 1C, 2/25/00

Many Mississippi companies plan to boost payrolls, 1C, 2/29/00

Workforce training vital to state

Interview with George F. Walker of W.W.W. Corp, 2H, 5/21/00

Working Together for Profound Change...

Mental health conference, 1C, 6/4/00


Forum on anti-violence in the workplace, 1C, 5/10/00

World Catfish Festival

In Belzoni, 3/17/00, 3B; 3/31/00, 10F

World Changers

400 teenagers refurbish homes in Meridian area, 3B, 5/23/00

World Overcomers Ministries

Rev Le Yonn Armstrong to hold men's workshop, 1E, 12/30/00

World War II

Local veterans recall D-Day invasion 56 years ago, 1B, 6/6/00

Pearl Harbor attack lives in local veterans' memories, 1A, 12/7/00

Some 1500+ W.W.II veterans dying every day, 1A, 5/29/00

Stalag 17 survivors gather at reunion in Biloxi, 5/7/00, 10B

Troop carrier USS Alnitah's survivors share memories, 2B, 10/21/00

Veterans of Philippine campaign Burnette Henry and Mac Gallaspy

Reunite in Vicksburg, 1/4/00, 1B

World War II Memorial

Legislature sets aside $235,000 for memorial, 1B, 3/10/00

Northwest Rankin High School students raise $7000, 2B, 5/14/00


1999 acquisition of SkyTel: wireless experience and paging, 1C, 10/22/00

4th quarter earnings at $1.3 Billion, 1C, 2/11/00

6 states sue company over 'misleading' ads, 1C, 7/21/00

AOL/Time Warner merger a plus for MCI/Sprint merger chances, 1/11/00, 1A, 1C, 1C; 1/12/00, 1C; 1/13/00

Applies to FCC to offer high-speed wireless service in 60 US cities

4 in Mississippi, 1C, 8/15/00

CEO Bernie Ebbers off list of US's wealthiest

Bill Gates remains richest, 1C, 6/16/00

CEO Bernie Ebbers says company is now more than just telecom company, 1C, 4/14/00

CEO Bernie Ebbers sells 3 million shares to pay investment debts, 1C, 10/6/00

CEO Bernie Ebbers' Forbes ranking takes a tumble, 1C, 9/22/00

CEO Bernie Ebbers' salary and bonuses total $8.5 Million annually, 1C, 5/2/00

CEO Ebbers gives reasons for decline in WorldCom stock, 1C, 6/2/00

CEO Ebbers says company shifting focus, moving away from phone business, 1C, 1C; 7/30/00, 7/28/00

CEO says company will retool in face of poor revenue numbers, 1C, 10/27/00

Changes: John Stupka to oversee WorldCom wireless operations

Robert Kaiser is SkyTel CEO, 1/26/00, 1C

Company battling with Bellsouth over charges, 1C, 1C; 2/10/00, 2/8/00

Company hit with class-action lawsuits, 1C, 11/9/00

Company pays $3.5 Million for slamming customers, 1C, 6/7/00

Company testing high-speed wireless Internet, 1C, 3/9/00

Criticism of its ads appearing on wrestling broadcasts, 1C, 1C; 6/16/00, 6/2/00

Deal is near in acquisition of Intermedia Communications Inc, 1C, 8C; 9/6/00, 9/4/00

Drop in stock price tied to Salomon Smith Barney report, 1/7/00, 1C

Earnings up 80%, 1st quarter 2000, 1C, 4/28/00

Inside the company headquarters in Clinton, 1C, 6/4/00

Intermedia merger OK'd, 1C, 11/18/00

Its customers will be able to hear radio broadcasts over their phones, 1C, 6/21/00

Number 23 on Fortune 500

AOL makes historic entry, 1A, 4/3/00

PUSH disputes its claim in minority hiring efforts, 1C, 6/10/00

Rise in consumer complaints about mysterious charges, deceptive marketing, 1C, 5/17/00

SkyTel alumni have launched their own firms, 1C, 10/22/00

SkyTel subsidiary signs $22.4 Million contract, 1/15/00, 1C

SkyTel subsidiary to move into vacated WorldCom building on E. Amite St, 1C, 7/25/00

Sprint merger: after failed merger, WorldCom should wait before next move, 1C, 6/28/00

Sprint merger: analysts miss the call, 1C, 7/7/00

Sprint merger: at New Orleans conference, Ebbers admits defeat, 1A, 1C, 7/12/00

Sprint merger: Communications Workers of America wants merger blocked, 2/21/00, 8C

Sprint merger: companies respond to FCC, 1C, 3/22/00

Sprint merger: deal may be in jeopardy, 1A, 5/19/00

Sprint merger: Ebbers and Sprint abandon merger, 1A, 7/14/00

Sprint merger: Ebbers says consumer demand is there, 1C, 3/25/00

Sprint merger: effort hits a wall in Europe, 1A, 1A; 6/22/00, 6/21/00

Sprint merger: European Union extends probe, 2/22/00, 12C

Sprint merger: European Union set to kill plan, 1A; 6/29/00, 1C, 6/27/00

Sprint merger: history of a merger that failed, 1C, 7/14/00

Sprint merger: panel in Europe studies merger, 1C, 5/31/00

Sprint merger: shareholders to vote, 1C, 1C; 4/29/00, 3/11/00

Sprint merger: Sprint executive says deal may fail, 1A, 6/14/00

Sprint merger: Sprint sell-offs key to deal, 1C, 1C; 6/25/00, 6/23/00

Sprint merger: US Justice Dept. sues to block merger, 1A, 6/28/00

Sprint merger: vote is near, 1C, 4/23/00

Sprint merger: what's next for WorldCom?, 1C, 1C; 7/2/00, 1C; 7/9/00, 6/22/00

Sprint merger: WorldCom is at a crossroads, 1C, 7/14/00

Sprint merger: WorldCom to fight European Union ruling

Pave way for future mergers, 1C, 1C; 9/29/00, 9/15/00

Stock market cooling on company; merger failures a factor, 10C, 12/25/00

Stock takes record 20% dive, 1A, 11/2/00

Suit settle with Cable & Wireless (British firm), 1C, 3/2/00

To offer 2 different stocks, 1C, 11/2/00

To sell debt securities, 1C, 4/13/00

Vice chairman John Sidgmore leaving to take job with MicroStrategy, 9/5/00, 12C


Ridgeland prohibits wreckers from operating out of private residences, 2B, 12/4/00

Wright, Michelle SEE Hit-and-run accidents

Wright, Patrick

His 1999 conviction in death of Richard Humphrey is upheld, 3B, 5/10/00


XP Technologies

Jackson-based seller of wireless devices and services, 5/22/00, 8C


Yazoo Backwater Pumping Plant. SEE Yazoo River Basin Project

Yazoo City Police Department

Mother of Corey Kimbrough may sue over shooting death of her son, 1B, 6/19/00

Yazoo City Public Schools

Athletic director Bennie Tillman arrested on embezzlement charges, 3/3/00, 3B; 3/4/00, 5B

City is torn over $5.4 Million bond issue to repair schools, 1Z, 4/17/00

Yazoo County Jail

Escapees had history of prior escapes, 1B, 9/29/00

Facility deemed unsafe by inmate advocate Ron Welch, 1A, 10/5/00

Teenager says jailer tied him up and beat him, 1A, 10/10/00

Yazoo Diversion Canal

Grant to improve canal in Vicksburg tied to Ergon expansion, 1/27/00, 3B

Yazoo River Basin Project

Alternative to giant pumping plant suggested, 1A, 2/14/00

High level federal review of Backwater Pumping Plant wanted, 1B, 1B; 9/3/00, 7/15/00

Proposed pump station called wasteful by environmental groups, 1A, 1A; 3/28/00, 1A; 9/10/00, 3/3/00

Pump flood control plan called 'inadequate,' 1B, 11/13/00

Pump project divides friends and foes in Delta, 3G (Bill Minor), 10/8/00

Rep Thompson introduces bill that would offset loss in revenues, 1B, 3/29/00

Yazoo River Diversionary Canal

Aiming a 2003 completion date, 3/10/00, 3B

Year 2000

A New Century, 1/1/00, special section

Churchgoers gather to greet 21st century, 1/1/00, 1E, 14A

Jaylon Ke'Andre Gibson is Jackson's 1st baby of the millennium, 1/1/00, 1A, 12A; 1/2/00

Liquor sales high, 1/1/00, 1C

Millennium church sermons focus on blessings, new responsibilities, 1/3/00, 1A

Mississippi public schools get Y2K thumbs up, 1/2/00, 1A, 2B; 1/4/00

New Year's Eve a regular Friday night for emergency, police personnel, 1/1/00, 14A

No problems in state; Mississippi celebrates, 1/1/00, 1A

No reports of violence from extremists in US, 1/2/00, 2B

Y2K a 'big yawn' banker says, 1/1/00, 14A

Y2K bugs: some residents stocking up, 1/1/00, 1C

Y2K preparation costly to nation's banks, 1/12/00, 1C

Y2K threat not yet over, officials say

Prep was not a waste of money, 1/2/00, 1A, 1B; 1/3/00, 6C; 1/4/00

Year 2001

Now let's celebrate the real millennium, 1B, 12/30/00

Year of the Dragon

Vietnamese on Gulf Coast celebrate Chinese New Year, 1E, 2/4/00

Yellow Creek. SEE Tri-State Commerce Park

Yellow Fever Martyrs Church and Museum

In Holy Springs, 3B, 5/21/00

Yelverton, Eugene

SEC files complaint against former broker, 1C, 5/10/00


Clinton YMCA in fundraising job to build a new facility, 2/26/00, 2B, 2B; 7/5/00

Reservoir Y sees rapid growth, 1B, 5/9/00

Yoakum, Donna

Bingo hall supervisor banned from bingo: forged check, 4/19/00, 5B

Yocona River Inn


Restaurant review, 4F, 12/21/00

Yoknapatawpha Conference

Annual event in Oxford, 1E, 1E; 7/20/00, 1E; 7/26/00, 3B (faux Faulkner); 7/27/00, 6/29/00

Young Republications

Pre-election rally, 2B, 11/8/00

Young, Jeannette

Meridian woman who was doused with gasoline and set on fire dies, 5/19/00, 5B

Young, Leonard

Habitual criminal charged with 2 1999 slayings

Hillary Johnson and William Bramlett, 3B, 7/6/00

Younger Than That Now

Book about long-distance friendship of Ruth Williams and Jeff Durstewitz, 1E, 6/16/00

Youth Crime Watch of America

Off to fast start in state, 1A, 7/11/00

Youth Leadership Conference

Disabled activist Kyle Glozier is speaker, 1B, 11/12/00

Youth Leadership Jackson

37 sophomores to attend program, 1B, 11/6/00

Youth Leadership Madison County

21 new leaders graduate, 2B, 3/17/00

Youth Life Ministries

Bus carrying Jackson attendees collides with semi, 1B, 6/20/00

Youth Opportunity Unlimited

Rankin County judge seeks grant for program, 2B, 4/7/00

Youth Villages

State's program for problem youth praised in nation's capital, 3B, 6/15/00



Drug for spinal cord injury also relieves chronic headaches

Gulf Coast study, 1/31/00, 1B

Zemel, Jori

UMC helping Texas teenager battle cancer, 1A, 1A; 10/11/00, 10/7/00

Zero tolerance (school policy) SEE Hollingsworth, Stefan

Zero tolerance (school policy) SEE School violence

Zhu, Ruopeng

Jackson Academy student 1 of 12 in US to score perfect on ACT, 2B, 9/10/00

Zoning. SEE ALSO Overlay districts

Zoning, Clinton

Trailer park residents may be displaced

Owner wants area zoned commercial, 2B, 6/30/00

Zoning, Hinds County

Change in county ordinance will notify owners of rezoning requests, 2B, 5/8/00

Zoning, Jackson County

County rejects rezoning bid for proposed subdivision, 2/19/00, 3B

Zoning, Madison County

Supervisors split on opening zoning hearings to public, 2B, 5/16/00

Zoning, Richland

Rezoning allowed for upscale apartment complex, 2B, 6/8/00


Abundance from the garden, 1E, 7/12/00


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